Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 1 Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, January 21, 1916
No. 16

L. & N. Farm Experts Will Address Citizens at Several Places.
  In an endeavor to arouse more interest in diversified farming and to show farmers how to secure great yields per acre and otherwise make farming a more profitable occupation in West Florida, the L. & N. Railroad Company are sending out members of the agricultural department of the State penetrated by their lines.  Their itinerary puts them in Okaloosa County in February, with dates and places as follows:  Holt, Feb. 9, 2:30 p.m.; Milligan, Feb. 10, 2:00 p.m.; Crestview, Feb. 14, 2:00 p.m.; Garden City, Feb. 14, 7:00 p.m.; Laurel Hill, Feb. 14, 2 p.m.; Baker, Feb., 7, 2 p.m.
  It is the earnest desire that every farmer, whether renter or land owner in the county attend as many of these meetings as possible.  It is for their especial benefit that these are being held, and at each, addresses will be made by men of long-experience and have made a success along the especial lines they will use for their subject.
  One of the subjects to which especial attention will be paid is “How to Grow More Corn.”  Already the effect of greater corn production here is being seen in the amount put on the market as well as in the number of hogs, cattle, etc. sold.  For a long time our farmers gave the growing of corn and other grains but slight attention, but that day has passed and now the great corn and hayfields of the West must look to other sections for a market for their product.
  Diversification is another theme upon which especial stress is being laid now, and is profitably applicable to this section.  With proper attention it would prove an easy matter for our farmers to have some money crop to sell during each month in the year.  In this connection, it is the intention of the speakers to show what crops can be raised here which will give the greatest returns in the shortest time, with the least expenditure of labor, time and fertilizers.
  Another branch they will thoroughly explain will be “How to Improve Live Stock.”  In the past few years, greater attention has been paid to hogs, cattle and stock raising, than ever before and by raising better breeds more money being made out of it.
  As will be noticed in the dates, time and place, the meeting is advertised to hold at Crestview and Laurel Hill at the same time, the only explanation for which we have to offer is, there will probably be two crews of demonstrators at work in this section of the county.
For Sake of Party Harmony Believes Committee Should Reconvene and Rescind Objectionable Part of Resolution.
 “When a white Democrat agrees to stand by party nominees he should be allowed to vote.”—Park Trammell.
  The following interview with Governor Trammell by a reporter of the Florida Times Union appeared in the paper Sunday, Jan. 16:
  “Action of the State Democratic Committee in adopting a resolution purporting to bar from participation in the primary members affiliated with certain secret orders is denounced by Gov. Park Trammell, candidate for senator, as being uncalled for, arbitrary and in conflict with the spirit and fundamental principles of Democracy.”  Gov. Trammell arrived here last night from the Everglades section, where he has been making an inspection of the drainage work in progress there, and this is his first utterance upon the committee’s action.
  “I am opposed to the action of the committee.  I consider the resolution uncalled for, arbitrary and certainly in conflict with the spirit and fundamental principles of Democracy,” he said.
  “The adoption of such a resolution was, I think, a serious mistake as far as the interest of the Democratic Party is concerned and I believe it will prove to be a blunder from a political viewpoint for the politicians who planned and inspire such propositions.
  “Every Democrat regards as sacred his right of ballot, and he should not on this or that pretext be disfranchised because it seems probable that he does not contemplate voting for a certain candidate or candidates in an approaching primary.  A candidate and his friends may use all legitimate and fair means to win the polls, but I cannot for one moment believe the great hosts of loyal Democrats of Florida will approve of the work of the few who manipulated this plan for bringing success to the candidate or candidates of their choice.


  “Such tactics are unparallel in the history of our country.  Why, if such action is allowed to stand we may as reasonably expect in the future the committee to try to dominate and control all primary elections by prescribing the particular test for Democrats that will abound to the advantage of the candidate favored by a majority of the committee and open wide the door to those for their candidate.”
  “I cannot feel that a majority of the committee would have supported the resolution had it been thoroughly and deliberately considered.”
  “I dare say not more than three or four of the committee had ever heard of the resolution prior to the time it was placed before the committee, and certainly those back of the movement had not taken the Democrats of the state into their confidence, so that the sentiment of the party could be ascertained to an extent at least upon this radical departure in prescribing the qualifications of a Democrat.  Doubtless it was not desired that it have publicity until it had been railroaded through the committee.”


