The    Okaloosa    News

Vol. 2.                                            Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, October 27, 1916                    No. 4

The Debate at Milligan.
   As was announced in The News last week the editor of the News met Hon. W.M. Davidson of Baker, in a joint debate at Milligan Tuesday night to discuss the question as to which of the two, Hon. Sidney J. Catts or W.V. Knott, was the true Democratic nominee for Governor of the State of Florida.
   Something like two fifty or three hundred people, men, ladies and children, from all sections of the western half of the county were present and the debate commenced at about 8 o’clock and lasted for two hours, each speaker consuming an hour.
   Of course we won’t say which of the two got the best of the argument, but one thing we will say is, that a large majority of the crowd were already for Mr. Catts or else soon got for him after the discussion started, for besides the applause being much greater for the Catts side, something like forty or fifty men came to us immediately after the debate closed and told us that they were for Catts first, last and all the time.  And it was freely predicated by some of the best men of the town, that Catts would carry a large majority in that precinct on the day of the election.

Cox Ferry Bridge Begun.
   Supervisor of the Forest Reserve, Mr. J.F. Eldridge and two of his employees, Messer B.B. McKee and L.L. Bishop, were here yesterday and paid our office a visit.  While here they informed us that the timber had been selected and all arrangements made for the beginning of construction of the $5,000 bridge across the Shoal River at the Cox Crossing, and that Mr. Stewart, the contractor, is now at work on the construction of the bridge.
W.V. Knott In Crestview.
   W.V. Knott, the Supreme Court nominee for governor, addressed a small number of voters here Saturday for a period of something like two hours.  His talk was confined exclusively in trying to tell and explain by a map how it was that he received so many more second choice votes than Mr. Catts did.
   There were some thirty or forty voters present to hear him, out of which number there was only about fifteen Knott men and twenty or twenty-five Catts.
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     Fisher & Hamilton, Milton (Adv.)
We are requested to announce that Rev. J.C. Harrison, of Florida Town, will begin a series of meetings at Milligan for the Methodist and Baptist people of that place on Sunday night, November the 5th, and that everybody in Crestview as well as the adjacent territory around, is invited to attend these services and to help make the meeting a good one.

Shall The State Executive Committee Dictate to The People of Florida How They Shall Vote?  We Say Not.
   The State Democratic Committee seems rather disposed to abandon its duties as an executive committee, and resolve itself into a LEGISLATIVE Committee, to lay down the law to the voters.  The CREATURE is becoming superior to its CREATOR.
   The hasty action of the Committee on the 7th instant in declaring W.V. Knott to be the Democratic nominee for Governor, while the contest was still pending before the Supreme Court indicates that the Committee was either partisan, or that it had little regard for the Court.  If the Executive Committee proceeded to determine for itself, in advance of the final action of the Court, who was the rightful nominee, it cannot find fault with the individual voter for exercising the same right.
   And the voter reasons that since the Supreme Court found fraud in Madison County, perpetrated in Mr. Knott’s favor that it must have been done by Mr. Knott’s friends.  Therefore, if Mr. Knott’s friends committed fraud in Madison County, they did it for the purpose of overcoming Mr. Catt’s majority.  Since the fraud in Madison County was not sufficient to overcome the majority and since the Supreme Court decided that some of Mr. Knott’s friends would commit fraud if they had a chance, it seems reasonable that sufficient frauds were committed in other counties to obtain the results aimed at.  It does not seem reasonable that they would run the risk of prosecution for fraud in Madison county and not do what they started out to do.  Therefore, the voter thinks that Mr. Catt’s majority was overcome by fraud, and he does not propose for the Executive Committee to control his individual opinion or his vote.
   The Executive Committee has done things in the past that the voters did not approve of.
   In 1904, Mr. Holloway was nominated by the voters of the Democratic Party, but the Executive Committee put the name of another man on the ticket and while the gentleman whose name was placed on the ticket by the Committee against the regular nominee, was a capable and estimable gentleman, the Primary nominee was elected by a majority of more than 4 to 1.  Even the Republican nominee received a greater vote than the Committee nominee received.
   It will be remembered that the Committee, in 1904, disapproved of what they termed “questionable” methods used to secure a nomination.  They denounced the methods used by the Primary nominee in the prosecution of his campaign and put the name of another gentleman on the ticket, but the people elected the Primary nominee--quite a difference in the position of the Committee then and now.  The Committee now endorses questionable methods , when it endorsed Mr. Knott as a “nominee;”  it even did this while the matter was before Supreme Court, thus, as before stated showing little or no regard for the Court.
   The voters of Florida will repudiate the action of this committee, as they have always done when it overstepped its authority.  The people of Florida are not in the habit of “Kow-Towing” to any boss and will not recognize one now.
   In 1910, as I recall, the Committee took the nomination of Circuit Judges out of the primary, and a storm of protest was raised by the voters that resulted in the primaries
being held under county executive committees in defiance of the action of the State Executive Committee; and I have heard that Chairman Raney of the present State Committee was one of the leaders in defying the action of the State Committee at that time.  If this is true, and I ask Mr. Raney to correct me if it is not, how can he expect the voters to regard the action of the Committee of which he is Chairman when he disregarded the action of the State Committee only six years ago, when they did something he thought was not right?  If the action of the State Committee in 1910 could not bind Mr. Raney how can he expect the action of that same Committee to bind the voters in 1916?  And it is fresh in the memory of all Democrats how, in the early part of this year, the State Executive Committee, in an attempt to disfranchise a large element of the Democratic Party, overstepped the bounds of their authority so far that public sentiment demanded a remission of their action. 
   The average voter will cheerfully recognize and abide by the action of the Committee as long as it continues and “Executive Committee” executing the will of the people, by whom, and for whom it was created; but when it becomes a legislative body prescribing laws to govern the action and conscience of 80,000 voters, it oversteps its authority and the voter will be guided by his own conscience and his own will.

   A large majority of the Democratic voters of Florida believe Mr. Catts was the regular nominee as he was at first declared by the State Canvassing Board.  They further believe that he has not had an honest deal in subsequent proceedings by which Mr. Knott’s vote was raised, and regardless of instruction from the State Committee, they are going to give Catts a square deal in the general election, and elect him by an overwhelming majority.
   There is another thing worthy of attention in the action of the State Committee.  They say that all the Democratic Nominees will be “DRAFTED” into service to meet the foe.  As a matter of fact, the whole thing is for one particular purpose, that is, to aid Mr. Knott.  The interest of the other nominee was not, even remotely, in the mind of this Committee.  There one aim and desire was to help Knott; they propose to call on the Nominees, not to aid the ticket, BUT TO HELP KNOTT, while he at the time the committee acted, was no more the Nominee for Governor than Catts.  Is any one man bigger than the party?  The Committee by this hasty action, has endorsed a man who was not the nominee, but a man who pledged himself to abide by the results of the Primary and bolted the Primary, though a man who has since been declared the Nominee as the results of flagrant frauds committed by Knotts friends.  Who is to manage the headquarters  of this Committee?  We note the name of one--A.B. Small, who was one of Knott’s attorneys and who is reported to have aided in the perpetration of some suspicious things in several counties of the State. 
   Also, we notice the name of one R.E. Davis, who is said to be very active in Mr. Knott’s behalf.  If memory serves me right, this same R.E. Davis was also prominent and active in the support of PALMER AND BUCKNER in 1896, to the opposition to the Great Commoner and Democrat, W.J. Bryan.  It will be noticed that these “Gold Bugs” are supporting Knott, along with Holt, McNance and Bowden, and trying to run the Democratic Party.  I have seen mentioned in the papers with great gusto, the fact that Captain John L. Inglis is for Knott.  While this same Captain Inglis is a fine old gentleman, with many admirable qualities, the rank and file of our Democrats have never endorsed his policies--I mention this not in malice toward these men, but merely to show who it is trying to “read out of the party” those who refuse to support Mr. Knott.  This is a case of the “Tail trying to Wag the Dog” and I don’t think it will succeed.  Who are the Democrats? 
   If the Democratic Party was in any real danger of defeat at the hands of the Republicans, this grandstand play of the Committee would be excusable, but the only danger that exists is the defeat of Mr. Knott, who, as everybody knows, holds a certificate, the result of fraud in the recounts, and which was issued by the Canvassing Board under a peremptory writ of mandamus issued by the Supreme Court.  The certificate Mr. Knott holds was given under DURESS, by the Canvassing Board, and does not represent the will of the Democratic voters of the State.  Catts holds a “first grade” certificate, while Knott holds a “second grade” therefore Catts comes first as FIRST GRADE certificates are more valuable than SECOND GRADE.  THE PEOPLE IS THE COURT OF LAST RESORT.  TO THEM WE APPEAL FOR JUSTICE!
R.J. PATERSON, State Tax Commissioner.
Mrs. Fannie Cox is visiting her daughter this week, Mrs. Atwell.
C.B. Ferdon was a visitor to the Escambia County Fair Tuesday.
Mayor White was busy the first of the week doing some brick work in Auburn.
Buy your building material from Fisher & Hamilton, Milton.  They carry a large stock all the time.  Prices right. (Adv.)
W.A.J. Moore of Jacksonville, arrived here yesterday morning and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. White.  He is here in the interest of Sunday School work.
Messrs Lauderdale and Larkin of Florala, are here this week doing the plumbing work on L.E. Bowers new store and hotel.
L.E. and J.W. Bowers and W. R. White were visitors to Knox Hill, in Walton County, Sunday.  They were visiting the father of the Bowers boys, whom has been quite sick.
There were a few men in Milligan at the debate who couldn’t behave themselves when the Catts side of the question was being argued, and this is to remind them that it is just such acts as theirs which is turning voters away from Knott every day.
A card from Rev. A.C. Johnson, who is well known throughout Okaloosa County, states that he has moved from Andalusia to Red Level, Ala., where he is now pastoring  Beda, Carolina, Mobley Creek and Bruce Creek churches. He says these are among the best rural district churches in South Ala., and that he is well pleased with the work.  He says that the News is one of the best county papers he ever read, and that he joins its editor when he says hurrah for Catts.
To The Voters of Okaloosa County.
   Through the request of my friends and the voters of my district, I have agreed to make the race for County Commissioner from District 4.
   The following are a few of the reasons which prompted me to make the race:
   First, the treatment which has been meted out to the people of this District at the hands of the present Commissioner, Mr. R.A. Rozier.
   Second, I believe in fair play and a Square Deal, in other words I believe that the people of the county should have the right to rule it, where, as it is now, the Commissioners, regardless of the wishes and petitions of the people, run the county, this assertion has been proven by their acts on at least three different occasions.  So I pledge if elected to be ruled, or governed by the people by voting to give them, what they ask for, regardless of whether it pleases me individually or not.  I have no Court House scrap to make for any special place.  Therefore I claim that I can, and will if elected, be able to serve the people better, more conservatively, and more generally than the man or set of men who is, or totally wrapped up in one certain place getting the Court House and all the good roads, and if a petition is presented by the people it will have my attention and there will be some record made of same.
   I favor good roads, and I think they ought to be built as fast as the financial conditions of the county will permit without running into debt.
   Now if these ideas and principles meet your approval as citizens and voter, I will appreciate your support in the election of November 7th.
   Remember that I am to be voted for or against all over the whole county, if elected, will be under as strong obligation to the people of the whole country as I will be to those in my district, therefore I can will serve them all alike.
Very Respectfully,
G.W. Kilcrease
An Error In List Of Qualified Voters
   On account of negligence of the Registration Office in furnishing us a list of the names of the qualified voters of the County instead of turning over to us a set of books the devil himself couldn’t tell anything about, we have been put to two day’s unnecessary work and trouble with about $15.00 extra expense, trying to get up and publish according to LAW a correct list of qualified voters of Okaloosa County.
   The list as published on pages two and six is incorrect, there being something like three or four hundred more names on these pages than are qualified to vote; but on page five will be found a list of those whom the books show can vote in the general election.
    If you are a voter you had better look over the list and see if your name is there, if not, when you go to the polls on November 7th, you had better carry your registration
certificate and your poll tax receipts for the years of 1914 and 1915.
I, J.W. Kierce, Supervisor of Registration for Okaloosa County, certify that the following list is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a due list of the qualified voters of each precinct wherein a general election is to be held Nov. 7th, 1916.

District  No. 1--Baker
______, R.          Lester, E.W.
_____,J.L.           Lester, J.R.
_____,R.P.          Lowery, G.W.
Butler, J.C.           Lee, K.D.
Brown, J.W.        Locke, W.G.
__own, J.E.          Locke, E.L.
Brnson, J.R.         Langley, A.W.
Barrow, M.T.    Morris, G.F.
______, W.M.    Morris, A.B.
Cook, J.T.            Moore, Z.W.
Carter, H.F.          Meachum, J.B.
Davis, W.T.         Morris, J.R.
Day, H.V.             Moore, W.E.
_____, C.C. Jr.    Miller, J.L.
Ellison, R.H.        Meachum, H.B.
_____, M.L.        Malone, Sam
_____, C.C. Sr.   Mount, J.E.
Garrett, T.J.          Miller, J.R.
Garrett, D.J.         McLardy, G.C.
Garrett, E.R.         McKinney, W.J.
Griffith, P.L.         McLardy, G.W.
(G)rider, J.W.       McIntosh, D.A.
Garrett, Amos     Nichols, S.
Griffith, David     Nichols, J.A.
Gills, F.C.             Nichols, T.J.
Griffith, Jackson Polk, J.T.
Griffith, Joel         Peacock, N.D.
Griffith, Peter       Peacock, J.J.
Hart, J.A.             Richards, J.W.
Hicks, J.C.            Richards, W.A.
Hart, W.H.           Richards, J.T.
Henderson, J.M.  Raley, W.T.
______, C.C.       Rhoades, J.L.
Hart, T.J.              Rhoades, T.P.
Henderson, W.S.  Sta(o)kes, J.D.
Henderson, J.R.  Spears, G.O.
Holloway, S.M.   Stanley, Obie
_______, J.H.     Spurling, W.C.
_______, A.H.    Sharp, J.T.
_______, Homer  Tisdale, S.T.
Henry, D.A.         Williams, A.J.
Henderson, A.M.  Walker, T.J.
Johnson, W.H.    Waddell, J.P.
Jernigan, W.B.    Williams, Jim
Jeter?, T.F.           Williams, T.E.
Jeter?, C.W.         Walker, W.J.
_____, Henry     Welborn, M.F.
Kierce, J.W.         Watson, J.F.
Kilcreseast, G.W. Welborn, J.W.
Kinbro, J.P.          Welborn, M.F.
District  No. 2--North Baker
_aras, R.P.           Johnson, W.P.
_asley, A.S.          Johnson, Frank
_ue, A.G.             Jernigan, R.H.
Brown, J.M.         Jernigan, Joe
Brooks, G.C.        Jernigan, Albert
Barnhill, J.L.        Jones, Simond
Barnes, A.L.        Jeter, B.F.
Baggett, Jas. L.    Kilcrease, R.F.
Baker, A.J.           Kilcrease, W.H.
Bush, E.P.            Kilcrease, L.J.
Barrow, M.R.       Kelley, J.J.
Barrow, G.W.      Kilcrease, C.E.
Barnhill, W.L.      Kilcrease O.E.
Brooks, W.C.      Landry, J.T.
