Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 1 Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, February 25, 1916
No. 21

The South Part of the County and Camp Walton Revelation
  Ye scribe, after looking over Laurel Hill, Baker and the famous “clay lands” of the Northern part of Okaloosa and hearing that there was nothing South of the L. & N. except Government reservation of sand hills and wild “varmints,” mustered up the temerity to venture to explore the territory a little.
  So armed with large and small caliber weapons, we started from the geographical center, Crestview, and invaded the much misrepresented territory.
  The farms we passed—one of which we were told was that of Mr. M. E. Savage, a very large and influential turpentine operator—and we began then to wonder and as we passed the old Millage Cox farm the surprises were becoming truly interesting.  A little further on we met eighteen stalwart, determined and exceedingly intelligent gentlemen and one lady who were engaged in building a highway from the Gulf to the center of the county—Crestview.
  This was too much for the writer, who has never been anything else than a pioneer—always in the woods.  Se we stopped and drank—a cup of coffee with them and felt that determined, pioneer spirit of one true loyalty—patriotism and determination that has made it possible for Uncle Sam to show the whiskers anywhere in the world.  Biding these brave people adieu, we went on Southward.
  At the town of Camp Walton, the greatest revelation awaited us.  Beautiful homes, splendid facilities—in fact a regular seaport.  Its location is one of the greatest, if not the greatest asset of this new county, and every citizen should be proud of it; but its citizenship—bright, tanned, hospitable and energetic—they are, truly a revelation that made ye scribe feel that there is no place on the American continent with a brighter and better future than Okaloosa County, Florida; and we were impressed with the TRUTH that if the people of the county wanted to go to one corner of the county to make their county seat, the seaport is the logical place.  We have heard that the town of Laurel Hill, right up on the Alabama line, wants the county seat, and as between the two extreme corners of the county, there is no comparison.
  While talking with the men at work on the road we were informed that certain (appointed-vs.-elected) county officers were standing as it were with a “big stick” between Camp Walton and Crestview, telling them the road must go some other way or to some other place.  Having had some experience in life and with public opinion, we feel like saying in the best of friendship, woe unto the man or men who get in the way and try to turn the stream when such determination as we seen starts out to DO anything that is right.

That Executive Committee Meeting
  More than three weeks ago The News gave notice that the citizens of Crestview were requested to meet at the Congregational church for the purpose of electing a precinct or county executive committeeman.  So as advertised, the representative citizens of the precinct met and elected the editor.  At the time, we thought it was settled, but to our utter surprise we learned Saturday morning that John R. Smith of Bagdad, and J. H. Nelson of this place, and a few others, had secretly caucused among themselves and was arranging to hold another meeting that morning (Saturday), at the school house.  So learning of the matter fifteen minutes before time of the meeting, we, in company with Mr. W. A. Douglass, rushed out to the school house.  So when we got there, we found even twenty out of over one hundred voters of the precinct congregated.  So when the meeting was called to order, Messrs. J. H. Richbourg, A. P. Jones and the editor were placed in nomination.  On the first ballot the editor received 9 votes, J. H. Richbourg 6 votes, and A. P. Jones 5.
  On the second ballot Mr. Richbourg received eleven votes and the editor 9.
  So Mr. Richbourg was declared elected and will represent this precinct in the regular executive committee meeting to be held at Milligan on the 4th day of March.
Hon. Jas. L. Clary
Clerk Circuit Court

Candidate For Re-election
Okaloosa People After Good Roads
  Headed by W. H. Spivery, of Camp Walton, Fla., a large number of determined good road builders will tomorrow go to work up the “worst hill on the road between Camp Walton and Crestview,” with a view to cutting it away, and thus stop a lot of discussion about the existence of such an obstacle to an otherwise first class roadway.
  In a letter to a Pensacola friend, Mr. Spivey, referring to the proposed road work, said:  “I have planned to go to the worst hill we have on our road from Camp Walton to Crestview, next Monday, with seven or eight teams, twenty to thirty men, scrapes, plows, shovels, hoes, axes, bedding and rations and camp there until the hill is graded down considerably and then clayed.  The commissioners, as well as a good many others are objecting to this one bad hill, and one of the reasons for kicking on granting our road as we have it routed, in our petition, so we are going to fix it and that will settle the matter.”
  Petitions are now being circulated asking for the formation of a special district to include the greater part of the southern half of Santa Rosa County for the purpose of voting $100,000.00 worth of bonds for the construction of good roads.  No better movement has ever been undertaken than that of securing better roads.  With good roads this country will develop and be made to blossom like a garden—without them prospective settlers will continue to locate, develop and spend their money in the more accessible sections.—Milton Gazette.