  “I am not a member of the alleged order or orders at which the resolution was directed, but I am informed by some who are that it will not accomplish its object because its provisions do not bar them.”
  “I do not think this unwise action on the part of the committee at the behest of the politicians who put it over should cause any Democrat to fail to register and participate in the Democratic primary, or else do all he can to exercise this right.  I trust that this effort on the part of the few who engineered it to disfranchise some of our Democrats will not cause any independent movement or fight upon the party in the state.  We can best right and correct matters within the party and through the Democratic primary.  We must place the blame where it belongs and not on the party composed of 75,000 or more good tried Democrats throughout the state, who I am sure stand ready to rebuke such methods through their own party.”
  It is my opinion that the committee should reconvene and rescind the resolution in question, and it should do so I feel content its action would be approved by a very large majority of the white Democrats of Florida,” continued the speaker.
  Building to Be Pushed to Completion and Bank Opened for Business at Early Date.


  As per the announcement in The News of two weeks ago, Mr. W. J. Rice was here Monday morning with a crew of men and broke earth for the erection of the new National Bank and store building.
  Mr. Rice informs us that the brick will arrive here the last of this or the first of next week and that the brick masons will be here and starts the foundation of the work next Monday morning.
  The two buildings will be 50x60 feet, the Bank building being 24x60 two story and the store building being 26x60 single story.
  Mr. R. B. Rucker, a son-in-law of Mr. Rice, from Jackson, Miss., will arrive here in a few days and will assist Mr. Rice in overseeing the work, and will make Crestview his permanent home.
  The buildings are to be pushed to completion and ready for business at as early a date as possible, which will probably be the first of May.
Published Every Friday
W.H. Mapoles, Editor and Owner
  Entered as second class matter October 8, 1915, at the post office at Crestview, Fla., under the Act of March 8, 1879.
One year        $1.00
Six months         .50
Three months     .25
Terms Strictly Cash In Advance.
  Crestview is to have a National Bank, with capital of $30,000.—Molina Advertiser.

  Governor Trammell will put the rollers under Nat Bryan in June, and the legislature will fix his infamous primary law in April, 1917.

  If you know of something good that would help to boost your town or county, it’s your duty to tell it.  Yea, tell it o’er and o’er again.

  We hear so many people expressing themselves for Crestview for the Court House that we have about come to the conclusion we will have a land slide in the first election.

  The subscription list of The News continues to grow very rapidly, Mr. Merchant, and if you want the people to know what you have for sale, you had better place an advertisement in its columns.

  Someone mentions J. Hugh Reese of the Orlando Reporter Star for delegate to the national democratic convention.  Put us down for Reese.—Palatka News.
  Put us down against him and the balance of plutocratic and papal like gang.  He won’t do. We would rather support the infamous Joe Lee.

  The Free Press, published at Jacksonville is doing a great work for the people of Florida in exposing the political tricksters of Jacksonville and the State of Florida.  The price is only one dollar per year, and the last issue of its publication was worth that and more too.  The way it exposed that set of shifty politicians, who dictated to the State Executive Committee in passing the Catholic resolution, was worth thousands of dollars to the people of the state of Florida.  If it will only continue its fight for the people as it has started out to do, it won’t be long till it is read by every patriotic and religious citizen in the state.

  As soon as Governor Trammell heard of the action of that “Resolution Committee” in Jacksonville, he as the head official of this Great State came out and denounced their actions as wrong and unfair, and says that it is his opinion that the committee should meet again and rescind the resolution.  Let us hope that they heed the Governor’s advice.

  A few days ago we advised the editor of the Marianna Times Courier how to build printing offices. This week if he will read our write up on the front page “Farmers Meeting to be held in February” he will see how easy it is to get good write-ups on subjects a fellow knows nothing about—simply by clipping from some other fellow’s paper that was raised on a farm.

  Why not see your neighbors and get them to help buy a stump puller?  The cost can be materially reduced that way and you can begin to get returns from the land which those stumps occupy.  Furthermore you can use labor saving machinery and get your money back in a short time.  C. K. McQuarrie of the University of Florida’s extension division suggests also burning the stumps during the winter.  Either plan is good.

  Friends if you have any news items of any importance send it in, no matter where it comes from, we will be glad to publish it.  We are not narrow- minded as to wantonly ignore publishing the news from any place in Okaloosa County.  Remember that The News is run for the betterment and boosting of the whole of Okaloosa County and not for the benefit of some one place which wants the Court House.

