Headline = The Okaloosa News

Vol. 1 Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, August 25, 1916 No. 47

Mandamus Proceedings
  Hons. B.P. Edge and W. J. Davis, County Commissioners from districts three and five, have, through their attorney, Col. W. W. Flournory, of DeFuniak Springs, brought mandamus proceedings against the other three Commissioners, compelling them to meet and order the County Seat Election for the 10th day of October, 1916, instead of ordering said election for March 6th, 1917, and in case they should not or do not meet and comply with the order of the court in ordering said election for the 10th day of October, then they are commanded to appear before Judge A. G. Campbell at his office in DeFuniak Springs, on the 26th of August, (tomorrow) and show cause, if any they have, why said election should not be ordered and held on October 10th, 1916.
Camp Walton
  Camp Walton, West Florida’s popular summer resort, offers many advantages that can not be found at any other point on the gulf coast.  The first thing that impresses the most casual observer is the popularity of the Gulfview Hotel, which is conducted by Gerlock & Company.  Mr. Staff, the clever manager of this hotel, makes every effort to provide for the comfort and pleasure of its guests.  The Gulfview is ideally situated and equipped with all modern conveniences.—Opp Messenger.
Voters Urged to be Registered on General Election Books
  Tallahassee, Aug. 21—In a communication to the Secretary of State in reply to an inquiry from him, Attorney General T. F. West expresses doubt of the validity of that portion of the primary election law which provides that the registration for primary election and he advises that the safe course for a voter to use is to see to it that he is duly registered on the general election registration books.
Strayed or Stolen
  Strayed or stolen from Z. W. Moore’s place, Baker, Fla., on the night of August 14th,  one gray or white mare mule, about 14 years old, weight about 900 pounds.  A liberal reward for her return or information as to her whereabouts.  Notify W. H. Mapoles, Crestview, Fla., Post Master at Baker, Fla., or A. M. Boyett, Baker, Fla.
Twelve Things to Remember
  The value of time, the success of perseverance, the pleasure of working, dignity of simplicity, the worth of character, the power of kindness, the influence of example, the obligation of duty, the wisdom of economy, the virtues of patience, the improvement of talents, the joy of originating.—Marshall Field.
To Open Millinery Store
  Mrs. W. H. Mapoles has placed her order for the necessary hats, fixtures, etc. and will open up a first class Millinery Store and _____ Making Parlor in the front half of the News office about middle of next month, September.
You Should Register in the General Election Books
  Your attention is directed to an opinion rendered by the Attorney General of the State, Hon. Thos. F. West, in regards to the importance of registering in the General Election books.  We construe Mr. West’s opinion to mean that the mere fact you registered on the Primary Books does not entitle you to vote in the General Election.  So if you have not already registered in the General Election books you had better get busy and see the district registrations officer of your precinct and see that your name is properly placed on the General Election books.  The books will open in each precinct in the county, on Monday, the 4th day of September, and will remain open till the night of October 14th.
  These are the books you will have to be registered in to be able to vote in the court house election.
Wealth not Necessary to be a Booster for Your Town
  Everybody can do something for his town.  His capital may be limited in fact he may have no capital at all, and yet be a strong factor in the production of bustle, and get up and git.  What’s to hinder you from offering a word of encouragement to every undertaking.  What is to hinder you from speaking well of your own town on all occasions.  It is the manners of the people that make them loved and respected.  What trouble can there be in meeting a stranger kindly and extending to him a warm hand of cordiality, and informing him that the doors of the city are thrown open to him, with an invitation to abide with us.  It is just easy enough to tell all strangers that you have the best people in the world, and prove it by carrying them around and giving them an introduction.  It is not the most wealthy that do the most for the town or city in which they dwell.—Opp (Ala.) Mesenger.
Shipped Car of Sweet Potatoes
  The Bonifay Potato Grower’s Association shipped its first car of early sweet potatoes last week.  The car, which consisted of 435 bushels, neatly packed in bushel hampers, was shipped on consignment to the St. Louis market, and while no returns have yet been received satisfactory prices are anticipated as the entire lot was of fine quality and well graded and selected.  The heavy rains badly damaged the early crop and but few of the growers were interested in the shipment.—Bonifay Advertiser.
Our First Sweet Potato
  Mr. J. E. Davis brought to The News office Monday a sweet potato just gathered from his sweet potato crop, which had weighed five and quarter pounds.  Next!
  Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nelson left Saturday for a month’s visit to Kentucky, Indiana and other states.  Prof. H. A. Mooney of Garniers, is in charge of the post office while they are away, and is giving the patrons of the office much better and more efficient service.
When Knott Will be Governor
  Below we reproduce an old poem which was reprinted in the DeFuniak Herald of last week.  This poem has been going the rounds of the press since 1897, when, presumable, it was written by some good democrat and headed “When The Democratic Party Will be Dead.”  It being so appropriate in its wording as to when we believe Knott will be Governor of Florida, we, the same as Cleveland, are going to take a chance on reproducing it for the benefit of our readers.
When the lion eats grass like an ox,
  And the fishing worm swallows the whale,
When terrapins knit woolen socks,
  And the hare is outrun by the snail.
When serpents walk upright like men,
  And doodlebugs travel like frogs,
When the grasshopper feeds on the hen,
  And feathers are fond upon hogs;
When the Thomas cat swims in the air,
  And elephants roost upon trees,
When insects in summer are rare,
  And snuff never makes people sneeze;
When fishes creep over dry land,
  And mules on velocipedes ride,
When foxes lap eggs in the mind,
  And women in dreams take no pride;
When Dutchmen drink no larger beer,
  And girls get to preaching on time,
When billy goats butt from the rear,
  And treason no longer is crime;
When the humming bird bras like the ass,
  And limburger smells like cologne,
When plowshares are made out of glass,
  And the hearts of Floridians are stone;
When the loafer no longer plays pool,
  And the Cracker Box Club goes to work,
When boys run races to school,
  And the Christian embraces the Turk;
When lawyers and fishermen forget how to lie,
  And women at gossip rebel,
When boys to Sunday School gleefully fly
Like Republicans going to h__l;
When ideas grow in Republican heads,
  And wool on the hydraulic ram,
Then Knott will be governor of Florida,
  And the country won’t be worth a d____.


