Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 1 Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, February 11, 1916
No. 19

New Road Machine Bought—New Voting Precinct Created—Many Bills Traced Down.
  The County Commissioners met at Milligan, Tuesday, February 8th and transacted the following business.
  All members were present save Mr. Edge, who was detained on account of sickness in his family.
  The reading of the minutes of the previous session and the examining of reports of county officers took up all the forenoon.
  The afternoon session was largely taken up in examining bills and accounts against the county.
  Quiet a number of bills from the County Judge’s and Justice of the Peace courts were laid over without authorizing warrants drawn to settle same.
  The following bonds were examined:
  H. G. Baggett to carry firearms with V.C. Lawhorn and R. M. Lawhorn sureties.
  G. R. Anchors as Notary Public with P. J. Johnson and S. S. Spence as sureties.
  J. A. Hodges, Constable for Justice District No. 3, with L. E. Bowers, J. D. Cobb, C.H. Griffith and M.E. Savage as sureties.
  Mr. Givens had D. J. Lott appointed as road overseer for the northwestern portion of his district, and Frank Burke for the southwestern portion.
  A short public road was granted on the east side of the river in Mr. Givens’s district.
  A number of road matters in the southern part of the county were laid over on account of the absence of Mr. Edge.
  Mr. Rozier was instructed to purchase a first class road machine for the use of the county.
  A new precinct was granted in the northwestern portion county to be known as Red Oak.  Its number is 18.
  Ordered that all persons operating log teams or lumber wagons over the public roads in the county were notified to keep the roads in as good condition as they were when they began operations.
  The Clerk was ordered to purchase all necessary ballot boxes for the holding of elections in the several precincts of the county.
Dr. E. Porter Webb announces For Representative
  Well I’ve done it.  My wife asked me not to, but this, our new county of Okaloosa has got to be represented.  No one seems to want the job, so it is up to me I guess.  Four years ago that political bee got in my car, and I came near throwing my hat in the ring, did really write up my announcement, but when I consulted my best friend, politically, as well as otherwise, I, or we rather, decided it best for him to run.  So I fought, bled and almost lied to land Vinegar Bill, (W. H. Mapoles), and now he has been to bat twice, so I, with some of my friends have decided it my time to fan.
  I have been in Florida nearly twenty years, in the new county all of its life, have seen a good many things of importance, from the Statue of Liberty, at the mouth of New York Harbor to Camp Pinchot, Fla.  I outweigh any other candidate who I think might run, and taking all things into consideration, I think that I am about as well qualified to fill the position as any other man you have.  So lets take a straw ballot and see where I stand before I go to far.  If you favor me, drop me a card, telling me so, and state to me such changes as you would wish, for the betterment of your part of the county.
  Trusting that I may have the pleasure of seeing every voter in the county, and talking the matter over with you, I am yours to service.
  E. Porter Webb, M. D.
       Laurel Hill, Fla.
Will be in Crestview Monday
  The specialists in farming, whom the L. & N. Railroad Company are sending out all over West Florida to deliver lecture courses on better farming and more successful cattle growing, will be in Crestview next Monday and will give their lecture in the Congregational church at 2 p.m.
  Everybody in this section of the country, especially the farmers, should make a special effort to be here and hear what these gentlemen have to say.  Another good reason why the citizens around Crestview should turn out in large numbers is, we should be able to say the same in this as in everything else in Okaloosa County, “Crestview beat them all.”
Will Be a Big Boost For All West Florida—Furnishing a Market for Cattle and Hogs.  Northern Capital Behind the Project.
  According to the following from the Pensacola Journal, West Florida is soon to have a market for all her cattle and hogs which will be one of the biggest boosts for this country that it has ever had.
  The Journal gives the following account of the proposed enterprise.
  A packing house, ice factory and cold storage plant costing $50,000 is the latest industry to locate in Pensacola.  Northern money is invested and yesterday afternoon a block of land in the Maxent tract was brought and within thirty days building operations will be commenced.  The plant at the outset will employ between 60 and 75 men regularly and will give impetus to the cattle raising industry of West Florida for it will supply a market for livestock.
  The location of the plant is convenient to both the G. F. & A. and P. M. & N. O. railroads.  The former was surveying yesterday afternoon, with the view if immediately building a spur track to the site.  This will be used first in getting material and machinery to the grounds and later in hauling the product of the plant, as well as bring meat in from the slaughter pens to be handled at the plant.
  This industry will be one of the biggest to locate in Pensacola in many years.  To A. M. Cohn of the Citizens Realty Company, goes the credit for handling the deal, and he was given valuable assistance by George a. Berry of the G. F. & A. railroad.
  The plant will be the only packing house in Florida and its importance to Escambia County and West Florida cannot be calculated.  Cattle will be slaughtered ten or fifteen miles from the city and the carcasses shipped to Pensacola.  In addition it will manufacture ice for wholesale and retail trade and supply cold storage facilities in addition to those already existing in the city.
  There is one other branch of business to be conducted in connection with the plant, but this, like the name of the promoters, will not be announced for several days.  Within a week, however, those backing the movement will be known.  In fact the application for a charter goes forward to Tallahassee today and within a month work of constructing the building and installing machinery will be commenced.
  Those who are here looking after the location of the packing house plant say that Pensacola never would have been selected, but for the fact that the Gulf, Florida and Alabama Railroad has just been completed, affording them a new outlet as well as competitive rates.
A Boost For Crestview
  One of the best boosts we have heard for Crestview in some time was given us Sunday morning by Mr. Frank McGraw of Milton as he and his family and bother-in-law, Mr. Senterfitt passed through on his Ford on a pleasure trip to DeFuniak Springs.
  This is the way the boost came in.  Being intimately acquainted, when the car arrived in town, we said hello, Frank, whereupon the same greeting came back as quickly as the sound of the echo. Next came this expression, “Bill, I have already decided this is the place for the Court House.  You people do things over here.  You have some of the best roads in this section of the state, then too they seem to run out from here in all directions.  Are they this good on to DeFuniak!”  Our reply was, “yes, and really better.”
  Then his brother-in-law spoke up and said   he was really  “agreeably surprised as to the wondrous developments of things at this place, and that while he had been undecided as to what place he would vote for the Court House, he had now made up his mind definitely, and that he was going to work for Crestview  from time on until the day of the election.”
  When we get in our new office we want all of our friends to visit us and tell us the news.  Remember we will have plenty of room to entertain you.
   Messrs. T. R. James, H. M. Stokes and J. W. Gaskin passed through en route from Laurel Hill to Milligan yesterday morning.

