Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 1
Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, June 2, 1916 No. 35

Was the Crestview Lot Sale a Success?  Judge For Yourself
  Since the sale was advertised in these columns our readers may be interested in knowing the results of the sale.
  Just look who bought, see the addition interest in this place.
  Following is a list  of the purchasers and the sum of the purchases made by each, viz:
John H. Collins, Milton, Fla.   $990.00
Mrs. J.W. Hawkins, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.     200.00
Fred M. Senterfitt, Holt, Fla.   75.00
B.(R) Robinson, Baker, Fla.  120.00
W.W. Harrison, Harold, Fla.   100.00
G.B. Anchors, Garniers, Fla.     55.00
J.A. Stokes, Oak Grove, Fla.    50.00
Prof. W.C. Pryor, Milligan, Fla.    26.00
C.Y. Meigs?, Bonifay, Fla.     23.00
W.S. Stokes, Oak Grove, Fla.      23.00
A.W. Powell, Dorcas, Fla.    63.50
J.M. Edge, Crestview, Fla.         21.00
Miss Helen Brett, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.  23.00
Prof. P.J. Franklin, Baker, Fla.     24.00
J.A. & S. Stokes, jointly, Oak Grove, Fla.  105.00
N.F. Cain, Crestview, Fla.             49.00
Total                                         $1,948.50

Look out.  Prepare for July 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  See the city of tents.  Okaloosa going wild.  Three days mid summer carnival.  Three nights you will never forget them.
Two Thousand People From All Over West Florida and Okaloosa County Engage in a Day of Pleasure and Recreation—Plenty of Candidates—Plenty to Eat and a Good Time Enjoyed by All.
  Sure, just as advertised and predicted by the editor of The News, the big celebration—“The get-together meeting of the citizens of Okaloosa County,” held here Saturday, was recognized , and given up to be the biggest and most perfect success ever pulled off in the good county of Okaloosa.
  By 7 o’clock Saturday morning the throng of people from all over the whole county began coming in—some on autos, some on buggies, some on wagons, and others walking.  When the train came in from Florala some two hundred people came on it.  The train from DeFuniak next to arrive brought something like two hundred more.  The train from the West brought the band from Pensacola with some two or three hundred more visitors.  As the band played the immense crowd marched to the arbor in the forks of the road where the town plat of Crestview shows ten acres designated as the “civic or  court house site.”  Another selection by the band, and the crowd was called to order by the editor of The News, who delivered the welcome address, which was responded to by Mr. James A. Emmett, editor of the Pensacola News, the response appearing elsewhere in this issue.
  Speaking by different candidates—the names of whom we haven’t room to mention—were indulged in till 10:30, after which the auctioning of lots was engaged in till 12 p.m.  At this juncture one of the best barbecued dinners ever served in West Florida was relished by at least two thousand people—all of whom, so far as we have been able to learn, had plenty to eat.
  After dinner, the crowd reassembled at the big arbor where the speaking of the candidates was again resumed till 3:30, after which a most exciting and interesting game of ball was played between the teams of Crestview and Laurel Hill, which resulted in a victory for the locals by a score of four to two.
  This practically wound up the day’s pleasures by the biggest concourse of people ever assembled together in Okaloosa County, and the crowd began breaking away for their homes in the different parts of the county, however, not until the majority of the crowd had expressed themselves as being thoroughly satisfied with the day’s pleasures, and that they were looking forward to another day just like it.
received both of the ones given away to purchasers at the auction.  The lot which was given away free without any purchase price, went to the young son of Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Herring, of this place; while Hon. John H. Collins of Milton
  See the results of the auction sale elsewhere in this issue of The News.
D.D. Murphy Killed in Auto Wreck
  While returning from Camp Walton last Sunday evening to their home at Florala, Ala., on an auto, D.D. Murphy, Lee Mathis, Ora Douglass and T.C. Smith, were all more or less injured when within four miles of Crestview by a tire bursting on one of the rear wheels of the machine, which caused it to turn completely over.  Mr. Murphy was caught beneath the machine and so severely mashed about the chest that despite the best medical skill rendered by Dr. Marshburn, who reached him a few minutes after the accident occurred, he died about three hours later on the train as he was being carried to his home.
  The deceased was about 45 years of age and leaves a wife to mourn his death.
No Wild Cat Subscription Scheme To This.  Read! Go to Work! Make Money!
The Okaloosa News desires to secure the services of several good solicitors--young men, young ladies, boys, girls or older people of either sex--to secure subscriptions to this paper at $1.00 per year.
The Okaloosa News is the county paper of Okaloosa County.  It is the best paper published in the county.  The News has been designated as the official organ of Okaloosa County.  Every family in Okaloosa County should take The News.  Hundreds of them will take it if requested to do so by some good hustler.
It ought to be an easy matter to secure fifteen new subscribers in any community in the county.  If this is done the solicitor may keep $5 of the amount so received and send us the $10 balance.  This is no “wild-cat” scheme to fool people, but is a square and honest offer to all who desire to do some hustling for this paper.  If less than fifteen subscribers are secured the solicitor may retain 30 cents on each one and send us the balance.  By this method any smart young person ought to make several dollars each day soliciting subscriptions thru out the county.  This method of doing business will cause no heartaches or regrets on the part of those who engage in it.  It is honest and legitimate in every particular.  Who will be first to enlist with us?  Let us hear from you at once.
The Okaloosa News.
 If you are not already a subscriber, become one TODAY.
W.M Hurtenback
Candidate For State Attorney
I Say That I Have Registered
  Before me personally appeared Albert M. Avery, Jr., the individual whose name is thereto subscribed, who, being first duly sworn, says:
  That late on the afternoon of Saturday, April 29th, A.D. 1916, I was present with Mr. W.M. Hurtenbach, and Mr. R.J. Reager, in the office of Mr. Joseph Hicks, Registration Officer; that I was in a hurry, having some business to attend to and asked Mr. Hicks “if he had finished with Mr. Hurtenbach,” to which Mr. Hicks replied:  “Nearly there is one book for him to sign.”
  Mr. Hicks and Mr. Hurtenbach were standing at a small table with a pile of books and papers upon it; one book was in front of Mr. Hurtenbach, the other one just along side of him, open for his signature, and I saw him in the act of signing his name in one of the books just before I registered.
  I did not receive a registration certificate and I do not think that he did.
    A.M. AVERY, JR.
Sworn to me and subscribed before me this 27th day of May, A.D. 1916.
  Notary Public,
(Notary Seal,)  My Commission expires April 20, 1919.
W.M Hurtenback
Notice To Correspondents
  Please mail your items each week on Mondays so the same may reach our office not later than Tuesday morning if you want your items to appear in the paper the same week.  Write all copy as plainly as possible and on one side of the paper. 
  We would be glad to make all correspondents agents.  If you are interested write to us.
  The people of Pleasant Hill spent the day at Crestview Saturday and report a good time.  

  Rev. W.F. Arnott filled his regular appointment at Union Springs Sunday.
  Steve Edge passed through our burg Monday.

   There will be an all-day sing on the fourth Sunday in June at Union Springs.  Dinner will be served on the grounds. Everybody is cordially invited to attend.
Monday.  Eli Johnson was visiting N.F. Cain
  N.F. Cain was with the good people at Union Springs Sunday.  Hope he will come again.
  Don’t forget the sing at Union Springs on the fourth Sunday in June.  Come and bring your song books.
  Hon. Bill Mapoles passed thru here Monday night.
  Mr. W.T. Smith, Jr., member of the firm of W.T. Smith’s Sons Timber Co., left last week for a business tour in Kansas and other states.
  Don’t forget the picnic at Holt June 3rd, next Saturday.  A good time for all.
Monday night.  The young folks enjoyed a social party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Cooper
  Dr. Mixon is kept very busy these days among the sick.
  Mrs. Finuff has been very sick of chills and fever, but is improving now.
  June 3rd, will be a day of genuine pleasure for everybody who comes to Holt.
  While in town make it a point to visit the Dixie Drug Store.  Everything nice and clean.
  Workers and teachers meeting at Baptist church every Wednesday night at 8:00 o’clock.  Visitors cordially invited.
  While Mr. and Mrs. Harold Porter are in their home state, Cad is visiting “UncleJasper” on the Smith farm.  Cad is always a welcome visitor.
  Miss Lee Renfroe attended the party at Mr. and Mrs. Cooper’s Monday night.
  “Tanlac,” the great system builder for sale at Dixie Drug Store.
last week.  Our little city enjoyed the visit of Gov. Park Trammell and Hon. Albert W. Gilehrist
  Most everybody from here attended the picnic at Crestview Saturday, and they say it was one of the every best they ever saw.
  Miss Lola Powell spent Saturday night and Sunday with the Misses Clary.
  Johnnie Clary and David Lott spent a day in Laurel Hill Saturday.
were the guests of Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Clark and daughter, Hazel, and Mr. and Mrs. John PowellMr. and Mrs. D.J. Lott
  The cream supper at Mr. Garrett’s Friday night was a good one and well enjoyed by a large crowd.
