Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 1 Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, March 24, 1916
No. 45

Deadly Peril to Present and Future Generations---No Man Can Serve Two Masters at Same Time.
  Shall an Official Position be used to strangle the will of the People?
  What a man has a right to do as a private citizen vs. his rights and duties as an official, impartially and dispassionately discussed.  “Let him that hath eyes see, and him that hath ears hear.”

  “Whereas we realize the need of better roads and highways in Okaloosa County, Florida.  And whereas we believe an interstate or Florala, Alabama & Gulf Highway can be built from Troy, Ala., via Andalusia to state line of Florida 6 miles north of Blackman, Fla., by Alabama commissioners in Covington County, as it is already completed 11 miles south of Andalusia.  Therefore be it hereby resolved and ordered that we the board of county commissioners, for Okaloosa County, Fla., begin at state line of Alabama & Florida where the present public road from Blackman to Andalusia crosses said line at center line sec. 26, township 6, range 24 west, and lay out a highway to be known as Florida, Alabama and Gulf Highway, via Blackman, Baker, Milligan and on to Camp Walton over the most direct and practicable route.  That a committee of R. A. Rozier, B. P. Edge and J. H. Givens shall survey and mark out the route at once with as little expense as possible.  That an eastern division of same shall be extended north and east from wherever the junction may be established via Crestview, Garden City, Laurel Hill and to the county line near Svea.  That we ask the county commissioners of Covington County, to make necessary extensions and connections to us.  That there shall be a southeastern division leaving the main line south of Shoal River leading direct to Niceville, Fla.  That we designate from Niceville, via Camp Walton, to Garniers and Deerland via Crestview, Milligan, Galliver to Holt and Milligan via Oak Grove to Newell, and Laurel Hill, via Blackman to county line near Otahite as important roads together with the above outlined highway roads and its division.  That each commissioner in his district where these roads and highways are shall instruct his overseers to do as much permanent work on same as possible, claying, grading and hardening etc.  Provided no one shall spend more money that there is in the road fund at any one time as a bill against the county but may use private donations for which we ask the co-operation of all persons.”
  Taking it up where we left it last week let us now consider the above resolution, calmly, deliberately and studiously, because we are interested in it.  Every citizen of Okaloosa County is. Its importance cannot be overestimated.


  The phraseology, the excellent wording proves no novice or man of ordinary ability prepared it.  The mind from which it sprang is a deep, keen mind.  It is so beautifully and delicately woven that its “true inwardness” can hardly be detected by the shrewdest best trained, expert mind.
  Who of the commissioners is known to be the proud possessor of such a mind and can, justly, boast of such ability?
  The typewriter upon which it was drawn need not have given it away.  The language, the beauty, the delicacy of it is enough. The “ear marks” are too plain.  The promise to not grow personal, keeps us from mentioning the name of the man who prepared it.