  “What other man out for Governor will tell you where he stands on the leading questions confronting the American people at this time?  Mr. Catts is making votes all the time and unless papers can give some better proof of his unfitness for the place than the old cry that he is a demagogue, that he is a dangerous man, they will find that they are helping him as they abuse him.  Have Knott, Farris, Woods and Hudson let the people know for what they stand?  Will they do so before the campaign is over?  We think not.  Getting the vote by silence has been the winning card in the past.  But that day has passed.  We can no longer say we are right and win the confidence of the people.  We make the prediction that many will be supporting Catts before June arrive.”—Ft. Lauderdale Sentinel.

  The advertising merchant is the one who does the business in these days of push and enterprise.  There are more newspaper readers today than ever before in the history of the world.  The newspaper places your business under the eyes of the buyer.  He sees what he wants, and, knowing where to buy it looks up the wide awake merchant who asked him to come and see him. Success in these days of sharp competition calls for eternal vigilance.  You can’t keep a hustler down.

  The announcement of Hon. A. G. Campbell of DeFuniak, for reelection as Circuit Judge appears in this issue of The News.  Mr. Campbell is recognized as one of the best lawyers in West Florida, and beyond a doubt he has made one of the best and most impartial Judges to ever sit on the bench in this circuit, and it goes without saying that he will be a hard man to beat.  However, with four other able lawyers in the race it would be a hazardous proposition to wage much money on.

