Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 2.                                                                                                Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, April 21, 1916                                                           No. 29

Proceedings of County Commissioners
Regular Routine of Business Transacted

-- New Roads Granted.

Board met with all members present.

Quite a number of bills against the county were examined and ordered paid.

The bonds of Allen J. King as justice of the peace, J.W. Martin as deputy sheriff and Jas. J. Ellis as notary public were approved.

Public road was ordered opened from Choctawhatchee Bay west to Santa Rosa County line just north and parallel with Santa Rosa sound.

Public road was ordered opened from Coxes’ bridge to Camp Walton to be known as the Crestview and Camp Walton Road.

A viewing committee was appointed to view and mark out a proposed road from Baker to Galliver.

Ordered that all right of ways or public roads be not less than ____ feet in width.

The tax collector was instructed to pay all moneys collected for special road and bridge district No. 1 over to the board of trustees.

The sum of $2,000 was appropriated for each county commissioners’ district to be spent on roads and bridges.

Contract with Walton Land and Timber for convicts was approved.

The bid of W.H. Mapoles for job printing for several county offices were approved.

Committee was appointed to new proposed road from Holt to ____ the Galliver Howell road near bridge on Yellow River.

Col. W.W. Flournoy of DeFuniak, appeared before the board and made a very interesting talk on the subject of bonding Okaloosa County for sufficient money to build a court house and jail and a net of good roads throughout the county. However, the Board deferred taking any action on the matter at this time.


The Friends of Hon. Erny Amos announce Him the Leading Candidate For State Comptroller In Okaloosa County. (Pd. Political Adv.)


Fifth Sunday Meeting

Program of the Fifth Sunday meeting of the New Santa Rosa Baptist Association to convene with Cora Baptist Church, April 28, 29 and 30, 1916.

FRIDAY, 28th

7:30 p.m. -- Introductory sermon by Rev. R. Wyche.


9 a.m.-- Devotional services by Rev. S.G. Ward.

9:15 a.m. -- Enrollment of messengers and organizing.

9:45 a.m. -- Query, “What is the scriptural purpose and plan of church discipline, both private and public offences?” opened by Rev. R. Wyche.

10:15 a.m. -- Query, “Is obedience essential to salvation?” opened by Rev. E.T. Pitts.

11:00 a.m. -- Sermon by Rev. C.C. Eiland, Jr.

2 p.m. -- Devotional services by Rev. R.L. Bishop.

2:15 p.m. -- Query, “Our duty to the Jew in bringing to pass the fullfillment of the prophecy in the 34th chapter of Ezekiel?” opened by Rev. W.A. Ferrell.

2:45 p.m. -- Selecting home for next meeting.

7:30 p.m. -- Sermon by Rev. A.W. Langley.

I am authorized to say that conveyances will be at Bluff Springs on Saturday morning to convey all messengers who wish to go by rail to the church.

Let every church be represented by messengers. If possible let every pastor be present at this meeting. Special plans are to be arranged at this meeting regarding our revival work with our missionary.


E.A. Mooney

Executive Committee,

New Santa Rosa Association.


From Mr. D. Stuart Gillis

To The Voters of The First Judicial Circuit, Especially to Those of Okaloosa County.

I respectfully announce my candidacy for the office of Circuit Judge and solicit your vote and influence. I am fairly well known to the citizens of that part of Okaloosa which was formerly a part Walton County. Those who care to investigate as to my qualifications are referred to any of my acquaintances who are fair minded and capable of judging. I am the candidate of all the people without regard to social rank, commercial standing or religious creed. Of the many who favor my candidacy I know of none who threatens to spend hundreds of dollars in my behalf; I know of no man or set of men advocating my cause because he, or they, expect to have a “friend” at court whose discretion they can control or whose judgment they can sway to defeat or miscarriage of justice. So far as I know, and I hope it is true, the generous support being accorded to me is because of a faith in my freedom from bias or prejudice and a belief that, if I were Circuit Judge, all litigants, natural or artificial, would receive the same fair and impartial consideration. If I have the honor of being your next Circuit Judge my constant aim would be to justify that faith.

D. Stuart Gillis,

DeFuniak Springs, Fla. (Adv.)


Pensacola Standing in Danger of Being Placed on Highways Sidetrack

Is Pensacola to sit back and be left on a national highway sidetracked?

It is declared by many interested in the work of promoting tourist highways that unless Escambia County rallies to the support of highway movements under way and plans to inspire Baldwin County with the idea of building an east and west road and Santa Rosa County with the germ that will bring about co-operation for the crossing of Escambia River, that just this will happen. It is declared by the highways promoters that all highways movements should be laid aside in favor of seeing that Pensacola is connected with the outside world first of all.


Direct reports from a meeting of Crestview and Baker citizens in Okaloosa County Saturday show a united effort to build the highway and bridges through that county, which will swing the Old Spanish Trail into the northern end of Santa Rosa County.

Reports directly from the community of Munson show that Captain C.M. Munson and certain of the Santa Rosa boosters are not talking much, but that they will connect with a through highway in Escambia County, Alabama, and go southward to connect with the state highway now being constructed in Baldwin County from Fairhope northward. In his report at Mobile on the plans for roads in Baldwin County, Harry Locke, highway engineer, calls attention to this and shows where Pensacola is about to be sidetracked unless some immediate action is taken to put this city on the tourist highway maps.


Referring directly to this in his report, Mr. Locke says:

“Baldwin County has evidenced that it is very thickly populated with good road enthusiasts? But why after $200,000 for highway construction have they not gone to work on that link which would connect with the important cities of Mobile and Pensacola? Completion of the road ultimately means large financial benefit to the entire section.”

“Benefits to be derived from the east and west travel along the gulf coast are far in excess of what may be expected from the north and south route.” Pensacola News.


Contract Let For the Construction of the Griffith Ferry Bridge

Mr. C.B. Ferdon informs us that the contract for the construction of the bridge across Yellow River at the Griffiths Ferry has been let to Mr. John Stokes of near Oak Grove.

The river is two hundred feet wide, and the contract calls for $2.00 per foot, which will make the bridge cost about $400.00.

This bridge will for the connecting link of the northern route of the “Old Spanish Trail” through the northern part of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties, traverses one of the very best farming sections of the whole of West Florida.


Easter Services at M.E. Church

The following Easter program will be rendered by the Crestview Sunday School next Sunday night at the M.E. Church.

Opening song, “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” by class.

Short lecture and prayer by Rev. J.B. Ansley.

Address of welcome by Chas. Ansley.