  With the evident intention of fooling the people of Blackman, Baker and the northern part of the county it mentions a road from state line to Milligan.
  What other motive could the writer of it had than to fool these people and at the same time cover up the real purpose of the resolution?
  There is a public highway now through this territory.  By no resolution or other act could the commissioners make it more so. Then why mention it?  There has been a county road through there ever since and long before they were appointed to office.  What have they done to really help you people of Baker, Blackman and intervening territory?
  They want to make a new road and go around Baker someway.  The way they have treated the people of Baker in dealing with more than one matter, but especially one very near their hearts we are justified in believing they would go clear around Baker if they could, and let us say here between parenthesis (we will show—that act, an attempt to perpetuate one man in office by disfranchising the people of Baker so far as their influence in county business goes, later but not in this article).
  But back to our subject, what have they done to help on the road to Baker, Blackman and state line?  The condition of the road answers.
  What have they done on any road for any part of the county but Milligan!
  The figures the clerk has made by their orders speaks much louder and more convincing than any promise or protestation or any words that can be spoken.
  There has been over thirty per cent more money spent in commissioner’s district No. 4 than in all the other four districts of the county combined (actual figures elsewhere in this issue).  There has been over seven times as much money spent in No. 4 as in No. 1, over fifteen times as much as in No. 5, over five times as much as in No. 3.
  Milligan is in No. 4, represented by Mr. Rozier.
  Laurel Hill is in No. 1, represented by Mr. Givens.
  Niceville and much of the Bay Shore is in No. 5, represented by Mr. Edge.
  Deerland, Crestview, Garden City and other places are in No. 3, represented by Mr. Davis.
  Mr. Commissioner you must not only answer to your God but to your people for your official acts as their agent.  What have you been doing and what are you going to do?
  Citizens of Baker, Blackman and vicinities, of all the money spent in district No. 4 how much of it has been spent to help make your road better?  Look it over.  Think about it.  Go out and hunt up some piece of work done for your good.  If you can find it come and let us know and we will take our hat off, apologize and “treat”.
  There is couched in it beautiful language about an “eastern division,” southeastern division,” etc.  With more than fifteen times as much of the tax paper’s money spent around Milligan in five months as has been spent in all of Niceville and the Bay country.  Will these people be deceived by this?  With more than seven times as much spent around Milligan as in all the Laurel Hill district, will they be caught in a pin hook?  With thirty per cent more money spent around Milligan than in all the balance of the county will any citizen be the innocent fly to be caught in this beautiful web?
  Nay, a thousand times nay.
  Then what is the resolution for?  Its “true inwardness” if it is not to plunder the county treasury, to take the tax money to build a road from Milligan south across an almost impassable swamp and thus further force the people of the south to go to Milligan?  We say FORCE the people of the south for the reason that the good people in that most beautiful, active and prosperous portion have petitioned, ninety of them, for a county road from the sound to the end of the hard road five miles south of Crestview. 
  They have not only petitioned, they have spent money and have worked to make that road and not one of them nor one citizen has petitioned for a road across that swampy bottom; but this resolution means the county shall be put to the expense of making that while the petition of the people is tabled, laid over for four months now, and no highway, and so far as we see, no intention by some of the commissioners to ever listen to the people at all.
  To build and hard surface a road from Milligan five miles south (same distance good hard road now goes south from Crestview) will cost according to accurate estimate twenty-five thousand dollars.
  Who would it benefit?
  What town?
  Who has asked for it?
  Who wants it?
  Shall the hard road, five miles of which is finished under Walton County contract be absolutely abandoned, thrown away, by Okaloosa commissioners and in lieu thereof an attempt made to build one parallel thereto from Milligan at the enormous expense of and to the tax payers just to boost that town and further enrich the largest octopus within the county indirectly the largest in the state?
  Citizens of Okaloosa, wake up!  Look into your affairs. Its up to you to prevent it.  Can there be any other object in this resolution?
  The commissioner who introduced it may not have seen its hidden and real meaning.  We hope he did not.  At least one who voted for it did not, but no one who wants to see it can plead ignorance at the next session and its coming to the issue, i.e. Shall the county funds be used righteously and lawfully for the benefit of the people of the whole county and as the people ask and petition for it to be used, or shall the tax payer be robbed for the benefit of one, rich, soulless landed corporation?
  We can’t dispose of the subject in this article.  We are just up to the most interesting part of the exposition.
(Continued next week.)

District Registration Officers
  The following is a list of the district registration officers who will have the registration books in each precinct of Okaloosa County:
  District No. 1, South Baker, H. Allen
  District No. 2, North Baker, L. I. Maloy
  District No. 3, Beaver Creek, P. D. Franklin
  District No. 4, Old Walton, W. O. Richardson
  District No. 5, Laurel Hill, H. M. Stokes
  District No. 6, Yellow River, J. D. Clary
  District No. 7, Blackman, H. G. Baggett
  District No. 8, Milligan, J. W. Kierce
  District No. 9, Holt, C. R. Cooper
  District No. 10, Howell, H. M. Strickland
  District No. 11, Deerland, A. J. Bolton
  District No. 12, Garden City, N. E.Bridges
  District No. 13, Dorcas, J. Matthew Miller
  District No. 14, Niceville, C. S. Sessions
  District No. 15, Crestview, John R. Smith
  District No. 16, Mary Esther, T. C. Brooks
  District No. 17, Wright, J. J. Pryor
  District No. 18, Red Oak, Wm. J. Franklin
  Remember that the books are now open in each precinct, and if you want to vote in the primary you had better register today before you forget it.