Bush, H.W.         Lee, G.R.
Barnhill, W.B.     Lee, J.D.
Baker, E.M.          Moore, Geo. W.
Barnes, J.A.         Matthews, H.M.
Bush, I.E.             Moore, A.F.
Bush, H.F.           Mahon, J.M.
Brown, W.T.       Matthews, R.A.
Barnhill, B.M.      Martin, C.S.
Barnhill, J.R.        Maloy, L.I.
Cobb, W.M.        McCart, J.W. Sr.
Cobb, J.B.            McCart, Y.F.
Couch, M.B.        McCart, W.T.
Cobb, W.C.         McCart, J.W. Jr.
Cobb, A.L.           McVickers, J.A.
Cody, J.G.            Neal, A.M.
Cain, J.W.            Neal, C.M.
Davis, J.R.           Neal, C.A.
Eiland, H.L.          Peacock, J.L.
Etheridge, W.W.   Peaden, Dallas
Franklin, J.B.       Pate, H.
Franklin, R.E.       Rushing, T.J.
Franklin, C.B.      Ray, D.P.
Franklin, D.S.      Rhoades, M.E.
Franklin, P.C.       Richars?, O.R.
Franklin, P.J.        Lay, D.D.F.
Faulk, T.J.            Stansbury, R.J.
Gay, E.H.              Spivy, J.A.
Grice, J.I.              Williams, J.R.
(G)ant, A.B.         Wilkinson, D.J.
Hilton, D.E.          Wilkerson, J.M.
Holland, J.N.       Wilkerson, J.B.
Hobbs, P.P.         Wilkerson, John
Hilton, M.E.         Wasden, T.J.
Hilton, H.L.          Wilkerson, D.C.
Henderson, J.D.   Wilkerson, A.C.
District No. 3--Beaver Creek
Boyette, J.E.        Legget, Willis
Boyette, W.J.      Rabourn, G.R.
Boyette, A.M.     Russell, W.P.
Bryan, W.P.         Robbins, S.S.
Barton, R.T.         Snowden, E.
Barton, D.A.        Stanley, W.R.
Cotton, W.R.       Snowden, F.P.
Chamber, R.E.     Snowden, G.E.
Cotton, J.F.          Snowden, P.M.
Faulk, I.                Snowden, C.L.
Franklin, P.D.      Simmons, Scott
Hamilton, G.W.   Walley, J.T.
King, J.W.
District No. 4--Old Walton
Adkison, David   Matthews, G.D.
Barrow, J.C.         McWilliams
Barrow, R.J.         McCaskill, Burt
Baggett, M.         Parker, W.S.
Barrow, J.J. Sr.    Parker, Bascom
Cutts, Harris        Parker, F.M.
Cox, D.R.              Parker, Jessie
Davidson, W.M.   Parker, J.M.
Davidson, J.G.    Richardson, W.O.
Gaskin, G.W        King, J.M..
Howell, J.M.        King, W.F.
Hendrith, W.E.    King, Allen J.
Helms, J.W.C.     King, F.B.
Howell, A.M.      Lee, Nathan Jr.
Hendrith, Arthur  Moore, J.B.
Hendrith, R.F.     Moore, M.J.
Hendrith, J.F.      Stokes, J.A.
Hendrith, R.H.     Stewart, D.R.
Hart, Jerry            Steele, F.R.
Jones, A.W.        Steele, P.M.
Jett, J.W.              Spears, James
Kennedy, John W.  Stewart, Daniel
Stewart, W.J.        Stokes, W.S.
Smith, K.A.          Walls, W.M.
Smith, S.L.           Wilkinson, Thos.
Smith, W.D.         Wilkinson, Henry
Stewart, R.O.       Wilks, J.W.
Stontamire, Geo.
District No. 5--Laurel Hill
Adams, H.K.        Johnson, Enie
Atwell, John        Johnson, G.W.
Barlow, J.B.         Johnson, C.L.
Burlison, J.A.      Kirkland, L.L.
Barnett, E.B.        King, Jesse C.
Brown, Geo.        Kelly, C.S.
Burlison, W.R.     Kelly, D.A.
Barlow, Chipley   Kelly, J.D.
Baggett, W.H.      Kelly, Allen S.
Brown, R.B.         Lewis, W.Z.
Burlison, W.O.    Locki, W.D.
Burlison, E.L.      Lunsfords., J.W.
Boiles, J.J.            Lott, D.N.
Chestnut , J.C.      Morrison, M.
Campbell, A.D.   Moore, D.R.
Campbell, A.E.    Moore, M.C.
Carter, Leonard   Moore, Vall
Chuckwell, J.G.   Moore, A.C.
Clark, Sam J.        Martin, Green B.
Cottenhead, J.H.   Mikel, H.M.
Carter, J.H.           Merrill, J.F.
Cawthon, J.H.     Mills, A.W.
Capps, J.W.J.      Merrill, J.T.
Carnly, J.H.          Moore, __. J.
Clark, H.A.           Milligan, R.A.
Cary, Jas. L.         Martin, Warren
Cottenhead, I.M.   Martin, William
Campbell, John    McGowan, D.H.
Cutts, J.H.            McGowan, Geo. E.
Cutts, J.D.            McCurley, E.M.
Cadenhead, E.P.  Olives, T.F.
Cutts, W.J. Jr.        Paul, Don J.
Campbell, Charley     Paul, Henry
Campbell, J. Bob   Paul, J.W.
Davis, Seth A.      Paul, J.J.
Davis, Hardy       Paulk, I.V.
Davis, J.A.           Powell, J.J.
Douglass, W.M.   Richburg, J.I. Sr.
Dees, J.F.             Richburg, J.F.
Edenfield, B.F.    Reedes, J.E.
Edenfield, J.E.     Summerlin, John M.
Fountain, R.R.     Steele, John A.
Finlayson, D.T.     Stokes, H.M.
Falmes, George    Steele, Peter J.
Farmer, Rev. J.B.  Steele, Carrie C.
Franklin, J.F.        Steele, John P.
Fourntain, W.B.   Stricklin, S.B.
Fleming, H.F.       Steele, Oscar
Givens, John H.  Stokes, J.E.
Gomillion, C.Z.    Steele, I.A.
Gibson, P.C.        Smith, J.W.
Gibson, W.A.      Steele, J.E.
Givens, R.L.         Sprigner, N.G.
Gordon, L.P.        Steele, Joe B.
Gray, E.D.            Steele, J.C.
Gray, F.G.             Tyner, Capers
Gavins, O.A.       Tyner, Daniel
Gordon, J.D.        Tyner, Mack
Gavins, C.W.       Tucker, J.B.
Gavins, J.M.        Tyner, W.H. Jr.
Gavins, T.W.       Tyner, Joe
Gavins, S.J.          Tyner, W.H.S.
Hart, R.J.              Teel, J.M.
Hurston, C.G.      Thomas, J.C.
Howard, Silas S.   Tyner, B.F.
Howard, W.J.       Taylor, J.E.
Hammonds, D.C.   Vaughn, C.W.
Hooten, Dr. W.A.  Von Axelson, Fred
Hemby, W.A.        Von Axelson, Erle
Harper, C.J.          Weatherty, A.L.
Henderson, J.B.    Weatherly, J.W.
Henderson, N.A.   Walker, R.H.
Henderson, H.D.   Wynn, B.F.
Harrison, J.F.        Whitehead, H.L.
Henderson, H.A.   Williams, Ralph
James, T.R.          Webb E. Porter
Jones, W.H.        Whitman, Rev. J.P.
Jones, Chas. E.
District No. 6--Yellow River
Atwell, Oscar      Harrlson, W.H.
Baggett, J.M.      Harrison, H.C.
Barrow, J.M.        Harrison, J.R.
Campbell, A.F.    Hutcheson, Alex
Clary, J.A.            Kemp, J.C.
Campbell, H.L.    Lott, D.J.
Clary, W.D.         Lott, John A.
Campbell, W.A.   Lott, David
Clary, J.B.S.         Moore, J.J.
Clary, J.F.             Moore, Jas. S.
Clary, W.A.         Moore, A.J.
Clary, T.J.            McDuffie, J.W.
Clary, J.D.            Sumerlin, J.J.
Clary, J.B.            Spivey, J.C.
Clary, J.W.           Sumerlin, P.J.
Campbell, Daniel  Senterfitt, P.B.
Clark, A.J.            Senterfitt, J.B.
Faulk, A.L.           Senterfit, J.A.
Fowler, Richard   Steele, J.D.
Garrett, F.A..       Senterfit, Ben
Holley, T.             Senterfitt, G.A.
Howard, D.H.      Steel, W.R.
Harrison, J.A.      Steel, W.B.
Thomas, R.
District No. 7--Blackman
Adkinson, John W.    Lawhan, R.M.
Baggett, J.W. Jr.     Lawhan, W.S.
Baggett, H.C.        Lawhan, W.C.
Baggett, Lewis      Lasane, J.C.
Cook, H.R.           Monroe, W.H.
Cobb, J.A.           Moore, J.O.
Cobb, H.              Monroe, W.F.
Cobb, E.J.            Monroe, P.L.
Cotton, Archie     McLelland, W.T.
Chestnutt, J.C.    Moore, R.J.
Elmore, T.L.         Peaden, Bartley
Fanter, J.W.         Peaden, A.J.
Gatewood, D.E.   Peaden, Dallas
Grice, A.R.           Steele, J.L.
Glover, A.R.        Sorrell, K.S.
Hart, J.H.              Smith, E.T.
Hart, A.W.           Stewart, W.A.
Hart, W.J.            Steel, T.J.
Hart, D.J.              Spicer, J.C.
Hart, J.J.               Steel, J.A.
Helms, W.F.        Stiggings, Lewis
Helms, S.R.          Stapleton, J.W.
Hendrith, R.H.     Steele, Joseph L.
Howell, C.S.         Steele, J.E.
Jordan, J.T.          Steele, H.W.
Jordan, W.P.       Tunsell, J.H.
King, J.G.             Wright, W.J.
Kennedy, Joe      Williams, A.J.
Lawhan, H. B.     Wright, J.H.
District No. 8--Milligan
Alford, A.H.        Gainor, P.G.
Baggett, N.N.      Garrett, H.T.
Bradley, Jesse     Gordon, Clyde
Bush, H.P.J.         Hicks, John
Brown, J.T.          Hinote, W.A.
Brown, Ralph H.   Hill, W.M.
Brown, W.W.       Helms, J.A.
Belcher, A.C.       Humphreys, W.A.
Brown, R.J.          Hinote, S.C.
Bass, J. Ross        Holland, W.F.
Bush, H.P.           Hinote, A.A.
Bradley, Dan       Hinote, L.J.
Bishop, C.R.        Humphries, J.W.
Bishop, G.E.        Helms, R.M.
Carr, Sam             Harp, A.P.
Chestnut, C.H.    Helms, W.T.
Creach, B.F.         Helms, J.O.
Chestnut, Daniel   Hinote, Tommy
Carr, J.A.              Henderson, J.M. Jr.
Crain, T.Z.           Herring, J.J.
Chestnut, J.N.     Hinote, Carl
Creach, Dave      Jernigan, G.H.
Curvin, J.R.          Lowery, J.W.
Chestnut, W.J.    Lowery, Geo. F.
Craig, W.J.           Lester, W.C.         
Cain, J.A.             Livingston, H.H.
Christian, W.L.   Langley, H.H.
Campbell, J.B.     McCollum, D.H.
Davis, Landy      Miller, J.R.H.
Edge, J.E.             Martin, J.T.
Evans, N.D.         Moore, A.A.
Fountain, A.T.    McDougal, S.L.
Flanders, C.R.     Mapoles, J.T.
Fountain, C.A.    Meachum, W.A.
Fuqua, L.R.          Moore, S.G. Jr.
Fountain, Robert   Merritt, M.A.
Fuqua, E.M.        Mason, J.E.
Fuqua, W.J.         McLeod, L.A.
Garrett, M.B.       Morgan, __. L.
Garrett, Jeff M.    Norris, O.
Garrett, Josh M.    Pryor, W.C.
Grimes, J.R.          Priggin, Calvin
Gay, W.H.            Powell, C.W.
Garrett, T.D.        Penney, E.L.
Griffith, P.L.         Powell, J.W.
Garrett, T.L.         Rozier, R.A.
Garrett, A.G.        Rogers, Ed
Garrett, W.H.       Richards, Bab?
Garrett, D.L.         Roland, Jos. R.
Garrett, E.L.         Richbourg, W.J.
Garrett, W.J.        Smith, D.F.
Garrett, J.M. Jr.   Swinson, Gate
Garrett, J.W. Jr.   Sutton, B.H.
Garrett, W.R.       Sutton, J.B.
Gamor, C.I.           Spivey, C.A.
Gomax, A.B.        Wilkinson, R.R.
Gray, M.I.            Wilkinson, J.W.
Garrett, J.R. Jr.     Williams, Lum
Griffith, H.L.        Wikinson, J.A.
Garrett, R.E.         Williams, John
Garrett, W.T.       Wilkinson, D.A.
Gordan, C.E.        Wilkinson, W.F.
Garrett, A.L.        Wilkinson, C.J.
Gordon, W.E.      Wilkinson, H.
Garrett, A.M.       Wilkinson, C.
Gordon, J.M.       Williamson, R.R.
Garrett, John M.   Wilson, A.W.
Garrett, A.D.        Wilkinson, D.J.
Gilman, Wm.        Williams, A.B.
Griffith, Lee         Webb, G.H.
Griffith, Sam        Wilkinson, J.H.
Grimes, W.F.       Williams, John
Griffith, S.B.         Wilson, John
Norris, W.F.
District No. 9-Holt
Alford, D.A.        Jones, W.C.
Alford, H.C.         Jones, W.H.
Adams, Curtis     Johnson, R.A.
Alford, B.J.          Johnson, William
Armstrong, J.W.   Jones, G.W.
Adams, Alex       Kelley, A.N.
Adams, A.J.        Kelley, J.S.
Adams, E.D.        Kimbro, J.L.
Adams, C.G.        Livingston, G.J.
Adams, G.D.        Livingston, W.M.
Adams, H.           Livingston, J.M.
Andrews, W.O.    Moore, E.
Bedgood, S.L.     Malnor, J.W.
Baldwin, D.D.      Mixon, Joseph A.
Broxson, D.C.      Moore, J.W.
Bullard, R.L.        Melvin, _. J.
Braunum, J.R.      Murphy, W.T.
Bass, J.D.             Porter, H.B.
Bishop, P.B.        Peak, J.E.
Bass, J.A.            Richbourge, John P.
Crain, J.W.           Renfroe, D.J.
Cooper, Geo. W.   Reeves, G.W.
Cutts, John          Seigler, J.M.
Carr, Love            Simpson, M.H.
Cochran, C.R.      Smith, E.V.
Carey, G.M.         Smith, C.A.
Carr, W.J.             Simmons, L.F.
Carr, I.S.(J)?         Senterfitt, M.R.
Crosby, A.A.       Smith, W. Tom
Caro?, Lenure     Strickland, F.L.
Crain, Joe             Spiva, L.R.
Cooper, J.F.         Sanders, H.J.
Cooper, T.D.       Shofner, R.E.
Cooper, C.R.        Shofner, J.
Carr, A.P.             Senterfitt, J.H.
