The Laurel Hill News


Vol. 3                                 LAUREL HILL, FLA., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1911                      No. 29

Murphy's Chill Tonic:
The DeFuniak Herald reports that the DeFuniak Drug Co. sold $1,000.00 worth of the chill tonic to a Walton County man and that it would be more than enough to treat the whole county for 40 years "if that was all it was good for. . .  It is good for grip, colds, pneumonia, poverty, punctured tires and a whole lot more of other things."  I'm not sure I would have been happy drinking something that would stop up a hole in a tire, but then, today, we allow arsenic in our water.

RJ Hart and son RJ, Jr. went to Santa Rosa fair last week and Hart reported favorably on the cane and sweet potatoes.

Reverend JW Wheeler of Goshen stopped by Tuesday on his way home from his regular stint at Milton. He was Pastor of the Baptist Church here last year.

Dr. Porter E Webb was on duty in Falco last Tuesday.

WH Mapoles advertises "a scholarship to Jones' business college of Pensacola."

Bank of Laurel Hill: Pres., John H. Givens; VP, JD Cobb; Cashier, Oscar Steele.

Jones' Business College of Pensacola has home study as well "in school" study.

Laurel Hill Livery Stable (paper torn and unreadable).

Interstate Fair, Pensacola, FL Nov. 6-11, 1911. "one fare plus 25cts for round trip." "Barkroot's Midway, Horse and Motorcycle Racing, High Diving, Balloon Ascensions, etc."

Finlayson's Cash Store (general store) features "Hickory Sheeting," "Drillings," Feed Stuffs, Enameled Ware, etc.

Laurel Hill Pharmacy has patented medicine: Dr. Winslow's Sasaparilla; Holland's Household Liniment; Dr. King's Health Prescription; Brown's Magic Lini-
ment. "You had better buy a supply of good family medicine now while it is cheap and save a big doctor bill later on."

SJ McCall, agent for The Southern States Life Insurance Co. also  writes Fire Insurance.

Givens and Clary are advertising winter clothes, books and "tickets with you cash purchase that will be worth MONEY to you on December 23rd."

E Porter Webb, physician and surgeon, "women's diseases given special attention."

Laurel Camp #224 meeting . LL Folmar Consul Commander, D Campbell Clerk.

JB Barlow, Barber next door to Campbell Co.

Greeley and McIntire Patent Attorneys, Washington, DC

Looks like an ad for electric fencing as well ?????? (paper torn and unreadable)

Local & Personal

Monday: JM Miller and AL Hart of Dorcas on business.

Tuesday: Neil Smith of Svea visits.

MC Bryan to fair and Wed., too.  

JA Givens of Falco visits for first time in months.

M/M George Folmar returned from a week's hunting tour down the Choctawhatchee with friends and relatives. Plenty of small game and lots of fun!

Wednesday: JW Baggett, Jr. and Mrs. James Milligan an little son of Blackman, on business.

AD Sawyer of Enterprise, AL was looking for "a good farm" after recently selling his mercantile in Enterprise.
Misses Mabel Campbell & Jessie Weathea(r?)ly and others attended Spark's show "from here."

Jeff McCall returned to his home in Florala after completing repairs to home of GH Ellis.

Thursday: Mrs. JW Brown and little daughter left for a few days visit to DeFuniak friends and relatives.

Saturday: JW Smith of Svea on business.
Johnnie Gomillion failed to report the winners of the Boys Contest Corn Club at DeFuniak.

Miss Effie Grimes of Svea, guest of Miss Mamie Von Axelson.

Sunday: "Our father Rev. JT Mapoles the Santa Rosa Star, filled his regular appointment as missionary of the Santa Rosa Association, at Newell, last Saturday and Sunday."

This week:
Mrs. Daisy Enzor of Maftel, AL, visits her parents, M/M JH Givens.

Mrs. Oba Weatherly and baby, of Florala visited friends and relatives.

John Campbell was witness in Escambia Co. Circuit Court.
Master Newton Campbell who has been visiting his uncle in Geneva, AL for a month, returns to home of his parents M/M AE Campbell.

WW Taylor of Florala, jeweler, repairs watches; sells glasses.

Potato diggers and cane strippers are needed rather than cotton pickers.