Entertainment Given in Honor of Prof. Joe E. McKinnon
  The residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Henderson was the scene of a beautiful entertainment last Tuesday evening, given in honor of Mr. Joe McKinnon.  The occasion being the closing of a successful term of the Crestview public school of which Mr. McKinnon was principal.
  After many games were played and several appropriate selections of music were rendered, a delightful fruit course was served.
  After a late hour all bid Mr. McKinnon adieu and expressed their gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Henderson for an enjoyable afternoon.
  Those present were Misses Thelma Webb, Lola and Davy Powell, Alphis Ansley, Anna Nelson, Pauline and Florence Driggers, Opal Bush, Vera Jones, Ruth Henderson; Messrs. Dan Cobb, Milos Jordan, Dallas Cobb, Chas. Ausley, Tom and Lawrence McLaughlin, R. D. Bush, W. H. Parish, Claud and Medford Jones, Chipley and J.T.R. Henderson, Mr. Joe McKinnon.

  The amount the commissioners of the county may asses each candidate 3 per cent more of the total amount of what the office you run for will pay the first year.  However, the commissioners can, if they so choose, put your assessment a good deal lower, but they can’t asses you more than 3 per cent.

Political Announcements
  At the solicitation of a few friends, but mostly of my own decision, I hereby announce myself a candidate for Representative of Okaloosa County, to be voted for in the Primary of June 6th, 1916.  If elected I promise a faithful performance of my duties in the office, and I will be the Representative of the people of the whole county.
P.J. Franklin.

To the Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County.
  At the earnest solicitation of many people from different parts of the county, I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Okaloosa County, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916, I respectfully solicit the support and influence of the voters in the primary.  I am connected with no special interest, political or otherwise, I wish to stand squarely before the people the people, ready to support their interest as a whole to the best of my ability, should I be their choice.
Alfred L. Garrett

  The friends of W.A. Campbell, hereby announce him a candidate for County Commissioner from District No. 1 of Okaloosa County subject to the Democratic Primary June 6th, 1916.

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People Who Come and Go
                Some That You Know and
                Some That You Don’t Know.
  M.E. Savage spent a couple of days last week in DeFuniak.

  Claud Jones was a visitor to Florala Sunday.

  County Commissioner Rozier of Milligan, was in Crestview awhile Monday afternoon.

  Clyde Webb came down from Claroy Sunday and spent the day here with friends.

   J. W. Mapoles editor of the Milligan Journal, spent a few hours in Crestview Monday afternoon.

  Dr. Hartley Cawthon and Mr. D. W. Burke of DeFuniak, passed through Crestview Monday en route to Munson.

  FOR SALE—80 acres of good farm land 2-1/2 miles East of Crestview.  Price $830.00.  Crestview Land Company.

  Sheriff Sutton, Dr. J. H. B. Miller and W. A. Mitchum, all of Milligan, paid our office a call Wednesday.

  Mr. N. E. Bridges of Garden City, arrived in Crestview Monday and commenced the
____.*Paper is not readable at this point.

  Angus Frater is visiting in Bagdad this week.
  See L. E. Bowers for your velvet bean seed.

  Mrs. R. C. Erwin of Garniers, was a business visitor in Crestview the first of the week.

  John T. Standford of Garniers, spent Tuesday here the guest of D.P. Powell and family.

  Mrs. D. T. Finlayson of Laurel Hill, spent Tuesday in Crestview visiting her brother, Jim Jones.

  J. D. Cobb, R. J. Henderson, Chas. Ausley and the Newsprinter attended the Catts speaking at Milligan Monday night.

  See D. F. Herring for your carpenter work of all kinds.  Either day labor or contract work. Satisfaction guaranteed.  Crestview, Fla. (Paid Adv.)