  Everybody is sick with la grippe.

  Early Hutchison, of Red Level, Ala., spent the week end here as the guest of his friend Miss Alma Willis, returning home Monday.
  Miss Ethel Willis was the guest of Miss Callie Burleson Saturday afternoon.

  Eugene Willis made a business trip to Laurel Hill Saturday afternoon.

  Mr. Burleson and family attended preaching at Travelers Rest Sunday.

  Mrs. Coca Sutton and Miss Callie Burleson visited the Misses Willis Sunday afternoon.

  Little Misses Callie and Gladys Willis visited the Misses Tyner Saturday.

  Miss Adalia Tyner visited Mrs. Mack Tyner Saturday.

  Mrs. H. A. Clark and Mrs. J. B. Sutton visited Mrs. Mack Tyner Saturday afternoon.

  J. B. Sutton made a business trip to Garden City Saturday afternoon.

  Master Arthur Burleson visited Odus and Edlo Willis Sunday afternoon.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Mack Tyner Tuesday night, a boy.

  Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Powell made a trip to Milligan by auto Monday and returned the same day.

  C. H. Powell had the misfortune to lose a good milk cow last week.  It was thought she had gotten hold of poison somewhere.

A.L. Hart drove to Harris on Thursday and returned Saturday.  Mrs. Earnest Hart came back with him and will spend a few days visiting with home folks.

  Uncle Billy Powell is still suffering from the injuries received in his fall last week.

  The cold snap ushered in hog killing time and a good many of the farmers are taking advantage of the cold weather to cure their meat for next summer.
  A.J. Bolton, A. W. Powell and P.M. Griffith made a business trip to DeFuniak last Thursday.

  The “Farmer’s Co-operative Union had a meeting last Monday and plans were begun for co-operative effort in raising and marketing a crop of early sweet potatoes.

   Invitations are out for another rail splitting at M. P. Hart’s to be held sometime next week.