  The following is taken from Saturday’s Pensacola Journal and tells of the good roads meeting which was held in The News office at Crestview, Thursday night of last week.
  Crestview, Feb. 18—W. M. Herrider, Secretary of the West Florida Highway Association, was here from Pensacola and made a most interesting talk last night to an enthusiastic crowd of Crestview progressive citizens on the importance of good roads.
  Mr. Herrider laid special stress on the importance of completing the “Old Spanish Trail” through Okaloosa County.  He said in part that Okaloosa, the baby county of the state, was to be congratulated on the fact that she now has completed and ready for use thirteen miles of as good hard surfaced roads as are to be found anywhere in West Florida, there remaining only eleven miles more of road to be built in this county before the “Old Spanish Trail” highway will be completed through the county, which is far ahead of any other county in West Florida, save it be Walton.
  When Mr. Herrider was through speaking the editor of the Okaloosa News made a short talk, wherein he stated “he felt sure that the remaining eleven miles of unfinished road would be finished by the latter part of the ensuing summer.”


  We are having some fine weather now, and the farmers are preparing for another hopeful crop.

  Mrs. Allie Burleson and Miss Callie Burleson were the guests of Mrs. Coca Sutton Friday afternoon.

  The sing given at Mr. Willis’ Saturday night was well attended and all present report a nice time.

  Mr. Henby and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Mixon Sunday afternoon.

  R. L. Willis was transacting business in Garden City Wednesday.

  Miss Annie Gordon is visiting her sister this week.

  J. B. Sutton made a business trip to Laurel Hill Thursday afternoon.

  Mrs. Campbell and daughter were the guests of Mrs. J. B. Sutton Friday night.

  Johnnie Garrett, of Magnolia, attended the sing at Mr. Willis’ Saturday night.


MARCH 5 to 7
Three Days of Joy!
Four Elaborate Parades!
Six Brass Bands!
Masking!  Dancing!
United States Navy Submarines, Destroyers, Cruisers and Aeroplanes
Low Round Trip Rates on All Railroad and Steamboat Lines.

Anti-Saloon League Planning Big Meet
  The State Convention of the Anti-Saloon League of Florida is to be held in Tallahassee, Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 28th and 29th.
  As the time draws near, great preparations are being made for this Convention and it is expected to be one of the finest prohibition gatherings ever held in the State.
  The program will have such speakers as Gov. Park Trammell, Mayor Lowery, Hon. D. C. McMullen, Hon. J. L. Billingsley of Miami, A. D. Stevens of Jacksonville, Miss Minnie E. Neal, State President of the W.C.T.U., Dr. P. A. Baker, National Superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League, Hon. William Jennings Bryan of Miami, and others.

  For Sale—Eighty acres good new Okaloosa County soil, one and a half miles southwest of Crestview.  Address L. W. Bowers, Crestview, Florida.
Subscribe for The Okaloosa News.

The Power of Bryan’s Personality
  The interest which people feel in a great man is not controlled by their approval or disapproval of any particular doctrine or policy which he may advocate.  They are drawn to him by the irresistible magnetism of a personality so strong and masterful that it has fought its way above the level of the herd, conquered obstacles to which weaker men have surrendered and won the eminence to which we all give the instinctive acknowledgement due to the peak towering above the range.
  William Jennings Bryan has probably been since 1896 the best abused and the most admired man in America, and all by virtue of the qualities which have differentiated him from the mass and set him apart as a leader and a teacher whom all people flock to hear.  He has probably talked to more men and women in his public career than any other living human being, and so large and deep are the resources of his mind and heart, so compelling the charm of his personality, that the lure of his personality, that the lore of him for the average American is as potent as ever and he still “draws” with but little if any diminished power.  This is all a tribute to that incomparable thing called character, and of which Mr. Bryan is one of the most conspicuous living instance.