  Not being satisfied with the dirty stab of the State Executive Committee at Rev. Sidney J. Catts for Governor, the Pensacola News and John S. Beard are trying to figure out a technical constitutional provision which would keep Mr. Catt’s name from being placed on the ticket.  However their knock at him has done him good and made him several more votes in West Florida that he might have not received.  The more the Plutocracy Press knocks a man in this day and time the stronger he becomes with the common people of the county.  Hurrah, for Catts.
All Day Sing
  There will be an all day sing at Union Springs on the 4th Sunday, January 23rd.  Everybody is invited.  Dinner will be served on the ground.
A. L. Alford
G. D. Arnett
Arranging Committee
FOR SALE—80 acres of good farm land 4-1/2 miles south of Crestview, with 15 acres cleared.  Very good cottage and out buildings.  Price $4.50 per acre. Crestview Land Co., Crestview, Fla.
FOR SALE—80 acres of good farm land 2-1/2 miles East of Crestview.  Price $850.00.  Crestview Land Company.
State and County Directory
  Clerk Court, Jas. L. Clary.
  Sheriff, R.H. Sutton.
  County Judge, J.T. Mapoles.
  County Treasurer, P.J. Steele.
  Tax Assessor, Geo. H. Webb
  County Superintendent, W.C. Pryor
  Supervisor Registration, J.W. Kerce.
Commissioners:  J.H. Givens, Laurel Hill; J.W. Baggett, Jr., Blackman; W.J. Davis,  Deerland; B.P. Edge, Niceville; R.A. Rosier, Milligan.
School Board:  W.F. Wilkerson, Milligan; W.H. Spivey, Camp Walton; W.H. Jones, Laurel Hill.
Temporary County Site:  Milligan.
  Governor, Park M. Trammell.
  Secretary State, H. Clay Crawford
  Treasurer, J.C. Lansing
  Comptroller, W.V. Knott
  Commissioner Agriculture, W.A. McRae
  Attorney General, T.F. West
  State Superintendent, W.N. Sheats
  Baptist-Services each 2nd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. D.C. Allen, Pastor.
  Methodist-Services each 3rd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J.R. Ansley, Pastor.
  Congregationalist-Services each 4th Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J. E. Each, Pastor.
  Southern Methodist-Services each 1st Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., Rev. Sellars, Pastor.
  Union Sunday School-Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Congregational Church building.  Everybody invited to attend.
  F.&A.M.  Regular communication each 3rd Saturday.  J.E. Davis, W.M.
 W.O.W.  Regular communication each 4th Saturday.  W.F. Arnett, C.C.
  E.R. Marshburn, Clerk.
The Crestview Land Co.
  Crestview, Okaloosa County, Fla.
Buyers and Sellers Real Estate
  Close-in City Lots from $20.00 to $75.00
See Us For Particulars
W.H. Mapoles, Secretary
A Bank
Water Works
A Hardware Store
A Furniture Store
An Artesian Well
A First-class Barber Shop
A Electric Lighting Plant
A lot more of Dwelling Homes
And last but not least, the Town needs to be incorporated
FOR SALE—Eighty acres good new Okaloosa County soil, one and a half miles southwest of Crestview.  Address L. E. Bowers, Crestview, Florida.
FOR SALE—40 acres of new Okaloosa soil with a good water mill with two sets of rocks.  All in good condition.  5-1/2 miles north of Crestview.  Address S. W. Locke, Crestview, or call and see property.
Legal Notices
Notice For Bids
  The Board of County Commissioners of Okaloosa County will receive closed bids for ______ of the county convicts at their next regular meeting February 8th, 1916.  All bids must be filed with the Clerk of the Court not later than 10 a.m. February 8th.
J. W. Baggett, Jr., Chairman
J.L. Clary, Clerk Circuit Court
In the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, State of Florida—In Chancery
Southern Cotton Oil Company, a Corporation, complainant Vs.  A. R. Morris, et al, defendant
  It appearing from affidavit filed with the Bill in the above cause, that the following corporations are not residents of this State; that there are no persons in this State, service of subpoena upon whom, would bind them defendants; that the defendants and residences are as follows:  Bettman Kleinhauser Clothing Company, St. Louis, Missouri, Benson Hardware Company, Andalusia, Alabama, Taylor-Christian _____ Company, Bristol, Tennessee, Stauffer, Eahleman & Co., New Orleans, La.
  Wherefore, defendants are required to appeal to the Bill of Complaint, filed is said cause, on Saturday, February 30th, 1916, as by the Statute required.
  It is further ordered that this notice be published in The Okaloosa News, a newspaper published in said County and State, once a week for four consecutive weeks.
  This the 16th day of January, A. D., 1916.
Jas. L. Clary
Clerk Circuit Court, Okaloosa County, State of Florida.
McGeachy & Lewis
Solicitors for Complainant
In the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, State of Florida—In Chancery
D. P. Ray, complainant
Vs. L. M. Pyron and his wife
C. A. Pyron  defendants
  It appearing from affidavit filed with a Bill of Complaint in the above entitled cause, that the defendants, L. M. Pyron and C. A. Pyron are each over the age of twenty-one years and reside in a state other than Florida, to wit; at Opp, Covington County, Alabama and that there is no person in this State service of a subpoena upon whom would bind these defendants.
  It is ordered that said defendants appear to the Bill of Complaint, filed in said cause, on Saturday, February 29th, 1916, in default, whereof decree pro  ________ will be entered against them.
  It is further ordered that this notice be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Okaloosa News, a newspaper published in Okaloosa County, Florida.
  This the 16th day of January, 1916.
Jas. L. Clary
Clerk Circuit Court, Okaloosa County, State of Florida.
McGeachy & Lewis
Solicitors for Complainant
Administrator’s Notice
  To all creditors, distributors and to all persons having or demands against the estate of Asa Ward.
  You are hereby notified and required to present to me, the undersigned administratrix of the estate of Asa Ward, deceased, all claims or demands which you may have against the said estate within two years from the date of the first publication of this notice, and according to law; else such claims and demands will be barred.
  This 15th day of December, A.D. 1916.
  Mrs. Annie Ward, Administratrix
  Harris, Fla.
Guardian’s Notice
  Notice is hereby given that I, guardian of the estate of Jackson Adams, Obediah Adams and Edna Adams, minors, shall on the 24th day of January, A.D., 1916, at twelve o’clock noon, thereof, or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard apply to the Honorable J. T. Mapoles, County Judge of Okaloosa County, Florida, at his office in Milligan, Fla., in said county, for authority to sell either at public or private sale the merchantable pine timber on the following described land, to-wit:
  The Northeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of section thirty, in township three, north of range twenty-five West of  the Tallahassee Meridian, Florida, containing forty and five-hundredth acres.
  This 22nd Day of December, A. D., 1915.
  Mrs. Sarah Adams, Guardian
Notice For Publication
  U.S. Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, January 8, 1916—Notice is hereby given that Nettie I. Killingsworth, widow of Joseph H. Killingsworth, deceased of Laurel Hill, Florida, who, on November 29, 1912, made homestead entry, No. 011307, (Serial No. 011307) for NW 1/3 of NW ¼, Section 20, Township 4 North, Range 22 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make three year proof , to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida, on the 24th day of February, 1916.  
  Claimant names as witnesses:  D. A. Killingsworth, of Deerland, Florida; Henry Swinney and W. H. Ford of Dorcas, Florida; Marion Cadenhead of Garden City, Florida.  Robert W. Davis, Register.
Notice For Publication
  U.S. Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, December 14, 1915,--Notice is hereby given that Julius M. King, of  Brick, Florida, on November 27, 1915, filed in this office application No. 014241, (Serial No. 014241) to make Additional Homestead Entry, under the provisions of Sec. 2 of the Act of April 28, 1904, _______, the North half of Lot 4, Section 30, Township 6 North of Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian, which application was allowed by this office on November 29, 1913, and with a view of obtaining Final Certificate on said entry this publication is made.
  Any and all persons claiming adversely the land described, or desiring to object because of the mineral character of the land or for any other reason to the issuance of final certificate on the aforesaid entry, should file their affidavit of protest in this office, on or before the 3rd day of February, 1916.
Robert W. Davis, Register
Perry M. Colson, Receiver
Notice of Special Master’s Sale
  Under and by virtue of a decree of mortgage foreclosure rendered by Hon. A. G. Campbell, Judge of the First Judicial Circuit, in and for Okaloosa County, Florida, in a certain cause therein pending.  In which S. R. Fowler is complainant and R. Tanner and Jas. Barrow are defendants for the sum of $8.41 principal and interest, and $5.00 attorney’s fees, and costs to be taxed and appointing the undersigned as Special Master, I will on Monday the 7th day of February, 1916, in front of the Court House in Milligan, Okaloosa County, Florida, between the local hours of sale, sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder, for cash, the following described real estate located and situated in Okaloosa County, formerly Walton County, Florida, to-wit:
  The SE ¾ of NW ¼ of Section 11, Township 5, Range 23 West, with all its appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in anywise appertaining.
  Deed at cost of the purchaser.  This the 30th day of December, A. D. 1915.
Daniel Campbell, Special Master
T.R. James, Solicitor for complainant.
For Sale—One good Jersy cow.  See L. E. Bowers
Political Announcements