  Plans are on foot to build a Congregational church, to be located just south of the parsonage.  The first steps have been taken and the site is being cleared.

  There will be preaching service at the hall on February 13. All are invited.

  The progressive spirit of our farmers is shown by the goodly number that are now setting out pecan and fruit trees.

  Miss Ethel Neal of Crestview, is the guest of Miss Nora Powell for a few days.

  Vander Halstead has moved to another part of the turpentine works about six miles east of here and S. A. Larrimore will occupy the house vacated at Dorcas.

  Rumor says that our enterprising citizen A. W. Powell will be in the race for sheriff of Okaloosa County.
 Of Intention to Incorporate The Town of Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida.
  NOTICE is hereby given that we the undersigned citizens, residing in Section 17, Township 3 North, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian, will meet at the Congregational church, at 3 o’clock p.m., on Tuesday, the 22nd day of February 1916 for the purpose of incorporating ourselves into a Municipal Form of Government and to select officers according to the Laws and Constitution of the State of Florida.
  The proposed territory to be incorporated being described as follows:
  All of Section 17, Township 3 North, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian.
    W.H. Mapoles            J. H. Nelson       
W. C. Blackwell            W. A. Douglass   
    W. G. Wallace            J. W. Bowers
    J. A. Moore            H. Frater
    L. E. Bowers            R. J. Diamond
    W. R. White            W. T. Mathis
    Tom Gibson            J. E. Jones
    A. V. Powell            D. P. Powell
    C.H. Griffith            F. C. Webb
    W. E. Webb            L. Bush
    W. T. Cutts            J. E. Brasher
    J. G. Perryman       W. H. DeLacy, M D
    E. R. Marshburn, M.D.       J. A. Hodges
    S. G. Settles
Plant Disease-Free Pecan Trees
  The very best way to control diseases is to prevent them.  The man who contemplates planting a pecan grove will do well to cull unmercifully the stock from which he plants.  To plant indiscriminately, expecting to eradicate disease later is ruinous.  It is possible that diseases may be kept from the grove by selection.  At any rate start right.
  There is a possibility that certain varieties or strains may be developed that will be resistant to certain diseases, according to Julius Matz of the University of Florida Experiment Station.  In going over the trees the nursery select the vigorous ones.  If rosette, scab or other diseases are present, take those trees which are not affected by the disease.  Watch these and see whether they are attacked later.

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For the Whole Family
Falcon Brand and Stetson Hats
Notice For Publication
U. S. Land Office, Gainesville, Florida, January 22, 1916—Notice is hereby given that Nancy Kennedy, of Blackman, Florida, who, on January 18, 1911, made homestead entry, No. 07731 (Serial No. 07731) for Northeast Quarter, Section 24, Township 5 North, Range 3 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make five year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida on the 9th day of March, 1916.
  Claimant names as witnesses: 
John D. Kennedy, John H. Kennedy, Ben H. Kennedy, Henry J. Reed and, all of Blackman, Florida.
  Robert W. Davis, Register.
FOR SALE-50 acres of good farm land 2-1/2 miles East of Crestview. Price $850.00.  Crestview Land Company.
  It is meat preservatives you need if you have pork to save.  See L. E. Bowers
Notice For Publication
U. S. Land Office, Gainesville, Florida, January 22, 1916—Notice is hereby given that John D. Kennedy, of Blackman, Florida, who, on November 12, 1916, made homestead entry, No. 67478 for East ½ of NW ¼ and E ½ of SW 1/4, Section 24, Township 5 North, Range 3 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make five year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida on the 5th day of March, 1916.
  Claimant names as witnesses: 
  Nancy Kennedy, Ben H. Kennedy, Henry J. Reed and John H. Kennedy, all of Blackman, Florida.
  Robert W. Davis, Register
Notice For Publication
  U.S. Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, January 21, 1916-- Notice is hereby given that John T. Smith of Crestview, Florida, who on March 7, 1911, made homestead entry, No.07721 (Serial No. _____) for Southwest Quarter, Section 14, Township 2 North, Range 24 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make five year proof , to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida, on the 9th day of March, 1916. 
Claimant names as witnesses:  John Ross?, A. Brown, Alex James and Jim Freeman, all of Crestview, Florida.
Robert W. Davis, Register.
Notice For Publication
U. S. Land Office, Gainesville, Florida, January 29, 1916—Notice is hereby given that Susan Cobb, of Rock Creek, Florida, who, on December 17, 1912, made homestead entry, No_______, (Serial No. _______) for SW ¼ of NW ¼, Section 6, Township 5 North, Range 25 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make three year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida on the 10th day of March, 1916.
  Claimant names as witnesses:  H. A. Steele, Garrett Booker, Henry Wiggins and L. A. Fleming, all of Rock Creek, Florida.  Robert W. Davis, Register.
Notice For Publication
  U.S. Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, January 8, 1916—Notice is hereby given that Nettie I. Killingsworth, widow of Joseph H. Killingsworth, deceased of Laurel Hill, Florida, who, on November 29, 1912, made homestead entry, No. 011307, (Serial No. 011307) for NW 1/3 of NW ¼, Section 20, Township 4 North, Range 22 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make three year proof , to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida, on the 24th day of February, 1916. 
  Claimant names as witnesses:  D. A. Killingsworth, of Deerland, Florida; Henry Swinney and W. H. Ford of Dorcas, Florida; Marion Cadenhead of Garden City, Florida.  Robert W. Davis, Register.