FOR SALE—40 acres of new Okaloosa soil with a good water mill and two set of rocks.  All in good condition.  5-1/2 miles north of Crestview.  Address S. W. Locke, Crestview, or call and see property.
Short order meals at your own price.
Train lunches for     25 Cents.
Light Groceries a Specialty.
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco.
Coca-Cola, Chero-Cola and Sher-a-Coca.
Fruits, Candies and Pies.
Agent for California Perfumes and Toilet Goods.
Crestview, Fla.
(Okaloosa, County)

M. M. Sullivan
Milligan – Florida
E. R. Marshburn, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office next door to Post Office
Phone call, short, long, short, long.
Crestview, Florida

FOR SALE-80 acres of good farm land 2-1/2 miles East of Crestview. Price $830.00.  Crestview Land Company.

For Aragon Brand Shirts, Pants, Overalls, Neckwear, Belts, Hosiery, Notions, Laces, Embroideries, White Goods, Etc., Etc.
For the Whole Family
Falcon Brand and Stetson Hats

Notice For Publication
U. S. Land Office, Gainesville, Florida, January 29, 1916—Notice is hereby given that Susan Cobb, of Rock Creek, Florida, who, on December 17, 1912, made homestead entry, No_______, (Serial No. _______) for SW ¼ of NW ¼, Section 6, Township 5 North, Range 25 West, Tallahassee Meridian has filed notice of intention to make three year proof to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk of Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida on the 10th day of March, 1916.
  Claimant names as witnesses:  H. A. Steele, Garrett Booker, Henry Wiggins and L. A. Fleming, all of Rock Creek, Florida.  Robert W. Davis, Register.

In Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
S.M. Duffey, Complainant vs. Pat Duffey, Defendant
 On Monday the 13th day of April, A. D., 1916, the defendant above mentioned Pat Duffey is requested to appear to the bill of complaint filed herein.
  This order to be published once each week for eight consecutive weeks in the Okaloosa News, a weekly newspaper published in Okaloosa County, Florida.  Done and ordered at Milligan, Florida this the 16th day of February, A.D. 1916.
Jas. L. Clary, Clerk Circuit Court

Notice of Administrator’s Sale
  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Annie M. Edwards, deceased, under and by virtue of an order made by the Honorable A. G. Campbell, Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, on the 29th day of January, A.D. 1916, authorizing me an administrator as aforesaid, to take charge of the real estate hereinafter mentioned and sell same for the purpose of paying the outstanding indebtedness due by the said Estate of the said Annie M. Edwards, deceased, to-wit:
  Lot Two (2) in Block “C” of the Baggett Edition of the Town of Milligan, Florida, fronting on King Street 100 feet, and running back 200 feet, and being West of said King Street, and being the Southwest ¼ of the Northeast ¼ of Section Twenty-Two (22) Township Three (3), North of Range Twenty-Four (24) West, in Okaloosa County, Florida, during the legal hours of sale to the highest and best bidder for cash on Monday, the 6th day of March, A. D. 1916.  Deed at cost of purchaser.
John M. Anderson, Administrator.

In the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, State of Florida—In Chancery
D. P. Ray, complainant
Vs. L. M. Pyron and his wife
C. A. Pyron  defendants
  It appearing from affidavit filed with a Bill of Complaint in the above entitled cause, that the defendants, L. M. Pyron and C. A. Pyron are each over the age of twenty-one years and reside in a state other than Florida, to wit; at Opp, Covington County, Alabama and that there is no person in this State service of a subpoena upon whom would bind these defendants.
  It is ordered that said defendants appear to the Bill of Complaint, filed in said cause, on Saturday, February 29th, 1916, in default, whereof decree pro  ________ will be entered against them.
  It is further ordered that this notice be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in the Okaloosa News, a newspaper published in Okaloosa County, Florida.
  This the 16th day of January, 1916.
Jas. L. Clary
Clerk Circuit Court, Okaloosa County, State of Florida.
McGeachy & Lewis
Solicitors for Complainant

Published Every Friday
W.H. Mapoles, Editor and Owner
  Entered as second class matter October 8, 1915, at the post office at Crestview, Fla., under the Act of March 8, 1879.
One year        $1.00
Six months            .50
Three months            .25
Terms Strictly Cash In Advance.
  The circulation of The News is as much as all the other papers of Okaloosa County put together.
Political Announcements

To the Democratic Voters of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida.
  I will be a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June, 1916.  I respectfully solicit your vote and support.
Robert H. Anderson.   (Paid Advertising)