  Mrs. J.E. Melvin spent Friday night with Mrs. T.J. Garrett.
  Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Baggett and daughter, Mrs. J.E. Melvin, spent Sunday with Mrs. Baggett’s father and mother.
  John and James Senterfitt and sister, Percy, spent Sunday with John Clary and sisters.
  Allen Moore was visiting friends here Sunday.
made their usual visit here Sunday afternoon.  Cortez Campbell and Shirley Steele
  J.M Barrow lost a fine young mule Thursday.
  Miss Bertha Gavin spent Friday night with Miss Sarah Garrett.
  Misses Thelma and Myrtice Clary were shopping in Laurel Hill Saturday.
  Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Clary spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Clary.
  Allen Harrison spent Saturday night with John Garrett.
  Mrs. John Harrison spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. T.J. Garrett.
  Malory Barrow spent Sunday with David Lott.
  Our young people say they are going to stop for a chance before they marry any more.
  If in The News, you have space for a few items from our burg, I shall endeavor to state them as briefly as possible.
  You should have been here on the third Sunday to have helped us enjoy our all day sing.
  Dr. Stephens of Laurel Hill, was called to see the infant child of Marvin Phillips last Friday, and we are glad to state that the little one is convalescent.
  Allen Adkison, the “Wakins man” passed through our burg Wednesday.
  Mrs. Julia Butram of Titus, Ala., who has been the guest of her father and mother, Mr.and Mrs. W.H.S. Morrison, for the past two weeks returned home Tuesday.
  The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yeoman died Tuesday evening about four o’clock. May our Heavenly Father bind up the broken hearts of its father and mother and comfort all those who mourn over the loss of this sweet little babe.
  Mrs. Jamie Clemins, of  Lockhart, was the guest last week of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Etheridge.  Mrs. Clemins returned home Saturday.
  Tillman, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Davis was taken quite sick last Thursday.  Dr. Stephens was called to his bedside and at this writing we are glad to state that he is much improved.
  The sing at the Baptist Church Sunday afternoon was much enjoyed by all present.
  By the way, Brother Bill, I was about to forget, and that would never do, so listen, be quiet, I am going to say it—hurrah for Crestview as the right place for the county seat of Okaloosa—I am certainly amazed at those who intend voting for the county seat to be established in one corner or edge as the case may be and I sincerely trust they may be enabled to see clearly before it is to late the guilty distance they stand from right and justice.  Let self stand aside and right and justice over Okaloosa prevail.
To the White Democratic Voters of the Third Congressional District of Florida:
A few more days yet remain in which you may decide on your vote for Congressman; after your ballot is cast, you must wait two years before you will have another opportunity to make a selection.
Would you not like to feel that you will have in Washington as your Congressman, one who will be ever watchful of your welfare and the good of the District and State.
If so, next Tuesday, in casting your ballot, help elect a man who made good in the Senate of the State of Florida, and who will make good in the Congress of the United States, by voting for
“The People’s Choice.”(Advertisement)
Keiffer Bros. Shoes
For Men, Women and Children
Come and get your choice in Shoes or Low-Cuts.
Aragon Brand Shirts
Pants, Overalls, Neckwear, Belts, Hosiery, etc.
Falcon Brand and Stetson Hats
A Complete line of Dry Goods and General Merchandise
Crestview, Fla.  C.H. Griffith, Crestview, Fla.
Candidate for State Comptroller
  Through actual experience in long service as Chief Clerk in three different departments of the state government, he is specially qualified to discharge the intricate duties of State Comptroller.
  He was born and reared on a farm near Tallahassee.
  He promises, if elected, prompt, courteous and impartial service.
  He will warmly appreciate your support in the Democratic Primary. (Advertisement)
Jefferson B. Browne
Candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida
Group 2
I Will Appreciate the Support of the Democratic Voters of the State
Inspectors and Clerks for Primary Election to be Held June 6, 1916
  Precinct No. 1, South Baker, Joel Griffith, A.W. Langley, J.F. Watson, Inspectors; G.C. McClarty, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 2, North Baker, A.G. Blue, Y.F. McCart, John Wilkinson, Sr., Inspectors; A.F. Moore, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 3, Beaver Creek, F.P. Snowden, A.M. Boyett, J.W. King, Inspectors; P.D. Franklin, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 4, Old Walton, W.D. Smith, J.M. Parker, J.L. Baggett, Inspectors; W.F. King, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 5, Laurel Hill, J.M. Summerlin, W.B. Fountain, H.M. Stokes, Inspectors; A.D. Campbell, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 6, Yellow River, P.B. Senterfitt, J.B.S. Clary, P.J. Summerlin, Inspectors; J.J. Moore, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 7, Blackman, H.G. Baggett, V.C. Lawbon, J.J. Hart, Inspectors; R.W. Steele, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 8, Milligan, J.M. Gordon, W.H. Gay, J.M. Zorn, Inspectors; S.C. Hinote, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 9, Holt, H.M. Smith, R.E. Shofner, M.R. Senterfitt, Inspectors; R.A. Johnson, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 10, Howell, J.M. Jordan, R.F. Weekly, J.J. Weekly, Inspectors; R.M. Strickland, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 11, Deerland, A.J. Bolton, E.M. Parker, J.L. Mathis, Inspectors; J.J. Ellis, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 12, Garden City, H.C. Powell, Horace Jones, J.M. Edge, Inspectors; M.L. Wheelus, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 13, Dorcas, John McSwain, A.L. Hart, W.H. Swinney, Inspectors; J.M. Miller, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 14, Niceville, J.F. Allen, J.S. Senterfitt, B.H. Munn, Inspectors; Geo. W. Allen, Clerk.
Precinct No. 15, Crestview, M.E. Savage, John R. Smith, J.C. Settles, Inspectors; J.D. Cobb, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 16, Mary Esther, Charlie Shipley, J.O. Davis, T.C. Brooks, Inspectors; E.M. Southwick, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 17, Wright, Geo. Wright, Joe Rogers, Blaney Brooks, Inspectors; E.R. McKee, Clerk.
  Precinct No. 18, Red Oak, J.W. Franklin, J.O. Franklin, Chas. Braehin, Inspectors; L.A. Fleming, Clerk.
Means rising at six o’clock in the morning, living on a dollar a day if can earn two--minding your own business and not meddling with other people’s.  Luck means appointments you have never failed to keep--the trains you have never failed to catch. Luck means trusting in God and your own resources.
The man with a bank account and a check book in his pocket is considered lucky.  This kind of luck is within your reach.  Many of our best customers started with a small deposit. So can you.
Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $50,000
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
We negotiate loans on improved
In Okaloosa County, Florida.  If you desire to improve and better equip your farm, call and discuss with us, the question of procuring money on improved lands, upon long time and reasonable rate of interest.
Daniel Campbell & Son
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Camp Walton, Florida
Electric Lights and Steam Heated
Hot and Cold Baths
$2.00 Per Day  $10.00 Per Week
Theo. Staff, Manager
Teachers’ Attention
  All who expect to take the teacher’s examination in Okaloosa County are requested to be in the High School Building in Baker promptly at 1 o’clock June 6th.  Bring pens, ink, pencils, scratch paper, legal cap paper, a certificate of good moral character and a fee of one dollar.
W.C. Pryor, Co. Supt.
Crestview Has
Two railroads
Five general stores
Two garages
One livery stable
Two churches
One drugstore
One café
One hotel
One newspaper
One barber shop
One school
One grist mill and feed crusher
Two turpentine stills
One cotton gin
One bank under construction
Another store under construction
$5.00 Reward
  Lost while unloading car load of horses at Crestview three weeks ago, one sorrel mare—white face and one eyed.  Will pay $5.00 for her return to W.A. Douglass at Crestview, Fla.
Political Announcements
To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.
  I wish to announce that I am a candidate to succeed myself as Judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.  I desire and will appreciate the support and endorsement of the Democratic Voters within the circuit for this appointment at the Democratic Primary to be held in June, 1916.
A.G. Campbell.
To the Democratic Voters of the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida.
  I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Judge of the Circuit Court, First Judicial Circuit, subject to the Democratic Voters at the primary to be held June 6th, 1916, and solicit the votes and influence of all voters in the Circuit.
J.T. Wiggins.
  I hereby announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination to the office of Circuit Judge for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June 6, 1916, and solicit the visitor and support of the Democratic of Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties.
To the Democratic Voters of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida.
  I will be a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of Florida in the primary of June, 1916.  I respectfully solicit your vote and support.
Robert H. Anderson.   (Paid Advertising)
  I am a candidate for the office of State Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, which comprises the counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton subject to the Democratic Primary to be held in June 1916.  Your vote and your influence will be much appreciated.
R. Arthur McGeachy.    (Paid Advertising)
To the Democratic Voters of the Counties of Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties.
  I respectfully submit my candidacy for the position of State Attorney of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida.  The endorsement for this position will be made by the Democratic voters in the above named counties at the primary election held on June 6th, 1916.
  Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated.