Notice For Publication
  Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, February 15, 1916—Notice is hereby given that John T. Stanford, of Garniers, Florida, who, on June 15, 1911, made homestead entry, No. 08773, (Serial No. 08773) for NE ½ of NE ¼, Section 2, Township 2 South, Range 34 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make three year proof , to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida, on the 23rd day of  March, 1916. 
  Claimant names as witnesses:  David P. Powell and Allie Powell, of Crestview, Florida, Henry T. Wright, of Wright, Florida and Rachel C. Irving of Camp Walton, Florida.
Robert W. Davis, Register.

Notice For Publication

  Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, February 4, 1916—Notice is hereby given that Rutus L. Madden, of Garden City, Florida, who, on November 17, 1900, made homestead entry, No. 00031, (Serial No. 00031) for SE ½ of NE ¼,  and NE ¼  of SE ¼, Section 6, Township 4 North, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make five year proof , to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida, on the 23rd day of  March, 1916. 
  Claimant names as witnesses:  W.A. Wilkes, J.W. Wilkes, J.B. Madden, and J. J. Lawrence, all of Garden City, Fla.-- Robert W. Davis, Register.

Notice of Administrator’s Sale

  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Annie M. Edwards, deceased, under and by virtue of an order made by the Honorable A. G. Campbell, Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, on the 29th day of January, A.D. 1916, authorizing me an administrator as aforesaid, to take charge of the real estate hereinafter mentioned and sell same for the purpose of paying the outstanding indebtedness due by the said Estate of the said Annie M. Edwards, deceased, to-wit:
  Lot Two (2) in Block “C” of the Baggett Edition of the Town of Milligan, Florida, fronting on King Street 100 feet, and running back 200 feet, and being West of said King Street, and being the Southwest ¼ of the Northeast ¼ of Section Twenty-Two (22) Township Three (3), North of Range Twenty-Four (24) West, in Okaloosa County, Florida, during the legal hours of sale to the highest and best bidder for cash on Monday, the 6th day of March, A. D. 1916.  Deed at cost of purchaser.
John M. Anderson, Administrator.
In the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, State of Florida—In Chancery
D. P. Ray, complainant
Vs. L. M. Pyron and his wife
C. A. Pyron  defendants
  It appearing from affidavit filed with a Bill of Complaint in the above entitled cause, that the defendants, L. M. Pyron and C. A. Pyron are each over the age of twenty-one years and reside in a state other than Florida, to wit; at Opp, Covington County, Alabama and that there is no person in this State service of a subpoena upon whom would bind these defendants.
  It is ordered that said defendants appear to the Bill of Complaint, filed in said cause, on Saturday, February 29th, 1916, in default, whereof decree pro  ________ will be entered against them.
  It is further ordered that this notice be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Okaloosa News, a newspaper published in Okaloosa County, Florida.
  This the 16th day of January, 1916.
Jas. L. Clary
Clerk Circuit Court, Okaloosa County, State of Florida.
McGeachy & Lewis
Solicitors for Complainant

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Political Announcements


To the Democratic Voters of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida.
  I will be a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June, 1916.  I respectfully solicit your vote and support.
Robert H. Anderson.   (Paid Advertising)