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A.A. Murphree, President
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189 students from Florida counties and 11 states 1915-1916.  Total $18 including summer school.
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Edward Conradi, President
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DeFuniak Springs, Florida
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In Okaloosa County, Florida.  If you desire to improve and better equip your farm, call and discuss with us, the question of procuring money on improved farm lands, upon long time and reasonable rate of interest.
Daniel Campbell & Son
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
See Us For The Best of Job Printing
  W. V. Knott is a good man, and but when Pleasant Holt, Bob McNance, Jet BowdenCharlie Jones are tearing their shirts off in the effort to get his name on the ticket in November as the Democratic nominee in preference to Catts, it is time for the best people of the State to get to thinking.  If he were running for office and that bunch supported us, we’d be durn if we wouldn’t vote for the other man.—Palmetto News.
Besides the act of the County Commissioners of Walton County endorsing Hon. Sidney J. Catts for the next Governor of the State of Florida, 170 of as good men as are to be found in Walton County, have signed their names to an article published in the papers of that country stating that Mr. Catts is an honorable and upright gentleman and fully qualified to fill the position.  Hurrah for Catts.
  In future Roman Catholic Convents and Monasteries will be subject to inspection by grand juries in Georgia.  Such a law was enacted at the latest session of the Georgia legislature.—Live Oak Democrat
  Florida would have had this same law had there been a Senator in the session of 1915 to champion the bill which we put through the House.  And had this bill passed, there would have been nothing to all this fight for the Governorship of the State.
  Of all the buncombe and boomerang argument ever to be printed in the columns of a newspaper for intelligent people to read, was the attempted reply of the Milligan Journal to our argument as to why the county seat election had been put off so long.  But that the question is now in the courts, and that it is to be settled according to the merits of the case by disinterested parties, we refrain from further arguing the case with a man who is either incompetent or too biased to produce a sensible argument.
  J. W. Mapoles of the Milligan Journal has purchased the Leader of Laurel Hill, and consolidated it with his Milligan paper.  We expect he will be trying to merge the News of Crestview next.  J. W. is some kind of a hustler.—Marianna Times Courier.
  Yes, and if trading and bartering in automobiles spells anything in being a hustler, no doubt he will soon have a trade on foot to merge the Times Courier.  It will take the long green for him or anyone else to get in possession of The News—Okaloosa’s best and unmuzzled newspaper.
  Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Ferdon their two sons, C. R. and Mayo, and Miss Bennie Whidden, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Wallace and little son, Clinton, J. D. Cobb and Miss Irma Whidden, A.P. Jones, Lance Richburg and Mrs. Will Webb and daughter, Miss Thelma composed a crowd from Crestview to Camp Walton Sunday.
Notice is hereby given that the following described lands, or so much thereof as will be necessary to pay the amount due for taxes herein set opposite to the same, together with costs of such sale and advertising, will be held at public auction on the
At Milligan, the County of Okaloosa:
J. A. Richbourg, Tax Collector, Okaloosa County, Fla.
NOTE:  Most land descriptions impossible to read.  Below find #of acres, name and total tax and costs.
40 acresR. A. French 3.42
40 acresN. R. (H?) Dixon 3.42
2 acres J. W. C. Helms, Sarah Kennedy 1.64 20 acresSilas Tucker 2.67
22 acresR. W. Moore 3.42
40 acresFalco Naval Stores Co. 3.42
20 acresCharlie Girtman 2.82
160 acresE. S. Mason   12.31
80 acresM. A. Hargruder 4.38
160 acresFla. & Ala. Land Co. 12.41
160 acresMrs. Lizzie Pitts   13.79
40 acresArchie A. Smith 2.52
40 acresCharlie Elliott 3.42
160 acres Mutual Land & Lumber Co. 12.41 640 acres Mutual Land & Lumber Co. 48.01
320 acres  Robinson Point Lumber Co.31.59 160 acresAlex Jones   13.79
160 acresR. E. Floyd   12.91
160 acresJames Bowers   12.91
640 acres  Union Land & Timber Co. 47.91
80 acresB. M. Barnhill 4.00
80 acresJ. T. Sharp, Geo. Peaden 7.39
20 acresA. B. Morris 1.78
Lot 28, Block 1 in Baker  J. L. Rhoades 7.64 Lot 8, Block 1  Baker, David McLaurin 1.87
Lots 18 & 24, 25, 26, Block 2 in Baker J. L. Rhoades 2.09
Lot 1, Block 4 in Baker  H. B. Wooten 1.87
Lot 4, Block 5,  Baker H. M. Matthews 1.36 Lots 1&2, Block 7, Baker J. E. Brown 7.61
Lot 11, Block 5, BakerCarrie Simmons 2.24