Easter greeting and drill by 12 pupils.

Recitation, “The Legend of the Lillies,” by Aline Flowers.

Song, “Conquering Cross,” by Dallas Cobb, Aline Flowers and Anna Nelson.

Cross exercise by group of nine young ladies.

Recitation, “The Greatest Deed of Law,” by Gladys Berry.

The Lesson of the Lilies by group of eight.

Song, “He Rolled the Stone Away,” by Mrs. E.R. Marshburn, Dallas Cobb and Aline Flowers.

Recitation, “The Sleeping Lily,” by Opal Bush.

“Helping Mamma,” by group of four.

Recitation, by Mrs. Inez Wallace.

Closing hymn, “In the Sweet By and By.”

Everybody is cordially invited to attend these exercises.



Corn planting time will soon be a thing of the past. Most of the farmers are through.

J.R. Griffith and E.L. Hart were at Crestview Tuesday.

C.H. Powell lost a work ox last week. It got its neck broke while in the team.

Miss Mary Steele, of Laurel Hill, is the guest of Mrs. Each for a few days.

Some much needed road work is being done on the hill north of the saw mill.

The regular business of the Christian Endeavor Society was held at the parsonage on Friday night. An enjoyable social time was spent a the close.

Uncle Archie McDonald has moved to Deerland, where he will make his home with Mr. and

Mrs. J. W. Stewart.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Martin, a girl, on Friday night. Uncle Alex McCallum made the presentation speech.

Uncle Billy Powell made a trip to Laurel Hill Saturday and Miss Eola Powell returned with him to spend Sunday at home.

The special Easter service of the Sunday school promises unusually well. It will be held in the afternoon at 3 o’clock. Don’t fail to attend.

Quite a large delegation of Dorcas Woodsmen attended the unveiling at DeFuniak on Sunday.



W.H. Mapoles has sold his interest in the Crestview Land Co., and is no longer connected with same.

W.J. Rice has been elected Secretary and Treasurer of said Company, and those wanting to buy land will be governed accordingly.

W.H. Mapoles.


If you are not already a subscriber become one TODAY.


Hon. W.A. McRae Boots Okaloosa Co.

Well Pleased With the Efforts of Crestview’s and Baker’s Citizens in Building Roads and Bridges.

Hon. W. H. Mapoles,

Editor Okaloosa News

Crestview, Florida.

Dear Sir:

I was gratified in reading a mention in your paper of the way in which your people turned out to help build a road, and especially in this case, of what is to be a link in the Old Spanish Trail, a highway destined to be one of the most important of the several being planned across the continent, because it can be used in all seasons.

But what pleased me most was the fact that EVERYBODY TURNED OUT, the postmaster closed his office, the printers dropped their sticks and picked up shovels, the preacher left his study, the merchant his store, the teacher his school, the miller his grist -- ALL UNITED FOR A COMMON CAUSE, a signal and splendid manifestation of the spirit of “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE.”

When any people get together as in this instance, and keep together in all things for the general betterment, to what height of achievement is it that they cannot attain?

Okaloosa County is the baby among the counties of Florida, but it has cut its eye teeth, and from now on it will always be where the eating is good.

West Florida is a veritable kingdom in resources and opportunities and when its people get together in constructive work, as those of Crestview in the instance cited, there will be something doing on a scale that will make the whole state set up and take notice.

I note that your paper is all home print, something not common in the new towns. With best wishes for The News, as well as all things for the growth and prosperity of Okaloosa County, I remain,

Very truly yours,

W.A. McRae

Commissioner of Agriculture.


E.P. Thagard, of Marion County

Candidate for State Comptroller

In the Next Democratic Primary

Your Support Will be Appreciated (Adv.)


Political Announcements


I hereby announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination to the office of Circuit Judge for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June 6, 1916, and solicit the votes and support of the Democrats of Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties.

Kirk Monroe.



After considerable pressure being brought out in my favor I have at last yielded myself to the wishes of my friends and will be in the race for member of the school board from District No. 1, in the coming primary June 6. Assuring you of my best efforts should I be elected, I ask for your support.

A.W. Powell



Believing that I can be of much benefit to the whole people of Okaloosa County, and especially to those of School District No. 2 as a member of the Board of Public Instruction, I hereby announce myself a candidate for this office and respectfully solicit the votes and influence of every voter in the District in the primary on June 6th. If you are already pledged, I will appreciate your second choice vote.

Lewis E. Bowers.



Last week there appeared a negro dialect piece of rot interspersed with libelous falsehoods in the so-called County Journal supposed to be edited and printed by a half brother of ours at Milligan, which was signed by the non-de-plume name of Ephiriam Johnson.

This negro dialect piece of rot and libelous publication was a willful and premeditated design to injure Crestview in the Court House election and to injure the Crestview Land Company individually. Then too, this article was published in willful violation of Sections 3257-8 of the Statutes of the State of Florida, which are as follows:

Sect. 3257. MUST GIVE NAME OF THE PARTY WRITTEN ABOUT.-It shall be unlawful for any corporation, firm or individual to print, write, publish, circulate or distribute within this State any newspaper, magazine, periodical, pamphlet or other publications of any character, either written or printed, wherein the alleged immoral acts of any person or persons are stated or pretended to be stated, or wherein it is intimated that any person or persons have been guilty of any immorality, unless such written or printed publication shall in such article publish in full the true name or names of the person or persons intended to be charged with the commission of such acts of immorality. Any person convicted of any violation of this section shall be punished by a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not to exceed one year. And any person who shall aid in any way in the writing or printing of any literature in violation of this section shall be punished in the same manner as the principal might be punished upon conviction: Provided, Nothing in this section shall apply to mechanical employees in printing offices or newsboys.

Sect. 3258. OWNER OR EDITOR OF THE PAPER ALSO GUILTY.-- Any owner, manger, publisher or editor of any newspaper or other publication who permits any anonymous communication or communications such as is signed otherwise than with the true name of the writer and such name published therewith to appear in the columns of his publication in which said communication any person is attacked in his good name, or it is attempted to bring disgrace or ridicule upon any person, such owner, manager, publisher or editor shall be punished by a fin not to exceed five hundred dollars or imprisonment not to exceed one year.

Since the publication of this Negro dialect piece of rot, which we brand as false an libelous in every respect, we have called upon the editor of the Journal for the true name of the man who wrote it, and he says he wrote it himself. So we now and herewith inform him that he will have these charges to prove.

We will tell the people something more about it next week.


