Heritage Festival - 2007

Photos from the Heritage Festival November 3, 2007

The following table contains photos from the festival.

Making shingles making shingles
turpentine display Native American display trailer
native american artifacts and sales native american artifacts and sales
Walton Guards re-enactors Ladies with the Walton Guards re-enactors
Ladies with the Walton Guards re-enactors
bee keepers bee keepers
blacksmith boiling peanuts
carver potter
cane grinding equipment making soap
singers eats!
fabrics guard camp
smokey bear
making shingles soap maker
blacksmith soap making

Baker Heritage Days
November 3, 2007
The following folks contributed to the day’s festivities:
1.      Clip n Dale (Non Demonstration)
2.      Noah”s Ark (Wayne E. Sherwood)
3.      Author of Book “Old Times Not Forgotten” (Jerry Morrell)
4.      WJSB
5.      Crochet (Gail Whitten)
6.      Farm Produce (Brooks Farm/Kathy Cooper)
7.      Canned Goods, Baked Goods, Knives, Lima Beans w/ Cracklin Cornbread (Betty Mcleod)
8.      Popcorn & Snow Cones (Okaloosa County Teachers Federal Credit Union)
9.      Blooms over Baker (Florist)
10.  Flint Knapping (Winston Burnham/Dave Swetmon)
11.  Cake Walk (Girl Scouts)
12.  Corn Shelling and Grinding (Girl Scouts)
13.  Bobbing For Apples & Children Games [Jump Rope, Sack Race, Hop Scotch, Tug a War, Simon Says, Red light Green light]
14.  Hand Stitch- Handmade quilts – Patterns (Joyce Terry)
15.  Antique Photos (Misty Morgan)
16.  Cain & Cain Syrup, Pies & Baked Goods (Museum)
17.  Heritage Museum of NWF
18.  Black Smith (Tracy Dotson)
19.  Spinning (Mooers Family)
20.  Civil War Era Music (Alabama 15th String Band)
21.  Barney Fife- look alike (J.T. Garrett)
22.  Perdido Bay Tribe Southeastern Lower Moscogee Creek Indians (Micco Bobby Johns Beatheart)
23.  Hearth Cooking & Butter Churning (Anne and Ernestine Harvey; Mary Ellen Wexler)
24.  Pottery Wheel/ Coil Building (Johna Esterberg)
25.  Power Carving/ Hand Carving (Don Esterberg)
26.  Peanuts ( Danny Hall)
27.  Making Lye Soap ( Claudene Hall Wynestin Cunningham)
28.  Shingle Making (W.C. Alford)
29.  Turpentine, logging, Deadheading, & Stump Wooding (Raymon Melorn)
30.  History of Society, Museum, & Sawmill Town ( Alger-Sullivan Historical Society Museum)
31.  Bee Keeping/Hive Products/Education Displays/Observation Bee Hives (Tri-County Beekeepers Association)
32.  Living History of 1861-1865 (Walton Guard)
33.  Muscogee/ Creek Indian Artifact & Material Culture Exhibit (Nathan Chesser)
34.  Quilting With a Portable Quilting Frame (Myrtice Crows)
35.  Indian Fry Bread/ Indian Tacos (Wilene Thompson & Regina L. McClearen)
36.  Indian Corn (Donnie Pace)
37.   Music (Workman’s Quartet)
38.  Music (Good Hope Congregational Christian Church)
39.  Music (Hearts of Worship, The Grain Family, & Phillip Coahron)
40.  Music (Dr. George Keith)
41.  Music (Lebanon Church Choir)
42.  Music (Max Davis)
43.  Music ( Kerry McCall)
44.  Music ( Raymond & Brenda Russell)

Also, The Crestview Community TV did a short video of the festival. You may see it by clicking on the link below and following the links for the "Community Channel."