Campbell, M.J.    Senterfitt, F.M.
Crain, W.R.          Smith, J.E.
Carr, Jas. B.         Senterfitt, W.R.K.
Carr, D.A.            Sanders, A.J.
Carr, A.T.             Smith, R.M.
Carr, Rube           Sanders, J.D.
Cooper, J.J.          Summerlin, J.D.
Cushing, M.D.      Summerlin, L.F.
Christian, John     Smith, J.M.
Carr, Steven C.    Simmons, G.C.
Dardis, J.C.          Smith, W.T. Jr.
Ewing, P.T.          Smith, B.C.
Evans, H.C.         Terry, E.V.
Fortune, R.F.       Smith, Tobe
Green, T.J.           Thomas, B.D.T.
Guest, Matthew    Williams, Henry
Griffith, W.C.       Winters, Henry B.
Griffith, A.I.         Woodward, J.O.
Grimes, Robert    Weller, W.H.
Griffith, Lem        Wilson, J.R.
Holt, Henry         Wilson, M.C.
Helveston, John   Woodward, Amos
Helms, J.D.          Wilkinson, J.A.
Henderson, T.A.   Williams, Asa J.
Holt, Wm.            Ward, G.W.
Holt, M.               Ward, W.J.
Hicks, John         Yates, M.G.
Ivey, G.W.
District No. 10-Howell
Davis, W.M.          Strickland, R.M.
Goodwin, LeRoy  Taylor, Geo.
Gillis, John           Weekley, B.F.
Goodwin, Lee      Weekley, O.E.
Howell, D.J.         Weekley, H.R.
Jordan, J.M.        Weekley, J.J.
Littlefield, R.L.      Weekley, Chas.
McLaughlin, R.     Weekley, A.B.
Robert, Lee          Weekley, E.T.
District No. 11-Deerland
Bolton, A.J.         Mathews, A.G.
Cribbs, P.E.          Mason, John
Davis, Joe            Mason, N.C.
Davis, W.J.          McConnell, Scott
Davis, S.J.            McDonald, A.
Elliott, Jas. H.      Parker, I.(J)? A.
Ellis, J.J.               Parker, F.M.
Hamilton, Lanso?  Pippins, I.S.A.
Jackson, L            Reems, M.A.
Killingsworth, D.A.   Stewart, John W.
Matthews, Jas. L.    Ward, J.E.
Mason, S.R.          Ward, A.E.
Mathewy(s)?, C.L.              
Precinct No. 12-Garden City
Bridges, N.E.       Jones, C.H.
Bridges, W.H.     Kent, W.S
Burk, W.F.           Killpatrick, J.J.
Barks, T.J.            Kent, A.F.
Bartlett, B.W.      Long, W.T.
Clary, C.W.          Lock, W.R.
Clark, John          Lundy, W.A.
Carver, J.I.           Locke, S.W.
Currie, M.M.       Lundy, C.M.
Carver, J.D.          Mason, P.E.
Davis, W.F.         Mason, H.M.
Edge, J.M.           Maddin, J.B.
Edge, T.D.           Matthews, H.M.
Edge, G.W.          Madden, R.L.
Edge, A.P.           Nichols, J.N.
Edge, Willie         Nichols, J.W.
Edge, A.L.           Powell, H.C.
Flowers, S.R.       Powell, F.
Green, A.M.        Powell, A.J.
Green, J.T.           Rector, R.L.
Green, S.F.           Robinson, G.W.
Green, W.D.        Sapp, M.A.
Green, W.T.         Sorrels, W.C.
Henderson, Bot   Sapp, W.R.
Haskell, C.           Sapp, J.T.
Haskell, O.           Thomas, J.D.
Hahan, H.J.          _____, J.D.
Hutto, J.J.            Wilkes, W.A.
Haskell, S.            Wilson, W.R.
Jessup, H.            Wilson, C.L.
Jordan, J.A.         Wheelus, M.L.
Jordan, Geo.        Wilson, W.L.
Precinct No. 13-Dorcas
Bowdoin, E.A.    McCullum, J.D.
Bolton, J.W.        McCullum, W.D.
Brunk, W.R.        McCullum, W.A.
Boothe, J.N.        McCollum, H.D.
Each, Joseph E.  McCollum, Alex
Everidge, J.W.    Natthey, J.J.
Griffith, J.R.         Natthey, L.J.
Griffith, J.M.        Pridgen, J.P.
Griffith, P.M.       Powell, A.T.
Hart, B.H.             Powell, W.J.
Hinote, Eiro? L.    Powell, A.W.
Hart, Allen, L.     Reed, Pink
Hart, M.P.          Swiney, W.H.
Hart, E.C.           Williams, G.W.
Kelley, M.B.       Wilkins, J.A.
Lowrimon, S.A.  Wilkins, R.L.
Miller, W.G.       Whitted, S.W.
Miller, J. Matthews        Wariera?, Joseph
McSwain, John W.       Williams, R.L.
McCollum, T.A.         Williams, G.W.R.
McSwain, L.A.
McLellan, Chas.
Precinct No. 14-Niceville
Anchors, G.B.   Lancaster, S.E.
Allen, J.F.          Laird, C.S.
Adkinson, Otto  Lawson, James
Allen, B.C.         Moore, J.W.
Allen, E.J.          Munn, B.H.
Allen, Geo. W.  Melvin, John
Allen, L.L.          Marler, S.T.
Allen, J.B.           Marler, Joseph
Allen, Lon           Mills, E.
Armstrong, Warren     Melvin, O.T.
Allen, C.B.           Marler, W.T.
Andrews, E.H.      McKinney, Dave
Brown, Arthur W.        McGriff, W.F.
Ballentine, S.W.   McGriff, J.E.
Bolton, J.T.        McGriff, Fred
Brown, John      McKinney, J.S.
Cutts, A.P.         McLenny, Moses J.
Cutts, W.C.       Nathey, G.R.
Cox, Wm.           Nathey, R.E.
Carr, Perry         Nathey, W.J.
Cannon, Jessie    Nathey, E.A.
Crunedy, , Berny   Parish, Geo. W.
Clemons, John     Pope, H.J.
Coplin, Will        Phelps, L.M.
Campbell, R.Z.    Pippins, G.W.
Campbell, P.B.   Phillips, Charley
Davis, Martin    Page, Ike
Dasinger, Joe    Rushing, J.J.
Davis, Henry     Richardson, A.J.
Davison, Tom   Rooks?, J.H.
Edge, Vinson    Reeves, J.V.
Edge, B.P.          Richardson, J.M.
Edge, J.A.          Richardson, Alex
Edge, Evins H.   Robinson, Thorney
Earley, B.F.        Senterfett, J.S.
Earley, L.B.        Sessions, C.S.
Ervin, J.M.         Smith, Jas. M.
Earley, F.H.        Sanders, Wm.
Ervin, W.F.        Shaw, L.L.
Earley, J.E.         Spence, B.S.
Evans, Otis        Spence, S.S.
Edwards, T.W.   Spencer, W.B.
Edge, R.L.          Swinson, Raymond
Edge, Jas. F.      Swain, Dude
Faircloth, H.S.    Thomas, F.P.
Grantham, John   Thomas, J.E.
Gray, Jesie           Willingham, F.M.
Howell, A.E.       Williamson, W.L.
Howel, A.A.      Woodward, L.D.
Hicks? D.A.       Williams, Richard
Hudson, T.W.   Williams, Ralph
Howell, W.T.     Williams. G.W.
Henderson, R.J.  Weekley, A.B.
Hudson, C.C.    Wilson, Will
Hampton, William
Henderson, Sandy              
Johnson, H.W.
Precinct No. 15--Crestview
Alford, Moses    Holmes, Geo.
Ansley, J.B.       Hart, W.F.
Alford, Anzier    Honston, Tipipus
Alford, Dobbyn  Johnston, W.E.
Arnett, W.F.      Jones, J.E.
Ansley, Hubert  Johnston, J.J.
Blackwell, W.C.  Jones, A.P.
Barks, C.L.         Jones, I.S.
Bush, L.             Johnson, J.J.
Bush, R.D.         Jones, Julius
Barrow, Fern     Laird, James
Barrow, O.W.    Lewis, Williams
Barrow, J.V.       Mapoles, W.H.
Barrow, W.G.    Manning, S.J.
Barrow, W.A.    Mason, W.D.
Barrow, J.M.      Marshburn, E.R.
Barrow, J.C.       Moore, J.A.
Brown, A.          Mathews, D.J.
Bowers, L.E.      Morrell, W.M.
Bowers, J.W.     Mathis, W.J.
Bullard, J.D.       McLeod, A.S.
Balwin, Wm.       McLaughllin, W.K.
Crawford, W.P.   McHugh, J.
Carter, R.W.       Nelson, J.H.
Cain, N.F.           Nowling, Bill?
Cobb, J.D.          Oglesby, J.F.
Cox, Charles      Powell, S.P.
Cain, G.F.           Powell, H.F.
Cobb, Dallas      Perryman, J.C.
Corley, J.H.C.    Powell, A.V.
Cox, Sherman    Pugh, Shed
Davis, J.H.         Richbourg, J.H.
Precinct No. 16--Mary Esther
Brooks, J.W.     Moon, B.O.
Books, T.C.         Martin, J.W.
Borsu?, A. Tierce   Morris, J.D.
Barnes, Joe         MacIntyre, John I.
Buck, R.H.         Pryor, T.J.
Buck, E.S.          Pryor, W.F.
Clark, E.M.         Pryor, John  E.
Gerlach, Joseph   Pryor, J.J.
Hudson, M.D.    Rogers, W.F.
Hawkins, M.       Rogers, Jessie
Hall, R.M.          Richbourg, J.L. Jr.
Hinson, Don     Reynolds, F.G.
Hawkins, M.      Shipley, C.A.
Hall, R.M.           Spivy, W.H.
Haurahan, P.R.    Staff, Theo
Lamoreaux, John  Shipley, C.G.
Lathrop, R.H.       Soule, G.W.
Lathrop, C.L.     Thompson, C.C.
Precinct No. 17--Wright
Atwell, Manuel   Oglesby, Elison
Brooks, J.T.       Oglesby, T.J.
Barks, W.J.        Rogers, J.A.
Boyed, J.J          Rogers, Solomon
Brooks, G.B.      Rogers, G.F.
Culberson, W.L.   Riddle, J.R.
Crowder, H.        Sourthwick, E.M.
Davis, Ed           Wright, J.T.
Davis, W.T.        Wright, H.T.
Griffin, Lem Sr.  Wright, Geo.
Graham, W.H.   Wright, W.H.
Hudson, M.L.    Wright, L.L.
Precinct No. 18--Red Oak
Barrow, R.M.     Franklin, J.O.
Beasley, J.M.      Franklin, Wm. J.
Chessher, J.C.     Franklin, W.E.
Chhessher, J.A.     Franklin, J.H.
Collingsworth, A.W.   Foster, O.C.
Cook, J.M.            Fleming, L.A.
Chessher, W.A.   Gillmore, W.G.
Chessher, J.W.   Hobbs, T.F.
Elliott, Mike       Hobbs, G.C.
Elliott, Jeff         Hobbs, P.F.
Elliott, R.E.J.      Kennedy, W.R.
Franklin, W.H.    Kennedy, J.W.
Franklin, Wyatt   Pate, M.
Franklin, Joe      Reed, J.J.
Franklin, J.W.    Smyer, F.L.
Franklin, D.M.   Wiggins, Albert
Franklin, R.E.L.
Precinct No. 19--Garniers
Brown, Wm. R.   Hand, Lewis
Battenfield, D.R.   Johnson, S.M.
Brown, J.H.         Justice, J.R.
Batttenfield, R.A.  Justice, A.J.
Brown, Manuel    Keller, W.H.
Bishop, W.C.    Lee, J.N.P.
Duncan, Jas.     Morrel, L.T.
Early, Cary A.   Mooney, E.A.
Grimes, C.H.     McKee, E.R.
Gaw, W.A.         Rutan, H.E.
Hand, P.L.          Snowden, C.O.
Hand, Wm. F.    Sweeney, Mat
Hartgrove, W.N. Winkley, I.W.
Hartgrove, J.A.A. Wright, Willie

Note:  I believe the above list is the incorrect list of registered voters.

The storm didn’t do but very little damage here Wednesday only blowing two boats ashore and one from the waves not damaging them but a little.
B.P. Edge and L.I. Shaw motored to Crestview and back Wednesday.
Dr. W.F. McGriff, B.P. Edge, Dave McKinney and Geo. Walthey motored to Camp Walton Thursday.
The box supper and school play given on the west side Friday night was well attended and enjoyed by all very much.
We are enjoying some winter days in our city and the pleasure of seeing Jack Frost several mornings.
On the account of the storm we failed to receive any mail till Thursday night.
Mrs. Whitley who as been visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. Ballentine, left for her home at Milton Saturday on the schedule car to Crestview.
Mr. W.H. Spring passed through our city Saturday morning en route for his home at Camp Walton.
The Stork arrived and left a fine baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Howell’s Monday night.  Mother and baby are doing well and Mr. Howell has every one busy helping him catch butterflies.
Note:  This is the 2nd list printed in the paper.  I don’t know which list is correct. But believe the following is the correct list of voters. DBW 2-19-06
I, J.W. Kierce, Supervisor of Registration for Okaloosa County, certify that the following list is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a due list of the qualified voters of each precinct wherein a general election is to be held Nov. 7th, 1916.
District  No. 1--Baker
Allen, H.      Kimbro, J.P.
Barnes, J.L.        Lester, E.W.
Brooks, R.P.      Lester, J.R.
Butler, J.C.         Lowery, G.W.
Brown, J.W.      Lee, Ed
Brown, J.E.        Locke, W.G.
Brunson, J.R.    Locke, E.L.
Barrow, M.T.     Langley, A.W.
Coon, W.M.      Morris, G.F.
Cook, J.T.          Morris, A.B.
Carter, H.F.        Moore, Z.W.
Davis, W.T.       Meachum, J.B.
Day, H.V.           Morris, J.R.
Eiland, C.C. Jr.   Moore, W.E.
Ellison, R.H.      Miller, J.L.
Ellison, M.L.      Meachum, H.B.
Eiland, C.C. Sr.  Malone, Sam
Franklin, J.D.     Mount, J.E.
Garrett, T.J.        Miller, J.R.
Garrett, D.J.       McLardy, G.C.
Garrett, E.R.       McKinney, W.J.
Griffith, P.L.       McLardy, G.W.
Grider, J.W.       McIntosh, D.A.
Garrett, Amos   Nichols, S.
Griffith, David   Nichols, J.A.
Gills, F.C.           Nichols, T.J.
Griffith, Jackson   Powell, D.P.
Griffith, Joel       Polk, J.T.
Griffith, Peter     Peacock, N.D.
Heath, C.L.        Peacock, J.J.
Hart, J.A.           Richards, J.W.
Hicks, J.C.          Richards, W.A.
Hart, W.H.         Richards, J.T.
Henderson, J.M.   Rogers, J.I.
Hobbs, C.C.       Raley, W.T.
Hart, T.J.            Rhoades, J.L.
Henderson, W.S.   Rhoades, T.P.
Henderson, J.R.  Stakes, J.D.
Holloway, S.M.   Spears, G.O.