Lots 7, 8, & 9, Block 23 in Baker J. G. Lambeth   11.54
Lot 7, Block 4 in Baker C.L. Lewis 2.07
Lot 1, Block 6 in Baker C.L. Lewis  2.41
Lot 13, Block 7 in Baker C.L. Lewis  2.41
Lots 5 to 10 Inclusive, Block 10 In Baker W.J. McKinney   17.01
Lots 29, 30, & 31 in Block 12, in
Baker Unknown 7.94
Lots 11 & 12, Block 11 in Baker Ray & Hardee 2.24
Lot 14, Block 12 in Baker   L. R. Green 0.50 Lot 28, Block 12 in Baker T. W. Jones, Miss Francis Hilton 2.34
Lots 1 & 2, Block 12 in Baker R. J. Moore 1.36
Lot 12, Block 11 in Baker  J.M. Brown  1.34 Lot 13, Block 12 in Baker  L. R. Green 0.80
Lot 15, Block 13 in Baker Willie Elliott 0.80
Lot 16, Block 13 in Baker   W. P. Beck 0.80
All Less Lots 1, 2, & 3, Block 18  In Baker   Stewart & Whitmire   2.91
All Block 19, Baker  Stewart & Whitmire 3.68
Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12, Block 22
 In Baker   G.F. Morris   9.78
1 acre   Annie Cockley   0.80
Record Book A-14, Page 209  
David McLaurin   2.04
100 acres   Milligan Mill Co.   8.16
2 acres   Mary Williams   1.19
80 acres   W. G. Whigham   6.38
160 acres   Calvin Priggin 12.37
40 acres   Goodal Brown & Co.   3.42
Record Book V, Page 549   Consolidated Naval Stores Co.   1.83
Home & Lot in Milligan   S. C. Hinote   6.38
2 Houses & Lots in Milligan   W. A. Mitchum  44.94
100 acres Consolidated Naval Stores  8.16
70 acres   R. E. Green   5.93
40 acres   J. F. Barlow & Co.   3.42
20 acres   J. T. Bennefield   2.97
40 acres   J. N. Holland   9.38
40 acres   Jas. M. Hutto   3.42
40 acres   B. M. Barnhill   2.42
40 acres   Byrd Barnhill   3.42
93 acres   Oliver Enzor13.13
Lots 19 & 20, Block 1 in Baker   C.W. Edgar   1.36
Lot 27, Block 1 in Baker Susie Warden  1.72 **********
J. W. Wilkinson,
Contractor of
Wood and Brick Buildings
Milligan, Florida
Lot 8, Block 2 in Baker   Shreve & Milligan   7.64
Lot 7, Block 4 in Baker   C.L. Lewis   1.36
Lots 13 & 14, Block 4 in Baker   W. T. McLellan   1.24
Lot 16, Block 5 in Baker  Wiley McNeil 1.34 Lot 1, Block 6 in Baker   C.L. Lewis   1.34
Lots 17 & 18, Block 6 in Baker   Elmore Roe   1.34
Lots 21 & 22, Block 6 in Baker   Wiley O’Neal   2.25
Lot 4, Block 7 in Baker   Geo. Harper   2.25
Lot 13, Block 7 in Baker   C.L. Lewis   1.36
Lots 18, 19, 7 20, Block 7 in Baker   McCart, Moore, & Lee 18.73
Lot 5, Block (3 or 5?) in Baker   W. D. Davis   1.34
Lot 20, Block 26 in Baker Willie Elliott   1.36 Lot 1, Block 27, Baker  Fla. & Ala. Land Co.   7.30
Record Book A-12, Page 582 in Baker   A.H. Morris   7.94
E1/2 Lot 1, Block A Lindsey Addition   Hobby Motor Car Co.   6.14
200 acres   Lindsey & Wilkes 17.36
Lots 1 to 5 Inclusive, Block B,
 Lindsey Addition   J. M. Lindsey   1.64
Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8, Block C,
 Lindsey Addition   J. M. Lindsey   3.41
Lots 2 to 18 Inclusive, Block D,
 Lindsey Addition   J. M. Lindsey   4.35
All, Block E, Lindsey Addition   J. M. Lindsey   3.41
Lot 3, Block F, Lindsey Addition   S. G. Simmons   1.66
50 acres   Byrd Barnhill   7.76
160 acres   B.M. Barnhill 14.39
200 acres   Milligan Mill Co. 15.58
40 acres   E.S. Mason   5.19
360 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 47.49
386 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 44.72
80 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 10.54
240 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 29.22
200 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 24.40
80 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 11.49
275 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 43.83
450 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 67.79
40 acres   Geo. Stoutmire   6.24
245 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co. 39.67
40 acres   John Lewis   6.38
360 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co.54.24
40 acres   Mrs. Martha Franklin   9.35
80 acres   Ellis Franklin   9.91
560 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co.75.00
580 acres   Fla. & Ala. Land Co.84.76
60 acres   Jim Baggett12.61
4 acres   Lee Nathan   6.64
572 acres   W. W. Flournoy 23.81
606 acres   W. W. Flournoy 27.44
324 acres   W. W. Flournoy  15.96
534 acres   W. W. Flournoy 24.18
639 acres   W. W. Flournoy 28.92
640 acres   W. W. Flournoy 28.92
648 acres   W. W. Flournoy 30.79
641 acres   W. W. Flournoy 28.52
160 acres   Thad L. Holt   8.16
640 acres   W. W. Flournoy26.92
640 acres   W. W. Flournoy28.92
640 acres   W. W. Flournoy28.92
160 acres   W. W. Flournoy7.44
600 acres   W. W. Flournoy 27.15
640 acres   W. W. Flournoy 13.52
321 acres   W. W. Flournoy 12.68
641 acres   W. W. Flournoy 84.92
40 acres   Unknown   8.26
10 acres   Unknown   1.04
23 acres   Matthew C. Wilson   3.33
40 acres   Magnolia Adams   3.43
160 acres   Dan A. Carr 20.54
60 acres   J. B. Cox    2.43
240 acres   W. W. Flournoy 31.12
40 acres   A. B. Morris   7.64
40 acres   Mrs. Mary Hollinhead   5.65
20 acres   J. R. Melvin   1.64
10 acres   Joba Herk___   1.64
10 acres   J. C. Kelley, J. C. Hicks   1.50