W.M. Hartenbach.   (Paid Advertising)
  The friends of Honorable W.A. McLeod in Okaloosa County hereby announce him a candidate for State Senator from this the First Senatorial District, the same being composed of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties.  The friends of Mr. McLeod believe his four years experience as Representative of his county, Santa Rosa, eminently qualifies him in every respect to represent the two counties in the State Senate for the next four years and it is upon this belief they solicit for him the vote and influence of every voter in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916.  (Paid Advertising)
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination of State Senator from the First Senatorial District of Florida, subject to the action of the voters at the Democratic Primary next June.  Your support will by duly appreciated.
P. Tomasilla  (Paid Advertising)
  At the solicitation of a few friends, but mostly of my own decision, I hereby announce myself a candidate for Representative of Okaloosa County, to be voted for in the Primary of June 6th, 1916.  If elected I promise a faithful performance of my duties in the office, and I will be the Representative of the people of the whole county.
P.J. Franklin.
  Permitting optimism and true Democracy to prevail, the eventual privilege is insured and maintained, hence, sustaining due respect for and obedience to my respected competitors and electors in general, I am constrained to enter the political race for and to represent Okaloosa the youngest county in the state in the ensuing legislature of Florida thus giving the electors an opportunity to exercise their discretion in casting their ballots.  If they deem my ability commensurate to the task of __________ the requirements of said office, and honor me therewith, I am a candid in asserting that I don’t believe they will find grounds for misplaced confidence.
Sincerely yours,
Malcolm Baggett.
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for County Judge in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary, and respectfully ask the support and influence of all voters.  I promise to fill the office to the best of my ability I am elected.
Respectfully yours,
J.T. Mapoles
To the Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County.
At the earnest solicitation of many people from different parts of the county, I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Okaloosa County, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916, I respectfully solicit the support and influence of the voters in the primary.  I am connected with no special interest, political or otherwise, I wish to stand squarely before the people the people, ready to support their interest as a whole to the best of my ability, should I be their choice.
Alfred L. Garrett
To the Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County.
  I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Okaloosa County, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary to be held on June 6th, 1916.
  I will greatly appreciate your support and vote for this important office, and if elected I will perform every duty of the office to the very best of my ability.
Yours very respectfully,
T.R. James  (Note:  in the paper of April 28th, T.R. James is listed as T.R. Davis.  Davis is not correct.
   I hereby announce my myself a candidate to succeed myself as Clerk Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, and will appreciate your vote and influence in the Democratic Primary on June 6th.  If elected I promise a faithful performance of the duties the office requires.
Jas. L. Clary.
  After carefully considering the solicitation of friends, I announce myself a candidate for the office of Clerk Circuit Court of Okaloosa County subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary June 6th, 1916, will appreciate the support and influence of all, I promise to faithfully perform the duties of the office.
D.H. McCallum
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County.  I have during the short time which I have filled the office by appointment, endeavored to faithfully discharge my duties as Sheriff, and I hope that my work has had the approval of the general public and voters of the county to the extent that I will receive a good support at the coming primary, which will be held on June 6th.  If re-elected, I promise as good service as heretofore, and will endeavor to do even better.
R.H. Sutton.
  In response to strong inducement from different parts of the county, I hereby announce that I will be a candidate in the Democratic Primary of June 6th, 1916, for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County.  In the event of my being nominated I pledge a faithful, impartial performance in the duties pertaining to the office.  If you have already pledged yourself to any other candidate I solicit your second choice vote.
J.L.  Rhoades
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the Democratic Primary in June 1916.  I will appreciate the support of all voters, and if honored with the office will try to show you my appreciation of your support by the way I fill the office.
Very respectfully,
Geo. Cooper.
  At the request of friends and upon my own account I announce myself for Sheriff of Okaloosa County subject to the action of the voters in the primary of June 6th.  It is upon the promise to fill the office without fear or favor according to oath that I solicit your vote and influence.
J.T. Green.

  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Collector in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary, and I promise a faithful performance of the duties of the office if I am elected. I feel that I am entitled to one full term in the office that I may prove my worth as a public servant and I believe that the people will give me a full term.  Asking your support and influence.  I am
Yours for business,
J.A. Richbourg
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Collector in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary, subject to the action of the voters in the Primary to be held June 6th, 1916.  If elected I promise a faithful performance to fill the duties of the office, and it is upon this promise that I solicit your vote and influence.
P.J. Steele


I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Tax Assessor in and for Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary and I promise if elected a faithful performance of the duties of the office.  I feel that I am entitled to one full term in the office so that I may prove my worth as a public official and I believe that the people will ______ a full.  Asking your support and influence I am,
Yours to please,
Geo. H. Webb
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-election the office of Supervisor of Registration of Okaloosa County, subject to the Democratic Primary on June 6th, 1916.  Your vote and influence respectfully solicited.
J.W. Kierce
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Supervisor of Registration subject to the actions of the Democratic Primary of June 6th.  Will appreciate your vote and support.
J.L. Miller
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of County Surveyor of Okaloosa County, and I ask the support and influence of all the voters in the Democratic primary of June 6th.
Very respectfully,
  W.T. Hart
  I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Justice of the Peace of Okaloosa County, Florida, subject to the actions of the voters in the primary to be held June 6th, 1916. I haven’t any promises to make only pledge myself to perform the duties of the office to the best of my ability.  If I am honored with the office your vote and influence will be highly appreciated.
Yours respectfully,
Allen J.  King
   The friends of W.A. Campbell, hereby announce him a candidate for County Commissioner from District No. 1 of Okaloosa County subject to the Democratic Primary June 6th, 1916.
   I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-election in the office of County Commissioner for District No. 3, Okaloosa County, and I respectfully solicit the vote and support of all Democrats in the Primary of June 6th, 1916.  (Pd. Adv.)
W.J. Davis.
  I announce myself a candidate for re-election as a member of he school board for third district of Okaloosa County.  I have no desire to become a politician but I am very much interested in the educational, moral and religious development of the boys and girls of this new county of ours and if the good citizens of the third district see fit to elect me in the democratic primary on the 6th day of June, I will endeavor to serve them, and the county at large, to the very best of my ability.
  Very truly yours,
     W.H. Spivey.
  The many friends of Mr. I.S. Jones announce him a candidate for County Commissioner for District No. 2, subject to the actions of the Democratic voters at the primary to be held June 6th, 1916.
   We are authorized to announce Mr. B.P. Edge, the present County Commissioner from District 5?, a candidate to succeed himself, subject to the actions of the voters of the district in the Democratic Primary to be held the 6th day of next June.
  Believing that I can be of much benefit to the whole people of Okaloosa County, and especially to those of School District No. 2 as a member of the Board of Public Instruction, I hereby announce myself a candidate for this office and respectfully solicit the votes and influence of every voter in the District in the primary on June 6th.  If you are already pledged, I will appreciate your second choice vote.
Lewis E. Bowers.
  Through the solicitation of my friends I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of County School Board from District No. 3, Okaloosa County, and respectfully solicit the vote and influence of all democrats in the primary of June 6th, 1916
D.J. Howell
  After considerable pressure being brought out in my favor I have at last yielded myself to the wishes of my friends and will be in the race for member of the school board from District No. 1, in the coming primary June 6.  Assuring you of my best efforts should I be elected, I ask for your support.
A.W. Powell
  I have qualified by paying in my filing fee as assessed against me according to law and herewith make my announcement for Constable for precinct No. 15, which is Crestview, and I respectfully solicit the votes and influence of all the voters in said precinct in the primary June 6th. 
W.T. Mathis
The Friends of  Hon. Erny Amos
Announce Him the Leading Candidate For
State Comptroller
In Okaloosa County.
(Pd. Political Adv.)
Of  Marion County, Candidate For
In The Next Democratic Primary
Your Support Will be Appreciated  (Advertisement)
E.R. Marshburn, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office next door to Post Office
Phone call: short, long, short, long
Crestview, Florida
Clerk Circuit Court
He is qualified to hold the position. He has had the clerical experience that the duties of the office requires.  He is courteous and accommodating.  The State officials endorse his work and he has made good.  Now show by your ballot that you endorse the efforts he has made in helping to organize the county’s government.
He is thoroughly familiar with the financial condition of the county and he is the right man in the right place.  He has served during the critical stage of the county’s organization.  Now elect him to continue the work and you will have no cause to regret it.
His record is a clean one, and he is now recognized by the State authorities as being one of the best Clerks of the Circuit Courts in Florida.
An Open Letter to the Voters of OkaloosaCounty
  This is the first time that I have appeared in public print other than my regular announcement.  Neither have I been on the stump.  At the time that I made my announcement, I fully intended that I would do no more in public print, but since some of my opponents appear regularly in the papers boosting their candidacy, telling you why you should vote for them, I deemed it but fair to my many friends that I should appear in public print, at least one time, other than the regular announcement.  Now I have no “legal” reason to argue why you should vote for me instead of either of my opponents, in fact you are intelligent people and will vote as you please.  I am not telling what you ought to do, but just what I would be real glad you would do—that is vote for me on the 6th day of June, 1916.  No man will appreciate it more than I will.