  I am a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, which comprises the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton subject to the Democratic Primary to be held in June 1916.  Your vote and your influence will be much appreciated.
R. Arthur McGeachy.    (Paid Advertising)
  The friends of Honorable W.A. McLeod in Okaloosa County hereby announce him a candidate for State Senator from this the First Senatorial District, the same being composed of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties.  The friends of Mr. McLeod believe his four years experience as Representative of his county, Santa Rosa, eminently qualifies him in every respect to represent the two counties in the State Senate for the next four years and it is upon this belief they solicit for him the vote and influence of every voter in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  (Paid Advertising)

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination of State Senator from the First Senatorial District of Florida, subject to the action of the voters at the Democratic Primary next June.  Your support will by duly appreciated.
P. Tomasilla  (Paid Advertising)
To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
  I wish to announce that I am a candidate to succeed myself as Judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.  I desire and will appreciate the support and endorsement of the Democratic Voters within the circuit for this appointment at the Democratic Primary to be held in June, 1916.
A.G. Campbell.

To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
  I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Judge of the Circuit Court, First Judicial Circuit, subject to the Democratic voters at the primary to be held June 6th, 1916, and solicit the votes and influence of all voters in the circuit.
J. T. Wiggins
For County Superintendent
In response to strong inducements from different parties of the county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  In the event of my receiving the nomination I promise a faithful and impartial performance of the duties pertaining to the office.
D.T. Finlayson.

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County.  If chosen by the people for this position I pledge a faithful performance of the duties of the office, and will do all in my power to make the youngest county in Florida the banner county in educational matters.  Your support and influence respectfully solicited.
J.H.R. Miller.
E. Porter Webb,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.
All calls answered promptly – day or night, rain or shine.
Female Diseases Given Special Attention.
Phone 7.  Laurel Hill, Florida.
California Grapes and Peaches, Virginia Apples and famous, Indian River, Florida Grown Oranges.
Crestview Café, Crestview, Fla.
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Booker T. Washington is Dead
  This matter mind of a child of slavery has passed away, but his work still goes on.  We are publishing his own story of his life and work with a final or closing chapter by Albon L. Holsey, a member of the Executive Staff of Tuskegee Institute.  This memorial volume contains over 500 pages—fully illustrated.  Retail price $1.25.  One-half profit to agents.  Agents making $5.00 to $10.00 daily.  Sample books also 100 page catalogue of our other books free to workers.  Send 8 cents for postage.  Credit given.  Freight paid.  We also handle the book by Frederick E. Dinker, Price $1.00.  Same term to agents.  Both outfits for 15 cents.  Address Southern Bible House, 629 Plymouth Place, Chicago, Ill.
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Crestview, Fla.
(Okaloosa, County)
E. R. Marshburn, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office next door to Post Office
Phone call, short, long, short, long.
Crestview, Florida

—40 acres of new Okaloosa soil with a good water mill and two set of rocks.  All in good condition.  5-1/2 miles north of Crestview.  Address S. W. Locke, Crestview, or call and see property.

—Eight acres good new Okaloosa County soil, one and a half miles southwest of Crestview.  Address L. E. Bowers, Crestview, Florida.

—84 acres of good farm land 4-1/2 miles south of Crestview, with 15 acres cleared.  Very good cottage and out buildings. Price $4.50 per acre.  Crestview Land Co., Crestview, Fla.
Crestview—the town of hustle and bustle.

  When a fellow makes a practice of knocking his home town it is time for everybody else to hand him a few.

  Keep your eye on Okaloosa County and the town of Crestview—stay by them—and in time you will recognize a good thing when you see it.

  Kehoe has come out against “those resolutions,” but we have not seen anything from Stephens, Smithwick or Watson.  Speak up boys, and let us know where you are “at.” – Bonifay Advertiser.

  Says the editorial page of the Estero Eagle:  The merchant who hangs out his sign and sits down to wait for a rush of trade, without advertising, reminds us of a fellow trying to fish without baiting his hook.

  The Record said a week or two ago that owing to the inability to get coal tar blue from Germany to bleach print paper white, that newspapers would soon appear in a manila tint.  Now comes the statement that dyes cannot be had to color buttons on men’s clothing, and that accordingly white buttons will be used—Tallahassee Record.

