The    Okaloosa    News

Vol. 2.                                           Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, November 17, 1916                  No. 7
(Do)ings of County Commissioners
Milligan, Fla., Nov. 14th, 1916.
   The board met in Special Session at _:00 to canvas the return of the special board elections to create Holt Precinct into a special road and bridge district and authorizing the __of bonds for building roads in the district; the canvas showed there was 26 votes cast in favor of bonding the district and 11 votes cast against it.  It was ordered that said district be created be known as Special Road and Bridge District No. 8.

Regular meeting was called to order at 9 o’clock by J.W. Baggett, Jr., Chairman with all members present.

Minutes of last meeting was read and adopted.

Report of the County Treasurer showing the receipts and disbursements for the month of October was examined and approved.

Reports of the Tax Collector, County Judge, Sheriff, and the several Justices of the Peace was examined and approved.

Report of Mr. Hurston, Census Enumerator for Okaloosa County, was examined and approved.

Resolution was adopted, asking the Comptroller for permission to transfer enough funds to the appropriations for District

Registration Offices to enable the Board to pay same.

The Notary Public Bonds of L. _. Fleming, N.F. Cain, and L.B. Bowers was approved.

The Deputy Sheriff Bond of Fred VonAxleson was ordered returned for correction.

The bond for J.A. Stewart for $3,000.00 to guarantee construction of the Cox Bridge across Shoal River according to contract was accepted with the following sureties to-wit:

L.E. Bowers, H.J. Brett, W.R. White, W.H. Graham, C.D. Meigs, L.F. Geter, and J.A. Hart.

Sheriff was requested to allow an extension until December first for payment of occupation and automobile licenses.

Ordered that a request be made to Forest Supervisor Eldrige for right of way  privileges through the National Forest for the A.F. & C. Highway, and that a like request be made through L.L. Shaw for right of way through the Union Naval Store Company’s lands.

The Pension Applications of Charles S. Kelley, D.C. Hammonds, and Mrs. Mary Brown, were examined and approved.

Quite a number of bills against the County were examined and found correct warrants were ordered drawn in settlement for same.

The Bills of all the Deputy Registration Officers were carried over until next meeting on account of the appropriating for this purpose being insufficient, same will be paid at the meeting of the board in December.

The Bills in the Coroner’s Inquest of J.B. Justice at Camp Walton were laid over awaiting the verdict of the Coroner’s Jury in the case.

Messrs. J.M. Gorlee of Baker, J.H. Richbourg of Crestview, and W.S. Henderson of Baker, were appointed as a viewing committee on the Griffith Ferry Road leading from Baker to Crestview.

The Bond Election of Holt Precinct Carries

  The special election proposing to bond the Holt Precinct for $12,500 was carried in the election held for that purpose last Monday by a vote of 11 to 26.
  The purpose of the bond is to build roads and bridges in that precinct.

Jennings at DeFuniak sells Shoes at “old prices.”  (adv.)

Commissioners’ Race in District Four

  The race for County Commissioner from District 4, between R.A. Rozier, the nominee, and G.W. Kilcrease, a so called independent, was very, very close, with Rozier winning by only 17 the majority.
  Below we give their vote precinct by precinct 

                             Rozier             Kilcrease
South Baker             25                      29
North Baker             29                      30
Beaver Creek          13                         3
Old Walton              26                      13
Laurel Hill                73                      21
Blackman                 41                        1
Milligan                     86                     29
Holt                           50                     28
Howell                       18                    00
Deerland                     3                     11
Garden City              19                     20
Dorcas                       13                     27
Niceville                      3                     80
Crestview                     5                     99
Mary Esther                 8                     21
Wright                          6                       5
Red Oak                    20                        2
Garniers                       2                        9
Totals                    459                    442

An Error
  Basing our information on unofficial returns from all over the county, we last week stated that G.W. Kilcrease had been elected County Commissioner from District No. 4 by a small majority but when the official canvas was made Monday, the returns from several precincts showed differently, the result of which was the re-election of R.A. Rozier by the small majority of 17 votes.
   Thus the error was made, and we gladly make this correction.
It is a sight to see the immense stock of Shoes at Jennings’ Store in DeFuniak--and they are not high like others--because they were bought many months before the advance as were also their Outings and Ginghams. (Adv.)

The Official Vote of the Governor Race in Okaloosa County.

   Below we print the official returns in the Governor’s race in Okaloosa County, which shows that Hon. Sidney J.Catts carried the county by 199 majority.