To the Democratic Voters of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida.
  I will be a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June, 1916.  I respectfully solicit your vote and support.
Robert H. Anderson.   (Paid Advertising)

  I am a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, which comprises the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton subject to the Democratic Primary to be held in June 1916.  Your vote and your influence will be much appreciated.
R. Arthur McGeachy.    (Paid Advertising)
  The friends of Honorable W.A. McLeod in Okaloosa County hereby announce him a candidate for State Senator from this the First Senatorial District, the same being composed of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties.  The friends of Mr. McLeod believe his four years experience as Representative of his county, Santa Rosa, eminently qualifies him in every respect to represent the two counties in the State Senate for the next four years and it is upon this belief they solicit for him the vote and influence of every voter in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  (Paid Advertising)

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination of State Senator from the First Senatorial District of Florida, subject to the action of the voters at the Democratic Primary next June.  Your support will by duly appreciated.
P. Tomasilla  (Paid Advertising)
To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
  I wish to announce that I am a candidate to succeed myself as Judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.  I desire and will appreciate the support and endorsement of the Democratic Voters within the circuit for this appointment at the Democratic Primary to be held in June, 1916.
A.G. Campbell.
For County Superintendent
In response to strong inducements from different parties of the county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  In the event of my receiving the nomination I promise a faithful and impartial performance of the duties pertaining to the office.
D.T. Finlayson.

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County.  If chosen by the people for this position I pledge a faithful performance of the duties of the office, and will do all in my power to make the youngest county in Florida the banner county in educational matters.  Your support and influence respectfully solicited.
J.H.R. Miller.
E. Porter Webb,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.
All calls answered promptly – day or night, rain or shine.
Female Diseases Given Special Attention.
Phone 7.  Laurel Hill, Florida.
T. R. James
Office:  Over Bank
Laurel Hill, Fla.
Short order meals at your own price.
Train lunches for     25 Cents.
Light Groceries a Specialty.
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco.
Coca-Cola, Chero-Cola and Sher-a-Coca.
Fruits, Candies and Pies.
Agent for California Perfumes and Toliet Goods.
Crestview, Fla.
(Okaloosa, County)
For Hire
A Good Five Passenger
New car and experienced driver—go anywhere at any time.
Rates Reasonable
R. J. Henderson
Crestview, Florida
Notice To Correspondents
  Please mail your items each week on Monday so the same may reach our office not later than Tuesday morning if you want your items to appear in the paper the same week. Write all copy as plainly as  possible and on one side of the paper.
  We would be glad to make all correspondents agents.  If you are interested write to us.

  Dr. Enzor and family visited Mr. M. L. Wheelus and family this week.

  Don’t forget the Silver Spring school meeting the 22nd at 2 o’clock p.m.

  Jas. Helms and family visited T. D. Edge and family this week.

  We are having some very cold weather now, but it suits the people who has got hogs to kill.