In this issue of the News will be found the announcement of Mr. L.E. Bowers of Crestview for member of the Board of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County from School District No. 2. Mr. Bowers is one of the most successful business men in Okaloosa County, and has a splendid business education. He is an honest, upright, law-abiding, Christian gentlemen, and will no doubt, if elected, make the county a most excellent official, and it goes without saying that he will be a strong man in the race.



To show that The Okaloosa News is read each week, and that its advertising columns get patronage, we reproduce below a letter from a very prominent Camp Walton Hotel man who advertised for help, which is as follows:

Camp Walton, Fla.

April 14,1916.

Stop ad, I have a party. “Your paper is a great medium, and gets to the people. Two insertions in the Pensacola News did not get me any answers; but OUR own Okaloosa News brought results.”


J.O. Davis


On last Monday, two city blocks in one of the little towns across the river was sold at public outcry, in front of the court house door. After a lengthy “Spiel” upon the value of these blocks, which according to the auctioneer were located in the future “county seat,” and almost opposite where “we are going to build the court house,” they were put upon the market and to the surprise of all the spectators who were present and were looking for the lots to bring something like a million, they were knocked off upon a poor unsuspecting man for the small sum of one hundred dollars.--County Journal, Milligan.

Certainly these lots sold very cheap, as does all the balance of land at Crestview. We are not trying to rob the people of Okaloosa County as certain other towns are trying to do who are in the race for the Court House. However, real estate at Crestview will and does sell, but in an effort to sell a piece of real estate at Milligan on the main street not long since, there was not a bid made which would have paid for the advertising. So come again, Bud, we have always got the “dope” to skin you and your boss with.


Candidates Spoke at Crestview

Notwithstanding it was a late hour Tuesday night when several candidates reached Crestview from Pensacola in an auto, there were sufficient people on the streets here to gather up very quickly and hear Hon. Jon L. Farris, candidate for governor, make a short, but very impressive speech. Hon. Kirk Monroe of Pensacola, a candidate for circuit judge, and Hons. Robert H. Anderson and W.M. Hurtenbach, both candidates for the position of state attorney, were introduced, and they too, made very impressive speeches as to why they thought they should be elected.

They passed through Milligan an hour before they reached Crestview, but did not see enough people to even stop much less to make a speech to.


To The Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County

I have decided to enter the race for the office of County Judge of Okaloosa County.

I believe that I am qualified to fill this office, and perform all the duties of it. I have been engaged in the active practice of law for some fourteen years, and, while the law does not require that your County Judge be a lawyer, he ought to have a fair knowledge of the law, in fact, he ought to be an experienced lawyer.

If you elect me your County Judge for the next term, I will make you the following pledges:

1. I will take good care to look after the interest of the widows and orphans whose property may be administered during my incumbency in office, and I will prevent their estates from being wasted and squandered, to the very best of my ability.

2. In the trial of all cases coming before me as trial judge, I will be impartial and fair, and do equal justice between the poor and the rich, and the weak and the strong. The rights of the poor and the weak, will have the same consideration by me as the rights of the rich and the strong.

3. I will pass judgment in no case until the sworn testimony in the case is heard, on both sides; and in imposing sentences and assessing fines for convictions of the criminal law, I will impose such sentences and assess such fines as will be a lesson to the law breakers, and evil doers, but where leniency, or mercy is deserving, I will be considerate, and always do my best to do what is justice and right.

I will greatly appreciate your vote and support for this important office, and if I am elected, I will do and perform every duty of the office to the very best of my ability.

Assuring you of my great appreciation of your vote and support, I am

Yours most respectfully,

T. R. James (Paid Advertising)


Wants Wealth to Carry its Share of Burden

The Supreme Court of the United States has recently decided that the federal income tax law is valid and enforceable. I am in favor of continuing this law in force and strengthening it if necessary, so that the wealth of country may be required to pay its just proportion of the taxes. The territory within the Third Congressional district is susceptible of great agricultural development and such development is essential to the prosperity and happiness of our people. I am in favor of amending our currency laws so as to assist in financing the farmers without the charge of burdensome rates of interest on loans made to them. Vote for me and I will work and vote for the bills that will be of greatest benefit to the farmers.

J.H. Smithwick.


Political Announcements


To the Democratic Voters of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida.

I will be a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June, 1916. I respectfully solicit your vote and support.

Robert H. Anderson. (Paid Advertising)

I am a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, which comprises the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton subject to the Democratic Primary to be held in June 1916. Your vote and your influence will be much appreciated.

R. Arthur McGeachy. (Paid Advertising)

To the Democratic Voters of the Counties of Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties.

I respectfully submit my candidacy for the position of State Attorney of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. The endorsement for this position will be made by the Democratic voters in the above named counties at the primary election held on June 6th, 1916.

Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated.

W.M. Hartenbach. (Paid Advertising)


The friends of Honorable W.A. McLeod in Okaloosa County hereby announce him a candidate for State Senator from this the First Senatorial District, the same being composed of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties. The friends of Mr. McLeod believe his four years experience as Representative of his county, Santa Rosa, eminently qualifies him in every respect to represent the two counties in the State Senate for the next four years and it is upon this belief they solicit for him the vote and influence of every voter in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916. (Paid Advertising)

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination of State Senator from the First Senatorial District of Florida, subject to the action of the voters at the Democratic Primary next June. Your support will by duly appreciated.

D(P). Tomasilla


To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.

I wish to announce that I am a candidate to succeed myself as Judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. I desire and will appreciate the support and endorsement of the Democratic Voters within the circuit for this appointment at the Democratic Primary to be held in June, 1916.


A.G. Campbell.

To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida.

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Judge of the Circuit Court, First Judicial Circuit, subject to the Democratic Voters at the primary to be held June 6th, 1916, and solicit the votes and influence of all voters in the Circuit.

J.T. Wiggins.



At the solicitation of a few friends, but mostly of my own decision, I hereby announce myself a candidate for Representative of Okaloosa County, to be voted for in the Primary of June 6th, 1916. If elected I promise a faithful performance of my duties in the office, and I will be the Representative of the people of the whole county.

P.J. Franklin.

Permitting optimism and true Democracy to prevail, the eventual privilege is insured and maintained, hence, sustaining due respect for and obedience to my respected competitors and electors in general, I am constrained to enter the political race for and to represent Okaloosa the youngest county in the state in the ensuing legislature of Florida thus giving the electors an opportunity to exercise their discretion in casting their ballots. If they deem my ability commensurate to the task of __________ the requirements of said office, and honor me therewith, I am a candid in asserting that I don’t believe they will find grounds for misplaced confidence.