  I have no record in the office either appointive or elective, that I may boost.  But I have had several years of experience as a business man, notary public and Justice of the Peace.  I have had no serious complaints.  In fact, those who have had business with me in said positions have never kicked at my inefficiency.  I think that this experience, together with my knowledge of men and affairs is a reasonable guarantee of ability to administer the duties of the office I seek at your hands.
  I think however that it is “Democratic Precedence” to allow any Democrat to run for office who wants to.  And also that it is “Democratic Precedence” to allow the voters to vote as they please.  I am no politician, but just a plain citizen—just common country fed stock.  I believe in giving every citizen in the county a square deal.  I do not belong to any special interest in the county.  I have endeavored to treat my fellow man right regardless of his station in life.  And should you see fit to elect me as your County Judge on June 6th, I will promise you now, that I will faithfully perform the duties of that office to the best of my ability.  Treating all alike when they have business with the office, or the County Court.  I have neither the time nor the mud to fling on my opponents.  And should either of them fling any mud on me, just remember that I am running so fast that I haven’t the time to stop and take a “political bath” so please wash it off of me on the 6th of June by supporting me as your County Judge.
  Very respectfully,
  Alford L. Garrett
Tries To Take Her Life
  Mrs. Mamie Gobay, wife of H.E. Gobay, of Pensacola, Fla., made a desperate attempt to kill herself at Savannah by stabbing herself in the breast with a pair of scissors.  The arrival of Officer Dorsey prevented her from finishing the job.
  Worry over ill health was responsible for the sudden attempt.  Mrs. Gobay wrote letters to her husband and her mother just before she undertook self-destruction. The letters were written on the same sheet of paper.
Five-Year Sentence
Manslaughter Verdict Is Returned Against Disney
  In the case of the State vs. James Disney, charged with murder in the second degree, for the killing of Sheriff D.S. Carlton, at Fort Pierce, brought to Orlando, Fla., on change of venue from St. Lucie County, the Jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter.
  Disney was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. 
  An appeal to the Supreme Court has been made, and bond fixed at $2,000.
Big Florida Land Deal
  Approximately 36,000 acres in northern Hillsborough and Pinellas County were acquired by a Michigan Company, according to a deed filed in the office of the circuit clerk.  Revenue stamps totaling $400 are affixed to the deed, a $1 stamp, being required for each $1,000 worth of property deeded.  This indicates a $400,000 transaction.
Tri-State Fair Associations
  Representatives from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida met at Jacksonville and perfected the organization of the Tri-State Fair Association, whose object will be to secure better and cleaner attractions for the county fairs that are held annually in the three states.
  Vote for all the old county officers—they have been tried and have proven good.  Why change?
--Vote For—
Dr. M. Baggett for Representative For Okaloosa County, Fla.
  On next Tuesday, June 6th the voters of Okaloosa County, will by their ballots, choose a man to represent them in the Halls of the Legislature for the next two years, and it is a matter that should deeply concern every voter.  They should know the man and what he stands for, and whether he possesses the ability to present his claims in such a way as to receive recognition or not.
  As almost everybody knows, I am a candidate for that important office, and doubtlessly many of you have been carefully considering my claims to it.  I, like most other men, have my imperfections, but I believe that all will admit that despite them I have some very essential qualifications for a Representative.
  I was an ardent supporter of and a worker for the creation of Okaloosa County, and I certainly would fight to the last ditch any movement to change its present boundaries.  I think its size and shape are just as they should be.
  I favor good roads, and believe that the State should aid in the building throughout the bounds of her territory.  Nothing tends so much to build up and promote the prosperity of the State than does good roads.
  I favor, and will work for, better schools, better teachers, and longer terms.  I know that nothing is so much needed in Florida as good schools for our boys and girls.
  I am opposed to legislators spending time with bills looking to the protection of gophers, snakes, and other small matters.  I think the people need legislation.
  I shall do my best to see that Okaloosa gets her full share of the Forest Reserve Fund.  I will oppose any effort to make Okaloosa County pay any part of the indebtedness for bridges in Santa Rosa County.
  With these facts before you I am asking your support on June 6.
M. Baggett  (Advertisement)
WANTED-To buy all kinds and sizes of hogs.  Will pay 3-1/2 and 4 cents per pound gross for them.  A.B. Morris, Baker, Fla.
FOR SALE-80 acres of good farm land 2-1/2 miles East of Crestview.  Price $850.00.  Crestview Land Company.
Having 6 years experience in the work, I offer myself to the people for county surveyor of Okaloosa County.  W.D. Locke.  (Advt.)
Walter Kehoe
The “Working Candidate For Congress”
To the Democratic Voters of the Third Congressional District:
  I earnestly solicit your support and vote in the primary of June 6th.
  I have mailed you a little book giving my platform and some facts about myself.  I hope you have read it. If you have not, please read.
  In 1908 Mr. Mays and myself were candidates for Congress.  Below I give you a tabulated statement, by counties, showing how we ran in the counties now making up the Third Congressional District.


NAME OF COUNTY                         KEHOE                      MAYS
Escambia          Note:  Impossible to read the figures under each name.
Santa Rosa
Totals                                                   7,167                           6,171
Note—Okaloosa and Bay Counties have been created since 1908, and Madison and Jefferson Counties have been taken out of the Third Congressional District.
  If you will give me the same loyal support you did in 1908, my election is assured, and I will be very thankful for same.
Walter Kehoe  (Advertisement)
Published Every Friday
W.H. Mapoles, Editor and Owner
  Entered as second class matter October 8, 1915, at the post office at Crestview, Fla., under the Act of March 8, 1879.
One year                                $1.00
Six months                                 .50
Three months                           .25
Terms Strictly Cash In Advance.
Let Us Select The Best.
  Before another issue of The News thrust its smiling countenance into the faces of its intelligent readers the result of next Tuesday’s primary, to name candidates to serve us will have been decided by the votes of the people.  The campaign has been a remarkably clean one—a contest of gentlemen conducted in a gentlemanly manner.  While we as an individual, have had, and have yet, our personal preferences, as all good citizens have, still as the editor of The News, we have endeavored, and we believe we have been, absolutely fair to every candidate.  We, however, on the eve of the contest, wish to say only a few words, and these only in the way of caution to the voters to study well the qualifications of every man for the office he offers to fill in the interest of the people.  It would be well, also, to take into consideration the record of a candidate, if any such exist, as to his ability to accomplish results in case he is placed in position to do so.
  As fair-minded intelligent men, such as we believe the most of the men of Okaloosa County to be, we have to admit that experience is the one most essential thing to possess to make a success, this being so, then we can see no good reason why all the old county officers who have had the experience and made good on their jobs, should not be re-elected to fill one full term in the offices to which they were appointed by the Governor of your State.  We must remember the county’s future prosperity largely depends upon who we elect for the next four years.  Therefore we ask, can the county afford at this time to take any chances?  We think not.  And as we sincerely believe, having always in view the best interest of the entire county, we should all unite in casting a unanimous vote for practically every one of the old county officers—we mean the Sheriff, the County Judge, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor, Clerk of the Court, and the County Superintendent.  There are some minor officers-Commissioners and School Board men—whom it might—for the best interest of the whole county, do well to make a change in, however, this is up to the people of their respective districts, and what ever they do about it, will be satisfactory to us.
  After preparing a touching editorial upon the fight that “Jim Emmett” of the Pensacola News had with a fellow about four times his size, only to learn that the fight was a bogus affair, and that “Jim” and his pal were just “kidding” the crowd, we decided we would never have faith in a fight again until after the fine was paid.   However we have it on a reliable authority that our friend “Bill” Mapoles, of Okaloosa County engaged in a bona fide game of fisticuff at the barbecue last Saturday, and struck the other fellow such a heavy blow as to fracture his hand.  According to the last reports we had, the other fellow was still going as a result of the blow that Bill gave him.  – Milton Gazette.
  The primary law says that where there is only one man running for an office, he shall be declared the nominee for said office without his name being placed on the ticket.  This being the case, the name of George H. Webb for Tax Assessor will not appear on the ticket, neither will B.P. Edge’s name appear on the ticket.  Neither one of them have opponents.
  Four more days and the fun will be over—but gosh what a raft of long faces.  Cheer up boys, there will be a plenty to keep you company.
  The News is for Park Trammell for United States Senator and Sidney J. Catts for Governor.  They are both good men, and we believe they will be elected.
  For sale at a bargain about 25 candidates’ pictures. Some of them will be very valuable for putting in the garden to scare away the rabbits.
  Get ready to swat the first scoundrel who says, “I told you so.”
  Mr. F.M. Leonard, a prosperous merchant and farmer of Falco, Ala., visited Mrs. N.P. Edwards last Tuesday.
  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams a son.  Mother and son are doing nicely.
  Mrs. G.W. Robinson has gone to Falco, Ala., to visit her son, Harrison, who is quite ill.
  Mr. and Mrs. Young, have returned to their home in Berlin, Canada.
  A large delegation from here attended the picnic at Crestview on Saturday.  All report a good time.