  I am a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, which comprises the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton subject to the Democratic Primary to be held in June 1916.  Your vote and your influence will be much appreciated.
R. Arthur McGeachy.    (Paid Advertising)

  The friends of Honorable W.A. McLeod in Okaloosa County hereby announce him a candidate for State Senator from this the First Senatorial District, the same being composed of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties.  The friends of Mr. McLeod believe his four years experience as Representative of his county, Santa Rosa, eminently qualifies him in every respect to represent the two counties in the State Senate for the next four years and it is upon this belief they solicit for him the vote and influence of every voter in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  (Paid Advertising)

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination of State Senator from the First Senatorial District of Florida, subject to the action of the voters at the Democratic Primary next June.  Your support will by duly appreciated.
P. Tomasilla  (Paid Advertising)

To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
  I wish to announce that I am a candidate to succeed myself as Judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.  I desire and will appreciate the support and endorsement of the Democratic Voters within the circuit for this appointment at the Democratic Primary to be held in June, 1916.
A.G. Campbell.

To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
  I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Judge of the Circuit Court, First Judicial Circuit, subject to the Democratic voters at the primary to be held June 6th, 1916, and solicit the votes and influence of all voters in the circuit.
J. T. Wiggins

For County Superintendent
In response to strong inducements from different parties of the county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  In the event of my receiving the nomination I promise a faithful and impartial performance of the duties pertaining to the office.
D.T. Finlayson.

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County.  If chosen by the people for this position I pledge a faithful performance of the duties of the office, and will do all in my power to make the youngest county in Florida the banner county in educational matters.  Your support and influence respectfully solicited.
J.H.R. Miller.

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County.  I have during the short time which I have filled the office by appointment, endeavored to faithfully discharge my duties as Sheriff , and I hope my work has meet the approval of the general public and voters of the county to the extent I will receive a good support at the coming primary, which will be held on June 6th.  If re-elected, I promise as good service as heretofore, and will endeavor to do even better.
B.H. Sutton

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic primary in June 1916.  I will appreciate the support of all voters, and if honored with the Office will try to show you my appreciation of your support by the way I fill the office.
Very respectfully,
  Geo. W. Cooper

 I hereby announce myself a candidate to succeed myself as Clerk Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, and will appreciate your vote and influence in the Democratic Primary on June 6th.  If elected I promise a faithful performance of the duties the office requires.
Jas. L. Clary.

 I hereby announce myself a candidate for County Judge in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary, and respectfully ask the support and influence of all voters.  I promise to fill the office to the best of my ability if I am elected.
J.T. Mapoles

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Collector in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary, and I promise a faithful performance of the duties of the office if I am elected. I feel that I am entitled to one full term in the office that I may prove my worth as a public servant and I believe that the people will give me a full term.  Asking your support and influence.  I am
Yours for business,
J.A. Richbourg

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Assessor in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary and I promise if elected a faithful performance of the duties of the office.  I feel that I am entitled to one full term in the office so that I may prove my worth as a public official and I believe that the people will award me a full term.  Asking your support and influence I am,
Yours to please,
Geo. H. Webb

  I wish to announce myself a candidate for Tax Assessor of Okaloosa County and if I am elected I shall pledge a faithful performance of the duties of that office and will appreciate your vote and support.  Thanking you in advance.
Yours truly,
  W. W. Etheridge.

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic Primary in June, 1916.  I will appreciate the support of all voters and if honored with the office will try to show you my appreciation of your support by the way I fill the office.
Very respectfully,
W.C. Pryor.

J. H. Smithwick
Is The Winning Candidate
For Congress
  Because he understands the people and the people understand him, and not because he is a politician.  He has never before sought office at the hands of the people.
  He is the choice of those who know his qualifications because they apply the same rules in selecting their officials as they would in employing a person to do their private work.
  The Third District needs an active and reliable man in Washington.
 A Vote for Smithwick is a Vote For the Welfare of The District:::(Adv.)

  It is said that the citizens of Niceville, the same as those of Camp Walton, are going after the matter of getting a good road from that place to Crestview.  We say hurrah for the Bay county people.

  Camp Walton is without doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in the whole of Okaloosa County.  But when you consider that all of its citizens are hustlers—men of do things—you couldn’t expect otherwise.

  After the anti-saloon league meeting in Tallahassee, you can look for the announcement of representatives and state senators for the next legislature to pour in thick and fast.