Sincerely yours,

Malcolm Baggett.



I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic Primary in June, 1916. I will appreciate the support of all voters and if honored with the office will try to show you my appreciation of your support by the way I fill the office.

Very respectfully,

W.C. Pryor.

In response to strong inducements from different parties of the county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916. In the event of my receiving the nomination I promise a faithful and impartial performance of the duties pertaining to the office.


D.T. Finlayson.  

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Okaloosa County. If chosen by the people for this position I pledge a faithful performance of the duties of the office, and will do all in my power to make the youngest county in Florida the banner county in educational matters. Your support and influence respectfully solicited.

J.H.R. Miller.


I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County. I have during the short time which I have filled the office by appointment, endeavored to faithfully discharge my duties as Sheriff, and I hope that my work has had the approval of the general public and voters of the county to the extent that I will receive a good support at the coming primary, which will be held on June 6th. If re-elected, I promise as good service as heretofore, and will endeavor to do even better.

R.H. Sutton.  

 I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic Primary in June 1916. I will appreciate the support of all voters, and if honored with the office will try to show you my appreciation of your support by the way I fill the office.

Very respectfully,

Geo. Cooper.  

Through the solicitation of my friends I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916. My platform is “equal rights to all and special privileges to none.” If elected I promise that I will not make _______ of one man and _______ of another. Justice shall be my guiding star. I desire the votes of the voters. Will thank you to remember me at the primary.

L.G. Churchwell.  

In response to strong inducement from different parts of the county, I hereby announce that I will be a candidate in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916 _____ of Sheriff of Okaloosa County. In the event of my being nominated I pledge a faithful, impartial performance in the _______ pertaining to the office. If you have already pledged yourself to any other candidate I solicit your second choice vote.


J.L. __________



I hereby announce myself a candidate for County Judge in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary, and respectfully ask the support and influence of all voters. I promise to fill the office to the best of my ability ____ ________.

Respectfully yours,

J.T. ____________  

To the Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County.

At the earnest solicitation of many people from different parts of the county, I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Okaloosa County, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916, I respectfully solicit the support and influence of the voters in the primary. I am connected with no special interest, political or otherwise, I _______ squarely before the people the people, ready to support their interest as a whole to the best of my ability, should I be their choice.


Alfred L. C______  

To the Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County.

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Okaloosa County, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary to be held on June 6th, 1916.

I will greatly appreciate your support and vote for this important office, and if elected I will perform every duty of the office to the very best of my ability.

Yours very respectfully,

T.R. Davis.



I hereby announce my myself a candidate to succeed myself as Clerk Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, and will appreciate your vote and influence in the Democratic Primary on June 6th. If elected I promise a faithful performance of the duties the office requires.

Jas. L. Clary.  

  After carefully considering the _______ of friends, I announce myself a candidate for the office of Clerk Circuit Court of Okaloosa County subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary June 6th, 1916, will appreciate the support and influence of all, I promise to faithfully perform the duties of the office.

D.H. M_________



I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Collector in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary, and I promise a faithful performance of the duties of the office if I am elected._______ I am entitled to one full term in the office that I may prove my worth as a public servant and I believe that the people will ____ ____ my full term. Asking your support and influence. I am

Yours for business,

J.A. Richbourg  

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Collector in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary, subject to the action of the voters in the Primary to be held June 6th, 1916. If ________ I promise a faithful performance to fill the duties of the office, and it is upon this promise that I solicit your vote and influence.

P.J. Steele



I wish to announce myself a candidate for Tax Assessor of Okaloosa County, and if I am elected I shall pledge a faithful performance of the duties of that office and will appreciate your vote and support. Thanking you in advance,

Yours truly,

W.W. Etheridge?  

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Assessor in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary and I promise if elected a faithful performance of the duties of the office. I feel that I am entitled to one full term in the office so that I may prove my worth as a public official and I believe that the people will ______ a full. Asking your support and influence I am,

Yours to please,

Geo. H. T_____  


We are authorized to announce Mr. B.P. Edge, the present County Commissioner from District 5?, a candidate to succeed himself, subject to the actions of the voters of the district in the Democratic Primary to be held the 6th day of next June.



I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-election the office of Supervisor of Registration of Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary on June 6th, 1916. Your vote and influence respectfully solicited.

J.W. K_______  

I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Supervisor of Registration subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary of June 6th. Will appreciate your vote and support.

J.L. M______



I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-election in the office of County Commissioner for District No. 3, Okaloosa County, and I respectfully solicit the vote and support of all Democrats in the Primary of June 6th, 1916. (Pd. Adv.)

W.J. Davis.



  The friends of W.A. Campbell, hereby announce him a candidate for County Commissioner from District No. 1 of Okaloosa County subject to the Democratic Primary June 6th, 1916.



The many friends of Mr. I.S. Jones announce him a candidate for County Commissioner for District No. 2, subject to the actions of the Democratic voters at the primary to be held June 6th, 1916.



I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Justice of the Peace of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the actions of the voters in the primary to be held June 6th, 1916. I haven’t any promises to make only pledge myself to perform the duties of the office to the best of my ability. If I am honored with the office your vote and influence will be highly appreciated.

Yours respectfully,

Allen J. _________



Okaloosa County’s people will turn out in masse.

Visitors from Everywhere will be welcome -- and many there will be.

All State, District and County candidates will join the throng and be heard from.

Beautiful, shady, cool groves,--two good platforms to speak from,--splendid dancing floor,--good music, brass band and orchestra.


This and much more. Good things, good time, good people, good order. Good--good-EVERYTHING, we contemplate.

COME, partake of our hospitality and let us enjoy your company. The latch-string hangeth on the outsidee of “our cabin door.” PULL IT. WELCOME.


L. BUSH                               J.W. BOWERS
J.A. RICHBURG                  Mrs. W.E. WEBB
W.H. MAPOLES                 W.T. MATHIS
Mrs. W.H. MAPOLES        Mrs. J.W. BOWERS

Reception Committees.

Parties desiring to speak, communicate with Hon. W.H. Mapoles, Presiding Officer of the Day.


Confessed to Robbery

Lloyd Le Blanche and Will Brown alias “Tampa Kid,” two negroes arrested on the charge of being suspicious characters, according to the police made a confession of having been implicated in five cases of house robbing and five cases of highway robbery in Jacksonville, Fla., within the past few weeks, including the attempted robbery and shooting of ___ney Ganetta, the Assyrian merchant on Lackawanna Avenue a week ago.