Hudson, J.H.     Stanley, Obie
Heath, A.H.       Spurling, W.C.
Hobbs, Homer  Sharp, J.T.
Henry, D.A.       Tisdale, S.T.
Hayslip, S.W.    Williams, A.J.
Henderson, A.M.   Walker, T.J.
Johnson, W.H.   Waddell, J.P.
Jernigan, W.B.  Williams, Jim
Jeter, T.F.           Williams, T.E.
Jeter, C.W.         Walker, W.J.
James, Henry    Welborn, M.F.
Kierce, J.W.       Watson, J.F.
Kilcreseast, G.W.    Welborn, J.W.
District  No. 2--North Baker
Adams, R.P.      Johnson, W.P.
Ansley, A.S.     Jackson, E.J.
Blue, A.G.          Johnson, Frank
Brown, J.M.       Jernigan, R.H.
Brooks, G.C.      Jernigan, Joe
Barnhill, J.L.      Jernigan, Albert
Barnes, A.L.      Jones, Simond
Baggett, Jas. L.   Jeter, B.F.
Baker, A.J.         Kilcrease, R.F.
Bush, E.P.          Kilcrease, W.H.
Barrow, M.R.     Kilcrease, I.J.
Barrow, G.W.    Kelley, J.J.
Barnhill, W.L.    Kilcrease, C.E.
Brooks, W.C.    Kilcrease O.E.
Bush, H.W.       Landry, J.T.
Barnhill, W.B.   Lee, G.R.
Baker, E.M.        Lee, J.D.
Barnes, J.A.       Moore, Geo. W.
Bush, I.E.           Matthews, H.M.
Bush, H.F.         Moore, A.F.
Brown, W.T.     Mahon, J.M.
Barnhill, B.M.    Matthews, R.A.
Brown, L.J.        Martin, C.S.
Brunson, D.W.    Maloy, L.I.
Barnhill, L.E.      McCart, J.W. Sr.
Barnhill, J.R.      McCart, Y.F.
Cobb, W.M.      McCart, W.T.
Cobb, J.B.          McCart, J.W. Jr.
Couch, M.B.      McVickers, J.A.
Cobb, W.C.       Neal, A.M.
Cobb, A.L.         Neal, C.M.
Cody, J.G.          Neal, C.A.
Cain, J.W.          Peacock, J.L.
Davis, J.R.         Peaden, Dallas
Eiland, H.L.         Pate, H.
Etheridge, W.W.   Rushing, T.J.
Franklin, J.B.      Ray, D.P.
Franklin, R.E.     Rhoades, M.E.
Franklin, C.B.    Richars?, O.R.
Franklin, D.S.    Lay, D.D.F.
Franklin, P.C.     Stansbury, R.J.
Franklin, P.J.      Stanley, John
Faulk, T.J.          Spivy, J.A.
Grice, J.M.         Teal, J.M.
Gay, E.H.            Teal, J.R.
Grice, J.I.            Williams, J.R.
Gant, A.B.          Wilkinson, D.J.
Hilton, D.E.        Wilkerson, J.M.
Holland, J.N.     Wilkerson, J.B.
Hobbs, P.P.       Wilkerson, John
Hilton, M.E.       Wasden, T.J.
Hilton, H.L.        Wilkerson, D.C.
Henderson, J.D.  Wilkerson, A.C.
District No. 3--Beaver Creek
Boyette, J.E.      Legget, Willis
Boyette, W.J.    Rabourn, G.R.
Boyette, A.M.   Russell, W.P.
Bryan, W.P.       Robbins, S.S.
Barton, R.T.       Snowden, E.
Barton, D.A.      Stanley, W.E.
Cotton, W.R.     Snowden, F.P.
Chassher, R.E.  Snowden, G.E.
Cotton, J.F.        Snowden, P.M.
Faulk, I.              Snowden, C.L.
Franklin, P.D.     Simmons, Scott
Hamilton, G.W.  Walley, J.T.
King, J.W.          Wingfield, Owen
District No. 4--Old Walton
Adkison, J.L.     Matthews, G.D.
Adkison, David  Matthews, W.D.
Barrow, J.C.       Matthews, Wanery
Barrow, R.J.       Mims, W.G.
Barrow, J.J. Jr.   Masey, H.W.
Baggett, C.F.     McWilliams
Barrow, J.J. Sr.  McKay, Jake
Barden, T.V       McKay, Esaw
Cutts, Harris      McCaskill, Burt
Cox, D.R.            Parker, W.S.
Cobb, H.C.         Parker, Bascom    
Davidson, W.M.   Parker, F.M.
Davidson, J.G.    Parker, Jessie
Davidson, A.H.   Parker, J.M.
Gaskin, G.W      Parker, H.A.
Howell, J.M..     Qualls, W.B. 
Hendrith, W.E.   Richardson, W.O.
Hendrith, Chas.?   Robbins, W.M.
Helms, J.W.C.     Radford, Thos.
Henderith, J.W.   Stokes, J.A.
Henderith, Arthur     Steele, F.R.
Henderith, Grey   Steele, P.M.
Hendrith, S.F.     Steele, A.A.
Henderith, J.F.   Spears, Frank
Henderith, R.H.  Steele, J.A.S.
Holley, J.J.         Stewart, Daniel
Harrison, B.F.    Stewart, W.J.
Hart, John M.    Smith, K.A.
Hart, Jos.           Smith, S.L.
Henderith, James   Smith, H.F.
Hart, Jerry          Stokes, Jas. A.
Jones, A.W.      Smith, W.D.
Jett, J.W.            Spears, James
Jett, Allen          Stewart, R.O.
Kennedy, John W.      Stewart, J.C.
King, J.M.           Stontamire, Geo.
King, W.F.            Stokes, W.S.
King, Allen J.    Thomas, D.B.
King, F.B.          Walls, W.M.
Lee, John           Wilkinson, Thos.
Leonard, F.        Wilkinson, Henry
Lee, Nathan Jr.  Walls, W.C.
Moore, W.H.     Wilkinson, Hosey
Moore, J.B.        Wilks, J.W.
Moore, E.J.        Wilkinson, Simon
District No. 5--Laurel Hill
Adams, H.K.     Johnson, Eule
Anderson, D.A.  Johnson, G.W.
Atwell, John      Jones, Will
Barlow, J.B.       Johnson, H.J.
Burlison, J.A.    Jones, H.W.
Burnett, E.B.      Johnson, C.L.
Brown, Geo.      Kirkland, L.L.
Burlison, W.R.    King, Jesse C.
Barlow, Chipley  Kelly, C.S.
Baggett, W.H.    Kelly, D.A.       
Brown, R.B.       Kelly, J.D.
Burlison, W.O.  Kelly, J.R.
Burlison, S.B.    Kelly, Allen S.
Burlison, E.L.    Lewis, W.Z.
Bird, D.W.         Locki, W.D.
Boiles, J.J.          Lunsfords., J.W
Brown, Will       Lott, D.N.
Barlow, Lee R.   Morrison, M.
Butler, Jesse      Moore, D.R.
Bayree, E.J.        Moore, M.C.    
Chestnut, J.C.    Moore, Vall
Chuckwell, B.     Moore, A.C.
Campbell, A.D.   Martin, Green B.
Campbell, A.E.   Mikel, H.M.  
Carter, Leonard  Merrill, J.F.
Chuckwell, I.G.   Mills, A.W.
Clark, Sam J.       Merrill, J.T.
Cottenhead, J.H.  Moore, __. J.    
Carter, J.H.          Milligan, R.A.
Cadenhead, A.A.   Martin, Warren
Cawthon, J.H.    Martin, William
Capps, J.W.J.     McGowan, D.H. 
Carnly, J.H.        McGowan, Geo. E.
Clark, H.A.         McCurley, E.M.
Clary, Jas. L.       McKonicis, Frank
Cottenhead, I.M.  Norris, W.A.
Campbell, John   Newton, __ __
Clark, V.C.          Olives, John     
Cutts, D.J.           Olives, T.F.
Cutts, J.H.           Paul, Don J.
Cutts, J.D.            Paul, Henry
Cadenhead, E.P.  Paul, J.W.
Cutts, W.J. Jr.     Paul, J.J.
Campbell, Charley     Campbell, J. Bob      
Davis, Seth A.      Powell, J.J         
Davis, Hardy      Pierce, Will
Davis, J.A.          Pierce, G.W.
Douglass, W.M.  Richburg, J.I. Sr.
Daniels, J.E.       Richburg, J.F.
Dauphine, J.P.   Reedes, J.E.
Dubose, J.D.     Remington, A.
Davis, S.A.        Reed, Ben
Dees, J.F.           Rankins, Sydney
Edenfield, B.F.   Strickland, G.W.
Edenfield, J.E.    Summerlin, John M.
Fountain, R.R.    Steele, John A.
Finlayson, D.T.   Stokes, H.M.
Falmes, George   Steele, Peter J.
Farmer, Rev. J.B.  Small, Sam            
Franklin, J.F.      Steele, Carrie C.
Fourntain, W.B   Steele, John P.     
Fleming, H.F.     Stricklin, S.B.
Givens, John H.  Steele, Oscar
Gomillion, C.Z.   Stokes, J.E.
Givens, Chas. F.  Steele, I.A.
Givens, W.E.      Stewart, B?
Gomillion, J.E.   Sullivan, D.J.
Gibson, P.C.      Smith, W.T.
Gibson, W.A.    Steele, W.A.
Green, Silas       Stone, J.L.
Givens, R.I         Smith, J.W.
Gordon, I.P.       Steele, J.E.
Gray, E.D.          Sprigner, N.G.
Gray, F.G.           Stokes, W.P.
Gavins, O.A.      Steele, Joe B.        
Gordon, J.D.      Sanders, A.M.
Gilchrist, Adam   Sanders, W.A.
Gavins, C.W.     Steele, J.C.
Gavins, J.M.      Tyner, Capers
Gavins, T.W.     Tyner, Daniel   
Gavins, S.J.        Tyner, Mack
Hart, R.J.            Tucker, J.B.
Hurston, C.G.     Tyner, W.H. Jr.
Howard, Silas S.  Tyner, Joe
Howard, W.J.      Tyner, W.H.S.
Hammonds, D.C.   Teel, J.M.
Hooten, Dr. W.A.  Thomas, J.C.
Henderson, Henry    Tyner, B.F.
Henderson, Allen    Taylor, J.E.
Hemby, W.A.     Timothy, Thomas
Harper, C.J.        Vaughn, C.W.
Henderson, J.B.    Von Axelson, Fred
Henderson, N.A.   Von Axelson, Erle
Howard, F.M.      Weatherty, A.L.
Henderson, H.D.   Weatherly, J.W.  
Harris, George    Williams, Otto
Harrison, J.F.       Walker, R.H.
Henderson, H.A.   Wynn, B.F.
Henderson, Allen D.     Whitehead, H.L.
James, T.R.          Williams, Ralph
Jones, W.H.        Webb E. Porter
Jones, Chas. E.   Whitman, Rev. J.P.
Johnson, W.A.
District No. 6--Yellow River
Atwell, Oscar    Harrlson, W.H.            
Baggett, J.M.    Harrison, H.C.
Barrow, J.M.      Harrison, J.H.
Campbell, A.F.  Hutcheson, Alex
Clary, J.A.          Lott, D.J.
Campbell, H.L.  Lott, John A.
Clary, W.D.       Lott, David
Campbell, W.A.  Moore, J.J.
Clary, J.B.S.       Moore, Jas. S.
Clary, J.F.           Moore, A.J.
Clary, W.A.       McDuffie, J.W.
Clary, T.J.          Sumerlin, J.J.
Clary, J.D.          Spivey, J.C.
Clary, J.B.          Sumerlin, P.J.
Clary, J.W.         Senterfitt, P.B.
Campbell, Daniel   Senterfitt, J.B.
Clark, A.J.          Senterfit, J.A.
Faulk, A.L.         Steele, J.D.
Fowler, Richard  Senterfit, Ben
Garrett, E.A       Senterfitt, Allen
Holley, T.           Senterfitt, G.A.
Howard, D.H.,   Steel, W.B.
Harrison, J.A.    Thomas, R.
District No. 7--Blackman
Adkinson, John W.      Lawrence, J.W.
.Baggett, J.W. Jr.     Lawhan, W.S.  
Baggett, H.G.      Lawhan, W.C.
Baggett, Lewis    Lasance, J.C.    
Cook, H.R.         Lewis, J.H.        
Cobb, J.A          Monroe, W.H.
.Cobb, H.           Moore, J.O.
Cobb, E.J.          Monroe, W.F.
Cotton, Archie    Monroe, P.L.
Chestnutt, J.C.   McLelland, W.T.
Elmore, T.L.       Moore, R.J.
Fanler, J.W.        Peaden, Bartley
Gatewood, D.E   Peaden, A.J.
Grice, A.T.         Peaden, Dallas
Glover, A.R.      Steele, J.L.
Hart, J.H.            Sorrell, K.S.
Hart, A.W.         Smith, E.T.
Hart, W.J.          Stewart, W.A.
Hart, D.J.            Steel, T.J.
Hart, J.J.             Spicer, J.C.
Helms, W.F.      Steel, J.A.
Helms, S.R.        Stiggings, Lewis
Hendrith, R.H.     Stapleton, J.W.
Howell, C.S.           Steele, Joseph L.
Hires, Henry            Steele, J.E.
Hollenhead, Geo. W.           Stewart, A.F.
Jordan, J.T.            Steele, H.W.
Jordan, W.P.        Tunsell, J.H.
King, J.G.           Wright, W.J.
Kennedy, Joe    Williams, A.J.
Lawhan, H. B.   Wright, J.H.
Lawhan, R.M.
District No. 8--Milligan
Alford, A.H.      Hicks, John
Baggett, N.N.    Hinote, H.A.
Bradley, Isaac   Hill, W.M.
Bush, H.P.J.       Humphreys, W.A.           
Brown, J.T.        Hinote, S.C.
Brown, Ralph H. Holland, W.F.
Brown, W.W.    Hinote, A.A.
Belcher, A.C.     Hinote, L.J.
Brown, S.J.        Humphries, J.W.
Bass, J. Ross     Helms, R.M.
Carr, Sam           Harp, A.P.
Bush, H.P.         Helms, W.T.
Bradley, Dan     Helms, J.O.
Bishop, G.E.      Hinote, Tommy
Chestnut, C.H.   Henderson, J.M. Jr.
Creach, B.F.        Herring, J.J.
Chestnut, Daniel  Hinote, Carl
Carr, J.A.            Jernigan, G.H.
Crain, T.Z.         Lowery, J.W.
Chestnut, J.N.   Lowery, Geo. F.
Creach, Dave    Lester, W.C.
Curvin, J.R.        Livingston, H.H.
Chestnut, W.J.    Langley, H.H.
Craig, W.J.         McCollum, D.H.
Copeland, H.R.   Miller, J.R.H.
Cain, J.A.           Martin, J.T.
Christian, W.L.   Moore, A.A.
Campbell, J.B.    McDougal, S.L.
Congleton, E.A.  Mapoles, J.T.
Cain, Sam           Meachum, W.A.
Davis, Landy     Moore, S.G. Jr.
Edge, J.E.           Merritt, M.A.
Evans, N.D.       Mason, J.E.
Fountain, A.T.   McLeod, L.A.