“Buying cheap goods to save money is like stopping the clock to save time.”
Merchandise grows higher and scarcer daily, but the standard of this store will be maintained at all hazards—we know the best is always the cheapest.
We know the truth of the above epigram; buying cheap good to save money is like stopping the clock to save time.
We will continue to buy the same meritorious merchandise we have always sold, and will do all in our power to hold the price to the lowest possible basis, but we will not lower the standard of our goods in order to lower the price.

Merchandise in our stores is worth what we ask.

It it’s new and higher in price than formerly, it’s because of conditions beyond our control, but always worth what we ask; if it’s old and has depreciated in value, we mark it down to what it’s worth.

It it’s an article where style is all important you can stake your last dollar that our interpretation of the style is correct.

To sum it all up; if you buy here, the price is right, and the same price to everybody; and first of all the quality is right; and the style is right.

C. H. Griffith, Crestview, Fla.  
10 acres   Edd Thomas   1.64
8 acres   J.W. Ellison   1.20
67 acres   A.J. Heath   6.09
Lot 45 in Holt   Joseph A. Wilkerson   7.76
Lot 55 in Holt   L.E. Chestnut   6.38
Lot (10?) in Holt   Mrs. Florence Carr   6.38
20 acres    Unknown   2.82
3 acres   G.F. Broxson   1.00
160 acres   John A. Peaden 21.20
100 acres   J. W. Bridges 15.57
40 acres   Bagdad Land & Lumber Co. 5.34
40 acres   J. Lewis Brown   5.20
160 acres    Unknown10.58
40 acres   B. F. Jeter  7.64
80 acres   C. B. Morris11.94
40 acres   C. S. O’Neal   6.20
80 acres   Dr. J. C. Pennington11.94
40 acres   G. C. Brooks, B.F. Jeter   7.64
40 acres   C. S. O’Neal   6.20
40 acres   Mollie Adams   6.20
40 acres   Caesar Tisdale   6.20
110 acres   D. M. Franklin 14.54
80 acres   F. L. Smyer   6.34
20 acres   J. W. K. Baggett   2.82
20 acres   Miss Susien Cobb   2.82
20 acres   J. W. Page   3.42
60 acres   C. D. Brackin   8.16
40 acres   J. W. Wiggins   5.20
20 acres   Garrett Booker   2.82
260 acres   J. W. K. Baggett 25.64
80 acres   Johnson A. Brown   9.94
40 acres   John J. Cotton   5.24
80 acres   John J. Cotton 16.11
80 acres   John A. Peaden   9.94
128 acres   Bay Point Mill Co. 15.39
80 acres   Unknown   9.94
80 acres   R. E. L. Franklin 10.84
80 acres    Bunk Foster 10.84
40 acres   Unknown   6.38
80 acres   J. W. Holland   9.94
80 acres   Arch Booker   9.94
25 acres   James Duncan   1.93
598 acres   J. McL. Gillis27.45
20 acres   Mutual Land & Lumber Co.   2.23
600 acres Mutual Land & Lumber Co. 27.16 591 acres Mutual Land & Lumber Co. 26.70
480 acres   J. McL. Gillis 22.11
637 acres   J. McL. Gillis 28.77
28 acres   J. J. Weekley, Sr.   3.42
40 acres   J. McL. Gillis   3.42
280 acres   J. E. Blue 11.21
160 acres   J. McL Gillis   7.87
120 acres Mutual Land & Lumber Co.   5.79 20 acres   J. R. Wright   2.22
25 acres   R. H. Littlefield   1.82
360 acres   J. E. Blue 16.77
10 acres   A. H. McLeod & Co.   2.42
70 acres   W. G. Miller   3.57
240 acres   J. E. Blue   9.35
40 acres   J. E. Blue   2.28
360 acres   J. E. Blue 17.37
340 acres   J. E. Blue 17.07
80 acres   J. T. Brooks   4.61
15 acres   J. J. Lanier & L. A.Morgan   2.23
6 acres   J. M. Sowell   1.50
5 acres   J. H. Pittman   1.20
160 acres   H. T. Wright   8.17
80 acres   Francis Hopper   4.90
80 acres   Calvin Bishop   4.91
80 acres   J. E. Pryor   4.90
180 acres   J. E. Blue   5.79
46 acres   J. E. Blue   2.28
70 acres   Mrs. J. M. Johnson   4.01
40 acres   J. R. Wright   3.42
76 acres   J. E. Pryor   4.01
400 acres   J. W. Hyer 18.25
Lots 96 to 104 & 174
 To 180 Ocean City   A. J. Williams   4.68
Lots 134, 135 & 137
 In Ocean City   K. Gerney   2.98
160 acres   J. W. Hyer   9.94
80 acres   T. J. Pryor   9.94
10-1/2 acres   Lucy C. Ramsey   1.93
25 acres   D. T. Williams   2.23Daniel H. Parish   5.20
160 acres   Unknown 18.38
20 acres   J. Dewar   2.23G. C. Hallmark   3.42G. C. Hallmark   6.38
3 acres   J. M. Kenny   6.38
40 acres   C. H. Whitney   6.38Mary J. Campbell   9.35Mary B. Kinington   1.20
160 acres   George E. McLaughlin 10.83
300 acres   Patterson & Williams 18.55
___ acres   Bryant & Metcalf  5.20
40 acres   Bay Point Mill Co.   2.82
76 acres   J. A. Rodgers   5.20
13 acres   W. H. Muller   1.93J. J. McCullah   3.42
76 acres   Mrs. M. Condon   6.38
80 acres   H. L. Williams   5.79
4 acres   H. Maller   1.93
3 acres   Claude N. Hall 11.42
184 acres   A. J. & R. C. Steutenburg   0.75
15 acres   T. J. Pryor   1.72
160 acres   Unknown 10.83
40 acres   Unknown   2.50
40 acres   William Wilson   3.15
40 acres   Unknown   2.75
5 acres   E. M. Parker   2.39
2 acres   Unknown   2.69
256 acres   Daniel Evans 13.78
40 acres   Unknown   3.54
4 acres   Unknown   3.54
80 acres   Unknown   7.68
160 acres   Augustine Beakmey 10.53
120 acres   Unknown   9.11
20 acres   Mrs. Mary Boodleson   2.97
20 acres   B. W. J. Dinan   2.97
20 acres   T. J. Whitehurst   3.60
240 acres   Southern Syrup Farm 32.55
26 acres   Ebz. Hannah   2.97
80 acres   Southern Syrup Farm32.85
10 acres   Mary Jane Paul   4.51
20 acres   J.E. Reeder   4.58
20 acres   Unknown   4.58
7 acres   B. E. Gavin   4.51
40 acres   Unknown14.21
3 acres   Unknown   5.11
14 acres   Cora Clod   4.21
5 acres   Lula Bullard   2.18
3-1/2 acres   Unknown   2.18
Lot 13, Laurel Hill   W. J. Chestnut   7.38
Lot 4, Laurel Hill   Unknown   3.91
Lot 17, Laurel Hill   Z. T. Blackman   9.11