Ancient City In Movies

St. Augustine will probably be the starting point for a great educational picture to be produced by a motion picture company. The company is planning to present the history of the United States in motion pictures and will release installments weekly. This city will be visited by one of the directors of the company about the 1st of April, and pictures of the most historical places will be taken.


You Either Pay Up or Announcement Stops

To accommodate our friends we have been carrying some of their announcements in The News on the promise that they would pay us “in a few days.” Now we wish to state that it takes money to print and circulate a newspaper, and unless each of you who are due us pay up by the 20th of this month (April,) your announcement will discontinue in this paper.


T. Hope Cawthon of DeFuniak was down this way Tuesday.  

If you get The News you get all the news of Okaloosa County.  

Material is on the ground for the addition to the Crescent Hotel.  

Cleve Hinote of Milligan was in town Saturday and Sunday.  

J.W. Bowers spend Sunday visiting in Pensacola.  

See L.E. Bowers for your velvet lawn seed.  

James L. Clary passed through here Saturday en-route to Laurel Hill.  

J.D. and Dallas Cobb took in the dance at Milligan Thursday night.  

Clayton Valentine of Niceville, took in the ice cream supper here Saturday night.  

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rucker have returned from their visit to the old home in Jackson, Miss.  

Miss Helen Savage of DeFuniak was the guest of miss Opal Bush Sunday.  

There will be an Easter egg hunt at the Congregational Church Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  

Rev. J.B. Ausley filled his regular appointment at the Methodist Church Sunday.  

Revs. J.H. Lott and S.J. Cain left for Santa Rosa Monday where they will hold a series of meetings.  

The News is read by over 1,000 people each week, so if your ad is in The News is pays.  

Sampson Hart and Dallas Cobb, Misses Alice Frater and Thelma Webb motored to Milligan Tuesday afternoon.  

Don’t fail to attend the ice cream supper here next Saturday night. The baseball boys will appreciate it.  

Drummers are getting thick as bees. Our merchants must be buying or they wouldn’t hang around.  

H.J. Brett, the main-spring of the Crestview Land Company was attending to business in Crestview Monday.  

Hon. A.G. Campbell, candidate for Circuit Judge, passed through Saturday night en route to his home in DeFuniak.  

Mrs. M.E. Savage and children of DeFuniak, spent the week end with Mr. Savage at the still. They made the trip in Mr. Savage’s Dodge.  

C.B. Ferdon and R.J. Diamond were business visitors at Baker Saturday. These gentlemen let the contract for the building of the bridge at Griffith Ferry.  

Rev. J.E. Brasher returned Monday night from Molina and Flomaton and other parts in western Florida and Alabama where he has been conducting religious meetings.  

The ice cream supper given by our good ladies for the benefit of the churches of this place was a success in every respect, all of the ice cream was sold, if fact everything was sold that they had to sell, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  

The editor was in Holt Saturday.  

Sampson Hart was in town Monday.  

Mr. Ray of Baker, was in town Sunday afternoon.  

Rev. S.J. Cain of Baker, was in town Sunday.  

E.L. Cheek spent the week end with his family at Pensacola.  

J.D. Cobb spent Saturday night at Baker with home folks.  

James Houston was a pleasant caller at Milligan Sunday.  

Sheriff Sutton and Dock Smith took in the ice cream supper here Saturday night.  

Lance Richbourg of DeFuniak, visited his parents here Saturday and Sunday.  

Miss Bessie Nicholson of McDavid, was the guest of Miss Opal Bush for several days this week.  

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Ferdon, Mrs. E.R. Marshburn and Miss Anna Nelson motored to DeFuniak Monday in Mr. Ferdon’s car.  

There will be Easter Services at the Congregational Church Sunday morning at 11 o’clock. Everybody is cordially invited to attend.  

Rev. J.H. Lott, Superintendent Gulf District M.E. Church, delivered an able sermon at the Methodist church here Sunday night.  

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Henderson and daughter Miss Ruth, and Mr. W.H. Parish motored to Holt Sunday and visited Mrs. Henderson’s sister, Mrs. Senterfitt.  

Our baseball boys look as though they will soon be ready for business by the way they are flashing those new suits around.  

FOR SALE- 40 acres of Okaloosa soil with a good water mill with two sets of rocks.  All in good condition. 5-½ miles north Crestview. Address S.W. Locke. Crestview, or call and see property.  

Clyde Webb, who has previously been employed at Claroy for several months has accepted a position with the Algier Sullivan Lumber Company at Century. Here’s hoping him all the success possible.  

See L.E. Bowers for your paint, brick and lime.  

Don’t forget to pay your poll tax.  

B.H. Ansley of Pensacola, spent Saturday night with home folks.  

Rev. Jas. H. Sutley of Milligan, was a visitor here Saturday.


Important Information For Candidates and Voters

Below we give the dates on which the State Primary of June 6 hinges. They are of importance to the candidates and voters and should be remembered:

All precinct registration books closed April 3rd.

The County Registration officer will close his books at the Court House May 1st.

You poll tax for the years of 1914 and 1915 must be paid by May 13th.

Candidates for county officers must file statement as to their eligibility for office and filing fee by May 17th.

Candidates for state office must file statement and pay filing fee by May 6th.

All candidates must file three sworn statements as to their expense accounts:

First, between the 6th and 11th day of May. Second, between the 13th and 25th day of May. Third, 16th day of June.


Crestview Has
Two railroads
Five general stores
Two garages
One livery stable
Two churches
One drugstore
One café
One hotel
One newspaper
One barber shop
One school
One grist mill and feed crusher
Two turpentine stills
One cotton gin
One bank under construction

Crestview Needs
Water works
A good dentist
Sewerage system
A bottling works
An electric lighting plant
Saw mill, not less 100,000 feet capacity
The Court House -- being the most centrally located town in Okaloosa County.


See D.F. Herring for your carpenter work of all kinds. Either day labor or contract work. Satisfaction guaranteed. Crestview, Fla. (Paid adv.)



Means rising at six o’clock in the morning, living on a dollar a day if you earn two----minding your own business and not meddling with other people’s. Luck means appointments you have never failed to keep--the trains you have never failed to catch. Luck means trusting in God and your own resources.  

The man with a bank account and a check book in his pocket is considered lucky. This kind of luck is within your reach. Many of our best customers started with a small deposit. So can you.  


Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $50,000

DeFuniak Springs, Florida


We negotiate loans on improved

In Okaloosa County, Florida. If you desire to improve and better equip your farm, call and discuss with us, the question of procuring money on improved lands, upon long time and reasonable rate of interest.