Flanders, C.R.   Morgan, __. L.
Fountain, C.A.   Norris, O.
Fuqua, L.R.        Norris, J.E.
Fountain, Robert  Norris, W.F.
Fuqua, E.M.        Pryor, W.C.
Fuqua, W.J.        Priggin, Calvin
Garrett, M.B.      Powell, C.W.
Garrett, Jeff M.   Penney, E.L.
Garrett, Josh M.  Russell, J.W.
Grimes, J.R.        Rozier, R.A.
Gay, W.M.         Rogers, Ed
Gay, W.H.          Richards, Bab?
Garrett, T.D.      Roland, Jos. R.
Griffith, P.L.       Richbourg, W.J.
Garrett, T.L.       Smith, D.F.
Garrett, A.G.      Swinson, Gate
Garrett, W.H.     Sutton, R.H.
Garrett, D.L.       Sutley, D.F.
Garrett, E.L.       Sutton, J.B.
Garrett, W.J.      Spivey, C.A.
Garrett, J.M. Jr.   Wilkinson, R.R.
Garrett, J.W. Jr.   Wilkinson, J.W.
Garrett, W.R.      Williams, Lum
Gamor, C.I.         Wikinson, J.A.
Gomax, A.B.      Williams, John
Gray, M.I.          Wilkinson, D.A.
Garrett, J.R. Jr.   Wilkinson, W.F.
Griffith, H.L.      Wilkinson, C.J.
Garrett, R.E.       Wilkinson, C.
Gordan, C.E.      Williamson, R.R.
Garrett, A.L.      Wilson, A.W.
Gordon, W.E.    Wilkinson, D.J.
Garrett, A.M.      Williams, A.B.
Gordon, J.M.     Webb, G.H.
Garrett, John M.  Wilkinson, J.H.
Gordon, W.M.    Washington, George
Garrett, A.D.       Williams, R.J.
Gilman, Wm.      White, G.W.
Griffith, Lee        Williams, John
Griffith, Sam       Waldrap, W.C.
Grimes, W.F.     Williams, D.C.
Griffith, S.B.       Wilson, John
Gainor, P.G.       Wood, W.H.
Garrett, H.T.      Waterson, G.W.
Gordon, Clyde   White, Will
Goode, Chas.     Willis, C.F.
Gandy, Mock
District No. 9-Holt
Alford, D.A.      Ivey, G.W.
Alford, H.C.       Jones, W.C.
Adams, Curtis   Jones, W.H.
Alford, B.J.        Johnson, R.A.
Armstrong, J.W.   Johnson, William
Adams, Alex     Jones, G.W.
Adams, A.J.      Kelley, A.N.
Adams, E.D.      Kelley, J.S.
Adams, C.G.      Kimbro, J.L.
Adams, G.D.      Livingston, G.J.
Adams, H.         Livingston, W.M.
Andrews, W.O.   Livingston, J.M.
Bedgood, S.L.   Moore, E.
Baldwin, D.D.    Malnor, J.W.
Broxson, D.C.    Mixon, Joseph A.
Bullard, R.L.      Moore, J.W.
Braunum, J.R.    Melvin, _. J.
Bass, J.D.           Murphy, W.T.
Bishop, P.B.      Porter, H.B.
Bass, J.A.           Posey, M.E.
Crain, J.W.          Peak, J.E.
Cooper, Geo. W.   Richbourge, John P.
Cutts, John         Renfroe, D.J.
Carr, Love          Reeves, G.W.
Cochran, C.R.    Seigler, J.M.
Carey, G.M.       Simpson, M.H.
Carr, W.J.           Smith, E.V.
Carr, I.J               Smith, C.A.
Crosby, A.A.    Simmons, L.F.
Carr, Lenure      Senterfitt, M.R.
Crain, Joe           Smith, W. Tom
Cooper, J.F.       Strickland, F.L.
Cooper, T.D.     Spiva, L.R.
Cooper, C.R.      Sanders, H.J.
Carr, A.P.           Shofner, R.E.
Campbell, M.J.  Shofner, J.
Crain, W.R.        Senterfitt, J.H.
Carr, Jas. B.       Senterfitt, F.M.
Carr, D.A.          Smith, J.E.
Carr, A.T.           Senterfitt, Edward
Carr, Rube         Senterfitt, W.R.K.
Cooper, J.J.        Sanders, A.J.
Cushing, M.D.    Smith, R.M.
Christian, John   Sanders, J.D.
Carr, Steven C.  Summerlin, J.D.
Dardis, J.C.        Summerlin, L.F.
Davis, Wm.       Smith, J.M.
Dollar, L.H.        Simmons, G.C.
Ewing, P.T.        Smith, W.T. Jr.
Evans, H.C.       Smith, B.C.
Eiland, W.W.    Terry, E.V.
Fortune, R.F.     Smith, Tobe
Green, T.J.         Thomas, B.D.T.
Guest, Matthew  Williams, Henry
Griffith, W.C.     Winters, Henry B.
Griffith, A.I.       Woodward, J.O.
Grimes, Robert  Weller, W.H.
Griffith, Lem      Wilson, J.R.
Holt, Henry       Wilson, M.C.
Holt, Will            Williams, J.C.
Helveston, John    Woodward, Amos
Helms, J.D.         Wilkinson, J.A.
Henderson, T.A.  Williams, Asa J.
Holt, Wm.          Ward, G.W.
Holt, M.             Ward, W.J.
Hicks, John       Yates, M.G.
District No. 10-Howell
Davis, W.M.            Strickland, R.M.
Goodwin, LeRoy    Taylor, Geo.
Gillis, John              Weekley, B.F.
Goodwin, Lee         Weekley, O.E.
Howell, D.J.            Weekley, H.R.
Jordan, J.M.            Weekley, J.J.
Littlefield, R.L.         Weekley, Chas.
McLaughlin, R.        Weekley, A.B.
Roberts, Lee            Weekley, E.T.

District No. 11-Deerland
Bolton, A.J.       McConnell, Scott
Beard, C.F.         McDonald, A.
Brews, A.A.      McMillian, N.
Bethea, W.S.     Parker, I.A.
Cribbs, P.E.        Parker, E.M.
Cooper, Will      Pippins, I.S.A.
Davis, Joe          Pittman, H,.
Davis, W.J.        Reems, M.A.
Davis, S.J.          Rozier, J.H.
Elliott, Jas. H.    Ray, Joe
Ellis, J.J.            Roberts, W.I.
Jackson, L          Stewart, John W.
Killingsworth, D.A.     Smith, C.A.
Matthews, Jas. L.    Scott, Ike
Mason, S.R.        Smith, D.R.
Mathewy, C.L.    Smith, B.J.
Mathews, A.G.   Scott, F.E.
Mason, John     Ward, J.E.
Mason, N.C.      Ward, A.D.
Precinct No. 12-Garden City
Bridges, N.E.     Jones, C.H.
Bridges, W.H.   Kent, W.S
Burk, W.F.         Killpatrick, J.J.
Barks, T.J.          Kent, A.F.
Bartlett, B.W.    Long, W.T.
Clary, C.W.        Lock, W.R.
Crofford,T.R.     Lundy, W.T.
Clary, J.R.          Lundy, W.A.
Clary, J.H.          Lassiter, M.I.
Carter, Champ   Locke, S.W.
Clark, John        Lundy, C.M.
Carver, J.I.         Mason, P.E.
Currie, M.M.     Mason, H.M.
Carver, J.D.        Mason, I.R.      
Davis, W.F.       Maddin, J.B.
Edge, J.M.         Matthews, H.M.
Edge, T.D.         Madden, R.L.
Edge, G.W.        Nichols, J.N.
Edge, A.P.         Nichols, J.W.
Edge, Willie       Powell, H.C.
Edge, A.L.         Powell, G.W.
Flowers, S.R.     Powell, F.
Green, A.M.      Powell, A.J.
Green, J.R.         Powell, T.J.
Green, J.T.         Rector, R.L.
Green, S.F.         Robinson, G.W.
Green, W.D.      Reed, Bob
Green, W.T.       Sapp, M.A.
Henderson, Bot   Sorrels, W.C.
Haskell, C.         Sapp, W.R.
Haskell, O.         Sapp, J.T.
Hahan, H.J.        Wilkes, W.A.   
Hutto, J.J.          Wilson, W.R.
Haskell, S.          Wilson, C.L.
Jessup, H.          Wheelus, M.L.
Jordan, J.A.       Wilson, W.L.
Jordan, Geo.         
Precinct No. 13-Dorcas
Bowdoin, E.A   McSwain, L.A.
Bolton, J.W       McLellan, Chas.
Brunk, W.R..     McCullum, J.D.
Boothe, J.N..     McCullum, W.D.
Each, Joseph E.  McCullum, W.A.
Everidge, J.W.    McCollum, H.D.
Everidge, Frank   McCollum, Alex
Faircloth, J.T.     Natthey, J.J.
Griffith, J.R.        Natthey, L.J.
Griffith, J.M.      Pridgen, J.P.
Griffith, P.M.     Powell, A.T.
Hallfore, W.E.   Powell, W.J.
Hart, B.H.          Powell, A.W.
Hinote, Ezra L.   Ray, J.C.
Hart, Allen, L.    Reed, Pink
Hart, M.P.          Swiney, W.H.
Hart, E.C.           Williams, G.W.
Kelley, M.B.        Wilkins, J.A.
Lowrimon, S.A.   Wilkins, R.L.
Miller, W.G.         Whitted, S.W.
Miller, J. Matthews    Warters, Joseph
Miller, David            Williams, R.L.
McSwain, John W.       Williams, G.W.R.
McCollum, T.A.
Precinct No. 14-Niceville
Anchors, G.B.   Lancaster, S.I.
Allen, J.F.          Laird, C.S.
Adkinson, Otto  Lester, J.M.
Allen, B.C.         Leonard, Will
Allen, E.J.          Lewis, Anderson
Allen, Geo. W.    Lawson, James
Allen, L.L.          Locket, Monroe
Allen, J.B.           Lawson, John
Allen, Lon            Lawson, Dave
Armstrong, Warren    Lawton, Will
Allen, C.B.           Moore, J.W.
Armstrong, J.M.   Munn, B.H.
Agree, Governor  Mosbinko, John
Anderson, H.      Melvin, John
Armstrong,Will    Marler, S.T.
Albritton, P.O.       Marler, Joseph
Andrews, E.H.       Mills, E.
Brown, Arthur W.    Melvin, O.T.
Ballentine, S.W.     Marler, W.T.
Bolton, J.T.        Marshall, Owen
Burleson, J.F.    McKinney, Dave
Boon, Jas.          McGriff, W.F
Bacon, Jim         McGriff, J.E.      .              
Brown, John      McGriff, Fred
Brown, Arthur   McKinney, J.S.
Brown, Will        McLenny, Moses J.        
Cutts, A.P.         McWhite, Vanders
Cutts, S.J.          McLaughlin, D.
Cutts, W.C.       McCoy, Amos
Cox, Wm.           McAllister, Isaac
Carr, Perry         Nathey, G.R.
Collins, R.C.      Nathey, R.E.
Cobb, Lewis       Nathey, W.J.
Collins, Wararen  Nathey, E.A.
Cannon, Jessie   Nelson, C.
Crunedy, Berny  Parish, Geo. W.
Clemons, John  Parish, J.M.
Colpin, Ernest   Pope, H.J.
Coplin, Will        Phelps, L.M.
Campbell, R.Z.   Pippins, G.W.
Cox, Will             Phillips, Charley
Campbell, Hitro   Page, Ike
Campbell, P.B.   Payall, Henry
Davis, Martin     Rushing, J.J.
Destin, Geo.      Richardson, A.J.
Dasinger, Joe    Rooks, J.H.
Davis, Henry     Reynolds, J.M.
Dennis, Levy    Reeves, J.V.
Davis, George    Richardson, J.M.
Daniels, Arthur  Richardson, Alex
Davison, Tom    Russ, John
Edge, Vinson     Russ, W. G.      
Edge, B.P.          Robinson, Thorney
Edge, J.A.          Richardson, F.
Edge, Evins H.   Roberts, Will
Earley, B.F.        Reece, Will
Earley, L.B.        Rouse, Melvin 
Ervin, J.M.          Senterfett, J.S.
Earley, F.H.        Sessions, C.S.
Ervin, J.H.          Smith, Jas. M.
Earley, J.E.         Sanders, Wm.
Evans, Otis        Shaw, L.L.
Edwards, T.W.  Sowell, Ed
Edge, R.L.          Spence, B.S.
Edwards, H.I.    Spence, S.S.
Edge, Jas. F.      Spencer, W.B.
Faircloth, H.S.   Stancell, M.  
Gary, John         Swinson, Raymond
Grantham, John  Stewart, Owen
Green, Handy    Swain, Jim
Gantz, ____       Swain, Dude
Gantz, Cliff           Strickland, C.
Gilchrist, Waddell    Smith, Mills
Gilchrist, Dave     Stalworth, Ed
Howell, A.E.      Thomas, F.P.        
Howel, A.A.      Thomas, J.E.
Hicks? D.A.       Thomas, F.M.
Hudson, T.W.   Taylor, G.T.
Howell, W.T.     Tucker, Silas
Henderson, R.J.  Willingham, F.M.
Harris, Wyley    Williamson, W.L.
Hudson, C.C.    Ward, F.
Hill, R.J.             Woodward, L.D.
Hillars, A.B.       Williams, Richard
Holland, Henry  Williams, Ralph
Holland, Arthur  Williams. G.W.
Hampton, William     Weekley, A.B.
Henderson, Sandy     Weekley, Conie
Holmes, Will       Williams, Dave
Holmes, Tim       Wallace, Will
Irwia?, John J.    Walker, Mit
Johnson, H.W.   Wall, John
Jones, Alex         Williams, J.P.
Johnson, Ed      Wilson, Henry
James, Amos     Wilson, Will
King, Samuel     Watts, Namon
Kinkland, Henry Washington, Tip
King, Gripp        Wilson, Ivy
Kiing, James      Walker, Calvin  
Lancaster, S.E.
Precinct No. 15--Crestview
Alford, Moses   Hill, E.E.
Ansley, J.B.       Hart, W.F.
Alford, Anzier   Henderson, J.C.
Atwell, G.G.       Honston, Tipipus
Alford, Dobbyn  Heathcock, Brant
Arnett, W.F.      Hill, W.M.
Atwell, R.D.       Irwin, Eaton
Adams, J.Z.       Johnston, W.E.
Adams, Obie     Jones, J.E.
Anderson, J.H.   Johnston, J.J.       
Ansley, Hubert   Jones, A.P.
Blackwell, W.C.   Jones, I.S.
Barks, C.L.         Johnson, J.J.
Bush, L.             Jones, Julius
Bush, R.D.         Jackson, Jim
Barrow, C.G.      King, J.R.
Barrow, Fern     Kent, W.A.
Barrow, G.W.    King, H.E.
Barrow, R.F.      Kelley, Jim
Barnes, J.V.       Laird, James
Barrow, W.G.    Lewis, Williams
Barrow, W.A.    Mapoles, W.H.
Barrow, J.M.      Manning, S.J.
Barrow, J.C.       Mason, W.D.
Brown, A.          Marshburn, E.R.  
Bowers, L.E.      Moore, J.A.
Bowers, J.W.     Mathews, D.J.