  Henry Clary and brothers are building a new saw mill near Garden City.  They expect to get it ready to commence sawing by the first of next month.

  Mrs. A. T. Grice is visiting friends and relatives in Mobile, Ala., this week.

  S. J. Baggett, who is working at Milligan spent Sunday with homefolks.

  Miss Abbie Peaden is attending school in Milton.  She is greatly missed by the young people.

  Charlie Moore, of Laurel Hill, was in town Monday.

  A.T. Grice was a business visitor to Baker Saturday.

  John Fowler, of Oak Grove, was transacting business here Monday.

  J. A. Steele was a visitor to Baker Saturday.

  Supt. W. C. Pryor and Chairman of School Board Mr. W.F. Wilkinson were visiting schools in our community one day last week.

  Health of community very good at this writing.

  A. Moore, of Campton, passed through here Saturday.

  Mr. Willis of Baker moved his family here Monday and will occupy the Sutton residence.  We welcome them here.

  All member church Sunday at 11 o’clock.  Come and bring your friends.

  G. Kelly and family v isited his mother at Pine Grove Saturday and Sunday.

  J. E. and W. P. Stokes and H. F. Fleming made a business trip to Laurel Hill Saturday.

  T. R. James, J. L. Clary, W. M. Davidson passed through here Saturday evening.

  J. B. Sutton and S. B. Burleson transacted business in Milligan Saturday.

  Claude Lathinghouse, of DeFuniak, made a business call here Saturday.
Clarence Fleming returned from DeFuniak Saturday after spending two weeks with his grandmother, Mrs. J. B. Sutton.
  Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Guinot and Frank went to Pensacola last week on the Martin Sullivan yacht “Mayflower,” to bring Mr. and Mrs. Avery of Pensacola out to the Bayou to spend a while at the bungalow of Mr. Sullivan’s at Garniers.  Mr. and Mrs. Avery, we understand, were recently married at the bride’s former home in Santa Rosa County.

  Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hartgrove were recent visitors at the home of Mr. R. A. Battenfield at Black Point on Bay Beach.

  Capt. W. H. Keeler was a recent Camp Walton visitor.

  W. H. Wright visited his homefolks at Wright, Fla., one night last week.

  Mesdames Mary Scranton, Bessie Brown and Martha Early made a business trip to Camp Walton last Tuesday.

  Edwin Southwich of Five Mile Bayou was a guest of Capt. W. H. Keeler one day last week.

  Mrs. Fannie Pittman and children, also Messrs. Smith and Booker and sons, of Indian Ford, visited J. H. Pittman here the last of last week.

  Capt. W. R. Blount and Mr. David M. Wittwell, of Pensacola, spent last Thursday night at the Forest Ranger Station “Camp Pinchot,” Garniers.  They came through by automobiles from Pensacola.

  R. J. Henderson and Clyde Webb of Crestview were visitors at Garniers Friday.  They also went to Camp Walton to see the country and get used to the roads in this part of the county.

  Prof. E. A. Mooney returned home last Wednesday from a business trip to Crestview, Milton and Pensacola.

  Dallas Duncan is up from Town Point this week looking after his sturgeon nets.

Willie Hand returned from Holley Ponds where he has been firing for the Weekley Saw Mill.
Notice of Stockholders Meeting
  Notice is hereby given that the stockholders of the Crestview Land Company will hold their regular annual stockholder’s meeting at their office in Crestview, Fla., on Saturday, the 29th day of January, 1916, for the purpose of electing officers and attending to such other business as may come before the meeting.
H. J. Brett, President
W. H. Mapoles, Sec.
December 15th to January 15th
For the next 30 days I will give 10 per cent off for cash on my entire stock of
Hats, Shoes, Dry Goods and Notions
Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida

  People Who Come and Go—Some That You Know and Some That You Don’t know.

  Subcribe for The Okaloosa News

  For Sale—One good farm horse at a bargain. L. E. Bowers

  W. C. Blackwell, Esq., made a trip to Holt Tuesday.

  Jas. Edge, of Auburn was in to see The News tribe on business a short while Saturday.

  Tom Campbell, a native Okaloosian by birth, but for several years of Andalusia, was here a short while on Friday.

  Will Brooks, of Camp Walton, passed through Monday morning en route to Jacksonville where he went as a delegate to the State Grand Lodge of Masons.

  Mr. S. J. Manning was down in the Bay country last week.  He gave us a good many names of people in that section who want to see The News.