  If Nat Bryan is a Methodist, or a protestant of any kind, why did he work so hard to keep that “Sturkle” and Catholic resolution from being rescinded?  Something wrong, sure!
Week End Round Trip Fares to Pensacola, Florida
$2.05 Round Trip – Good on all trains Friday, June 2nd, and before noon Sunday, returning any train Monday.
L&N  C.H. Mann, Dpr., Pensacola   J.D. Cobb, Agent
  Has always been and is now, a value-giving store.
  It has always been a store that set the standard of value on hundreds of articles.
  Prices at other stores were judged by the prices prevailing at Finlayson’s store.
  This store has always advertised a saving of 10 cts. on the dollar on numbers of items carrying a “regular” price, and carried this advertisement out to the letter.
  This inducement to trade here still holds good.
  Items sold regularly at 50 cents and $1.00 elsewhere, you can buy at Finlayson’s Store for 45 and 90 cents.
  Ginghams, percales, cheviots, shirting and a great many other goods selling regularly for 10 cents a yard, you can by at Finlayson’s Store for 9 cents a yard.
  In addition to these inducements, you will find here valuable premiums which I give free after you purchase a certain amount.
  These premiums consist of clocks, mirrors, rugs, or anything else equally valuable which you may prefer out of our stock.
For State Senator VOTE FOR W.A. McLeod
  Having had four years experience in the Legislature of your State, thereby knowing the people’s needs of the whole State, West Florida, particularly, I respectfully ask the vote and influence of every voter in Okaloosa County.  If I am elected your State Senator I pledge to be fair and impartial with both the counties which I will represent.  Below I give in part the editorial comment in the Okaloosa News, when my friends in Okaloosa County announced me as a candidate for this position:
  “Mr. McLeod’s announcement comes from his friends in Okaloosa County, who believe that he will, if elected, represent the two counties, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa, impartially, and this is a very important consideration for the people of both counties, especially the people of Okaloosa.  For there will be several bills of financial interest to both counties in the way of settlements, to come before the next legislature.  Then too, we still get a whiff of information occasionally of that east and west division business.  So, unless we find some mighty good cause for not doing so, we are of the opinion we will support Mr. McLeod, for we know he is opposed to any more county divisions.”
  Vote for W.A. McLeod for STATE SENATOR on June 6th   (Advertisement)
People Who Come and Go, Some That You Know and Some That You Don’t Know.
  Johnnie Sapp of DeFuniak spent the 27th in our city,.
  B.H. Ausley spent the first of the week in Pensacola.
  M.E. Savage made a business visit to Pensacola Tuesday.
  Miss Helen Savage was the guest of Miss Opal Bush Sunday.
  Mrs. M.E. Savage and children of DeFuniak, spent Sunday with Mr. Savage at the still.
  The Misses Whiddon of Laurel Hill, spent the weekend in our city.
  Rev. Each filled his regular appointment at the Congregational Church Sunday.
Having 6 years experience in the work, I offer myself to the people for County Surveyor of Okaloosa County.  W.D. Locke.  (Adv.)
  Robert Blackwell of Holt, conducted a cold drink stand and dancing hall in our Bank building Saturday.
  Will Cutts of Pensacola, spent the weekend in our city.  Mr. Cutts was formerly employed here by the L&N R.R. Co., and naturally he would come back.
  W.J. Rice joined the on to C___ley monument Tuesday.
  C.R. Ferdon was a Chipley visitor Tuesday.
  Misses Flora Roach, Mattie Tippie Smith and Ernest Smith of Bagdad were here Saturday.
  Mr. Moody, our sewing machine man, made a business trip to ________, Tuesday.
P.J. Franklin, candidate for representative, was among those that celebrated the 27th here.
  Sheriff B.H. Sutton put a “damper” on his opponent, J.L. Rhoades, here Saturday.
  W.C. Blackwell was among those from here that represented Okaloosa County at Chipley Tuesday.
  Gov. Park Trammell passed here Sunday.  Mr. Trammell is very popular in Okaloosa County for U.S. Senator.
  Clyde Webb of Century, spent the weekend with home folks.  Mr. Webb says that Century is all o.k., but Crestview is home.
  N.L. McLeod, Thad Bell, Wash Dannelley, Wallace Perdue, Bert Powell and Pat Lingo were among the throng from DeFuniak that took in the picnic here Saturday.
  Miss Minnie Lee Bridges of Laurel Hill, spent Saturday here.
  Joe Mapoles was in the city from Florala, Ala., Saturday.
  Section of the paper is torn at this point.
  J.W. Ausley of Metial, Bay County, Florida, spent several days last week with his father, J.B. Ausley, of this place.  Mr. Ausley is much impressed with the new life that Crestview is taking on.
  Miss Anna Nelson left Sunday night for her Kentucky home.  Miss Nelson has made many friends during her visit here of several months who regret very much that she should return.
  We don’t know where the County Journal got its information that the Crestview boys were afraid of Laurel Hill and had refused to play them, for they did play Laurel Hill Saturday and beat them 4 to 2, and Crestview did not take the bat in the last half of the ninth.  We tried to get Milton so as to make the game interesting but they could not come.
  Tom Clary of Laurel Hill, took in the picnic Saturday.
  R.D. Bush and Douglass Hamilton were visitors at our seaport, Camp Walton, Sunday.
  Prof. D.E. Wooten of Darlington, attended the picnic here Saturday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Steele of Laurel Hill, attended the celebration here Saturday.
  Prof. Lee Smith was among the many from Laurel Hill that visited Crestview Saturday.
  S.J. Houston of Sanford, Ala., spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother, W.D. Houston.
  Mrs. E.A. Mooney of Garniers, took in the barbecue here Saturday, and spent Sunday here visiting friends.
Judging from the way lots sold here Saturday, undoubtedly somebody has confidence in Crestview being made the permanent County Seat.
  Lance Richburg who is making good as a  professional ball player with Dothan, spent Sunday with his parents at this place.
  C.M. Munson of the thriving little city of Munson, Santa Rosa County, was in Crestview Wednesday.  He came over in his car via of the new bridge at the Griffith Old Ferry.
  Having served the people of my district to the very best of my ability—doing all I possibly could for Crestview, I respectfully solicit the vote of every man in Crestview and Deerland.  (Paid Advertising)
  Vote for all the old county officers—they have been tried and have proven good.  Why Change?
  J.O. Davis and Will ______ were among the Camp Walton visitors here Saturday.
  Hon. B.P. Edge and family from Niceville, took in the ________ here Saturday.  They are an excellent family of people and we are always glad to see them.
  W.E. Moore was among the throng of good people here from _________ Saturday.
  Mrs. C.E. Cleghorn and children of Clarks, La., are spending the week with Judge and Mrs. _. _. Diamond.
  Remember dear reader that this is the last week you will be confronted with so much public advertising for two years.  Please be patient.  We will give you a better paper from this time than you have ever had.
  To show to West Florida that Okaloosa County is always to be found in the front rank of progressiveness, Messrs. C.B. Ferdon, _. J. Rice, L.E. Bowers and W._. Blackwell, took it on themselves to attend, and help organize in Chipley, last Tuesday, the “West Florida Chamber of Commerce,” which will we will give a full account of in our next issue.
For Crestview, The Court House
  Probably everybody knows without my saying so, but for fear they don’t, I wish to state that I now, and have always been for Crestview, the permanent Court House site, and if I am re-elected for Commissioner from District No. 3, I will do all in my power that is fair and honest, to make Crestview win the Court House!
W.J. Davis
  Quite a number of people from Milligan attended the big barbecue here Saturday.
 Candidate For State Attorney
I am a candidate for the office of Sate Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida.  This Circuit is composed of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton Counties.  The office is often called the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  It is not necessary for me to go into a detailed history of my life, either public or private, except to say that I have been engaged in the active practice of law at Milton, Florida, over eight years; which is more than double the experience of any of my opponents.
In the Circuit Court of Escambia County, only capital cases are tried. Practically all of the work of the State Attorney is in the Counties of Walton, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa.  The State Attorney’s Office has been filled by attorneys from Escambia County for more than sixteen years. All of my opponents are from Escambia County.  Considering these facts, does it not seem fair and reasonable, that the State Attorney should be elected from some county, other than Escambia, provided the aspirant for the office, who comes from another county is equally as well qualified for the office as either of the gentlemen from Escambia.
  It is the duty of the voters to elect the man best qualified.  If you decide that all are equally qualified to fill the office, then does it not appeal to you as right to elect a man from some other county in the Circuit than Escambia?  If you believe that I am qualified for the office, I will appreciate your vote and influence.  If you have promised some other candidate your first choice vote, I will appreciate your second.
R. Arthur McGeachy  (Advertisement)
A complete line of dry goods, staple and fancy groceries, hardware, farming implements etc. etc.  Highest prices paid for farm products.  A large buyer of cotton, wool, hay, corn, hides, beeswax, etc.  Our line of fertilizers is second to none.   PRICES ARE RIGHT
The Store of Quality
State Treasurer
Was appointed State Treasurer in 1912.  Elected that year and served a 4 year term and asks re-election by his fellow Democrats.