Basher, J.E.        Morrell, W.M.
Blackwell, R.F.    Mathis, W.J.
Bullard, J.D.       Marino, J.J.
Brown, J.D.        Miller, Henry
Brau, Robert      McLeod, A.S.
Blakely, John    McLaughllin, W.K
Baldwin, Wm.    McLaughlin, J.H.
Brown, Will        McLaughlin, W.K. Jr.
Crawford, W.P.   McCrea, Copland
Carter, E.W.       McHugh, J.
Cain, N.F.           Nelson, J.H.
Cobb, J.D.          Nowling, Eli
Cox, Charles      Oglesby, J.F.
Cain, G.F.           Powell, S.P.
Cobb, Dallas      Powell, H.F.
Crawford, J.R.    Perryman, J.C.
Corley, J.H.C.    Powell, A.V.
Conyers, A.J.     Pugh, Shed
Carter, Marion   Phelps, Harmon
Chestnut, Jessie   Reed, J.M.
Campbell, Alph   Richbourg, J.H.
Cox, Sherman    Richbourg, J.A.
Cutts, D.N.         Reed, S.J.
Davis, J.H.         Reynolds, Perry
Douglass, W.A.    Rattliff, P.T.
Diamond, R.J.    Rouse, D.P.
DeLacy, W.H.    Roberson, Steve
Dubose, J.W.    Reynolds, Plens?
Davis, J.E.          Reynolds, Bartow
Davis, W.T. Jr.   Smith, John R.
Dawson, Lewis   Smith, Thomas H.
Driggers, J.W.    Smith, C.S.
Durham, King   Smith, Emmett S.
Edge, Steven     Smith, A.L.
Edge, Oscar       Settles, S.J.
Edge J. McD.     Settles S.G.
Edge J. Wesley   Settles L.M.B.
Emmet Tom       Sasser R.L.
Evans Sam         Savage M.E.
Ferdon C.B.       Spencer Oliver
Frater H.            Spencer Jason
Freeman J.T.      Spencer Henry
Ferdon W.D.     Stavins Dan
Grimes E.D.        Scott Rolan
Griffith S.K.       Settles Willie
Griffith Oscar     Turner E.L.
Gainey William   Thomas Simon
Goodman Dennis Tucker Lonis
Graham Julius    Thomas Edward
Gallgan C.E.       Thomas Tom
Hutto W.R.        Vine George
Holmes J.A.       Vinson Joe
Harris H.R.         Wallace W.G.
Harris C.           Webb W.E.
Harris Allen       Webb F.C.
Holmes B.F.       Wilkes? J.W.
Herring D.F.      White W.R.
Holmes A.J.       Ward W.M.
Holmes Geo.      Ward W.S.
Hutto Lee          Wood A.W.
Hodges J.A.       Williams Dock
Harris Augusta   Wood Abe
Precinct No. 16-Mary Esther
Brooks, J.W.     Moon B.O.
Brooks T.C.       Martin J.W.
Borsu? A. Tierce  Morris J.E.
Barnes Joe          Morris J.D.
Busby M.           McCormick J.J.
Buck R.H.          MacIntyre John L.
Buck E.S.           Pryor T.J.
Campbell K.A.   Pryor W.F.
Clark E.M.          Pryor John E.
Davis J.W.          Pryor J.J.
Gerlach Joseph   Rogers W.F.
Hudson M.D.     Rogers E.A.
Hawkins M.       Rogers Jessie
Hall R.M.           Richbourg J.L. Jr.
Hinson Don      Reynolds F.G.
Hawkins M.       Shipley C.A.
Hall R.M.           Spivy W.H.
Hinson Don      Staff Theo
Haurahan P.R.    Shipley C.G.
Lamoreaux John  Soule G.W.
Lathrop R.H.      Thompson C.C.
Lathrop C.L.      Worthen H.E.
Precinct No. 17-Wright
Adams M.X.      Oglesby Ellison
Atwell Manuel   Oglesby T.J.
Brooks J.T.        Rogers J.A.
Barks W.J.         Rogers Solomon
Boyed J.J.          Rogers H.L.
Brooks G.R.       Rogers G.F.
Culberson W.L.  Riddle J.R.
Crowder H.        Southwick E.M.
Davis Ed            Smith J.R.
Davis W.T.        Wright J.T.
Griffin Lem Sr.   Wright H.T.
Graham W.H.    Wright Geo.
Hudson M.L.    Wright W.H.
Mitchell H.        Wright L.L.
Oglesby A.J.
Precinct No. 18-Red Oak
Barrow R.M.      Franklin J.O.
Beasley J.M.       Franklin Wm. J.
Chessher J.C.     Franklin W.E.
Chessher J.A. Jr.  Franklin J.H.
Chessher J.A.      Franklin H.F.
Collingsworth A.W.   Foster O.C.
Cook J.M.          Fleming L.A.
Chessher W.A.   Gilmore W.G.
Chessher J.W.    Hobbs T.F.
Elliott Mike        Hobbs G.C.
Elliott J.A.          Hobbs P.F.
Elliott Jeff          Kennedy W.R.
Elliott R.E.J.       Kennedy J.W.
Franklin W.H.    Kennedy R.J.
Franklin Wyatt   Pate M.
Franklin Joe       Reed J.J.
Franklin J.W.     Reed J.H.
Franklin J.W.     Smyer F.L.
Franklin D.M.    Wiggins Albert
Franklin R.F.L.
Precinct No. 19-Garniers
Brown Wm. R.   Howard J.N.
Battenfield D.R.  Johnson S.M.
Brown J.H.         Justice J.B.
Battenfield R.A.  Justice A.J.
Brown Manuel   Keller W.H.
Bishop W.C.      Lee J.N.P.
Davis Jessie       Morrel I.T.
Duncan Jas.      Morrell Chas. E.
Early Cary A.    Mooney E.A.
Grimes C.H.       McKee E.R.
Gaw W.A.          Rutan H.E.
Hand P.L.           Snowden C.O.
Hand Wm. F.     Sweeney Mat
Hartgrove W.N.   Skinner Sam A.
Hartgrove J.A.A.  Winkley L.W.
Hand Lewis          Wright Willie
State and County Directory
   Clerk Court, Jas. L. Clary.
   Sheriff, R.H. Sutton.
   County Judge, J.T. Mapoles.
   County Treasurer, P.J. Steele.
   Tax Assessor, Geo. H. Webb
   County Superintendent, W.C. Pryor
   Supervisor Registration, J.W. Kerce.
Commissioners:  J.H. Givens, Laurel Hill; J.W. Baggett, Jr., Blackman; W.J. Davis,        Deerland; B.P. Edge, Niceville; R.A. Rosier, Milligan.
School Board:  W.F. Wilkerson, Milligan; W.H. Spivey, Camp Walton; W.H. Jones, Laurel Hill.
   Temporary County Site:  Milligan.
   Governor, Park M. Trammell.
   Secretary State, H. Clay Crawford
   Treasurer, J.C. Lansing
   Comptroller, W.V. Knott
   Commissioner Agriculture, W.A. McRae
   Attorney General, T.F. West
   State Superintendent, W.N. Sheats
   Baptist-Services each 2nd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. D.C. Allen, Pastor.
   Methodist-Services each 3rd Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J.R. Ansley, Pastor.
   Congregationalist-Services each 4th Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. - Rev. J. E. Each, Pastor.
   Southern Methodist-Services each 1st Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., Rev. Sellars, Pastor.
   Union Sunday School-Every Sunday at 10 a.m. Congregational Church building.  Everybody invited to attend.
   F.&A.M.  Regular communication each 3rd Saturday.  J.E. Davis, W.M.
   W.O.W.  Regular communication each 4th Saturday.  W.F. Arnett, C.C.
   E.R. Marshburn, Clerk.
Notice of Special Master’s Sale.
   Under and by virtue of a final decree of foreclosure issued out of the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, Florida, on the 15th of August, 1916, wherein F.S. Royster Guano Co., a corporation doing business in the State of Florida was complainant and Riley Brown was respondent, and final judgment rendered therein against the said respondent for the sum of $210.33 together with 21.03 attorney’s fee and the costs in  the cause, said decree that I, John L. Moore, as Special Master by said decree appointed, sell to the highest bidder for cash, in front of the Court House door at Milligan, Florida, in accordance with law the property hereinafter described.  I, John L. Moore, between the legal hours of sale on Monday, November the 6th, 1916, in front of the Court House door aforesaid, will sell to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy said final decree and in accordance therewith, the following described property, to-wit:
   “One yellow and white pided cow market crop and split in right ear and swallow fork, underbit in the left ear, and her increase, also one sow and four pigs marked same as the cow”.
   Bill of sale at cost of purchaser.
Daniel Campbell & Son.
Solicitors for Complainant.
John L. Moore, Special Master.
Notice of Special Master’s Sale.
   Under and by virtue of a final decree of foreclosure issued out of the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, Florida, on the 15th of August, 1916, wherein F.S. Royster Guano Co., a corporation doing business in the State of Florida was complainant and R.B. Bell was respondent, and final judgment rendered therein against the said respondent for the sum of $72.98 principal and interest and $7.29 attorneys fee together with the costs in said cause, and decree directing that in default of payment of said sum of $80.27 within five days from the date of said final decree, that I, John L. Moore, as Special Master by said decree appointed, sell to the highest bidder for cash, in front of the Court House door at Milligan, Florida, in accordance with law the property hereinafter described.  I, John L. Moore, between the legal hours of sale on Monday, November the 6th, 1916, in front of the Court House door aforesaid, will sell to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy said final decree and in accordance therewith, the following described property, to-wit:
 “One red butt headed heifer, three years old, one black heifer two years old, marked crop and split in right ear and hole in left ear, one black butt headed milk cow, mark unknown, one brown colored mare mule, fourteen years old and one one-horse wagon, and one red and white spotted heifer.”
   Bill of Sale at cost of purchaser.
 Daniel Campbell & Son.
 Solicitors for Complainant.
John L. Moore, Special Master.
Pleasant Hill
Every thing is on a boom in our town at this time, the health of this community is very good at this writing.
Mr. Eliska Turner and wife were in our town Sunday.
Rev. Arnett was a caller at the home of “Uncle” Bill Wilson Monday.
Sam Reed was a caller at the home of N.F. Cain Tuesday.
Mr. Irving Mason and Miss Pearl Hutto were in our town Monday afternoon.
N.F. Cain is building a new addition to his house.
Miss Mattie Rog(g)ers of South Carolina is visiting her mother, Mrs. Sallie Mason this week.
W.D. Ferdon was in our town last week.
Mrs. Pink Cain was a pleasant caller at the home of W.F. Arnett’s Tuesday.
There will be preaching on the First Sunday and Saturday night before, and an all day Sing on Sunday in the Sacred Harp in November at Pleasant Hill.  Everybody invited to attend.
D.S. Arnett was a business caller at J.H. Davis Wednesday morning, returning home through a mighty bad storm.
The storm Wednesday did very much damage in our town.  It tore N.F. Arnett’s place up might bad.  The damage is not yet estimated.
N.F. Arnett and his fine boys worked hard from twelve o’clock until dark that night, straighting up his fence, cutting timber and splitting rails.  We are glad it was no worse.
J.E. Ward and son, George, were business callers at Red Arnett Thursday.
Jim Edge passed through our town Thursday.
Mr. Driggers was in our town this week.
Mrs. S.S. Hutto was a pleasant caller at the home of W.F. Arnett Thursday evening.
E.B. Nowlin and family were pleasant callers at the home of L.M.B. Settles Saturday.
S.Y. Settles and wife passed through our town Saturday, en route to Mossey Head.
Mr. Charlie Cox was a business caller at N.F. Cains Saturday.
Misses Ada and Alice Settles is visiting their grandparents this week.
L.M.B. Settles and Z.R. Nowlin were business visitors at Rev. W.F. Arnett’s Saturday night.
D.H. Arnett and wife were pleasant callers at J.H. Davis Sunday.
D.S. Arnett made a flying trip on his wheel to Crestview Sunday morning.
E.B. Nowlin and L.M.B. Settles was transacting business in Crestview Saturday.
Little Elex Johnson was in our town last week.
Winter time will soon be here.
What We Pay Our President and Vice-President
   The salary of the President is $75,000 per year.  He has free use of the Executive Mansion, known as the White House, as a home for himself and family.  The White House is maintained by the U.S. Government.  The President is also allowed $25,000 annually for traveling expenses.  The salary of the Vice-President is $12,000 per year.
Silver Springs
   Our new school house was blown down by the Storm, but arrangements are being made to start it again.
Mrs. E.P. Edge is visiting her daughter at Falco, Ala., this week.
Rev. James Satley failed to fill his appointment at the Laura Thomas Homestead but there was a good sing.
Miss Minnie Powell of Garden City is visiting her brother, Mr. Thomas Powell this week.
Mr. Val Moore of Campton was the guest of Miss Lily Thomas Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Geo. Irving was the guest of Miss Nancy Nicholas.
Mr. James Houston is at home again for a while.
Misses Stella Mae and Irma Biddle spent Saturday in DeFuniak.
Mr. Claudy Jones of Pensacola visited home folks Sunday and Monday.
Wendell Burke, Willie Sapp and Dewey Edge were visitors at Crestview Sunday night.
Misses Etha and Essie Edge made a flying trip to Crestview Saturday.
Wendell Burke and Gilmer Edge attended the “Debate”, at Baker Friday night.
Miss Davie Powell of Crestview spent Saturday night with Miss Vera Jones.
There will be a working at Old “Bethel” Cemetery on the “17th of November,” on account of the storm, it is badly wrecked.
Mr. Johnnie Long of Crestview spent Saturday with home folks.
Last Wednesday’s storm did much damage around here.  Ebenezer Church was blown down and school was postponed a few days.
J.D. Steele made a business trip to Laurel Hill Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Davis was the guests of Mrs. Cutts Sunday.
Miss Kate Howard was the charming guest of Sallie Moore Saturday night and Sunday.
Misses Bertha and Charlie Steele were the guests of Misses Naona and Snowy Steele Sunday.
Mrs. J.S. Moore visited her mother, Mrs. Mary Steele Friday.
J.C. Howard was the guest of James and Robert Moore Sunday.
Mallory Steele was the guest of his cousins, Benny and Greely Steele Sunday.
The Farmers are all busy trying to save seed cane before “Jack Frost” comes.
Misses Vera Steele was the charming guest of Misses Birdie Moore Saturday night and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Steele were Magnolia visitors Sunday.
Miss Sallie Moore called on Miss Bertha Steele Saturday afternoon.
Miss Birdie Moore called on Miss Vera Steele Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Perce Lunsford called on the latter’s  parents Sunday.
Our School is progressing nicely under Professor Edward Webb.
Mr. T.P. Moore made a business trip to Laurel Hill Saturday.
W.J. Davis made a flying trip to town Thursday.
Wishing the News much success.
Mt. Olive.
Jack Frost paid us a visit Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Flowers of Auburn, spent Saturday night and Sunday with the latter’s parents Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Ward.
Frank Evridge visited home folks at Dorcas Saturday night and Sunday.
Minnie and Nora Ward was pleasant callers at Deerland Monday.
D. Shaw and daughter Lena passed through here Monday on their way to their home near Portland.
M.A. Reeves has been visiting the bay country for the past week.