Lot 1, Laurel Hill   James Laird   5.64
Lot 13, Laurel Hill   Diaderna Brown   2.25
Lots 1 to 6, Laurel Hill   Unknown   5.94
Lots 5 & 6, Laurel Hill   C. L. Vaughn   5.94
Lot 10, Laurel Hill   Unknown   2.18
Lot 4, Laurel Hill   Esther Crawford   2.62
Lot 35 Laurel Hill   C. C. Steele   1.32
Lot 30, Laurel Hill   W. A. Steele   1.32
Lots 43 & 44, Laurel Hill  C. C. Steele   1.62 Lots 47 & 48, Laurel Hill   Unknown   3.47
Lots 1& 2, Laurel Hill   Unknown   3.47
Lots 4 to 7, Laurel Hill   Unknown   4.21
Lots 28 to ___, Laurel Hill   Unknown   2.97
Lots 35 to 40, Laurel Hill   Southern Ala. Fertilizer Co.14.61
40 acres   J. W. Johnson   8.91
40 acres   L. P.(F.)   Campbell   8.91
200 acres   D.T. Williamson35.79
40 acres   J. A. Atwell   3.51
13 acres   Unknown   3.34
200 acres   Southern Syrup Farm 28.73
40 acres   R. F. Edenfield   4.25
40 acres   Southern Syrup Farm   5.50
40 acres   Southern Syrup Farm   5.17
20 acres   D. C. McKisson   5.20
40 acres   Dorman Henderson   4.60
600 acres   National Orchard Co. 41.45
40 acres   Unknown   3.68
100 acres   N. C. Williamson13.36
50 acres   D. T. Williamson   5.40
200 acres   National Orchard Co. 36.41
5 acres   M. E. Lasiter   3.80
56 acres   R. B. Bell   2.68
24 acres   John Oliver   2.60
20 acres   Unknown   3.00
40 acres   J. C. Thomas   3.60
29 acres   Unknown   6.34
1 acre   Unknown   0.85
73 acres   Unknown   5.35
148 acres   Unknown 18.32
160 acres   Jennings Naval Store Co.   8.32
50 acres   Unknown   6.38
120 acres   Joseph A. Wilkinson12.24
10 acres   Unknown   1.00
40 acres   South Alabama Fertilizer Co.  6.35 100 acres   Unknown 10.45
20 acres   Malcolm Baggett   2.20
20 acres   Unknown   2.59
40 acres   Unknown   4.45
Lot 6 in Crestview   Unknown   0.85
Lots 12 & 24 in Crestview J. R. Davis   1.00
Lot 21 in Crestview   Unknown   0.30
Lot 25 in Crestview   Unknown   0.30
Lots 26 to 36 Inclusive,  In Crestview   J. R. Davis   4.85
Lot 35 in Crestview   Unknown   0.30
E1/2 of Lot 53? In  Crestview   J. H. Richbourg   4.65
Lots 60 & 61 in Crestview   Unknown   1.36
Lots 64, 65, & 66 in Crestview   Nancy Scott   2.71
Lots 87 to 90, Inclusive, in  Crestview   J. R. Davis   2.41
Lots 91, 92, & 93, Crestview Unknown 1.30 Lots 94, 95, & 96 & Lots 1 to 4 Inclusive & subdivision Of lot 103 & E1/4 of Lot 104   Unknown   2.11
Lot 108 in Crestview   Unknown   0.94
Lots 115, 116, & 117 in
 Crestview   Nancy Scott   4.35
Lots 118, 119 & 120 in  Crestview   Unknown   1.31
Lot 7 of Block 72 in Crestview   C. A. Roland   1.10
Lot 8 of Block 72 in Crestview   R. A. Roland   1.10
W1/2 of Lot 47 in Crestview   J. D. McCrimmon Estate   2.13
Lot 5, Sub-Division of Lot 101,
 Crestview   Geo. G. Atwell   3.27
Lot 14 of Block 74 in Crestview   Ben Houston   3.10
19 acres   Unknown   4.21
1 acre   Dan Stokes   1.30
140 acres   Unknown12.26
40 acres   Unknown   4.02
50 acres   Lewis Dawson   9.12
40 acres   A. G. Conyers   4.65
80 acres   Unknown   6.65
40 acres   Unknown   4.30
160 acres   Unknown23.14
40 acres    Unknown   5.25
40 acres   T. R. Crawford   3.00
40 acres   Unknown   3.00
80 acres   Unknown   5.73
50 acres   Unknown   4.76
40 acres   George Weatherton   3.60
98 acres   Unknown 30.50
40 acres   Robert Reed   4.75
55 acres   Unknown23.79
5 acres   Lilla Hawk   1.57
5 acres   Unknown   1.87
30 acres   Unknown   137.95
Blocks 1 & 2, in Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   8.40
Lot 2, Block 1, Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   0.77
Lots 3 & 4, Block 2 in
 Garden City   Henry Randolph   1.33
Lots 5 to 8 Inclusive,  Block 2 in Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   1.54
Lots 1 to 7 Inclusive, & 11 to 15 Inclusive, in Block 4   Dixie Land Co.   2.22
Lot 8, Block 4 in Garden City   J. T. Sharry?   0.77
Lot 9, Block 4 in Garden City   Derry Williams   0.77
Lots 1 to 8 Inclusive, & 10 to 16
Inclusive, Block 5 in Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   6.51
Lot 1, Block 6, Garden City  Unknown 0.93
Lots 2 & 3, Block 6, Garden City Dixie Land Co.   1.23
Lots 4 & 5, Block 6, Garden City   T. H. Edney   1.23
Lot 6, Block 6, Garden City   Minnie W. Edney   0.95
Lot 1, Block 7, Garden City   Daniel Moore   0.93
Lot 6, Block 7, Garden City   S.E. Patterson   0.93
Lot 8, Block 7, Garden City   James W. Parker   0.93
Lot 9, Block 7, Garden City   W. S. Clipper   0.93
Lot 14, Block 7, Garden City   W. R. Cardwell   0.93
Lot 12, Block 7, Garden City   D. D. Moore   0.93
Lots 2, 4, 5, 6, Block 8 in
 Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   2.01
Lots 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 & 12,  Block 9, Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   2.03
Lot 9, Block 9, Garden City Unknown   0.93 Lots 7 to 8 Inclusive, and 10,
 13, 14 , 15, 20, 22 to 25 Inclusive,
 And 29, 30 and 32, Block 10
 Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   6.23
Lots 17 & 18, Block 10,
 Garden City   Annie McLean   1.70
Lot 19, Block 10, Garden City   James Purcell   0.77
Lots 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15,
 Block 11, Garden City   Dixie Land Co.   2.28
22-3/4 acres   Unkown11.00
5 acres   G. B. Martin   5.54
27 acres   Unknown   5.55
4 acres   Unknown   2.22
23 acres   Unknown   9.97
160 acres   Milissa Johnson   4.83
10 acres   A. A. Caddenhead   2.34
40 acres   Bagdad Land & Lumber Co.   4.28
Lots 79 & 80 in Svea   H. E. Sheppard   6.12
4 acres   Unknown   1.00
2 acres   Horace W.  Johnson   2.25
½ acres   Samatha Edwards   6.00