Efficiency has been the by-word with him.  The affairs of office have been handled with strictest business integrity.
I Will Appreciate Your Vote
J.C. LUNNIN  (Advertisement)
The “Beacon”
  We are in receipt of a sample of the Panama Beacon, a new ____ week journal that comes from the thriving little town of Panama City, down in Bay County.  It is brim full of good chatter, and carries a good bit of advertising from different business men of Panama City, which goes to show that the businessman who does not advertise ______ and times is a back _____.  We wish the Beacon and staff all kinds of good luck.
Dixie Knocks the Blackwater Bridge From its Foundation
  The draw bridge recently built across the Blackwater near this place was knocked from its foundation about eight o’clock Wednesday evening by a heavily loaded liter being brought down the river by the tug boat Dixie, belonging to the Aiken Tow Boat Company of Pensacola.  The tug was carrying the liter through the channel on the east side of the span, and whether on account of the current, or because of miscalculation in handling the boat, we are not in a position to assert, the liter struck the north end of the ninety foot span and moved it about six feet off the cylindrical base badly damaging the bridge and supporting cylinder.  Fortunately the lower end of the bridge rested on the piling of the guards else the entire structure might have toppled into the river.  After striking the bridge, the liter is reported to have swung around the end of the draw and came through the west channel of the river stern first.
  Mr. Thompson, Secretary for the Board of County Commissioners and acting for them, immediately wired the Bridge Construction Company to send a man to look over the bridge and take steps to repair the same.  Mr. Rust, a nephew of Mr. W.W. Rust, who supervised the erection of this bridge is now on the ground and has made a careful examination of the structure and has ordered the necessary and blocking for repairing the damages.  He says he expects it will require at least three weeks to put the bridge in order again.  In the mean time the county is operating a free ferry at the old ferry site, so aside from the inconvenience of crossing on the ferry instead of on the bridge the traveling public is not being put to any expense by this accident.
  Where the fault lies and who will pay the damages in this case are questions that will more than likely be settled by the courts—Milton Gazette.
From Mr. Cooper
To the Voters of Okaloosa County:
  It is not my desire to continuously keep my name before the people denying certain false rumors that are being waged against me by some unscrupulous person or persons. 
  I understand there is a rumor afloat to the effect that I have withdrawn from the race of Sheriff of Okaloosa County.  I brand this statement as being absolutely false, I am in the race to stay, and feel confident I will be nominated by a substantial majority on June 6.
  I desire to thank each of my opponents for the courtesy extended me during this campaign and I assure them the campaign will close with clean hands on my part.  I also desire to thank the voters and my many friends for the courtesy shown me in the race and should I be nominated I assure you, you will never have cause to regret it.
Yours for clean politics.
Geo. W. Cooper,
Candidate for Sheriff  (Advertisement)
Subscribe for the Okaloosa News.
Florida Citrus Shipments
  With the Florida Citrus movement 2,612 cars short of last year’s movement the total shipments up to May 13 this season shows 23,666 cars against 25,678 for last year.  To May 13 the movement consisted of 17,645 cars of oranges and 5,421 cars of grapefruit.  Oranges shipped the week preceding the report totaled 96 cars and grapefruit 126.  Shipments to May 13 last year comprised 18,090 cars of oranges and 7,579 cars of grapefruits.
Florida Registration
  Completed registration figures from Jefferson, Lafayette and Levy Counties, Florida, which were not published in the recent tabulation of registered voters of all parties, have been compiled and these with the previous figures bring the total number of voters of all parties registered up to 137,324.  This is the largest registration in the history of the state.
E. Porter Webb
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.
All calls answered promptly—day or night, rain or shine.
Female Disease Given Special Attention
Phone 7.  Laurel Hill, Florida
Vote For N.P. Bryan For United States Senator
Why!  Because he has made good one term as Senator and in position to do even more if possible when re-elected to a second term—his Committee appointments are second to none—representing the interest of the South and especially West Florida.  Investigate his record.  He was an advocate and one of the authors of the Parcel Post Law.
He advocates Government aid for Good roads; National Defense; Rural Credits, and low rate of interest on long term loans to farmers.  He voted for an is an advocate for the bill establishing government owned armor plant—and on account of this has incurred the enmity of the steel trust—as was predicted by Senator Ben Tillman, when he wrote the letter published in the Pensacola Journal.
    It has been charged by those wishing to bring religion into politics that Senator Bryan is a Catholic. Senator Bryan is opposed to injecting religion into politics, and the following telegrams shows for itself and is self-explanatory.
    “I beg to state that Senator N.P. Bryan is a member of my Board of Trustees and his wife is a member of the First Methodist Church of this city.
Rev. J.B. Mitchell,
Pastor of Methodist Church
Jacksonville, Florida.
Senator Bryan is a Florida “Cracker,” who has made good—when he has proven faithful, efficient and worthy, why not give him a second term—the second term has never been denied any prior Senator from this State, then why change now when we have a good man.
Vote For N.P. Bryan For United States Senator
Putting on New Dress of Progress
(From Address at Crestview, Saturday)
  It is the day of new things, of new blood, of new ways of preparedness, new industrial achievement whether forced upon us or sought out to lead us from the mediocrity of the olden ways of thought and living, and today hearing the first lusty-lung cry of the new born county of Okaloosa, one must stand amazed that it should have at the outset a people standing out prominently from the old order of things and ready to achieve the new.  It is such as this new county of Okaloosa to whom the glad hand of all the old and new Florida should be extended. 
  Were the floodgates of eloquence loosened here today and the much adjective praises of golden tongued orators heaped upon your head, not all of it would matter so much as that you are new and that you have new ways and new ideas.  We are glad that the new county of Okaloosa has been born, that, is watching its growth through the toddling stages other older counties may take an example unto themselves and set their face away from the routine—a deadly routine that has bound many to the theory that unless a thing is old, it is not worth while.
  This is not a time for oratory or eloquence.  It is a time for some straight from the shoulder welcome to the new baby, the kind of welcome that may carry with it a suggestion or two.  Turn your eyes from the timbered lands a moment and look out yonder in the distance.  Out yonder where winter’s pall falls upon the land for many months in the year and where the summer is only charitable enough to give that which may be stored and sustain life throughout that winter.
  These are the lands to which you should keep your eyes turned until by the alchemy and practical publicity you have called to the people of those lands to come and share with you in the delights of a nature-favored work.  It is going to mean that you must invest your shrewdness, your energy, your dollars in the great mart of publicity in competition with professionals at that sort of thing, but even as your county is now, if your ideas are comparatively as now, you will find that the brand of new things is the most readily saleable commodity upon the market.
  Therefore, let us tell you today that Pensacola stands with you and welcomes your advent into active public affairs; all of West Florida stands with you and invites you as a county and people to become a member of the proposed West Florida Chamber of Commerce to be organized at Chipley May 30.  There plans are to be worked out for bringing tourists and settlers into your wonderfully rich, wonderfully neglected lands.
  To be brief, the new organization is to have its tourist bureau established at its gateway, Pensacola, where yearly there will come thousands of prospective settlers.  Your products and your advantages will be listed with that tourist bureau, a place where tourists will turn to for information.  At that bureau the secretary or manager of the new West Florida Chamber of Commerce will lecture daily during the tourist season on the advantages and possibilities of all West Florida, giving information about all communities and turning the eyes of the tourist to settlement possibilities that lie within your counties.
  Through this organization, by well placed advertising in northern newspapers and by publicity gained for West Florida by other means best known to experienced newspapermen, your county of Okaloosa, as will the other counties of West Florida, is to find itself for the first time really on the map of the United States and not clipped off and buried away in some out-of-the-way corner.  We want you to come to Chipley prepared to speak for your community, but not to utter platitudes.  By the spirit evidenced here today, it is evident that you are ready to act, and it is action that is wanted at Chipley—organization, immediate providing of funds for establishing an office and headquarters, the engagement of someone capable of bringing about local organization in each of the counties for the purpose of co-operation with the main publicity and commercial body, and other matters as may lead to a greater future for West Florida.
  Speechmakers are not particularly desirable at this Chipley meeting.  Those who can  clearly decide and act on their decisions are those who will speak best for the future of West Florida by assisting with this organization.
  So today, from Pensacola, the new Gateway to West Florida, from the citizens of West Florida who ask your co-operation in this movement, you are brought greetings.  You, the new county of Okaloosa and its people, have come to an identity at a time when you may best establish that identity by merging it with a greater West Florida movement, and this is your opportunity.
  Okaloosa County is to be praised for the downright grit and ambition of its citizens.  Here at Crestview are examples of the new spirit of the times, the new movement that stands aside for no man.   With your soil, your climate, your coast and your lands to be cleared, you are among those who will find publicity for your efforts and your advantages a one thousand percent investment.
  For the city of Pensacola—for the citizens of West Florida and the baby West Florida Chamber of Commerce—the new born county of Okaloosa is thrice welcomed into being.  May your ways be prosperous and your people happy.
Milligan, Florida
Supporting Pryor
Mary Esther, Fla.