Mr. Gaye of near Deerland was a pleasant visitor at M.A. Reeves a few days the first of the week.
J.E. Ward and Frank Evridge were among those from here who attended court at Milligan Tuesday.
The storm that swept the county Wednesday did a great deal of damage around here.
G.R. Pippins of Portland, is the guest of J.E. Ward this week.
J.C. Harwell of Deerland was in our burg Sunday afternoon.
A.J. Bolton and family was the guest of Joe Ward and family Sunday.
George Ward was a business caller at the Durant Mill Saturday.
Dan Matthews and daughter Amanda passed through here Friday.
Many good wishes for The Okaloosa News.
Qualifications of President
    “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident of the United States.”  (Constitution of the United States.)
The editor was a visitor to Milton Sunday, and as might be expected heard more or less discussing and cussing on the Governor’s race.  Right in Milton where the old politicians have been in the saddle for the past twenty years, the crowd is somewhat divided with a small majority supporting Knott, but in conversation with some of the best posted men from all over Santa Rosa county, were told that while Knott carried the county by a considerable majority in the primary, that Mr. Catts would carry it by a small majority this time, which shows conclusively that Mr. Knott is losing ground even in his strong holds.
Legal Advertising
Notice of Election 
   Whereas, The Legislature of 1915, under the Constitution of 1885, of the State of Florida, did pass three Joint Resolutions proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Florida, and the same were agreed to by a vote of three-fifths of the members elected to each house; that the vote on said Joint Resolutions were entered upon their respective Journals, with the yeas and nays hereon, and they did determine and direct that the said Joint Resolutions be submitted to the electors of the State at the General Election in November, 1916.
   NOW, THEREFORE, I, H. Clay Crawford, Secretary of the State of Florida, do hereby give notice that a GENERAL ELECTION will be held in each county in Florida on Tuesday next succeeding the first Monday in November, A.D., 1916, the said Tuesday being the Seventh Day of November
For the ratification or rejection of the said Joint Resolutions proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Florida, viz.:
A JOINT RESOLUTIONS  Proposing an Amendment to Section 9 of Article 9 of the State Constitution.  Relating to Taxation and Finance.
Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
That the following amendment of Section 9 of Article 9 of the Constitution of the State, relating to Taxation and Finance, is hereby agreed to and  shall be submitted to the electors of  the State for adoption or rejection, at the next general election hereafter; that is to say, that section 9 of Article 9 of the Constitution of the State be amended to read as follows:
   “Section 9.  There shall be exempt from taxation property to the value of  five hundred dollars to every widow that has a family dependent on her for support, and to every person who is a bona fide resident of the State and has lost a limb or been disabled in war or my misfortune.”
A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing an Amendment to Sections 2, 3, and 4 of Article VII of the Constitution of the State of Florida, Relating to Census and Apportionment.
Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
That the following amendments to the Constitution of the State of Florida be and the same are hereby agreed to and the same shall be submitted to the electors of the State at the general election in 1916, for ratification  or rejection.
   Section 2 of Article VII is hereby amended so as to read as follows:
    “The Legislatures that shall convene in the year 1919 and thereafter shall consist of one member of the Senate from each county in the State, and one member of the House of Representatives from each county in the State for ever ten thousand of population therein, or the major fraction thereof where there may be a major fraction left over after dividing the whole number of population of the county by the number ten thousand; Provided that each county shall have at  least one Representative and that no county shall have more than three Representatives in the House of Representatives.  The members of the House of Representatives shall be elected for a term of two years and the members of the Senate shall be elected for a term of four years, except as hereinafter provided.  The election for members for each branch shall be at the same time and places.  The term of offices of Senators elected in 1916 shall expire on the first Monday in April, 1919.  The term of office of Senators elected in 1916 from the following counties to wit:  Escambia, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon, Madison, Lafayette, Taylor, Columbia, Nassau, Duval, Marion, Sumter, Jefferson, Lee, Monroe, Putnam, Volusia, Hamilton, Alachua, Broward, Liberty, Hernando, Pinellas, Brevard, Palm Beach, and Levy, shall expire on the first Monday in April, 1923.  All members of the House of Representatives elected at the general election in 1918, their term of office shall expire on the first Monday in April, 1923, and thereafter, the term of all members of the House of Representatives shall commence on the first Tuesday after the first Monday next succeeding the election.  At the general election in 1920 and thereafter, all Senators  to be elected shall be elected for a term of four years, the term to begin on the first Tuesday  after the first Monday  in April of the following year, except that when a new county  is created the legislature shall at that time fix the length of the term of the first Senator to be elected there from at two or four years with the end in view of keeping the number of old Senators in a balance with the number of the new.”
Section 3 of Article VII of the Constitution is hereby amended so as to read as follows:
   “The regular session of the Legislature that shall now meet in 1917 shall apportion the representation in the House of Representatives as in the Article provided, which apportionment shall be based upon the last census taken by the State of Florida or the United States, which ever is the taken, in the several counties  of the State, and those that shall meet every ten years , the  ________ shall apportion the representation  in the House of Representatives in the manner in this Article  provided, which apportionment shall be based upon the last census enumeration taken by the State of Florida, or by the United States, which ever is the last
taken next before the Legislature so apportioning the representation shall convene.”
Section  4 of Article VII of the Constitution is hereby amended so as to read as follows:
   “When any new county is created by the Legislature it shall be entitled to one Senator and one member of the House of Representatives, until the next enumeration provided for in Section ___, of this Article  that shall be taken after creation of the said new county or, until the next census enumeration that  __________
____________________________ after the creation of the said new county, whichever shall be the sooner to be taken after the creation of said new county, when it shall be entitled to one member of the House of Representatives for every ten thousand of population, or the major fraction thereof the same as other counties.”
A JOINT RESOLUTION   Proposing an Amendment to Section I of  Article VI of the Constitution of the State of Florida as amended by Joint Resolution No. 2, Acts of 18__, Relating to Suffrage and Eligibility.
Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   That the following amendment to Section I of Article VI of the Constitution of the State of Florida be, and the same is herein agreed to and shall be submitted to the electors of the State at the general election in 1916 for ratification or rejection:
   Section 1.  Every male person of the age of twenty-one years and upwards who is a citizen of the United States at the time applies to register shall be deemed a qualified elector at all elections under the Constitution of the State of Florida, provided, that he possesses the following additional qualifications:
   He shall have resided and had his permanent home and place of abode in the State of Florida for one year, and in the county wherein he applies to register for six months, previous thereto.
   He must be able to read, write and interpret any Section of the Constitution of the State of Florida at the time he applies to register and vote.
   He must own in his own right property to the value of not less than five hundred dollars, which fact shall be determined only by the assessment books of the county at the time he applies to register and vote.
   He must not have been convicted previous to the time he applies to register to vote of larceny, robbery, forgery, perjury or bribery in any of the courts of any State or of the United States, or if so convicted, he must have been restored to the rights of citizenship.
   Provided, however, that no person or lineal descendant of any such person who was on January 1st, ______, or prior thereto, entitled to vote under the Constitution and laws of any of the States or Territories, or entitled to vote under any form of government, or any naturalized citizen or his descendants, shall be denied the right to register and vote because he shall not be able to read, write and interpret any Section of the Constitution of the State of Florida, as above provided, or because he shall not own property of the value above specified; naturalized citizens of the Untied States, however, at the time they apply, and before they shall be admitted to register, shall present to the registration officer certificate of his naturalization, or a duly authenticated copy thereof.
Section 2.  Upon the adoption of this amendment to the Constitution, the Legislature shall enact appropriate laws to carry the purpose of this amendment into effect.
   The votes cast in compliance with said proposed amendments and the canvass, declarations and returns thereof, shall be subjected to the same regulations and restrictions as are provided by law for general elections in the State of Florida.
    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed               the  Great Seal of the State of Florida, at Tallahassee, the Capital, this the twenty fifth day of July, A.D. 1916.
    H. Clay Crawford.
    Secretary of State
J.W. WILKINSON, Contractor of Wood and Brick Buildings,
Notice of Election.
To the Sheriff of Okaloosa County, of the State of Florida:
   Be it known, that I, H. Clay Crawford, Secretary of State of the State of Florida, do hereby give notice that a
            General Election
Will be held in Okaloosa County, State of Florida, on Tuesday next succeeding the first Monday in November, A.D. 1916, the said Tuesday being the
            Seventh Day of November
For United States Senator from the State of Florida, for six years from March 4, 1917.
   For six (6) Presidential Electors.
   For one Representative of the Third Congressional District of the State of Florida, the Sixty-Fifth Congress of the United States.
   For Governor of the State of Florida.
   For Secretary of State of the State of Florida.
   For Attorney General of the State of Florida.
   For Comptroller of the State of Florida.
   For Treasurer of the State of Florida
   For Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Florida.
   For Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of Florida.
   For two Justices of the Supreme Court of the State of Florida.
   For one Railroad Commissioner of the State of Florida.
   For State Senator for 1st Senatorial District of the State of Florida.
   For one Member of the House of Representatives of the State of Florida.
   For County Judge.
   For Sheriff.
   For Clerk of the Circuit Court.
   For County Assessor of Taxes.
   For Tax Collector.
   For County Superintendent of Public Instruction.
   For County Surveyor.
   For five County Commissioners.
   For three Members of he County Board of Public Instruction.
   For Justice of the Peace in and for the following Districts, viz.;
   Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
   For Constables in and for the following Justice Districts, viz.:
   Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
   In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of Florida, at Tallahassee, the capital, this the twenty-fourth day of August, A.D. 1916.
H. Clay Crawford, Secretary of State.
Notice of Special Master’s Sale.
   Under and by virtue of a final decree of foreclosure issued out of the Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, Florida, on the 15th of August, 1916, wherein F.S. Royster Guano Co., a corporation was complainant and S.P. Hendreth was respondent, and final judgment rendered therein against the said respondent for the sum of $64.00 principal and interest and $6.40 attorneys fee together with the costs in said cause, and decree directing that in default of payment of within five days from the date of said final decree, that I, John L. Moore, as Special Master by said decree appointed, sell to the highest bidder for cash, in front of the Court House door at Milligan, Florida, in accordance with law the property hereinafter described.  I, John L. Moore, between the legal hours of sale on Monday, November the 6th, 1916, in front of the Court House door aforesaid, will sell to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy said final decree and in accordance therewith, the following described property, to-wit:
“Three rolls “36” wire fencing, 10 head of hogs marked under bit and swallow fork in right ear and crop and half crop in left ear.”
 Bill of Sale at cost of purchaser.
 Daniel Campbell & Son.
 Solicitors for Complainant.
John L. Moore, Special Master.
Notice of Special Master’s Sale.
   Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of a final decree rendered by a final decree rendered by A.G. Campbell, Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida, in and for Okaloosa County, Florida, in chancery Sitting, on the 11th day of August, 1916, in a respondents the sum of Eighty-Four the First National Bank of Florala, Alabama, a corporation and A.W. Powell, wherein it was decreed that the complainant recover of the defendant the sum of Two Hundred and Forty Dollars and Forty three Cents ($240.43), together with cost of this suit, and wherein the undersigned was appointed Special Master to sell the property hereinafter described, in the event the said amount was not paid within three days from the date of decree, I will sell before the court house door at Milligan, Florida, between the legal hours of sale on Monday, the 6th day of November, A.D., 1916, to the highest bidder for cash, the following described property:
   Respondents entire stock of cattle, seventeen (17) head, more or less, marked crop and half crop in each ear, (2) black mare mules, seven (7) and ten (10) years old, and one (1) two and three-eights (2-3/8) Weber Wagon.  Bill of Sale at cost of purchaser.
Terms of sale cash.
J. Ralph Campbell
Special Master.
Notice of Special Master’s Sale.
   Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of a final decree rendered by a final decree rendered by A.G. Campbell, Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida, in and for Okaloosa County, Florida, in chancery Sitting, on the 11th day of August, 1916,in a case thereby pending between J.D. Bass, complainant and A.C. Gore, and Ella Gore, respondents, wherein it was decreed that the complainant recover the of the certain cause therein pending between Eight-Four Dollars and Seventy-four Cents ($84.74), as principal and interest, together with the cost and expense of the suit, and wherein the undersigned was appointed as Special Master to sell the real estate, hereinafter described, in the event said amount was not paid within three days from the date of this decree.  I will sell before the court house door at Milligan, Florida, between the legal hours of sale on Monday, the 6th day of November, A.D., 1916, to the highest bidder for cash, the following described real estate to-wit: 
   Lot numbered Twenty (20) in Block Numbered Six (6); also Lot numbered Fourteen (14) in Block Numbered Five (5), as per map of Baker Land Company, addition to the town of Baker, now on file in the Circuit Clerk’s office in Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida, together with the improvements thereon, and hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining.  Terms of sale, Cash.  Deed at cost of purchaser.
J. Ralph Campbell, Special Master
 Democratic Electors.
   In the November general election every party, however large or small, will have candidates for Presidential electors on the ticket.  Florida is entitled to six votes in the Electoral College.
   To vote for the return of the Wilson administration, a vote for Wilson and Marshall, vote for the following six:
            J. Turner Butler
            Martin Caraballo
            T.P. Clarc(k)son
            Frank Harris
            Milton H.Mabry, Sr.
            Will H.Price
Frank Clark, who was virtually run out of South Florida when he went down there to speak for Knott is now arranging to come over here in West Florida to try and fool the people of this section of the State.  But that is all right, let him come, he can do nobody any harm, neither will he change a single one of the Catts men, who are 80 per cent in West Florida.
Let the wool hat boys who have to pay their tax and keep this county going take every man’s name who supports the railroad candidate, W.V. Knott, for governor.  As Comptroller, in 1914 he favored the railroads fifty-two thousand dollars worth in taxes.  What will he do if he gets to be Governor?  We have the proof he did this, and can prove it.
Hon. W.H. Mapoles, the editor of the Crestview News, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Melvin of this city Sunday.  Bill” is strictly in his element now as he has a fight on hand in which he is firmly convinced he is in the right and he will come pretty near making some of the other fellows think the same before he is through with it.  He is lining up strongly for Hon. S.J. Catts in the coming election.--Milton Gazette.
When you go to the polls on November 7th, don’t forget to vote for all three of three Constitutional amendments.  They are good and should carry without opposition.
All this talk about the probability of Geo. W. Allen being elected governor is the silliest of rot.  Four years ago the Republican candidate, W.R. O’Neal, polled 2,646 votes.  Allen may double this figure but the Democratic nominee, Hon. Sidney J. Catts, will poll not less than 60,000 votes, while bolter W.V. Knott, will probably poll from 15,000 to 20,000.--Volusia County Journal.
Hugh Sparkman, who edits the Volusia County Journal at Daytona, and who is well known to many people in West Florida as an honest and truthful gentleman, says that a thousand negroes have been qualified to vote in that county for W.V. Knott for Governor.  He says that the white people of the county are stirred with indignation and are organizing in self defense to keep the county form negro officers.  He says that this has turned ever white man in Volusia County against Knott, and well it has.
Hon. Bill Mapoles will join some supporters of Hon. W.V. Knott, in a political debate tonight.  We regret that we could not learn who the Knott man was, and also that we cannot hear the debate for we opine the fur will fly some.--Milton Gazette.