  The News not like the other county (?) papers is showing no special favors towards any town which may be in the Court House fight—but treats them all alike.  We publish the news from Milligan and Laurel Hill just the same as we do the news from Baker.  For instance when the bank at Baker was organized, we give it as much publicity as we did the new bank for Crestview, but as yet we have seen nothing in the other papers about the progress and development of things at Crestview.  Yes sir, we notice all those slurs by the other county (?) papers.

The Okaloosa News $1.00 a year


Electric Lights and Steam Heated – Hot and Cold Baths
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THEO. STAFF, Manager

  For Sale—Eighty acres good new Okaloosa County soil, one and half miles southwest of Crestview.  Address L. E. Bowers, Crestview, Florida.
  N. P. Bryan, candidate for re-election the United States Senate, Hon. L. Farris, candidate for governor, appear to be the only candidates upholding the religious test resolution.  It is intimated that Mr. Knot is also favorable to it.  Judging from the temper of the newspapers and from the temper of the people who have expressed themselves in newspapers voters are almost a unit against the resolution, and those candidates who are upholding it are certain of defeat.  Senator Bryan is as certainly defeated as anything can be in politics.  It will be Senator Trammell next year.—Jasper Banner of Liberty.

  The announcement of Mr. D. Stuart Gillis not having reached us in time to pay him our usual and complimentary write up in the latest issue of The News, we will, with apologies to the notorious Harry Floyd, hand him our sprig of Lilac in this issue.  Mr. Gillis is, beyond question one of the very best qualified gentlemen in the whole district to fill the position for which he seeks, that of Circuit Judge for this, the First Judicial Circuit, which position is now so ably filled by his Honor, A. G. Campbell.  While serving as Judge of the late and now defunct Criminal Court of Walton County, Mr. Gillis was looked upon and proclaimed by many of his friends as being a natural born Judge that is if you will excuse this everyday street expression of putting it.  He is a good lawyer and can make one of the best and most clear cut charges to a jury we ever heard made, that is he can make it so plain, that no man, even though he be a wayfarer can misconstrue the law in the case, and it is probably from his ability in charging a jury that he derived that everyday expression we have just used about him, “that he is a natural born Judge.”  Besides being a good lawyer and a man thoroughly qualified to fill the position, he is fair and impartial, still brave and fearless. He is an able speaker (this we know because we have spoken against him) and when he meets his opponents on stump in a campaign debate they, as well as the hearers, will recognize what we have already recognized—that he is one of the best orators in this section of the state.  All in all, we will say this, the man that beats Stuart, as we familiarly term him, is going to be Judge.  Still we confess that he has four able opponents who know things and can express them the same as Mr. Gillis.

  We are in receipt of a communication of about five columns length from Mr. Fred M. Hudson, candidate for Governor, giving his views upon the “Resolutions” passed by the Democratic Executive Committee.  Mr. Hudson covers much ground but it is difficult for one to decide after reading his article where he really stands on the matter.  The substances of the fourth and fifth section of the resolutions are of such a nature that a man can readily define his position on them without consuming five columns in a newspaper to do it.  And the general sentiments of the people seem to indicate that this is not a “fence” that can be straddled in the coming campaign.  Candidates will have to be in favor of the Resolutions that would debar a large percentage of Democrats from voting, or they will have to be against such resolutions.—Milton Gazette.
  Elsewhere in this issue of The News appears the announcement of Mr. George W. Cooper of Holt, a prominent business man of that place, for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County.  Mr. Cooper bears the name of being a mighty fine man, and no doubt he will receive a goodly number of votes for the position which he seeks.  We have only known the gentleman a few months, therefore we are unable to make a very extensive write up of his claims, but from what we have seen of him, we are of the opinion that in case he is elected, he will make the county a good sheriff.

  One thing that the voters of Okaloosa County should demand of their representative to the next Florida Legislature is, that he will do all in his power to pass a law—state-wide if possible, if not local—prohibiting the sale of Bay Rum in Okaloosa County except by a written prescription from a local doctor that its use is for a face beverage exclusively, and only barbers be allowed to buy it.
  John S. “Whiskers” (Beard) of Pensacola has rendered an opinion to the effect that Catts is not eligible to the office of governor.  We do not know about that, but our opinion is that John S. is eligible to membership in the Nut Club.—Bonifay Advertiser.