  B. F. Wynn, of Laurel Hill, passed through Monday morning en route to Jacksonville, where he attended the State Grand Lodge of the Masons.  While in Crestview Ben paid our office a pleasant call and renewed his subscription to The News.

  R. J. Henderson and Clyde Webb spent Friday in the Bay country.

  Job printing of the quality kind at The News office.

  Rev. Mr. Ausley filled his first appointment here Sunday, there being a good size crowd out to hear him.

  Hon. J. H. Richbourg left Monday morning for Jacksonville where he is attending the State Grand Lodge of Masons.

  Frank Bell, of Garden City, was here Saturday and paid our office a pleasant call. He says it’s Crestview for the Court Hose up there.

  J. Wesley Mapoles, wife and sister-in-law were here Monday between trains en route to Milligan, where Mr. Mapoles has put in a newspaper plant.

  Miss Francis Hilton, of Baker, was here Wednesday and bought an adjoining lot to the Bank building.  Miss Francis says that she don’t know for certain where the Court House will go, but believes Crestview will get it.  Therefore she wanted to buy some property here.  She says that she likes the appearance of things here mighty well.

  H. J. Brett was here Tuesday from DeFuniak.

  Angus Frater spent the latter part of last week in Pensacola.

  Tax Collector, J. A. Richbourg spent yesterday here collecting poll taxes.

  Mrs. Hicks and children who spent the week here visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Webb, returned to her home in Pensacola yesterday.

  The business conditions of everything at Crestview is 25 per cent better today than it was today a week ago, and 100 per cent better than it was three months ago.

  One of “ye ancient sons” hit town Wednesday morning and furnished Crestview with quite an exhibition consisting of a monkey and “crank organ.”

  Miss Annie Belle Powell, after spending some time here visiting the family of Mr. H. J. Henderson, returned to her home in Georgiana, Ala., the latter part of last week.

  Mr. ________ Coleman, of Laurel Hill, has come to Crestview and opened up a barber shop in the front end of The News office, formerly occupied by Blackwell Bros.  Mr. Coleman is a number one good barber and will appreciate your patronage.

  Mrs. W. R. White was a visitor to Pensacola Tuesday.

  Mr. D. T. Finlayson passed through yesterday en route to DeFuniak where he went on business.

  Mr. Jimmie Hart, of Baker, passed through Crestview yesterday morning en route to Florala, Ala.

  Mr. J. T. Green, of Garden City, was in Crestview yesterday.  He says everybody in his part of the county is for Crestview for the Court House.

  Mrs. J. H. Givens passed through from Laurel Hill Tuesday morning en route to Live Oak, where she attended the State Baptist Convention.

  Dr. E. Porter Webb, of Laurel Hill, State Health School Inspector for Okaloosa County, was here a short while Wednesday afternoon.

  While in DeFuniak Friday the editor had the pleasure of meeting with and shaking hands with many of old Walton’s best citizens whom we had not seen in something near two years.  It was also a pleasure to meet with Hon. John P. Stokes, States Attorney, and Hon. Robert H. Anderson, of Pensacola, whom we had the pleasure to serve with in the last session of the legislature.  Mr. Anderson is a candidate to succeed Mr. Stokes for the position of States Attorney.  J. Walter Kehoe, candidate for Congress was also there.
Above Everything Safety!
In the principles of good banking is that of SAFETY.  It is the one thing of all others that should influence the depositor as to placing a BANK ACCOUNT.
  We call attention to the recent sworn statements, as to the condition of this Bank, and know that it will convince you of the safety of your deposit with us.
Laurel Hill, Okaloosa County, Florida
Officers:      B. H. Hart, President        Directors:    Dannie Campbell
        J. D. Cobb, Vice President            B. H. Hart
        Oscar Steele, Cashier                H. M. Stokes
                                Oscar Steel
                                J. D. Cobb
Notice Of Intention to Incorporate The Town of Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida.
  NOTICE is hereby given that we the undersigned citizens, residing in Section 17, Township 3 North, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian, will meet at the Congregational church, at 3 o’clock p.m., on Tuesday, the 22nd day of February 1916 for the purpose of incorporating ourselves into a Municipal Form of Government and to  select  officers according to the Laws and Constitution of the State of Florida.
  The proposed territory to be incorporated being described as follows:
  All of Section 17, Township 3 North, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian.
    W.H. Mapoles            J. H. Nelson        
W. C. Blackwell            W. A. Douglass    
    W. G. Wallace            J. W. Bowers
    J. A. Moore            H. Frater
    L. E. Bowers            R. J. Diamond
    W. R. White            W. T. Mathis
    Tom Gibson            J. E. Jones
    A. V. Powell            D. P. Powell
    C.H. Griffith            F. C. Webb
    W. E. Webb            L. Bush
    W. T. Cutts            J. E. Brasher
    J. G. Perryman            W. H. DeLacy, M D
    E. R. Marshburn, M.D.
New Sunday School Organized
  A new Sunday school known as the Baptist-Methodist Sunday school, was organized at the Methodist church last Sunday morning.
  The officers are:  J. H. Nelson, Superintendent; C. B. Ferdon, Assistant Superintendent; R. J. Diamond, Secretary.
  Mrs. J. H. Nelson, teacher class No. 1.
  Mrs. E. R. Marshburn, teacher of class No. 2
  W. H. Mapoles, teacher of class No. 3.
  Mrs. E. R. Marshburn regular organist, Miss Opal Bush, assistant.
  Hour, every Sunday morning at 10 o’clock sharp.
  Everybody invited to attend.
FOR SALE—84 acres of good farm land 4-1/2 miles south of Crestview, with 15 acres cleared. Very good cottage and out buildings.  Price $4.50 per acre.  Crestview Land Co., Crestview, Fla.
  We haven’t seen any news appear in your paper from Holt in several weeks so I am sending some this week.