   Yes, the fur flew, so did Knott’s votes, we mean by this Knott’s votes flew away from him and went into the Catts column.  Hon. Bill Davidson was our opponent and considering the subject, or the side he was on, he did very well, but he like Mr. Knott himself when he spoke here Saturday, had nothing to speak on or for.
After straddling the fence for several months as is his accustomed way, Ed Williams who is editing a paper at Bonifay owned by Will Brett, one of the “Tallahassee Ring” pets, who was recently appointed to the office of Convict Inspector, has come out and declared he is for Knott for governor.  Foolish boy?  You have ruined yourself.  In less than a year from today your gravy train which you have had for the past eight or nine years as the only newspaper in that county, will be taken from you.  We would have
rather bought you a new plant and started a new paper.  Then the people and the true Democrats of that county would have been with you instead of against you.
Says Catts Will Carry 44 Counties.
   Tampa, Fla., Oct. 26--According to an estimate compiled from reports received in Jacksonville and Tampa headquarters of the Catts Democratic leagues, Sidney J. Catts will carry forty-four of the fifty-two counties of the state of with and estimated majority of 15,000 to 20,000 votes.  This compilation is not from haphazard guessing, but it is made up from reports from Catts organization in each county where only the signatures of members are taken as an indication of how they stand.
   Dr. W.H. Cox, manager of the South Florida headquarters for Mr. Catts has carefully compiled the figures sent in from the various counties and bases his estimates on these reports only.  According to statements made everywhere by George W. Allen the Republican nominee for governor, if he is not elected governor on November 7th that Mr. Catts will.  Mr. Allen has carefully sounded the sentiment in all sections of the state, and from his reports the correctness of the estimates made by Dr. Cox are confirmed.
   It has been learned here that disorganization exists at the headquarters established by a portion of the state Democratic executive committee at Jacksonville, Herbert Felkel who was brought from Tallahassee to Jacksonville to do the publicity work for the committee, threw up his job after two days and returned to Tallahassee in disgust.  Walter McLin son of the former commissioner of agriculture who was brought to Jacksonville to be sent on a speaking tour of the West Florida counties, also resigned after two days and after an argument with B.M. Turner, slapped Turner’s face and knocked him down.
   Never in the history of Florida has a candidate made such a whirlwind campaign as Mr. Catts is making.  No less than twelve teams of speakers are going into every precinct in the state  telling the voters how the certificate of nomination was taken away from Mr. Catts by the courts, how ballot boxes were prostituted and how a prejudiced Democratic state executive committee endorsed Mr. Knott before he had been finally awarded the certificate of nomination and how the committee failed absolutely to give the nominee at the June primary  any assistance in his fight against the attacks of the defeated candidate.
Shall The Negro Rule Volusia Co.?
   During the past few days there have registered in the DeLand Precinct 216 negroes.
   They have registered in droves.
   They have been brought in and their names placed upon the books of the county by or though the influence of one man, the Repubocrat boss of the county, who will vote them as a unit on election day.
   The negroes, together with those already registered, will constitute the balance of power in Volusia County politics.
   Every negro who votes will absolutely kill the vote of one white man.
   They are being registered for a purpose, said to the election of W.V. Knott as governor in case his name and that of Sidney J. Catts both appear upon the official ballot.  Ask the negro who works for you, and if he doesn’t,  he will probably tell you that he intends to
vote for “Mister Knott.”
   Do the white voters of Volusia County intend to permit the Repubocrat boss of the county to kill their votes by the use of the worst class of negro floaters?
   Do the Crackers of Volusia County intent that the precincts of Clifton, Barberville, Osteen, Enterprise and Orange City--that every vote in the precincts shall be nullified by the Repubocrat boss of Volusia County?
   In the DeLand precinct on June 6th last, Sidney J. Catt received 204 votes.  Do those who voted for Catts on June 6 and who expect to vote for him on November 7 intend to permit their votes to be nullified  by the worst element of negro voters and the Repubocrat boss of Volusia County?
   It is up to you gentlemen.
   The News is not a Catts organ.  The writer did not vote for Catts in the June primary; he supported Hudson.  If the negroes today being organized to vote for Catts or any other candidate and nullify  the expressed desires of the better class of citizens, The News would fight just as hard against the scheme as it is now willing to do.
     There are perhaps one dozen of the better element of the negroes--property owners and old timers--who are absolutely owned and controlled by the Repubocrat boss of the county, who will go to the polls and vote as they may see proper--for Knott, or Catts, or Allen, or Mitchell--but they are a negligible quantity.  As a rule, the negro voter will be driven like sheep to the slaughter, and one man will cast nearly 250 votes.
   Is this the kind of government the people of Volusia County want?  Will they permit it?--Derland News.
Local And Personal    
People Who Come and Go. 
Some  That You Know and Some That You Don’t Know
Patronize those who advertise in The News.
J.D. Cobb was among those to attend the debate at Milligan Tuesday night.
G.B. Anchors of Bolton was here Thursday and paid our office a pleasant visit.
L.A. Smith and editor were business visitors to Milligan a short while Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. Johnson of Milton, were here Tuesday the guest of the editor and his family.
Green Fuller well known to many of the citizens of Okaloosa County, passed through en route to Pensacola Wednesday morning.
Russ Johnson of Freeport, an old boy whom we have known for a number of years, was here on business a short while Tuesday.
 Mr. W.J. DuRant of Deerland, was in town Monday on business.  He informs us that it is his opinion that every man in the Deerland precinct will vote for Hon. Sidney J. Catts.
Mr. and Mrs. George Folmar, Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Finlayson, Dr. E. Porter Webb, and L.L. Folmar, all of Laurel Hill, passed through her Wednesday morning en route to Pensacola to attend the fair.
Dr. Tallent of Gainesville, Ga. Has been here several days this week looking for a location, and while we are not sure, still we are informed there is a strong probability of his locating somewhere in this neighborhood, either at Deerland, Mossy Head or Camp Walton.
Mr. Bud Adams, a prominent citizen of DeFuniak, was here a short while Thursday visiting his brothers Messrs John and Obie Adams, while here he stated that Mr. Catts was gaining ground every day and would carry Walton County almost solid besides other counties in West Florida.  He also stated that he was for Sidney J. Catts first, last and all the time.
The people of the United States are asked to contribute a million dollars a month toward feeding the destitute and starving Belgians.  If needed it will be done, of course.  But contributions in large chunks should be extracted from those who are piling up millions in wealth from war orders.  The poor man has his own mouths to feed.--Bristol Press.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wang visited the Turnquist family at Florala last Sunday.
John Smith and wife of near Laurel Hill were visitors to Svea the latter part of the week.
Edgar Gray has bought the little store formerly owned by Willy (G)rimes.
Joe Congelton who has been in Tuscaloosa for the past two months returned home last Friday.
Mrs. Thora Steele visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wang the latter part of the week.
Aleta Studebaker was a visitor ___ Florala Saturday.
The storm of last Wednesday did a great deal of damage to Svea and surrounding vicinity. 
Curtis and Charley Jordon of Florala made their usual call at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Whitehurst Sunday.
The Sunday School of this place conducted by Mr. Edwards, was largely attended and enjoyed by all ______.
Mrs. Horace Whitehead visited ____ C. Steele’s family Saturday and Sunday.
Vincent Adams of Children’s Home was a visitor to Svea Sunday __ome attraction Vincent.
Harberson Mill Burns at DeFuniak
   The large and new mill of the Harberson Lumber Company at DeFuniak Springs was destroyed by fire Saturday night, entailing loss of one hundred thousand dollars. 
   Just the mill was burned, the __aner mill and lumber sheds were saved.
   It is said that the mill was insured and that the company will rebuild at once.
To The Voters of Okaloosa County
   As probably the most of you know, I was nominated in the primary of June 6, without opposition.  But since that time, on account of the fact that I give in or had raised most all the property valuations in the bay section in accordance with the other valuations of the county, some of my northern friends, who are quite wealthy and own a good deal of property, which has almost escaped taxation heretofore, have become enraged at having to pay their just proportion of taxes and have succeeded in getting a gentleman by the name of W.N. Hartgrove to agree to run as independent Candidate against me, presumably, I suppose for the purpose of having their property valuations reduced back to what they were ten years ago.
   Now, if I had been the only Commissioner who had the property valuations of their district raised a little, I would, and could not, blame these gentlemen from kicking, but that the tax valuation was raised all over the whole county, I can not see wherein I have done anything wrong, for the simple reason that I think the people of the Southern end of the county ought to be willing to tote fair with the people of the balance of the county in the up-keep of he county’s expense
Is This Not a Fair and Square Deal?
   I think it is especially so when you consider that the people of the immediate territory from which Mr. Hartgrove comes have been given more money for road purposes than any other place in my district.
   Now, gentlemen and voters, of Okaloosa County these are the facts in the case, and each of you throughout the county will have to vote for one or the other of us, and if you think I have done the right thing, in trying to equalize the tax burdens of the county I solicit your support and influence at the polls on November the 7th.
If you vote for me and I am re-elected, I will do as I have done in the past, serve the whole county to the best of my ability.
Very Respectfully,
     B.P. EDGE
     Niceville, Fla.
Up To The Court Of Final Resort
(Miami Metropolis)
   Well, at last the Catts-Knott controversy has been settled; that is, it has been settled as far as the Florida Supreme Court is concerned, and, as was expected the court’s decision was in favor of Knott.  No man in Florida who has kept himself informed on conditions in this state for the past few months has ever doubted for a second but that the Supreme Court would ultimately name W.V. Knott as the nominee for governor, as Mr. Knott himself made the public statement when the recount proceedings first started that the Supreme Court would ultimately give him the nomination.
   The next move will be to carry this case to the court of final resort--the PEOPLE, and the general consensus of opinion is that when this test is made the Supreme Court’s decision will be reversed by a vote that will speak in unmistakable terms the disgust of the honest and true manhood of Florida of the rotten ring methods used by those who had charge of the ballot boxes to defraud Sidney J. Catts of that which was his by all that was fair and just.
   On June 6 the Democratic primary was held in this state, and Mr. Catts’ name was on the ballot with four of the best known public men in Florida.  Mr. Catts was practically unknown, yet when the votes were counted it was found that he had received 260 more than the next highest man--Mr. Knott.  This was a great shock to the Tallahassee ring crowd, and immediately the cry was set up that Mr. Catts and his friends had perpetrated fraud in order to land their man.  Mr. Knott at once set about to have recounts made in a number of counties.  These recounts were made after the ballot boxes had been tampered with by Knott’s henchmen, and naturally, the recount showed big gains for Knotts.
   When the votes were counted on June 6th, which gave Catts a lead of 260 votes, the counting was done by three inspectors and one clerk in every precincts in the state and in the presence of the public where it was impossible to commit fraud even though there was a desire to do so.  The recount was made by Knott’s friends and after the ballot boxes had been in the possession of his friends for weeks, plenty of time to make such changes in the ballots as they desired and the evidence showed that they had been tampered with.  In fact the fraud in Madison County was so palpable that even the Supreme Court would not allow the count to stand and threw out the vote. 
   The contest will be settled on November 7 when the sturdy, honest manhood of Florida will go to the polls with the determination fixed in their minds to right a wrong.  They intend on that day to that justice is done.  They will vote the square deal ticket and by the largest majority ever given any one man in this state, they will elect Sidney J. Catts as their governor.
   They will vote for Catts, not because its Catts, or because of his platform, but because they know that Catts was honestly nominated by the democratic voters in this state, and the people of Florida just naturally believe in fair play and will not endorse the crookedness that has been done by the powers that be to get Knott’s name on the general election ballot.
Inspectors and Clerks For The General Election November 7th, 1916
Precinct No. 1 South Baker--
   J.A. Nichols, J.T. Richards, A.W. Langley, Inspectors; W.E. Moore, Clerk.
Precinct No. 2 North Baker--
   A.M. Neal, H.W. Bush, Geo. W. Moore, Sr., Inspectors; W.W. Etheridge, Clerk.
Precinct No. 3 Beaver Creek--
   W.J. Boyett, F.P. Snowden, Ed Stanley, Inspectors; J.W. King, Clerk.
Precinct No. 4 Old Walton--
   David Adkison, W.D. Smith, J.W.C. Helms, Inspectors; W.F. King, Clerk.
Precinct No. 5 Laurel Hill--
   J.M. Summerlin, H.M. Stokes, R.R. Fountain, Inspectors; A.D. Campbell, Clerk.
Precinct No. 6 Yellow River--
J.B.S. Clary, P.J. Summerlin, P.J. Senterfitt, Inspectors; J.J. Moore, Clerk.
Precinct No. 7 Blackman--
   J.G. King, Lewis Baggett, J.O. Moore, Inspectors; J.J. Hart, Clerk.
Precinct No. 8 Milligan--
   A.A. Moore, W.E. Gordon, W.A. Humphries, Inspectors; A.T. Fountain, Clerk.
Precinct No. 9 Holt--
   Geo. W. Cooper, Joseph Shofner, G.W. Reeves, Inspectors; H.M. Smith, Clerk.
Precinct No. 10 Howell--
   J.M. Jordan, B.F. Weekley, J.J. Weekley, Inspectors; R.M. Stickland, Clerk.
Precinct No. 11 Deerland--
   A.J. Bolton, E.M. Parker, J.L. Mathis, Inspectors; J.J. Ellis, Clerk.
Precinct No. 12 Garden City--
   W.T. Long, J.T. Green, Henry Clary, Inspectors; M.L. Wheelus, Clerk.
Precinct No. 13 Dorcas--
   T.A. McCollum, A.L. Hart, J.W. McSwain, Inspectors; J. Matthew Miller, Clerk.
Precinct No. 14 Niceville--
   J.F. Allen, A.W. Brown, J.E. Earley, Inspectors; B.H. Munn, Clerk.
Precinct No. 15 Crestview--
   J.H. Richbourg, W.C. Blackwell, N.F. Cain, Inspectors; A.P. Jones, Clerk.
Precinct No. 16 Mary Esther--
   Chas. Shipley, Willie Pryor, T.C. Brooks, Inspectors; W.H. Spivey, Clerk.
Precinct No. 17 Wright--
   Geo. Wright, Joe Rogers, Blannie Brooks, Inspectors; J.T. Wright, Clerk.
Precinct No. 18 Red Oak--
   D.M. Franklin, J.W. Franklin, J.M. Kennedy, Inspectors; L.A. Fleming, Clerk.
Precinct No. 19 Garniers--
   S.M. Johnson, Willie Wright, C.O. Snowden, Inspectors; H.E. Rutan, Clerk.
When John P. Coffin of Johnstown gave $50,000 to the National Prohibition Party campaign, all kinds of nice things were said about him by the state press.  But now that he is supporting Catts for governor he becomes a villain of the worst kind in the columns of the Knott organs.  About November 8th many of these papers are going to awake to the fact that abuse of Catts, Coffin, et al., does not alter the fact that Catts is the Democrat in spite of the Knott bolters and all their abuse.--Volousia County Journal.
Lost  Somewhere between The News Office and Depot a “Gold Friendship” Braclet.  Finder return same to News Office and receive reasonable reward.
W.T. Hart is moving his and his brother’s little saw mill out near Mr. J.H. Richbourg’s place, where they are arranging to put the mill in operation in cutting lumber.  This little mill will furnish work for quite a number of men, and we are glad to have them locate here.
For School Books and school supplies order them from Burrus Cawthon, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.

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