Political Announcements
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County.  I have during the short time which I have filled the office by appointment, endeavored to faithfully discharge my duties as Sheriff , and I hope my work has meet the approval of the general public and voters of the county to the extent I will receive a good support at the coming primary, which will be held on June 6th.  If re-elected, I promise as good service as heretofore, and will endeavor to do even better.
B.H. Sutton

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic primary in June 1916.  I will appreciate the support of all voters, and if honored with the Office will try to show you my appreciation of your support by the way I fill the office.
Very respectfully,
  Geo. W. Cooper
  Crestview and the citizens of Precinct 15 set a precedent Saturday night by being the first precinct in the county to meet and elect her Executive Committeeman.  But then Crestview sets the precedent in most all the progressive movements of the county.  In other words, we go ahead and the other parts of the county follow.
  On this same page will be found the announcement of Hon. B. H. Sutton for re-election to the sheriff’s office of Okaloosa County.  He is well and favorably known to most every voter in the county. He has, in our opinion, considering everything, made us a most excellent officer—and it stands to reason to believe that if he re-elected, he will make a more efficient sheriff in the future than he has in the past.  For as a matter of fact, under the existing circumstances—a new county with a new man in office—it is nothing but natural to expect things to be hard to get straightened out and sailing smoothly.  In fact, it takes any man, from one to two years to get thoroughly posted with the duties of any public office.  So there are our reasons for believing that if Mr. Sutton is re-elected, he will make us even a better sheriff than he has heretofore.
  Sheriff Sutton passed through Wednesday en route to the Bay country where he went to serve Grand Jury subpoenas.
  Will Cutts who has held the job here as night depot agent, has accepted a like position in Pensacola, and Dallas Cobb now holds down the job held here by Mr. Cutts.

State and County Directory

  Clerk Court, Jas. L. Clary.
  Sheriff, R.H. Sutton.
  County Judge, J.T. Mapoles.
  County Treasurer, P.J. Steele.
  Tax Assessor, Geo. H. Webb
  County Superintendent, W.C. Pryor
  Supervisor Registration, J.W. Kerce.
  Commissioners:  J.H. Givens, Laurel Hill; J.W. Baggett, Jr., Blackman; W.J. Davis,                            Deerland; B.P. Edge, Niceville; R.A. Rosier, Milligan.
School Board:  W.F. Wilkerson, Milligan; W.H. Spivey, Camp Walton; W.H. Jones, Laurel Hill.
  Temporary County Site:  Milligan.
  Governor, Park M. Trammell.
  Secretary State, H. Clay Crawford
  Treasurer, J.C. Lansing
  Comptroller, W.V. Knott
  Commissioner Agriculture, W.A. McRae
  Attorney General, T.F. West
  State Superintendent, W.N. Sheats
  Baptist-Services each 2nd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. D.C. Allen, Pastor.
  Methodist-Services each 3rd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J.R. Ansley, Pastor.
  Congregationalist-Services each 4th Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J. E. Each, Pastor.
  Southern Methodist-Services each 1st Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., Rev. Sellars, Pastor.
  Union Sunday School-Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Congregational Church building.  Everybody invited to attend.
  F.&A.M.  Regular communication each 3rd Saturday.  J.E. Davis, W.M.
 W.O.W.  Regular communication each 4th Saturday.  W.F. Arnett, C.C.
  E.R. Marshburn, Clerk.


  Whereas that Okaloosa is a new county, and created since the last ______ election and,
  Whereas said county has no County Executive Committee to speak the wishes of the people of said county:
  Be it resolved by the Board of County Commissioners of Okaloosa County in regular session assembled, that we as individuals request the Hon. George P. Raney, Chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee, to reconvene said committee at his earliest convenience at some suitable place in the state, for the purpose of rescinding paragraphs four and five of the resolutions passed by said State Executive Committee on Jan. 6th, known as the “Sturkle” resolution.
  Respectfully submitted,
     J. W. Baggett, Chm.
     John H. Givens
     R. A. Rozier
     W. J. Davis
     County Commissioners


   By the time our subscribers read this issue of The News, we will, if not providentially hindered, have our printing plant moved into its new home which is now receiving the finishing touches by the carpenters.
  The building is of wood, and in size it will be 20 x 40 feet, and will cost, when completed, about $450.00.
  An order has already been placed for a six column quarto size Improved Country Campbell newspaper press, and we hope to be able by the 1st of March to give our readers a paper almost twice as large as The News is now.
  So if we should be a little short of our usual amount of news items this week, just be patient, we’ll make up for it next week when we have got in our new office.