Register and Get Ready to Vote for the Court House

D. F. Herring

Contractor and Builder
Can Build Anything and Build it Right at the
Right Kind of Price—Live and Let Live.
Plans and Specifications Furnished
D.F. Herring
Crestview, Florida
Local and Personal
  Norman McLeod, of DeFuniak was here Sunday.
  Dr. F. L. Tatom and H. J. Brett were here a short while Monday.
  Mrs. W. R. White made a flying trip to Pensacola Tuesday.
  Jack Bishop was here from Milligan a short while Monday.
  J. Matthew Miller of Dorcas was on our streets a short while Monday.
  Jackson Cobb of Cottondale, spent Saturday and Sunday here visiting friends.
  Mrs. D. T. Finlayson of Laurel Hill, is visiting her brother, James Jones this week.
  J. H. R. Miller and little daughter of Milligan were on our streets a short while Sunday.
  Harold Sabean of Santa Rosa is visiting friends and relatives here this week.
  Rev. J. B. Ausley left yesterday for Sampson, Ala., to attend the Ministerial Association.
  J. A. Coleman of Pensacola spent Sunday here the guest of his friend, A. W. Van Landingham.
  Mrs. J. T. Henderson and son, left here Monday morning for a visit back to their old home in Alabama.
  J. D. Cobb, Mills Jordan and Misses Irma Whidden and Ina Autaman motored to DeFuniak Saturday.
  Fisher Edge, one of the L & N’s most valid conductors, is spending the week with his father, Mr. G. W. Edge.
  Miss Florence Driggers returned home from DeFuniak Sunday night after a week’s visit with friend.
  Dr. Harley Cawthon is in Crestview today, doing dental work. Better call and have him fix your teeth.
  W. D. Ferdon has bought the residence of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Henderson, and they are arranging to move to Niceville.  
  S. B. Burlinson and his son-in-law, A. H. Clark, and John Gordon, all good farmers of near Laurel Hill, were here a short while Monday.
  Mrs. John R. Smith of Bagdad, is spending the week at her old home canning fruit and visiting friends and relatives.
  Mrs. J. B. Ausley returned home Saturday after a two week’s visit with friends and relatives at her old home in Alabama.
  George Wright, of the Wright Post Office, spent Wednesday here shaking hands with friends and visiting relatives.
  The Bank opens at Baker, tomorrow, Saturday.  This means that some more of the long green will be turned loose in Okaloosa County.
  Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Moody of Evergreen, Ala, are stopping at the Crescent Hotel.  They are here prospecting with a view to opening up a general merchandise business.
  Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Ferdon took a crowd of  their young lady friends to DeFuniak Saturday night to witness the moving picture show.  The play was titled, “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine,” and all hands report it as being up to date in every respect.
  People of this section are very glad for a few days sunshine.
  Hon. W.M. Davidson of Laurel Hill, was in our town Monday.  We here that he has purchased the beautiful home of W. C. Lester on Georgia Avenue and will move here about the first of September.
  Mrs. W.D. Williams of near Laurel Hill, spent most of the week here visiting her sister, Mrs. W. W. Etheridge.
  G. R. Lee returned home Thursday from a week’s visit to Greensboro, Ga.  He reports a joyful trip.
  W. W. Etheridge, our depot agent, left Friday to visit his father of near Laurel Hill.
  J. N. Holland, one of Baker’s prosperous farmers, has purchased a new Ford automobile.
  The cotton gin here will begin operation the first of the week.
  Mrs. Z. W. Moore returned home Thursday of last week after a few days visit to her mother at Opp, Ala.
  Sheriff Sutton was on our streets Friday.
  J. W. Lee spent most of the week in town attending to business.
  W. J. Rice, Esq., was here from Crestview Friday.
  Z. W. Moore and family, L. F. Jeter, and C. W. Jeter, were visitors to J. W. King’s Sunday.
  Mrs. A. P. Jones of Crestview visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Brown, Saturday and Sunday.
  Miss Dotia Miller who is teaching at Central, near Laurel Hill, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller, Saturday and Sunday.
  Best wishes to The News and its many readers.  