  W. A. J. Moore, also was here on the night of the 12th, with stereopticon views, will be here again next Monday evening at 2 o’clock at the Congregational church for the purpose of organizing a county Sunday School convention. All Sunday school members are invited.
Hon. Sidney J. Catts Will Lecture Here Monday Night
  Hon. Sidney J. Catts, candidate for governor will lecture to the people of Crestview next Monday night in the Congregational church. He goes from here to Baker where he will deliver a lecture to the people there on Tuesday night.  Mr. Catts is a forceful speaker.  Go out and hear him discuss his political issues.
State and County Directory
  Clerk Court, Jas. L. Clary.
  Sheriff, R.H. Sutton.
  County Judge, J.T. Mapoles.
  County Treasurer, P.J. Steele.
  Tax Assessor, Geo. H. Webb
  County Superintendent, W.C. Pryor
  Supervisor Registration, J.W. Kerce.
  Commissioners:  J.H. Givens, Laurel Hill; J.W. Baggett, Jr., Blackman; W.J. Davis,  Deerland; B.P. Edge, Niceville; R.A. Rosier, Milligan.
  School Board:  W.F. Wilkerson, Milligan; W.H. Spivey, Camp Walton; W.H. Jones, Laurel Hill.
  Temporary County Site:  Milligan.
  Governor, Park M. Trammell.
  Secretary State, H. Clay Crawford
  Treasurer, J.C. Lansing
  Comptroller, W.V. Knott
  Commissioner Agriculture, W.A. McRae
  Attorney General, T.F. West
  State Superintendent, W.N. Sheats
  Baptist-Services each 2nd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. D.C. Allen, Pastor.
  Methodist-Services each 3rd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J.R. Ansley, Pastor.
  Congregationalist-Services each 4th Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J. E. Each, Pastor.
  Southern Methodist-Services each 1st Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., Rev. Sellars, Pastor.
  Union Sunday School-Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Congregational Church building.  Everybody invited to attend.
  F.&A.M.  Regular communication each 3rd Saturday.  J.E. Davis, W.M.
 W.O.W.  Regular communication each 4th Saturday.  W.F. Arnett, C.C.
  E.R. Marshburn, Clerk.
Notice To Correspondents
  Please mail your items each week on Monday so the same may reach our office not later than Tuesday morning if you want your items to appear in the paper the same week.  Write all copy as plainly as possible and on one side of the paper.
  We would be glad to make all correspondents agents.  If you are interested write to us.

  As we have not read any news from here in quite awhile, we will send in some.

  The people of this community are having some fine weather for farming at present.

  Mrs. Cross and children of Andalusia, are visiting relatives at this place.

  Mrs. J. M. King has been on the sick list this week.

  The sing at Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Davidson Saturday night was well attended.

  If this misses the wastebasket we will try again.

  Mrs. George Jordan of Crestview is visiting friends and relatives here this week.

  Miss Josie Cox accompanied by Miss Ruth Balentine returned to her home in Milton last Friday.

  Mrs. George W. Parish, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. E. Jeralds of Pensacola, returned home Monday on the mail boat. Mrs. Jeralds and little son, Jim, accompanied her mother home and will spend a few weeks with friends and home folks.

  Rev. Arnett filled his regular appointment here last Saturday and Sunday.

  Mrs. G. B. Anchors spent Sunday with Mrs. McGriff.

  Mrs. B. P. Edge and daughter Lula and Lena Armstrong were callers at Mrs. A. A. Howell’s and Spence’s Thursday evening.

  Claude Lathinhouse made his usual trip to the Bayou this week after fresh fish and oysters.

  Mrs. Herman Pope and Miss Bessie McGriff were down the first of the week.

  Dr. McGriff was doing business in Pensacola this week.
  A party consisting of B. P. Edge, Mrs. Session, Messrs. Haskins, Sutton, Kierce and Moore went to the Sardine Lake Wednesday.  They report a fine time.

  We are enjoying some real nice, warm, spring days now, and the farmers are busy planting.

  Mrs. James Smith was taken to the infirmary in Pensacola Monday night where she will be treated for general breakdown.

  L. L. Messer is just up from a long fight with typhoid fever.

  Dixie Drug Co., is headquarters for pure medicine and rubber goods.

  The Civic League has done some wonderful work cleaning up the town.  Everybody enjoys the clean appearance of things.

  Rev. D. F. Sutley filled his regular appointment here Sunday.  He is doing some real good work in bringing the church into its full working of the Sunday school.

  Charles McKnight went to Bonifay Saturday night and spent Sunday and Monday with home folks.

  Alex Adams is very sick with typhoid fever.

  William Johnson is also suffering with typhoid fever.

  Miss Vergie Dollar was a welcome visitor here Sunday.

  Everywhere one goes he meets a candidate.

  Rev. C. C. Eiland is doing some local mission work here this week.

  When in town call at Dixie Drug Store and quench your thirst.

  Hon. Bill Mapoles was a pleasant visitor in our little city last Saturday.  He succeeded in arousing the people’s interest in calling an election for the county seat.

  A fire broke out in the boiler room of the W. T. Smiths’ Sons Timber Co. Mill Monday, but extinguished before doing any damage.