  Has always been and is now, a value-giving store.
  It has always been a store that set the standard of value on hundreds of articles.
  Prices at other stores were judged by the prices prevailing at Finlayson’s store.
  This store has always advertised a saving of 10 cts. on the dollar on numbers of items carrying a “regular” price, and carried this advertisement out to the letter.
  This inducement to trade here still holds good.
  Items sold regularly at 50 cents and $1.00 elsewhere, you can buy at Finlayson’s Store for 45 and 90 cents.
  Ginghams, percales, cheviots, shirtings and a great many other goods selling regularly for 10 cents a yard, you can by at Finlayson’s Store for 9 cents a yard.
  In addition to these inducements, you will find here valuable premiums which I give free after you purchase a certain amount.
  These premiums consist of clocks, mirrors, rugs, or anything else equally valuable which you may prefer out of our stock.

Republican of Florida Go Uninstructed

  Palatka, Fla., Feb. 9—The Florida Republican State Convention today elected Florida’s eight delegates to the National Convention and voted they go uninstructed.  W. R. O’Neal of Orlando, was nominated United States Senator and George Allen of Key West for Governor.
  Rev. W. F. Arnett was a business visitor to Milligan yesterday.

  No matter where you go in Okaloosa County, you have to pass through Crestview to get to your destination.  Still some people will tell you that Crestview is not the center of the county.

  The brick laying on the bank and store building is not going on, and the business prospects of the town are looking better day by day.

  A.L. Smith has just completed painting his auto garage which adds much to its appearance.

  Jackson Stokes was here from Baker Monday helping in getting the foundation of the Bank building started.

  W. J. Rice, Esq., and Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Rucker, was pleasant visitors to Baker Saturday afternoon.

  Mr. E. V. Terry who has conducted a general merchandise store at Niceville for some time past, was here yesterday and informed us that he had sold out there and was figuring on locating somewhere in this section of the county.

  Rev. D. C. Allen will fill his regular appointment at this place next Sunday morning and night.  Everybody invited to attend the services.

  If you are not already a subscriber become one TODAY.

Malicious Falsehood
  It having come to our attention that some unscrupulous character is circulating the fabulous report that $60 is the smallest consideration for which you can buy a lot in Crestview, we brand said report as a political and malicious falsehood by quoting sizes and prices on a few and assorted selection of our best and most costly lots ranging in distance from 300 yards to a half mile of the depot.
Sizes and Prices
Resident Lots, 50x140 feet, within three hundred yds of depot.            $25.00      
Business Lots 25x140 feet, within three hundred yards of  depot, on Hard Road.                $50.00

Resident Lots 50x140 feet, within a quarter mile of depot on Main Street        $20.00          
Business Lots 25x125 feet, within three hundred yards of depot on Hard Road                $40.00

Resident Lots 50x140 feet, within a quarter mile of depot.            $15.00         

Business Lots 25x140 feet, within three hundred yards of depot.                   $35.00

Resident Lots 50 x 140 feet, within a quarter and half quarter of depot.        $10.00        

Business Lots 25x140 feet, within three hundred yards of depot                    $25.00

Resident Lots 50x140 feet, within one-half
mile of depot.            $ 5.00       
These prices are guaranteed to remain the same for 8 months from date—Feb. 1st, 1916.

  Then we have a few one-half and four acre plots we are selling at from $125.00 to $200.00 per plot.  All this is within a half mile of the depot.
  Practically all the lots quoted above lay within fifty to one hundred yards of where the hard road forks going to Milligan and Laurel Hill, where there is now under way of construction a seven thousand dollar brick building and a five hundred dollar wooden building.  Better buy your lots before the best are picked out.

Ten Per Cent Off For Cash on All Purchases
Time payments, one fourth cash, with 8 per cent interest till paid, with payments made to suit the conveniences of purchaser.
Per W. H. MAPOLES, Sec. and Treas.