  Bill Mapoles claims there is such a thing as a “face” beverage in his county.  As this is something new in the booze line the “service” clubs can be depended upon to be progressive enough to latch onto it without delay. – Pensacola News.

  The L. & N. railroad is doing much for the development of this section and our people will earnestly extend every aid and encouragement.  The recent demonstrations here were of the greatest value and will result in untold benefit to this entire section.

  Gov. Park Trammell has a right to feel elated in his victory over Chairman Raney, in his effort to get another meeting of the State Committee for the purpose of reconsidering those objectionable resolutions.  The Governor is now making a fight against the recent order of the State Tax Commission requiring county assessors to assess property on a full valuation basis, instead of the 50 per cent basis of last year.  Gov. Trammell is a watchful executive; he looks well to the interest of the people--Palatka News.

  The man who depends on the public to give him a living by patronizing his business, who will then knock said town and fight its greatest benefactors, is the most contemptible thing in the shape of a person which our minds can possible conceive of.

  The candidate who failed to get their announcements in this issue of The News missed the best chance they will ever have in letting the people know their wants office.  Eight hundred copies of The News goes out over the county this week.

  That President Wilson would be nominated without opposition was the consensus of opinion of members of the subcommittee of the Democratic National Committee, who met in Chicago Tuesday to arrange details for the Democratic National Convention.

  The underhanded stunt which was pulled off here Saturday in the election of a Precinct Committeeman, by the notorious John R. Smith and J. H. Nelson, et al, will do but little good in the way of securing votes for “Gnat” Bryan and W. V. Knott.  We will expose this would have been secret meeting to a queen’s finish when the proper time comes.

  Two days out of the office on important business together with an extra amount of advertising to take care of, makes it impossible again this week to pay our respects to our newly announced candidates.  Nevertheless, she is coming boys, and it will be good when it comes.

  After carefully considering the solicitation of friends, I announce myself a candidate for the office of Clerk Circuit Court of Okaloosa County subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary June 6th, 1916, will appreciate the support and influence of all, I promise to faithfully perform the duties of the office.
D.H. McCallum

Florida Road Tax Upheld

  Washington, Feb. 21—The supreme court today upheld the constitutionality of the Florida road tax law, making it a criminal offense to refuse to work on the roads.  The case decided was brought by Jake Butler, convicted in Columbia County.  Butler contended the law imposed involuntary servitude.

  WANTED to buy or lease a nice comfortable home some where near the center of Okaloosa County.  Address B. H. Sutton, Milligan, Fla.

  Prof. E. A. Mooney was a recent Camp Walton visitor.

  William Hand made a business trip to Niceville Wednesday.

  Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Southwick, of Five Mile Bayou, visited Capt. W. H. Keeir last Saturday at Magnolia Beach, Garniers.

  William Hand came in last Tuesday from his work at Weekley’s saw mill at Metts to visit his parents here.

  W. R. Brown was a Camp Walton visitor last Sunday, going over to carry a party to catch the steamer “Fritz” going to Pensacola.

  Messrs. Tarrance and Dallas Duncan visited homefolks at Town Point and Pensacola last week, returning Sunday, to resume their sturgeon fishing.

  Will C. Scranton is with his wife and baby at this writing, we learn that they expect to move to the Sound, near Harris where Mr. Scranton is at work cutting and hauling cord wood.

  Mrs. M. A. Littlefield, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Skinner of Five Mile Bayou, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rogers of Wright, were all Garniers visitors last Sunday and enjoyed a pleasant outing on the Bayou.

  Manuel Atwell and his family are living at Hickory Head.  Mr. Atwell is leaving the job of watchman at the tower for the Forest Service to report the fires in the district of the Choctawhatchee Reserve.

  Lewis Hand went down to Pensacola last Friday on the “Willena” a large river house boat from Chicago which has been spending several days in the Bayou, Lewis acting as pilot.  One of the engines became disabled and they had to go to Pensacola to have it repaired, after which we understand, they expect to return to the Bayous and then go up the Bay and River.

  D. F. Sullivan came down from Chicago last week and is furnishing and fitting up his lovely house which he had built in the early winter.  We understand that his wife and little son are expected to arrive shortly and in advance we extend them a cordial welcome, though they are by no means strangers to the Bayou people, they having pleasured here often, and have won the esteem of all with whom they become acquainted.