  James Woodward of Harold, was up here Saturday and part of Sunday.  We are always glad to see Jimmy.

  Hon. H. S. Laird of Milton was here Monday on business.
Meeting of County Commissioners
Miligan, Florida, March 14, 1916
  The county commissioners of Okaloosa County met in regular session Tuesday, March 14th, with the following members present, J. W. Baggett, Jr., chairman; W. J. Davis, R. A. Rozier, J. H. Givens, and B. P. Edge.
  Bills read and approved and authorized disposed of.
  Notary bond of R. A. Johnson for $300 was examined and approved with J. W. Mainor and J. A. Mixon as sureties.
  Notary bond of A. J. Bolton for $300 was approved with J. H. Richbourg and W. A. McCallum as sureties.
  Bond of B. Churchwell to carry revolver was denied, the same as all other bonds of this kind.
  Bond of C. L. Johnson as deputy sheriff for $1,000 was examined and carried over for correction, sureties J. C. Steele and E. Porter Webb.
  Application of C. M. Neal for permission to connect fence with or to bridge over Peny Creek near Baker granted.
  That no bill against the county for supplies or otherwise be allowed, without the o.k. of the board.  
  It was ordered by the board that only 27 miles be allowed the sheriff for transporting prisoners.
*Next section unreadable.
  J. D. McCallum was appointed road overseer on the southeastern portion of district No. 1.
  J. W. Brooks was appointed road overseer for district No. 3 in and around Camp Walton.
  Nat F. Cain appointed overseer on road from Steele Bridge to Crestview via district line on Crestview and Niceville road.
  Petition to change Camp Walton to Milton road near head of Alligator Creek was granted.  A committee of J. W. Books, J. M. Jordan and E. R. McKee was appointed to mark out and recommend route.
  Ordered that deputy registration officers be paid 10 cents per head for registering.
  Mr. Rozier was instructed to clay hill between Milligan and Crestview.
  Ordered that convicts be leased to Walton Land and Timber Co. for balance of year at $11.00 per head per calendar month.
  Petition for public road from Crestview to Camp Walton granted.  T. C. Brooks, W. R. White and J. R. Miller appointed committee to view out route.
  Petition to grant public road from Garniers Bayou west on section line westerly to county line granted.  W. H. Spivey, T. C. Brooks and E.R. McKee appointed committee to view route.
  Petition to make change in public road west of Cotton Bridge on Black Water laid over under the rules till next meeting.
  The following resolution was offered by Mr. Baggett and adopted by the board:
  “Whereas the laws of Florida forbid paying illegal bills against the county by the county commissioners.  And whereas we notice discrepancies in report of sheriff, county judge and treasurer as shown in Jan. 1916, reports of $1.00 paid to fine and forfeiture fund that is claimed for cost in sheriff report on case of state vs. John Barnhill.”
  “Therefore we rule and order that all reports be explicit, and in harmony with each other in amounts for all purposes, that fines collected by, or bonds taken for by county judge, he shall be held responsible for same.  That this rule shall apply to all justices of the peace in Okaloosa County in like manner.”
  “That fines collected, or bonds taken for by sheriff, he shall be held responsible for same, constables and deputies likewise.  That attention be called to our former rule in cases bound over
*paper torn at this point picks up from defendant, it so, notation and report of same shall be made by the officers receiving the amount and we will order proper filing of same, and if not paid we will make disposition of such bills according to law.”
  “We further rule, that in cases of bonds for cost after conviction, the court or sheriff taking same shall exhaust the assets of such bond before we will consider such bills valid against the county.  Such bills should be presented to us only when necessary to collect from the county.”
  “We desire to further state that it is our opinion that as there is no law authorizing expense of stationery for the different officers, it can only be furnished as county property and only upon our orders and eliminating all inscriptions indicating the person or officer and not then except upon requisition to the county commissioners.  That no bill be allowed against the county for supplies or otherwise that has not been okayed by us before placing such order.”
See J. W. Bowers
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  What good is there in growling and frowning and quitting!  Go squarely against slow business and hard times with a smile.  Make a game fight and win in spite of all these and then some.  Never was a man made better for business by fretting and worrying over that which he has no control.  One cannot stop the war neither can one head off the boll weevil, but in spite of the war and the boll weevil there is going to be some way out of the whole business.  Sit steady in the boat, keep your powder dry, and be ready for the game when it comes along.  Optimism is what the world needs most of all.  A faith in the future and all that it will bring is what we all need.—Exchange.