  All the merchants are doing a better business this month than for several months past.

  George Seigler, of Florala, Ala., was transacting business here Tuesday.

  W. C. Blackwell, of Crestview, was in town Tuesday.

  M. L. Fisher and G. L. Abbott, of Milton, were here Wednesday on business.

  The L. & N. pay car was here this morning and shelled out a goodly sum to its employees.

  We are glad to see Mr. Robert Blackwell with us again.  He is manager of the Suwanee Drug Co.

  Sheriff Sutton and Chief Deputy Smith were in town this morning.

  Mr. Arthur Bullard and Miss Agielou Kelly were happily married Saturday night at Baker.  We wish the young couple a long and happy life.

  The Suwanee Drug Co. carries the most up to-date line of cigars and tobacco of any retail drug store in West Florida.

  The young boys and girls enjoyed the little snow and sleet which fell yesterday.  This is the first snow we have had in many years.

  We are glad to hear that the Bank Building is being built in Crestview.  Good for Crestview, we will vote the court house there at the proper time.
Big Boost For Okaloosa Officers
  Tallahassee, Fla.
  January 18th, 1916.
Hon. Park Tramell, Governor, The Capitol.
Dear Sir;
  I have the honor to report that on the 3rd and 4th of this month I made an official visit to the county of Okaloosa.
  New record books have just been installed and opened up and the business of the county is proceeding satisfactorily.
  Each county officer seems to be zealously striving to do his full duty and is manifesting much interest in the work entrusted to his keeping.
  The County Boards are using care and good judgment and appear to have the best interest of the county ever in mind.
  The County Commissioners are especially to be commended for the economical and business-like way in which they are managing county affairs.
  All of which is respectfully submitted.
   (Signed)    E. Amos,
        State Auditor
  We are requested to announce that the protracted meeting which was to begin at the Congregational church this week by Rev. G. M. Spivey has been postponed till Feb. 16.

Mrs. W. H. Cleghorn and her sister, Miss Maggie Powell returned Wednesday from Garden City, where they visited relatives.  Their cousin, Miss Marie Powell accompanied them home.

  A small child of Mr. and Mrs. Will Green was severely burned Wednesday afternoon.  The story goes that the child was playing with matches under the house when her clothes caught fire and burned her body.  Dr. Marsburn was summoned and did all he could to relieve the little one of her suffering.

  Mrs. M. E. Baggett is moving her household goods to River Jet this week where she will join her husband, who has a steady position at that place.
Means rising at six o’clock in the morning, living on a dollar a day if can earn two--minding your own business and not meddling with other people’s.  Luck means appointments you have never failed to keep--the trains you have never failed to catch. Luck means trusting in God and your own resources.
The man with a bank account and a check book in his pocket is considered lucky.  This kind of luck is within your reach.  Many of our best customers started with a small deposit. So can you.
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $50,000
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
We negotiate loans on improved
In Okaloosa County, Florida.  If you desire to improve and better equip your farm, call and discuss with us, the question of procuring money on improved farm lands, upon long time and reasonable rate of interest.
Daniel Campbell & Son
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Electric Lights and Steam Heated – Hot and Cold Baths
$2.00 Per Day -- $10.00 Per Week
THEO. STAFF, Manager