  One of the most familiar greetings now days is, “is it hot ‘nough for you!”
  Your scribe and family, and Miss Eula Miller, spent a week at Destin—on the bay—and thoroughly enjoyed it. This accounts for the absence of the Dorcas news last week.
  Mrs. J. D. McCallum went to Milligan Monday for a visit with her mother and returned home Thursday.
  Mrs. Katie McSwain has been quite sick but is much better at this writing.
  Ezra Hinote and family, and Dewey Booth have been spending the week visiting at Elba, Ala.
  Mrs. Each was quite sick Friday and Saturday.
  M. P. Hart and wife and mother were visitors at DeFuniak Friday.
  A new tennis court at the parsonage is arousing considerable interest among the young people of the community.
  The patrons of our school met Friday night to consider the needs of a larger school building.  After going into the matter thoroughly it was decided to build an addition to the present building.  The new part will be 20 by 26 feet.  This will put the teachers in separate rooms in the same building instead of blooded cattle, part Red Poles and part Holstein.  This is a straw that shows which way the wind blows in the line of progress.
  J. W. Steward and family of Deerland, attended church at Dorcas Sunday and visited friends in the country.
Jurors for Fall Term
  Below we give the names of the grand petit jurors for the fall term of Circuit Court which convenes at Milligan on Monday, August 28th, 1916.
J. J. Ellis,     D.J. Wilkinson,
James Bolton,     Allen Hart,
A. M. Boyett,     S. J. Manning,
W. T. Brown,     W. L. Barnhill,
D. R. Stewart,     J. W. C. Helms,
John Saunders,     Gus Harris,
J. T. Martin,     J. J. Smmerlin,
J. A. Cobb,     W. J. Franklin,
Jno. M. Garrett,     W. C. Brooks,
Capers Tyner,     Joel Jordan
J. M. Reynolds,     P. T. Ewing,
D. P. Ray,     A. L. Cobb,
M. T. Martin,     W. R. Senterfitt,
J. M. Henderson, Jr.,     R. H. Jernigan,
H. D. McCallum,     H. A. Hinote,
G. F. Kilcrease,     Mack Edge, Sr.,
W. E. Gordon,     J. B. Cobb,
Arthur Brown,    J. M. Edge.
Growing Snap Beans
  A large acreage is going to be put in snap beans in Gadsden County—perhaps more than 125 acres.  The farmers in that county who planted snap beans the past season realized a good profit from the crops.—Live Oak Democrat.Why not the farmers of Okaloosa County get in the bean growing business also?  It has not been but four or five years since we seen a young man at Laurel Hill plant less than an eighth of an acre to beans, and if we mistake not, he informed us that he made something like $60 clear on them.Will Cutts who served in the depot here as agent for several months, but who has been in Pensacola for several months, was here shaking hands with his many friends Monday.
  Did you ever try advertising farm products in your local paper?  Mr. M. N. Beeler, instructor in agricultural journalism in the University of Florida, College of Agriculture, says that a good market can be built by systematic and consistent advertising.
  On and after September the 1st, I will change the system of my mercantile business from a credit system to a strictly cash in advance system.
  By doing this, it will enable me to save all my customers from 5 to 10 per cent on each dollar.
  All customers will please take notice and be governed accordingly.
Very respectfully,
J. W. Bowers
E. Porter Webb,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.
All calls answered promptly—day or night, rain or shine.
Female Diseases Given Special Attention
Phone 7.  Laurel Hill, Florida.
E. R. Marshburn, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office next door to Post Office.
Phone call: short, long, short, long.
Crestview, Florida.
To The Democratic Voters of Okaloosa County, Greeting:
  The many friends and supporters of Sidney J. Catts, are respectfully invited to meet at the “Congregational Church” in Crestview, Florida, August 29, 1916, for the purpose of organizing a Catts Club for the purpose of promoting the candidacy of the Democratic nominee of the State of Florida, Sidney J. Catts.
  All Democrats who believe in fair play, honest elections and preservation of the primary system for nominating candidates for office, are requested to attend this meeting.  Those oppose to the primary system as well as those who are unwilling for the voice and vote of the people to be supreme may find excuses for not attending.  They are excused.
  This call is addressed especially to the loyal democratic names of Beat Fifteen (15) Crestview precinct.  Come!  All those who are serious for justice to be done.
Creates a good impression
Among your correspondents
And helps to give your business

We Do Neat Printing
At Reasonable Prices  

Give us your next order
And we will give you
Perfect satisfaction,
Thus making you one of
Our regular customers.  