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The Friends of Hon. Erny Amos
Announce Him the Leading Candidate For
State Comptroller
In Okaloosa County.  (Pd. Political Adv.)

 Of Intention to Incorporate The *Paper torn at this point continues select  officers according to the Laws and Constitution of the State of Florida.
  The proposed territory to be incorporated being described as follows:
  All of Section 17, Township 3 North, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridan.
    W.H. Mapoles            W. C. Blackwell
    W. A. Douglass           W. G. Wallace
    J. W. Bowers               J. A. Moore
    H. Frater                      L. E. Bowers
    R. J. Diamond              W. R. White
    W. T. Mathis                J. E. Jones
    A. V. Powell                D. P. Powell
    C.H. Griffith                  F. C. Webb
    W. E. Webb                 L. Bush
    J. E. Brasher                 J. G. Perryman
    W. H. DeLacy, M.D.    S. G. Settles
    J. A. Hodges                 R. D. Bush   
    Tom Emmett                 J. C. H. Corley
    E. R. Marshburn, M.D.

Vote For W. H. Mapoles----For-----Representative

  Has always been and is now, a value-giving store.
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  Prices at other stores were judged by the prices prevailing at Finlayson’s store.
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  Chinese Gods to be shown in the Baptist Sunday schools of the Santa Rosa Association on March 26th, 1916.
  The Baptist Sunday school superintendents of this association and throughout the south have each received from the Sunday School Board of Nashville, Tennessee, a real Chinese Idol, brought from Shanghai, China, and a real hand painted Ancestral Tablet from Japan.  In addition to the above, the real money which is burned in China as an offering to their Gods have been sent to all superintendents who have applied for same. 
  A most interesting poster which sets forth American Idolatry under its popular forms of the worship of money, and the worship of pleasure has been provided.  It has required six months for a special committee to gather this, and other material from China, Japan, and elsewhere, prepare a suitable program and distribute the same among 18,000 Sunday schools for use on missionary day in the Sunday schools on March 26th, 1916.  This material for idolatrous worship has not been placed in the hands of the superintendents to teach the worship of idols, but to show clearly and forcibly to all who are present in their schools on that day, the utter failure of idolatrous worship to accomplish salvation of the human soul. 
  Wherever this program is featured it is expected that unusually large attendance will be present, the educational value of this occasion can hardly be estimated.  To give unity to the service of the day, the pastors are asked to preach upon the theme of the program.  
  Yours for a great day in the kingdom.
    D. F. Sutley,
    Associational Vice-President
    Home Mission Board

  Miss Ettie I. Rogers, the postmistress of Wright, accompanied by Blaney Brooks visited Mrs. Daisy Mooney last Saturday afternoon.
  Mrs. Eliza Atwell of Crestview was a caller at Garniers last Wednesday and Friday.
  Mrs. J. H. Pittman and children left Sunday for Indian Ford where she goes to visit relatives and join her husband, who will work in that vicinity indefinitely. Her father in law came down for Mrs. Pittman and the children.
 Capt. W. H. Keeler is able to be out mingling among friends after a long and serious lay off nursing a lame back.
  Ned Morris and family of Harris came to Garniers Sunday with a nice load of oysters.
  Mrs. D. R. Pryor of Five Mile, spent Sunday as the guest of Mrs. E. A. Mooney.
  Mrs. Daniel F. Sullivan left Friday for Pensacola from there she will go to Chicago for a while.  Her husband accompanied her to Pensacola.

FOR SALE—40 acres of new Okaloosa soil with a good water mill with two sets of rocks.  All in good condition.  5-1/2 miles north of Crestview. Address S. W. Locke, Crestview, or call and see property.

  Lance Richbourg came down from DeFuniak Saturday night and spent Sunday in Crestview.

See L. E. Bowers for your paint, brick and lime.

  Our weather is going by fits and starts—with a large proportion of fits.