Attending Inter-State Fair in Pensacola:
Miss Lillian Wyatt & Master Reginald (also visiting relatives there)

Oscar Steele, LLFolmar, JF Dees, WW Mason, NH Ellis, Percy Lunsford, on Thursday.

Next Sunday Rev. SM Railey of  Crestview will preach at Almarrant (sic) Church.

Paper decries the fact that Walton County has no exhibit at the fair.

Mrs. WH Mapoles wants a "nice, smart white girl of clean appearance" for light house work.

DeFuniak Herald reports that Miss Bessie Faircloth who lives on the circle, hosted her friend Miss Mary Baggett of Laurel Hill.

No Trespassing signs for sale at News for "25cts. per dozen."

Charlie Jones, telephone manager, now rents upstairs rooms in the bank building adjoining the telephone exchange.

Cabbage plants are $2.00 per thousand from TJ Whitehurst Laurel Hill, RFD #2.

From Florala Democrat:

Green Bay holding revival - Rev. WF Martin of andalusia has 22 sermons a day. Seats arranged in "the large warehouse."

M/M Alex Helms passed through the city enroute to future home in Dothan. They have been living in Laurel Hill since moving from Florala a few years ago.

JM Chance showed pecans, corn and rare old Scuppernong and grape wine at fair.

Charles H. Gordon of  DeFuniak Springs visited Saturday.

False rumors circulated by Pensacola Journal that JM Nelson of Montgomery and formerly of Laurel Hill, has been married.

Marianna Times Courier praised for its exhibit in the fair "advertising Jackson county as one of the best farming counties in the State." Several thousand copies of a special agricultural edition were printed.

Bill Mapoles son, 2 months old and 15 pounds, is subject of tongue-in-cheek statement by his proud papa.

M/M DT Finlayson were at fair Wed. & Thurs.

Subscription to news may be paid in goods.

M/M WA Gibson mourn loss of youngest daughter Hulda after long illness. Born 5 Dec 1907, died 6 Nov 1911, buried Almarante.

Homestead Entries:

Eli B. Davis of  (cut off) - #02170 W 1/2 of Fractional Section (cut off) T6N, R23W Filed in Andalusia Probate Court, 25 November 1911 - 5 year proof from application of 6 Jan 1905. Wittnesess: JS Steele, DA Stewart, JD Steele, MA Davidson, all of Laural Hill. Nathan H. Alexander, Register.

Jonas Fayson of Crestview - #36697 NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 and S 1/2 of SW 1/4, Sec. 14, T3N, R23W. 5 year proof at DeFuniak Springs Clerk of Court. 19 Dec 1911 from application made 7 Feb 1906. Witnesses: Brown Parker, Lewis Dawson, JH Richbourg, JA Richbourg, all of Crestview. Henry S. Chub, Register.

Samuel Haskell of Laurel Hill - #37351, NE quarter, Sec. 14 T4N, R23W. 5 year proof at DeFuniak Springs Clerk of Court. 1 Nov 1911 from application made 26 Oct 1906. Witnesses: Willie Green of Laurel Hill and Piezle Mason, Nat. E. Bridges, Codie Lock all of Garden City. Henry S. Chub, Register.

Handy Green of Crestview - #36831 SW quarter, Sec. 32, T2N, R23W. 5 year proof at DeFuniak Springs Clerk of Court. 17 Nov 1911 from application made 26 Mar 1906. Witnesses: John Johnson, Elige Allen, Henry Johnson, Paige Peterson, all of Crestview. Henry S. Chub, Register.

Brown Parker of Crestview - #37209 SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 and W 1/2 of SW 1/4, Sec. 30, T3N, R23W. 5 year proof at DeFuniak Springs Clerk of Court. 17 Nov 1911 from application made 22 Aug 1906. Witnesses: Dan Matthews, Bud Alford, Jonas Faison, Will M. Hill, all of Crestview. Henry S. Chub, Register.

James V. Barrow of Crestview - #37215 SW 1/4 , Sec. 36, T3 N, R23W. 5 year proof at DeFuniak Springs Clerk of Court. 16 Nov 1911 from application made 22 Aug 1906. Witnesses: JH Davis, RF Barrow, Joel Cain, WT Wright, all of Crestview. Henry S. Chub, Register.