May 27th, 1916
Editor Okaloosa News
Crestview, Florida
Dear Sir:
  It has been brought to my notice that someone is making the assertion that W.C. Pryor will not get the support of his brothers-in-law.  I want to state that the report is untrue, I am one of them and I expect to support him, therefore, I will consider it a favor and I will appreciate it very much if you will allow this article to come out in the next issue of your paper so that people may know where I stand in the matter.
Yours respectfully,
T.C. Brooks
He is asking your support for full term
Your present county Tax Collector, J. A. Richourg, has made good in the position which he fills, and he asks the support of the Democratic voters in Okaloosa County in giving him a full term in the office of Tax Collector.
He has made no political assaults against his opponent, neither does he expect to, but he is simply appealing to the masses of the good people of Okaloosa County for a fair and square deal by giving him one full term in the office of Tax Collector of Okaloosa County.
Below I Give The Assistant State Auditor’s Report As To How He Found My Books On May The 8th, Which Is Proof That Some One Has Maliciously Misrepresented Things.  Read It Then Put Your Stamp Of Disapproval On People Lying By Voting For Me on June 6th, 1916.
McIntosh’s Report
Tallahassee, Fla., May 8th, 1916
Hon. Park Tramell,
The Capitol,
Dear Sir, Pursuant to your instructions I have recently made an examination of the Tax Collector’s Office of Okaloosa County.
  All money’s collected by him for taxes and on account of Licenses have been paid over.
  I find that he has not made monthly payments for taxes collected on account of Special Bond District No. 3, and Special Bond District No. 2, all of which, however, had been settled for before my examination.  The Tax Collector gives as his reason for not having remitted monthly for the above items, when paying in other taxes, the fact that these special districts were created prior to the creation of Okaloosa County and there was some questions as to the proper authorities to whom this money rightfully belonged.  He states that upon advice of the County Commissioners these taxes were paid over promptly, and I find upon examination that he has made full settlement for all collections in his office.
Respectfully submitted,
M.C. McIntosh, Asst. State Auditor
  To prove further that these reports are false and without foundation, before I give a report to the County Commissioners as to how they too, have found my books.  Read their report.  Then go to the polls on June 6th and vote for me to have one full term in the office of Tax Collector of Okaloosa County.
Commissioners’ Report
To the Citizens of Okaloosa County, Florida:
  We, The County Commissioners of Okaloosa County, in our session do hereby verify that we have carefully examined the Official Receipts from the Comptroller to the County Treasurer and Trustees of Hard Road No. 1, the School Board, the Trustees of Special Bond District No. 3, to J.A. Richbourg, Tax Collector of Okaloosa County, and find that he has paid all monies to the proper authorities to receive same, we have also examined his monthly statement from the Bank of Laurel Hill, and that he has a Balance to his Credit of $2,447.43.
  Witness our official signatures this the 9th day of May, A.D. 1916.
B.P. Edge
W.J. Davis
J.H. Givens
R.A. Rozier
J.W. Baggett
Chairman Board County Commissioners
Trusting these reports to be sufficient vindication of the charges brought against me by my opponent’s friends, I beg to remain,
Yours respectfully,
J.A. Richbourg, Candidate for Tax Collector
J. McCaskill Dies in Pensacola From Heart Failure
  J.J. McCaskill, of DeFuniak Springs, one of the best known business men of West Florida, was found dead in his rooms at the San Carlos Hotel this morning at 9 o’clock.  He died during the night and had been dead several hours when found.  Death was due to heart failure.
  The body will be shipped to DeFuniak Springs this afternoon and funeral services will be conducted at the First Presbyterian Church Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock.
  Mr. McCaskill came to Pensacola last night on a business trip.  A friend called a the hotel this morning to see Mr. McCaskill on business, there was no answer in response to knocks on the door and when Otis (C)lements, day clerk at the San Carlos, entered the room he found Mr. McCaskill dead.  The body was in bed, and when Dr. A.M. Ames was called he said that death was due to heart failure and Mr. McCaskill had been dead about five hours.  Upon retiring Mr. McCaskill locked the door.
  Corner Will L. Johnson was called but decided that an inquest was unnecessary.  Mr. McCaskill was subject to heart attacks and suffered a stroke in Pensacola several months ago, falling to the sidewalk on Palafox Street and bruising himself.
  Mr. McCaskill was sixty-eight years of age and is survived by his wife, four sons, R.E., J.J., Jr., Kenneth and Dudley McCaskill, four daughters, Mrs. J.B. Cawthon, Mrs. D.W. Burke, Mrs. O.G.Camphill and Mrs. I.D. Stinson, one sister, Mrs. H.A. Davis, of Greensboro, Fla., and three brothers.  Two of the brothers, Dan and Will McCaskill are living in the West, and one brother, M.E. McCaskill, is a resident of Tallahassee.
  Mr. McCaskill was a director of the West Florida Naval Stores Company and interested in a number of other business enterprises of this section.  For many years Mr. McCaskill was one of the most extensive producers of cypress lumber in this section but in recent years he disposed of his saw mill holdings to engage in other business.  For the last several years he dealt extensively in lands.
Mr. McCaskill was genial and approachable, blessed with a sunny disposition and won the lasting esteem of all with whom he came in contact.—Pensacola News.
Milton Plans Great Celebration July 4th
  Milton, Santa Rosa County, West Florida, May 26.—Milton is going to have its annual celebration on July 4, next.  The Milton Volunteer Fire Department and the Tournament Association have begun active work along this line.  The following officers and committees are at work:
  Dr. J.M. Bruner, Pres.
  C.W. Cobb, Sec. and Treasurer
  Tournament—John Collins, Perry Whitmire, S.T. Crain, J.F. Allen.
  Grounds and Buildings—J. Frank Smith, Capt. William Barry, Webb Jernigan, Jr.
  Refreshments—W.J. Williams, Jr., G.L. Abbott, R.G. Payne, Clark Chavers.
  Advertising—G.F. Lewis, D.R. Read, Capt. Geo. Childerson.
  Parade—I.B. Krentzman, W.W. Clark, Dr. R. Thames, M.N. Fisher.
  Sports—W.C. Rhoades.
  Reception—I.B. Krentzman, S.G. Collins, W.W. Clark, J.T. Wiggins, G.F. Lewis, J.H. Harvell.
  Music—Cary Stewart.
  Finance—C.W. Cobb, S.N. Cox, S.G. Collins.
  The prizes in the tournament will surpass any that have ever been given in West Florida. The committees are working on several attractions for the day, and will be able to announce them very shortly.  Last year Milton entertained at this celebration, a crowd estimated at five thousand people, and expect to double that amount this year.
From Mr. D. Stuart Gillis
To The Voters of The First Judicial Circuit, Especially to Those of Okaloosa County.
  I respectfully announce my candidacy for the office of Circuit Judge and solicit your vote and influence.  I am fairly well known to the citizens of that part of Okaloosa which was formerly a part of Walton County.  Those who care to investigate as to my qualifications are referred to any of my acquaintances who are fair minded and are capable of judging.  I am the candidate of all the people without regard to social rank, commercial standing or religious creed.  Of the many who favor my candidacy I know of none who threatens to spend hundreds dollars in my behalf; I know of no man or set of men advocating my cause because he, or they, expect to have a “friend at court” whose discretion they can control or whose judgment they can sway to defeat or miscarriage of justice.  So far as I known, and I hope it is true, the generous support being accorded me is because of a faith in my freedom from bias or prejudice and a belief that, if I were Circuit Judge, all litigants, natural or artificial, would receive the same fair and impartial consideration.  If I have the honor of being your next Circuit Judge my constant aim would be to justify that faith.
D. Stuart Gillis
DeFuniak Spirngs, Fla. (Adv.)
  A fine rain fell last Monday bringing gladness to the farmers and its good effects are apparent in everything, including the people.
  Sweet potato planting is the order of the day.
  Most of our sick folks are improving and we do not hear the hum of the doctor’s car so often.
  W.P. Miller spent Wednesday in DeFuniak.
  J.M. Miller drove to Milligan Monday, returning the same day.  As most everybody, of course, spent a short while (and I suppose some money) in Crestview, on the way home.
  D.H. McCallum and Call Hinote of Milligan, were callers at Dorcas Thursday.
  Hon. B.H. Lindsey, Senator from this District, and Hon. W.J. Davis of Deerland, were shaking hands with friends here Friday.
  The Christian Endeavor Society met with J.M. Miller’s family Friday night, in their business meeting and spent and enjoyable time.
  A goodly number of Dorcas people spent Saturday at Crestview and all agree that it was the biggest kind of a big day.
FOR SALE—40 acres of new Okaloosa soil with a good water mill with two set of rocks.  All in good condition.  5-1/2 miles north Crestview.  Address S.W. Locke.  Crestview, or call and see property.
Candidate For Congress
Vote For The “Working” and “Winning” Candidate For Congress
Jefferson D. Stephens  (Advertisement)        
See Us for the Best of Job Printing
To The Voters of Okaloosa County
  I take this space in The Okaloosa News to ask your vote and support for re-election to the position I now hold—Sheriff of your county.