  Sunday, March 13, brought a big surprise to the friends, and even the immediate family of Mr. Raymond Flowers and Miss Kate Ward when they were married at Mt. Olive church.  Rev. W. R. Brunk performed the ceremony.
  W. P. Miller suffered a severe injury to his knee on Wednesday evening that necessitated the attention of physician.  Glad to note that he is improving.
  Horace Ford, while sawing logs in the woods Wednesday, was struck on the head by a falling limb and seriously hurt.  At this writing he is on the road to recovery.
  Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Larrimore are both quiet sick.  Dr. Lindsey of Claroy is in attendance.
  Wednesday must have been an unlucky day. Three of the rail crew, J. A. Wilkins, Fate Cawthon and Calvin Wilkins, had their fingers badly crushed with railroad ties.
  W. R. Bun(r)k made a business trip to Crestview Friday.
  A. L. Hart recently made a purchase of a shingle mill and now has it in operation.
  M. P. Hart and J. R. Griffith went to Harris Thursday.
  Rev. Joe Vann has been conducting a series of meetings here this week.

Of Marion County, Candidate For
In The Next Democratic Primary
Your Support Will be Appreciated. (Advertisement)

Vote for Geo. H. Webb for Tax Assessor of Okaloosa County. (Adv.)

Fees and Commissions or Other Remunerations Collected By County Officers and Their Official Expenses.
  Statement showing the amount of gross receipts, total expenses and net amount of receipts or amount the office has made in each compiled for publication from the reports of county offers of Okaloosa County for the six months ending December 31st, 1915, under Chapter 6815 of the Laws of Florida.
  W. V. Knott, Comptroller

Jas. L. Clary   Clerk Circuit Ct  $280.23  $53.50  $226.73
R. H. Sutton    Sheriff                  334.12  239.03      93.07
J. T. Mapoles  County Judge    203.29    23.00    180.29
P. J. Steele        County Treas.   284.72                 284.72
J. A. Richbourg  Tax Collector   880.41                880.41
Geo. H. Webb    Tax Assessor   Had made no assessments

Justices of the Peace

J. F. Richbourg    Dist. No. 1       9.36                        9.36
R. J. Diamond      Dist. No. 3     18.13           3.00    15.13
W. L. Culberson  Dist. No. 6    13.73             .30     13.43
J. C. Hicks            Dist. No. 8       5.50           1.77      3.73

Constable, District No. 3

A. V. Powell                                16.53                      16.53

This is a new county and the report covers only three months from October 1st, 1915 to December 31st, 1915.

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Daniel Campbell & Son
DeFuniak Springs, Florida

E. Porter Webb,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.
All calls answered promptly—day or night, rain or shine.
Female Diseases Given Special Attention
Phone 7.  Laurel Hill, Florida.

  S. J. Manning who has been down in the Bay country for hunting for the past two weeks, returned home Monday night.

  After several days visiting friends and relatives at Holt, Mr. W. C. Blackwell returned home Tuesday night.  He informs us that there are 160 registered at Holt, and that he believes 83 per cent of the voters there will be for Crestview for the Court House.

Warrents Issued Out of Road Fund to March 14th
  That the people have the right, and should know where and for what their money are being expended we had the Clerk of the Circuit Court to furnish us with the amount of warrants issued out of the county road fund to each Commissioners district, which is as follows:
District No. 1, J. H. Givens, Commissioner.            $    126.30
District No. 2, J. W. Baggett Commissioner.                329.90
District No. 3, W. J. Davis, Commissioner.                179.00
District No. 4, R. A. Rozier, Commissioner.                958.84
District No. 5, B. P. Edge, Commissioner.                  63.00
Total                                $       1,637.04

These figures show that there has been $262.64 more than as much again money spent in Mr. Rozier’s district than the balance of the other districts combined.
  We charge our readers nothing extra for this information whatever.  But if you want the news you will have to subscribe for this paper—no court house sheet would dare publish it. But we want the people—those who pay taxes, to see and know what is doing.  We will leave it for you to guess as to why this kind of a stunt has been pulled off.  It smells like a court house pole cat to us.

If You Have Money
In excess of your present wants, the most sensible thing to do is to Start a Bank Account where it will be perfectly safe and subject to check.  We offer a further suggestion—you cannot do better than open an account with us, as you are sure here for safety and courteous treatment.
Bank of Laurel Hill
Laurel Hill, Okaloosa County, Florida
OFFICERS    R. H. Hart, President  
                      J. D. Cobb, Vice President
                      Oscar Steele, Cashier    DIRECTORS    Dannie Campbell,
                          R. H. Hart,
                          H. M. Stokes,
                          Oscar Steele,
                          J. D. Cobb