  PEOPLE Who Come and Go, Some That You Know and Some That You Don’t Know.

  Mr. T. P. Rhodes, of Galliver, attended church here Sunday.

  See L. E. Bowers for your paint, brick and lime.

  If you read The News you know what is going on in Okaloosa County.

  While here Saturday from Dorcas, A. L. Hart subscribed for The News.

  “Uncle” Archie McDonald, of Dorcas was here Saturday and subscribed for The News.

  Something like thirty of Dorcas’ best citizens were attending the protracted meeting Sunday.

  If you want to keep posted in the political affairs and know who the leading candidates are in Okaloosa, subscribe for The News.

  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sansbury, of Baker, spent part of the week in Crestview attending the meeting.  They were entertained in the home of L. E. Bowers and W. R. White.

  Mrs. Spivey, mother of Rev. G. M. Spivey arrived from DeFuniak Springs Monday, and is to remain the guest of friends until the meeting closes.
For Sale—One good Jersy cow.  See L. E. Bowers.

FOR SALE—84 acres of good farm land 4-1/2 miles south of Crestview, with 15 acres cleared.  Very good cottage and out buildings. Price $4.50 per acre.  Crestview Land Co., Crestview, Fla.

The Best of Tin ware OF ALL KINDS
Dress Pants from $1.00 to $4.00

  See D. F. Herring for your carpenter work of all kinds.  Either day labor or contract work.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Crestview, Fla. (Paid Adv.)

  Job printing of the quality kind at The News office.
  Mr. James Edge spent Sunday in DeFuniak with his son.

For Sale—One good farm horse at a bargain.  L. E. Bowers.

  Clyde Webb came down from Claroy Saturday night and spent Sunday here visiting home folks.

  Rev. James E. Each and family, of Dorcas are t he guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. White this week.

  Misses Eula and Lula Miller, of Dorcas, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bowers this week.

  Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Jeter of Baker, were here Friday, Saturday and Sunday attending the protracted meeting.

  Rev. G. M. Spivey and daughter, of Noma, Fla., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. White this week.

  Mr. John T. Stanford, of Garniers, Fla., was here Monday and spent the day the guest of Mr. D. P. Powell and family.  Mr. Stanford is a printer, and left Monday night for Milton where he has accepted a position on the Gazette.

  J. C. H. Corley made a two day business trip up in Alabama the first of the week on his Ford car.

  Claude Jones, who has been visiting friends and relatives in Andalusia, Ala, returned Monday night.

  Many thanks to Mrs. J. W. Driggers for several messes of fine collards.  They are the editors fancy in garden truck.

  Mesdames A. P. Jones and W. H. Mapoles were among the Milton Mardi Gras visitors from here yesterday.

  H. J. Brett, W. J. Rice, W. H. Mapoles, R. B. Rucker, and Mrs. R. B. Rucker were Camp Walton business visitors Monday and Tuesday.  Will give a full account of our trip later.

  The protracted meeting which Rev. G. M. Spivey of Noma, Fla., has been conducting for the past eight days came to a close Wednesday night.  Rev. Spivey is an able and forceful speaker and we hope to have him with us again.  No doubt but that his preaching has done a lot of good.

Clay, And Plenty of It
  The claim that there is no clay on Turkey Creek hill was rendered misleading when the editor in company with a half dozen responsible men found as good clay there Tuesday as is to be found anywhere in West Florida.  And the beauty about it is it is right on top of the earth and within 250 yards of the bridge.  Really there is plenty of clay all along between here and the Gulf coast, making the construction of a good road from here cost but very little.

The Friends of Hon. ERNY AMOS
Announce Him the Leading Candidate For
State Comptroller
In Okaloosa County.  (Pd. Political Adv.)

We Solicit Accounts

  Of merchants, trustees and individuals on the understanding that we will do our utmost to be a HELP in BUSINESS or be ready any time to give them the benefit of our advice or suggestions in all business transactions.  We not only offer safety and strength, but every possible courtesy.
Laurel Hill, Okaloosa County, Florida
Officers:      B. H. Hart, President        Directors:    Dannie Campbell
        J. D. Cobb, Vice President            B. H. Hart
        Oscar Steele, Cashier                H. M. Stokes
                                Oscar Steel
                                J. D. Cobb



  The W. M. U. Society of the First Baptist Church gave a dinner in behalf of the church here last Saturday at the good roads convention that was a decided success.