Daniel Campbell & Son
DeFuniak Springs, Florida

Camp Walton, Florida

Electric Lights and Steam Heated

Hot and Cold Baths

$2.00 Per Day $10.00 Per Week

Theo. Staff, Manager

To All Candidates

We now have plenty of cards of all sizes and kinds, and have the necessary machinery and printing material to get them ready within a few minutes.

Cards printed by The News job office are vote getters. So don’t fail to give us your next order.



Attorney-at Law

Milligan, Florida


E.R. Marshburn, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon

Office next door to Post Office.

Phone call: short, long, short, long.
Crestview, Florida


E. Porter Webb,

Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.

All calls answered promptly -- day or night, rain or shine.

Female Diseases Given Special Attention.

Phone 7. Laurel Hill, Florida

FOR SALE--80 acres of good farm land 2-½ miles East of Crestview. Price $850.00.  Crestview Land Company.



Keiffer Bros. Shoes
For Men, Women and Children

Come and get your choice in Shoes or Low-Cuts.

Aragon Brand Shirts

Pants, Overalls, Neckwear, Belts, Hosiery, etc.

Falcon Brand and Stetson Hats

A Complete line of Dry Goods and General Merchandise

Crestview, Fla. C.H. Griffith, Crestview, Fla.


Notice To Correspondents

Please mail your items each week on Mondays so the same may reach our office not later than Tuesday morning if you want your items to appear in the paper the same week. Write all copy as plainly as possible and on one side of the paper.

We would be glad to make all correspondents agents. If you are interested write to us.


As we have not read any news from here in quite awhile, we will send some.  

The people of this community are having some fine weather for farming at present.

Mrs. Cross and children of Andalusia, are visiting relatives at this place.  

Mrs. J.M. King has been on the sick list this week.  

The sing at Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Davidson Saturday night was well attended.  

If this misses the waste basket we will try again.


Mrs. George Jordan of Crestview, is visiting friends and relatives here this week.  

Miss Josie Cox accompanied by Miss Ruth Balentine returned to her home in Milton last Friday.  

Mrs. George W. Parish, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. J.E. Jeralds of Pensacola, returned home Monday on the mail boat. Mrs. Jeralds and little son Jim, accompanied her mother home and will spend a few weeks with friends and home folks.  

Rev. Arnett filled his regular appointment here last Saturday and Sunday.  

Mrs. G.B. Anchors spent Sunday with Mrs. McGriff.  

Mrs. B.P. Edge and daughter Lula and Lena Armstrong were callers at Mrs. A. A. Howell’s and Spence’s Thursday evening.  

Claude Lathinhouse made his usual trip to the Bayou this week after fresh oysters.  

Mrs. Herman Pope and Miss Bessie McGriff were down the first of the week.  

Dr. McGriff was doing business in Pensacola this week.  

A party consisting of B.P. Edge, Mrs. Session, Messrs. Haskins, Sutton, Kierce and Moore went to the Sardine Lake Wednesday. They report a fine time.  


We are enjoying some real nice, warm, spring days now, and the farmers are busy planting.  

Mrs. James Smith was taken to the infirmary in Pensacola, Monday night where she will be treated for general breakdown.  

L.L. Messer is just up from a long fight with typhoid fever.  

Dixie Drug Co., is headquarters for pure medicine and rubber goods.  

  The Civic League has done some wonderful work cleaning up the town. Everybody enjoys the clean appearance of things.  

Rev. D.F. Sutley filled his regular appointment here Sunday. He is doing some real good work in bringing the church to its full working _____ _______ by the Sunday School.  

Charles McKnight went to Bonifay Saturday night and spent Sunday and Monday with home folks.  

Alex Adams is very sick with typhoid fever.  

William Johnson is also suffering with typhoid fever.  

Miss Virgie Dollar was a welcome visitor here Sunday.  

Everywhere one goes he meets a candidate.  

Rev. C.C. Eiland is doing some local mission work here this week.  

When in town call at Dixie Drug Store and quench your thirst.  

Hon. Bill Mapoles was a pleasant visitor in our little city last Saturday. He succeeded in arousing the people’s interest in calling an election for the county seat.  

A fire broke out in the boiler room of the W.T. Smiths’ Sons Timber Co’s Mill Monday, but extinguished before any damage.  

James Woodard of Harold, was up here Saturday and part of Sunday. We are always glad to see Jimmy.  

Hon. H.S. Laird of Milton, was here Monday on business.  


Health of community not very good, though the weather is fine.  

Corn planting time will soon be over.  

The cold last week came very near getting the young tomatoes, peas, etc.  

Uncle Archie McDonald has moved to Deerland.  

E.C. Hart and family and his mother moved from Harris back to their old home.  

J.M. Miller is the proud owner of a fine black mare.  

Angus Gillis of Sampson, Ala., is visiting friends and relatives here this week.  

There came a little girl into our community last Saturday evening taking up her abode at the home of Emanuel Martin and wife.  

M.P. Hart has purchased another fine black horse to go with “Old Frank” the large black one he already has.  

E.C. Hart accompanied by his brother Allen L. made a business trip to Mossy Head, Claroy and other places Saturday.  

Uncle Horace Hart made what some would call a pleasure trip to Laurel Hill Sunday afternoon, but we think he meant business.

E.C. Hart has been in the horse trading business very extensively here of late.  

We can’t help but feel a little envious toward J. Matthew Miller because every time there is a good horse or mule for sale he jumps in and buys it.  

Hart Bros. are talking of moving their mill back from Harris.  

Malcolm Griffith and family and his cousin Miss Carlee Griffith made a trip to Gaskin last week.  

Don’t forget the Easter exercises at the church on Easter (next) Sunday beginning at 3 o’clock. Everybody is cordially invited.  

T.A. McCallum and family visited at A.L. Hart’s Sunday.  


I.F. Eldridge, supervisor of the Florida division national forest reserve, and Mr. Potter of Washington, D.C., who is the chief inspector of the forest turpentine industry have been at “Camp Pinchot,” Garniers, looking after business through the Choctawhatchee reservation.  

E. A. Mooney was a Camp Walton visitor last Tuesday morning.  

Dick Gulnot and wife who have been residing at Garniers the past two years, taking care of the property of M.H. Sullivan, have gone to Pensacola to reside. Frank Rogers accompanied them and will make his home with them.  

Will C. Seranton, who is working at Camp Walton spent Saturday night and Sunday here with his family.  