  Since I have held office I have made 73 arrests, the most of whom would have been committed to jail, had I not in the interest of the county and the tax payers took it upon my self in helping them to make bond.  Of course, the law does not require a Sheriff to make any special effort in aiding an arrested subject to make bond—but rather than to pile up heavy board bills for the prisoners against the county, in most cases where I have made arrests, I have took it upon myself to go out and help the prisoner to make bond, and in so doing I have saved the county several hundred dollars for board bills.  The records show a board bill of only $57.65 for the whole 73 arrests.
  I took charge of the office on the 10th day of October 1915, and run the office on my own money until January 1st, 1916.  By so doing I saved the county from any embarrassments whatever by having to borrow money to keep up the Sheriff’s office of the county.
  Since being appointed as your Sheriff I have done all in my power to enforce the law with as little expense to the tax payers as possible, and whether you are my friend or not, I believe you will have to admit that I have filled the office without fears of special favors.
  I have voted in the territory which embraces Okaloosa County ever since I was 21 years of age and have been one of the heaviest tax payers in the county—and I am still among your largest tax payers.
  To those of you who do not know me personally, I will ask you to write any of the most prominent men in the Bay country and ask who I am, and what kind of a man I am.
  I pledge to you that if I am re-elected as your Sheriff I will do all in my power to enforce the laws of your state and county without fear or favor and with as little expense to the tax payers of the county as is possible.
  Trusting that you will take this matter into careful consideration, and that you will see fit to vote for me in the primary of June 6th, thereby giving me one full term in the office, I beg to remain,
Most respectfully yours,
B.H. Sutton
Candidate for Sheriff Okaloosa County   (Advertisement)
Small Boy’s Composition on Country Editors
  A little village boy was requested by his fond parents to write an essay on editors and here is the results.
  “Don’t know how newspapers came to be in the world.  I don’t think God does for He haint got nothing to say about them in the Bible.  I think the editor is one of the missing links you read of and staid in the bushes until after the flood and then came out and wrote the thing up, and has been here ever since.  I don’t think he ever died.
  I never saw a dead one never heard of one getting licked. Our paper is a mighty good one, and the editor is a mighty good one, but he editor goes without underclothes all winter and don’t wear any socks (poor editor) and paw ain’t paid his subscription since the paper started.  I asked Paw if that was why the editor had to suck the juice of snow balls in the winter and go to bed when he had his shirts washt in summer.  And then Paw took me out to the woodshed and licked me awful hard.  If the editor makes a mistake folks say he ought to be hung, but if a doctor makes any great mistakes he burries them and the people dassen’t say nothing because the doctor can read and write Latin.
  When the editor makes a mistake there is a law suit and swearing and a big fuss; but it a doctor makes one there is a funeral, cut flowers and perfect silence.   A doctor can use a word a yard long without him or anybody knowing what it means; but if the editor uses one he has to spell it.  If the doctor goes to see another man’s wife he charges for the visit but the editor goes he gets a charge of buckshot.
  When the doctor gets drunk it is a case of being overdone by the heat and if he dies it is from heart trouble; when the editor gets drunk, it’s a case of too much booze, and if he dies it’s the jimjams.  Any old college can make a doctor. An editor has to be born.”
Get Up Early and Make Use of Your Brains
  Senator Benjamin R. Tillman, of South Carolina, has a right to speak to farm boys for he is a genuine farmer himself and did nothing but farm for the first 40 years of his life.  This is his advice to farm boys as printed in the Progressive Farmer:
  “I have always noticed that the farmers who get up early and are industrious and frugal and use their brains in their business as well as their hands and legs, succeed and make money.  As all of you will not remain on the farm, I will lay this rule down for your guidance:  No matter where you work, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.  This maxim I learned from my mother, dead now these many years, but it has always guided my actions everywhere.
  Stick to whatever you undertake and determine to succeed and you will there finally.”
For Sale for Cash
Six good lots 50x140 ft. each, facing the hard road going to Laurel Hill, for $600.00 cash.  This property is centrally located between the present school house and the proposed 10 acre plot deeded and abstracted to the county for the purpose of building the Court House. Less than a quarter of a mile from the depot.
Write or call on   W.H. Mapoles, Crestivew, Fla.
Report of County Finances Okaloosa County
& Financial Statement.
(This is not possible to read, if I can get a better copy will insert at a later date)
Precinct No. 19, Garniers
  Be it ordered by the Board of County Commissioners that all that territory lying east of including sections 1, 12, 13,24, 25,and 36, Tp. 1 S, R. 24 W, be detached from Justice District No. 6 and attached to Justice District No. 5.
  It is further ordered that a voting precinct be created with the following metes and bounds to be known as Garniers Precinct No. 19, beginning at the N.W. corner of Sect 1, Tp. 1 S., R. 24 W. and running South along the section line to  the S.W. corner of Sect 1, Tp. 2 S., R. 24 W.: thence East along said section line to the S.E. corner of Section 4, Tp. 2, S. R. 23 W.:  thence north along the section line to the N.E. corner of Section 4, Tp. 1 S., R. 23 W.; thence West to the point of beginning—voting place Garniers Postoffice.
  It is further ordered that all the territory ling north of Five Mile Bayou and Gap Creek to section line between Range 24 and 25 now a part of Mary Esther Precinct No. 16, be detached from said precinct and attached to Wright Precinct No. 17.
  By order of the Board in regular session on the 13th day of June 1916.
Jas. L. Clary, Clerk
Subscribe for The Okaloosa News
No Wild Cat Subscription Scheme To This.  Read! Go to Work! Make Money!
The Okaloosa News desires to secure the services of several good solicitors--young men, young ladies, boys, girls or older people of either sex--to secure subscriptions to this paper at $1.00 per year.
The Okaloosa News is the county paper of Okaloosa County.  It is the best paper published in the county.  The News has been designated as the official organ of Okaloosa County.  Every family in Okaloosa County should take The News.  Hundreds of them will take it if requested to do so by some good hustler.
It ought to be an easy matter to secure fifteen new subscribers in any community in the county.  If this is done the solicitor may keep $5 of the amount so received and send us the $10 balance.  This is no “wild-cat” scheme to fool people, but is a square and honest offer to all who desire to do some hustling for this paper.  If less than fifteen subscribers are secured the solicitor may retain 30 cents on each one and send us the balance.  By this method any smart young person ought to make several dollars each day soliciting subscriptions thru out the county.  This method of doing business will cause no heartaches or regrets on the part of those who engage in it.  It is honest and legitimate in every particular.  Who will be first to enlist with us?  Let us hear from you at once.
The Okaloosa News,
Crestview, Florida.
Not as the Journal Reported It
  The Milligan Journal reported in its last issue “that Shoal River was also on bad behavior, having overflown the banks, and it is said that it will be several days if not weeks before a crossing can be made.  This will work hardships upon those who are on the bay front, as they will have no way of reaching this part of the county, except by way of Mossy Head and that is something like fifty miles out of the way.  The Adams Bros. auto line to Camp Walton, is said to be held up by the high water.”
  All the above quoted stuff from the Journal is absolutely incorrect, except that the river did overflow the banks.  But even though the traffic had been diverted via Mossy Head, it would not have been more than ten to fifteen miles out of the way.  But this was not done, for it was the good foresight of the Adams Bros. that they placed one of their cars on the south side of the river and kept two on this, or the north side, and by so doing they were able by the use of boats to transfer passengers to make daily trips to the bay country, and some time there are four trips a day.  Really to tell the truth about it, Camp Walton has been to Okaloosa County for this past week, what Jacksonville is said to be to Florida, “the gateway,” and if it had not been for the water transportation from Pensacola to Camp Walton, and for the daily auto line between Crestview and Camp Walton, the passenger traffic of this county would have become so clogged in Crestview that we would have had to pitch tents to get sleeping rooms.
Bond Issue For Roads
County in Florida May Spend $20,000 on Highway
  A dispatch from Thomasville, Ga. Says:
  A good roads bond issue of $50,000 is what Jefferson County, Florida, Thomas County’s next door neighbor wants, with $20,000 to be spent on the Dixie highway route through our county and $5,000., on the road between Monticello and Thomasville.  A petition is to be presented to the county commissioners at once asking for the election for the issue, and from the general expression of sentiment it is thought there will be no trouble in carrying it.  The road to Thomasville is already a fine one, but it is desired to improve the Florida end of it, and some of the issue will be for that purpose, as it is one of the most popular highways in this nation.  As Thomasville draws more trade from Monticello and vicinity it is also a matter of interest.
Presbyterian Meet
Many Churches to Gather in Orlando, Florida
  Church people are looking forward with interest to the approaching general assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the United States in Orlando, May 18 to 26, 1916 inclusive.  At this time representatives of the Presbyterian bodies have practically every state in the Union who will be in attendance, besides hundreds of visitors, who will be royally entertained by the church people of that city.
  A complete program of the assembly has been prepared for the sessions, which is expected to be the largest convention the Presbyterian Church ever held.  Big _________ will be discussed and important questions, affecting the entire church will be taken up. It
Is the largest assembly of the year.  Nine days will be spent in conference.

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