  Preaching at the First Baptist was well attended here last Sunday and Sunday night.

  Rev. D. C. Parker, of Florala, preached one of the best sermons that we have listened to in many a day at the First Baptist Church here last Wednesday night.

  The good roads meeting did not last long here last Saturday, but interesting from start to finish, in fact there was no use of so much, but lets be up and doing.  Every member of the convention was at a loss to know where to place Andalusia as this has been four meetings of the convention and not a representative from that place.  This being a fact, the name of the convention was changed from the Covington County Hard Road Convention to the name of the Alabama, Florida and Gulf.  We are of the opinion that we will have to build to the state line, and meet the Florida folks there who are live wires on the subject of good roads.  We would like to know why it is that the capital city of Covington County is asleep on the subject of good roads.  We want to serve notice here on that town called Andalusia, with her large packing plant, that if we must build down to the state line with our roads, we will carry our produce there.  We did not start this move as a joke, and we are going to build some roads in this section of the county.  We ask for an explanation, why is it that there is good roads in and around your town and you cannot be interested to build down further, we are not knocking the county site of Covington County but we are on the map down this way.
  At the good roads meeting the following resolution were passed:
  Resolved, 1st that this good roads convention, in session Feb. 19th, 1916, changed the name from the Covington County Good Roads Convention to the Alabama, Florida and Gulf Highway Convention. 
  Resolved, 2nd that the same incumbent of officers serve for the year.
  Resolved, 3rd that the president of this convention appoint a scout committee to select a route to build this highway from Andalusia to the Bay.
  Resolved, 4th that this good roads convention in session ask and petition the different county commissioners of Covington County, Alabama and Okaloosa County and Santa Rosa County, Florida, to grant and open up this road, as may be planned by the above named committee.
  Resolved 5th, that this scout committee be request to select this road within the next thirty days from above date and to report at the next convention to be held at _________1916.
  The committee appointed was Rev. A. C. Johnson, of Falco, __. B. Steele, of Newell, and W. E. Moore, of Baker, Florida.
  After the above scout committee was appointed Rev. A. C. Johnson announced that he would make the scout to the Bay from Falco first, it is probable that this road will run from here to Baker and from either there to the Bay at Camp Walton or from Baker by the way of Holt and on to Milton.
  Places on all lines will be considered by the committee before making their decision.  Towns interested should write to Rev. A. C. Johnson, Falco, Alabama, and extend to him the invitation at once. 
  This is a great move and should have the cooperation of every citizen in Covington, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa.
  Announcements will be made in next week paper of the meeting in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties.

  The health of the community is generally good.

  Mr. B. F. Lindsey made a business trip to Pensacola this week.

  Rev. G. W. Miller made a pleasant call here last Tuesday night.

  Mrs. Annie McDonald, of DeFuniak, is down this week visiting friends.

  Mr. Jno. McDonald, is off this week resting up and having some dental work done.

  Mr. D. A. Killingworth and family spent last Sunday with the Stewart family.

  Our town is coming to the front—we have a night mail now and also a Sunday mail.

There was quite a surprise in our community last Sunday when Mr. Clyde Townsend and Miss Ruth McConnell were married.  Just a few intimate friends and relatives witnessed the ceremony.  We attend to them congratulations and wish for them a long and happy life.