Mrs. R.C. Irwin, the Good Roads agitator, of Five Mile Bayou, was a caller last Tuesday morning at Garniers.  

S.S. Spence of the Boggy Lumber Company of Niceville, carried out a tow of logs from the head of Garniers Bayou last Friday morning.  

J.N. Lee of Five Mile, and Mr. McManigol, and old soldier friend, were guests of E.A. Mooney a while last Wednesday. Mr. McManigol has spent a number of years in south and southwest Florida, but he has declared his intention of becoming a citizen of Okaloosa County, he being particularly favorably impressed with the attractions of the Bayou country.  

L.W. Winkley of Don Bayou, Mrs. R.C. Irwin and little Gussie Kelly of Five Mile, were guests of W.N. Hartgrove at “Driftwood,” Garniers last Saturday.  

Robert Brown and W.N. Hartgrove made a trip to Five Mile Bayou last Sunday morning. Mr. Hartgove has entered the race for justice of the peace of this district and he has numbers of friends and supporters not only at Garniers but elsewhere who will be glad to see him win and extend to him every good wish for his success, as he is so well fitted for the office as by his continuous long residence here he is familiar with the people and the laws of this state and being a man of high ideals and quiet bearings he naturally impresses one as a promoter of peace and harmony and such a man should receive the support of voters of like minds.  

J.W. Kierce of Baker, B.H. Sutton of Milligan and D.R. Moore of Laurel Hill, three of the winning candidates in the coming election were at Garniers last Thursday combining business and pleasure. Sheriff Sutton coming down to serve subpoenas for the spring term of court 24th inst. and registration officer Kierce came down to re-register the voters and straighten out the difficulty which we mentioned previously as having caused a great deal of confusion by illegal registering this part of the County. Candidate Moore was electioneering in the interest of his race for representative. We deeply appreciate the kindness of Mr. Sutton in bringing Mr. Kierce to straighten out the matter of registration, even though there are quiet a few who are as yet still unregistered, but for a lack of time Mr. Kierce was unable to reach them all at this time, but both he and Mr. Sutton agreed to make another trip for the purpose of registering the others if they would appoint a date and meet at an appointed time at a convenient place. So gentlemen, its now up to you, strictly, and no one else but yourselves to blame if you are not qualified to vote in the June primary, so get busy and lets put the Court House in the right place and elect the right men to look out for our interests in the future, we cannot be too careful in the selection of the right men to handle our affairs completely and with justice to ourselves and to our county.  

Mrs. A.C. Keeler of Sunny ______ was attending to business at Garniers post office last Thursday. Mrs. Keeler expects to go north in a few days to visit friends and relatives in Iowa and at her old home in Chicago in hopes of regaining her health which of late has become very poor.  


J.L. Pippin and wife, Joe Ware and wife of Claroy, were visitors at the home of A.D. Ward’s Sunday.  

A large crowd of our young people enjoyed a delightful entertainment at A.D. Ward’s Saturday night. The house was beautifully decorated in white and green. All who attended report a good time.  

Ed Durant filled his regular appointment at Deerland Saturday night.  

Will Bethea is on a visit to home folks in North Carolina.  

Frank Etherige and A.J. ______ attended the W.O.W. united at DeFuniak Sunday.  

John Jordan of Blackman, has accepted a position with the Lockendam Lumber Company now.  

Isiah Matthews was a visitor of J.E. Ward’s Saturday and Sunday.  

Griffin Pippins and George ___ attended church at Pleasant Hill Sunday and report a nice time.  

A.D. Ward made a flying trip to Deerland Saturday afternoon.  

Florence Reeves was a pleasant caller at Mrs. Moor’s Wednesday afternoon.


Vote for Geo. H. Webb for Tax Assessor of Okaloosa County. (Paid Adv.)


Subcribe for the Okaloosa News


Has always been and is now, a value-giving store.

It has always been a store that set the standard of value on hundreds of articles.

Prices at other stores were judged by the prices prevailing at Finlayson’s store.

This store has always advertised a saving of 10 cts. on the dollar on numbers of items carrying a “regular” price, and carried this advertisement out to the letter.

This inducement to trade here still holds good.

Items sold regularly at 50 cents and $1.00 elsewhere, you can buy at Finlayson’s Store for 45 and 90 cents.

Ginghams, percales, cheviots, shirtings and a great many other goods selling regularly for 10 cents a yard, you can by at Finlayson’s Store for 9 cents a yard.

In addition to these inducements, you will find here valuable premiums which I give free after you purchase a certain amount.

These premiums consist of clocks, mirrors, rugs, or anything else equally valuable which you may prefer out of our stock.



Purchased in Baltimore and New York
An Issue of $3,000,000

Money for the Work Will Be Available Almost Immediately--Everglades Drainage Scheme Considered One of the Largest Engineering Projects in the World.

Purchasers have been found for $3,000,000 of the Everglades drainage bonds, as a result of a trip to New York and Baltimore by Governor Trammell, Attorney General West and ex-Governor, W.S. Jennings, and unless legal objections are found in validation proceedings which will be instituted by Attorney General West at Tallahassee, the money will be available

E.R. Marshburn, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon

Office next door to Post Office.

Phone call: short, long, short, long.

Crestview, Florida


E. Porter Webb,

Physician and Surgeon

Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.

All calls answered promptly -- day or night, rain or shine.

Female Diseases Given Special Attention.

Phone 7. Laurel Hill, Florida


almost immediately. At least $1,000,000 will be in the hands of the trustees of the Internal Improvement Board, in charge of the Everglades drainage operations without delay.

The Everglades drainage project is considered one of the largest engineering projects in the world, calling for the drainage of millions of acres of land. So many delays have been suffered in the performance of the work and so much unfavorable criticism has resulted throughout the nation, the news of the sale of the big bond issue will be received with general satisfaction not only in Florida, but throughout the United States.

Working to Get U.S. Consent to Reclaim Land

A Bradentown, Fla. Dispatch says: Representative A.M. Wilson, of Miakka, and Mrs. Potter Palmer, of Osprey, have returned from Washington, where they appeared before the government engineers in connection with the Miakka (Myakka) river drainage project, through which it is the purpose to reclaim more than 50,000 acres of fertile land and open the river to navigation for small boats.

Representative Wilson, in the 1913 session of the legislature, obtained the passage of a concurrent resolution memorializing Congress and petitioning for an appropriation for the work.

A survey was made last summer and an adverse report was made on account of the lack of commerce in that direction.

Through efforts of Represenative Wilson and Mrs. Palmer the case was reopened.