Crestview, Florida
  Messrs. J. D. Cobb, Dallas Cobb, Will Cutts, Lance Richbourg, R. D. Bush, Ben and Mayo Ferdon, Misses Pauline Driggers, Thelma Webb, Bennie and Irma Whidden, attended the dance at Milligan Monday night.J. W. Marshall, representing the Mayes Printing Company of Pensacola, was here and paid our office a pleasant visit yesterday.

  We are glad to say that we have been having some very fine weather for this, the most beautiful of seasons harvest.
  J. O. Moore has been gathering corn and says that it was better than he expected it was.H. P. Cook has been very busy gathering hay.
  Dr. Bagget called at J. O. Moore’s Wednesday.
  Mrs. Cutts, spent the night with Mrs. J. W. Cain Wednesday.
  Bascom Parker was in our burg Friday.
  Dallas Peaden has been hauling lumber from J. O. Moore’s mill to his place.
  Mrs. J. O. Moore was the guest of Mrs. J. N. Hudson Thursday.
  John Barnhill was in our burg Thursday selling fish.
  ______ Georgia McLelland was the guest of Mrs. A. Moore Wednesday night.
  J. M. Reed visited home folks at Crestview Saturday and Sunday.
  Prof. David N. Cutts went to Crestview Saturday.
  Dr. Spears passed through our burg Wednesday.
  Mr. Hayslip, Mr. J. D. Stokes assistant R.F.D. Carrier carried the mail Wednesday and Thursday.
  Mr. J. N. Hudson and wife and Mrs. Cutts and Eula Moore went fishing last Saturday, they caught a nice lot.
  J. O. Moore and family spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cain Sunday.
  K. S. Sowell and family visited Mrs. Sowell’s father, Mr. King, at Panther Creek Sunday.
  Edna Cain spent the night with Charlotte Sowell Saturday.
  Mr. W. T. McLelland and family were the guests of J. O. Moore and family Saturday evening.
  Mrs. A. Moore and daughter Miss Annie visited their son and brother, J. O. Moore, Saturday evening.
  J. O. Moore had the misfortune of losing a good mule last week, by death.
  The patrons began a much needed well at the school Monday.  Hurrah! For our school, we are glad that our patrons can see the need of our school.
  Mrs. J. W. Cain was the guest of Mrs. J. O. Moore and Mrs. Cutts Monday.
  Uncle John Nichols was the guest of K. S. Sowell Sunday night.Uncle Will Helms was over at the school Monday to see the well begin.
  With best wishes to The News, and Crestview, the ideal place for the court house, as Mr. Soule said last week we have soon to vote on the important question of a county site, but I differ on his policies as to using what we can make out with, for I think that is a poor argument for we as well say that we had as soon make a crop with a plug of a horse.  

  Mr. David Carver returned home Sunday from Mississippi where he has been working.
  T. J. Faulk visited his daughter Mrs. A. S. Edge Sunday.“Uncle” George Edge and granddaughters, Misses Lily and Cora Thomas were pleasant visitors to Milligan Saturday.
  Rev. James Sutley of Milligan, preached at the Laura Thomas Homestead Saturday night and Sunday.
  Graves Gordon of Milligan was a pleasant visitor at Silver Springs Sunday.
  We are glad to know that Mrs. W. D. Houston has much improved from her spell of illness.
  Miss Ethel and Irma Wheelus and Ona Lee Long spent Sunday in Laurel Hill visiting friends.
  Mark Barrow and family visited W.F. Burke Saturday night and Sunday.
  S. G. Settles and daughters, visited friends and relatives near DeFuniak Saturday and Sunday.
  Hayes Jones of DeFuniak spent Friday night with his uncle G. W. Edge.
  Prof. Jos. Steel who is teaching at Prosperity, attended church at the Laura Thomas homestead Sunday.  Come again Mr. Steel.
  Mrs. W. Z. Lewis of Campton was the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. L. Wheelus Saturday.
  T. D. Edge and family visited Mrs. Edge’s parents near Milligan Sunday.
  The Scotch Mfg. Co. is building a new barn at Auburn.
  Last Friday when the Crestview second nine ball team came up here hollowing and singing expecting to beat our boys, but they were badly disappointed.  Our boys have not had much practice but the inning with two men on base Be____ went to the bat and knocked a home run.
  The last inning with two men down and one man on base he knocked another home run.
  Then the score was 17 to 15.
  Quite a crowd attended the ball game at Milligan Saturday.  Among them were Misses Nina Mae Long, Mae Edge, M.S. Wheelus, W. Z. Lewis, W. T. Long, Alex Edge, Willie Sapp and Wendell Burke.
  Hon. J. A. Richbourg brought to our office one day the past week a sweet potato weighing two and a half pounds which he says grew wild on his farm one and a half miles from here, without any cultivation whatever.  He says he has several bushels of these potatoes growing on the same ground which came up voluntarily and made without one iota of fertilizer or cultivation.
DuBose & Cox
For all kinds of Building—Residents
A Specialty.  First Class Work Guaranteed.
Plans and Specifications Furnished
Let us Figure With You On Your Work
DuBose & Cox
Crestview, Fla.
We Have The Goods
Bought them right and can sell for less than competition in other towns.  Buying for two large stores gives us the “inside track” and we pass the advantage on to our customers.
We Will Furnish Your Home
  Complete and help you to enjoy “Home Comforts” while you live and when the “white horse” and angelic rider cometh we will bury you and your loved ones in the best way and for the less money than any one else can do the same service for.
  You will respect yourself more and be happier if we serve you in the sad hours than you can if you have inferior service.
A Full Line of Wagons, Farm Machinery, Wire and All Kinds of Hardware.  Come in and Examine our stock whether you buy or not.
Crestview, Fla.
Sold By L. E. Bowers
Also a full line of Groceries, Dry Goods, Farm Implements.
In fact headquarters for what you want.  Paints, Lime and Brick.
“The Quality Store”
Crestview, Florida