  Mr. Jno. W. Stewart attended the W.O.W. Institution at Dorcas, which was given publicly and the ladies were there with wide filled baskets and after the institution the ladies made coffee and spread supper and there was enough to feed as many more.  The Dorcas people never do things by halves.
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Evils of Booze to Be Taught in Schools
  In a letter to Superintendents of Schools, State Superintendent Sheats, has called attention to the law requiring that the evils of alcoholic beverages be taught in public schools of the county.  The letter is a copy of one sent to all county superintendents, and is as follows:
  “The Legislature of 1915 passed a law requiring the evils of alcoholic beverages and narcotics to be taught in our public schools and the State Superintendent is required to put in execution an effective system for teaching that subject to all children between the ages of six and twelve years.
  In order to make such a system effective a pamphlet entitled “Health is Wealth” has been written by Dr. H.F. Watt and Miss Nellie C. Stevens of Ocala, for use in our public schools.  This book has been officially approved by me as State Superintendent and therefore contains the authorized system of instruction on this subject. 
  The legislature made no appropriation by which the books could be furnished free, and therefore it will be necessary for teachers, as well as others who use the books, to purchase them.  They are sold be Dr. Watt and Miss Stevens of Ocala, price 50 cents per copy.
  Please read carefully chapter 6832, Laws of Florida of 1915, for further information in promulgating this system of instruction in your county.”
E.P. Thagard
Of Marion County, Candidate for State Comptroller
In The Next Democratic Primary
Your Support Will Be Appreciated  (Adv.)
  Has always been and is now, a value-giving store.
  It has always been a store that set the standard of value on hundreds of articles.
  Prices at other stores were judged by the prices prevailing at Finlayson’s store.
  This store has always advertised a saving of 10 cts. on the dollar on numbers of items carrying a “regular” price, and carried this advertisement out to the letter.
  This inducement to trade here still holds good.
  Items sold regularly at 50 cents and $1.00 elsewhere, you can buy at Finlayson’s Store for 45 and 90 cents.
  Ginghams, percales, cheviots, shirtings and a great many other goods selling regularly for 10 cents a yard, you can by at Finlayson’s Store for 9 cents a yard.
  In addition to these inducements, you will find here valuable premiums which I give free after you purchase a certain amount.
  These premiums consist of clocks, mirrors, rugs, or anything else equally valuable which you may prefer out of our stock.
  The garden fever which was becoming quite general has cooled some as a result of the drop in the thermometer.

  J. M. Miller, our enterprising merchant, spent Tuesday in DeFuniak.

  J. T. Pippin, who is working for Mr. Horace Hart, has bee quite sick.

  The Woodman had a public installation of officers on Thursday night at the hall which was very well attended.  A free supper of coffee, cake and pie was served and a pleasant time spent by all present.

  Forty-nine Dorcas people attended the revival meeting at Crestview on Sunday last.  Dorcas folks don’t do things by halves.

  Mrs. Joseph Each and family are spending a few days with friends at Crestview.

  Dr. E. R. Marshburn was here on professional business Tuesday night.

  A.L. Hart returned from Harris on Wednesday bringing his mother with him.

  Our Sunday school is planning for a “go to Sunday school Sunday” for the first Sunday in March.  It is a special day with plenty of singing and everybody is invited.

California Grapes and Peaches, Virginia Apples and famous, Indian River, Florida Grown Oranges.
Crestview Café, Crestview, Fla.

E. Porter Webb,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.
All calls answered promptly – day or night, rain or shine.
Female Diseases Given Special Attention.
Phone 7.  Laurel Hill, Florida.

Malicious Falsehood
  It having come to our attention that some unscrupulous character is circulating the fabulous report that $60 is the smallest consideration for which you can buy a lot in Crestview, we brand said report as a political and malicious falsehood by quoting sizes and prices on a few and assorted selection of our best and most costly lots ranging in distance from 300 yards to a half mile of the depot.
Sizes and Prices
Resident Lots, 50x140 feet, within three hundred yds of depot.              $25.00    

Business Lots 25x140 feet, within three hundred yards of  depot, on Hard Road.                                                       $50.00

Resident Lots 50x140 feet, within a quarter mile of depot on Main Street    $20.00          

Business Lots 25x125 feet, within three hundred yards of depot on Hard Road                                                            $40.00

Resident Lots 50x140 feet, within a quarter mile of depot.                            $15.00
Business Lots 25x140 feet, within three hundred yards of depot.             $35.00

Resident Lots 50 x 140 feet, within a quarter and half quarter of depot.           $10.00         

Business Lots 25x140 feet, within three hundred yards of depot              $25.00

Resident Lots 50x140 feet, within one-half
mile of depot.                            $ 5.00       

These prices are guaranteed to remain the same for 8 months from date—Feb. 1st, 1916.

  Then we have a few one-half and four acre plots we are selling at from $125.00 to $200.00 per plot.  All this is within a half mile of the depot.
  Practically all the lots quoted above lay within fifty to one hundred yards of where the hard road forks going to Milligan and Laurel Hill, where there is now under way of construction a seven thousand dollar brick building and a five hundred dollar wooden building.  Better buy your lots before the best are picked out.

Ten Per Cent Off For Cash on All Purchases
Time payments, one fourth cash, with 8 per cent interest till paid, with payments made to suit the conveniences of purchaser.
Per W. H. MAPOLES, Sec. and Treas.