Bradentown Man Solves High Cost of Living Problem

L.W. Staly, of Bradentown, Fla., solved the problem of the high cost of living by taking in a plentiful supply of vegetables from his gardens every day in the year.

For a period of five years he has had a continuous crop on a plot 100x100 feet in dimension and his crop has included Irish potatoes, which he has planted at will every day or week in the year.


Killed When Auto Overturns
Barton Beasley, age 28, was killed at Winterhaven, Fla., when his automobile turned over in a canal that the firm of which he was a member is constructing to connect a number of lakes. Several persons passed the machine before it was discovered young Beasley was under it. Beasley was a member of the firm Beasley Construction Company, of Savannah, his father being the president.


Greatest Flying Machine
One of the greatest flying machines in the world is soon to be given a trial at Pensacola. It is one of 20 great aeroplanes which the government is causing to be constructed at the Burgess Works at Marblehead, Mass., and when they are ready for delivery it is declared that the United States will have the biggest fleet of giant fliers owned by any government.


Means Much For Crestview
W.K. McLaughlin informs us that L.G. Crosby, general manager of the Higene Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Pensacola, has purchased a lot here and will erect a large warehouse here for the purpose of shipping his famous drink to this place in carload lots. He will then supply his trade from all over this territory from his warehouse at this place. This will be quite an enterprise for Crestview, and will furnish employment for quite a number of men.


Milligan, Florida


The many friends here regretted very much to have Mr. E.C. Hart and family leave for their home at Dorcas, they have spent the past year here with us and we hope our loss here will be their gain by the move.  

Mrs. M.J. Hart has been very much missed by her many friends gained during her stay here. She has spent the past year with us, and has now returned to her home in Dorcas, though we hope to have her visit often in the future.  

C.J. and R.C. Stoutenburg have left for their home in Milligan. They spend the winter with us every year and expect to return again in the fall.  

W.T. Hart and wife now occupy the Stoutenburg cottage.  

Mesdames W.T. Hart and Belle Wright are the champion fishermen of Harris, they went fishing on the Ward Dock here yesterday and in a few moments were the proud possessors of a large string of red fish, trout and sheep head.

C.F. Jernigan and family are now living in the Condon place having moved Wednesday from the Jennings cottage.  

W.C. Reynolds and J.F. Haley of Chicago, are pleasant guests of the former's parents, J.G. Reynolds and wife.  

Father Swaney of Mobile, was the guest of Mrs. A.E. McGuine one day this week.  

S.L. Hart is a business caller to Niceville this week.  

The many friends of Lonnie Martin regret very much to learn he will in the future make Pensacola his home. We will miss him very much.  

Horace Martin and little brother John, arrived in the launch “Dove” last night from Pensacola for a few days visit to friends and relatives here.  

A birthday party was given in honor of Miss Retta Reddick last Saturday night at the home of C.J. Stoutenburg. Dancing was the order of the evening. Miss Reddick received several nice presents and the best wishes by all present for her future years to have just enough clouds to make a glorious sunset.

Rev. Powell of Holt, gave us a very nice sermon Thursday night at our little school house owing to the weather. The crowd was small but the sermon was very much enjoyed by all there.  

Mrs. E.A. Rogers and sister Miss Mamie Hall, W.C. Reynolds and J.F. Haley were pleasant callers at the home of Mr. Ward and family Wednesday evening.  

A.P. Mallory of DeFuniak, was a business caller here the first of the week.  

R.M. Hall returned from Pensacola last night where he has spent the past week among friends and relatives.


Laurel Hill to Have Picnic
We are in receipt of a poster announcing that Laurel Hill would celebrate May 4th, as candidate day, by giving a basket dinner. All candidates for both state and county offices will have the opportunity of speaking. There will be a baseball game in the afternoon. Everybody along with the candidates are cordially invited to visit Laurel Hill on that day.


The late cold snap did some damage to the crops in the state.  

St. Augustine is to wage a war of extermination on the troublesome English sparrow.  

A number of large deals involving Franklin County lands have recently been made.  

The teacher’s summer school at the University of Florida will open at Gainesville on June 12.  

Ohio capitalists will raise cattle in Clay County. This industry will be a large one.  

B.J. Ford is a candidate for railroad commissioner, subject to the Democratic primary of June 6.  

Floridians will erect a monument in honor of the late Governor Broward, of that state. Subscriptions to ____ funds are being raised.  

Adrian P. Jordan, editor of the Punta Gorda Herald, announces as candidate for Secretary of State in opposition to H. Clay Crawford.  

Messers. Lambert & Moody have just purchased the lumber on 14,000 acres of land known as relay tract, which lies southwest of Bunnell.  

A fine new bridge is to be built in Palatka, contract having been recently closed for construction. It will be ready for next winter’s business.  

Senator Bryan, of this state, introduced an amendment to the agricultural bill to increase from $250,000 to $300,000 an appropriation for fighting the citrus canker.  

A coroner’s jury before Justice G.A. Stephens found that Luke S____ton, a negro, who was found drowned in the river at the Merchants and Miners dock, Jacksonville, came to drown accidentally.  

George Winship, one of Atlanta’s wealthiest men and for years permanently connected with the cotton ginning industry in Georgia, died at his winter home at Sarasota. He was about 75 years old.  

One hundred Elks, representing one of the eighteen Florida lodges composing the Florida State Elk’s association, held their annual convention at Jacksonville. Orlando is the next meeting place.  

William Watson, charged with the murder of his sister-in-law at ____ Valley, in the northern part of this county, a few days ago was given a hearing before Judge Mackey at St. Augustine and was held for the circuit court in a bond of $2,000.  

Lakeland was selected as host for the 1917 Baraca-Philathea convention for the state of Florida at the ____ session of the convention in Gainesville. Officers, headed by J.C. Lauler, of Jacksonville, as president were also chosen.  

Arches to mark the boundary line of St. John County at the north and south end of the brick highway are to materialize very soon. Work on the one at the Duval-St. John county line has already started and it will be completed before the southern arches are commenced.  

Members of the Southern Gas Association comprising some seventy-five delegates stopped over in Jacksonville en route from Tampa to their homes in other sections of the country, and were entertained by H____ B. Hoyt, vice-president of the Jacksonville Gas Company.  

It is learned from Dr. Ralph _ Green, chief physician of the Florida Hospital for the Insane, who attended the meeting of the American Medical Pscychological Association at New Orleans, that a special certificate of merit has been awarded the Florida institution by the Committee on Divisional Occupations for the Insane.