                    Catts                    Knott
South Baker       52                           3 
North Baker       38                         21
Beaver Creek     10                           6
Old Walton           1                        16
Laurel Hill           60                        23
Yellow River       24                           7
Blackman           00                         39
Milligan               51                        34
Holt                     50                        19
Howell                18                         00
Deerland             12                          7
Garden City        25                        17
Dorcas                 36                          4
Niceville              72                          7
Crestview             35                       66
Mary Esther         19                        10
Wright                  11                          9
Red Oak                 4                        20
Garniers           __   2                          9   
Totals                528                     329

The Republican candidate, G.W. Allen, got 135 votes throughout the county, and carried one precinct, Old Walton.

  C.C. Allen, Socialist candidate, received only 27 votes throughout the county.
  “Cyclone” Mitchel, Independent candidate, did not get a vote in the county.
  Catts carried 14 precincts, Knott 4, and W.G. Allen 1.

Mr. Edge Defeats Mr. Hartgove.

  We have made several efforts this week to get the vote on B.P. Edge and W.N. Hartgove for Commissioner by precinct, but we have been unable to secure it, however we have learned that Mr. Edge got something better than 700 in the county to Mr. Hartgove something like 200.
  We will try to give their vote by precinct next week.

G.W. Kilcrase Thanks the People for Their Support

Galliver, Fla., Nov. 14, 1916.
Editor, Okaloosa News, Crestview, Fla.
  Please allow me space in your paper to thank the good people, especially the voters, of Okaloosa County, who so loyally supported and voted for me on November the 7th.
  While I was defeated by 17 votes still I feel, from what I have heard since the election, that I was really the people’s choice, and had I been financially able to have made anything like a campaign of the whole county, I fully believe that I would have been elected by a handsome majority.
  Thanking you all again for the magnificent vote given me, and assuring those who voted against me that I am still their friend and hold no bad will against them, I beg to remain
Very respectfully,
G.W. Kilcrease.

Silver Springs

  Rev. J.B. Ansley failed to fill his appointment at the Laura Thomas Homestead Sunday, but Rev. J.W. Nicholas took his place.
   The School House is completed and the school will probably move into it this week. 

Vera and Medford Jones spent Sunday at Auburn with friends.
Wendell Burke was a visitor to Crestview Saturday night.
R.A. Rozier of Milligan was business visitor at Auburn Saturday night.
May Edge returned home Sunday from Stapleton, Ala., where she had been visiting her sister Mrs. Ida Gillis.
T.D. Edge attended the meeting at Old Bethel Church Sunday.
W.T. Hart has his mill nearly ready to run.
Maggie and Callie Flowers were visitors to Crestview Saturday afternoon.

Crestview, wake up!

Election is over--such a relief.

Crestview is growing every day.

Only seventeen majority.  Who’s sick?

Let’s bury the hatchet--also the knife.

There is nobody to blame but ourselves.

The News done its part.  Did you do yours?

Stop your grouching and let’s get ready for the next fight.

There’s nothing to be gained in grieving over spilt milk.

We never got his goat, but we slayed his tail feathers.

Don’t stand in the way of a hustling town like Crestview.

Just a reminder--only four more months till the Court House election.

Too much Catt-Knott and not enough Kilcrease--that’s what got Crestview’s goat.
The hunting season opens November 20th.  So now don’t ask us this anymore.

We hope everyone is satisfied now. Those that won and those that were defeated.

All six Democratic Presidential Electors carried large majorities in Okaloosa County.

The saying is as true as it is old, “that every dog has his day,” and we’ll have ours a little later.

California saved the  nation--and what a  pity that Howell could not have saved Okaloosa County.

Two more years of Monarchal form of government for Okaloosa County.  But who is to blame?

The News’ job department is now fully equipped. Telephone or write your job wants.

Just a little more vigilance and Crestview and Okaloosa County would have been thousands of dollars better off.

If the so-called Independent came within 17 votes beating their brag champion, what will we do to them on March the 6th?  Hush.

As we look out our office door and see the brick buildings going up on every side, we can’t help but believe that Crestview is the fastest growing town in Florida.

Now that the election is over it is the duty of all Okaloosa County citizens to put forth every effort for the continued prosperity and development of this the youngest and best county in the State.

Looking To Florida

  The Washington Post, referring to the high cost of living, stresses the importance of the South in general, and Florida in particular as a food producing region.  It says:
  “The extremely high prices of all food stuffs and the shortage in the crops of potatoes, wheat, and other products, call for the earliest possible returns from the lands of the far South, whence the first productions of the next year will have their origin.
  Florida is both an Atlantic and Gulf state, and its wonderful climate, its rich lands and its capability of the earliest production of many articles that are in daily use in the household of the nation will always give it a great advantage over other states of the Union, for those products enter the markets of the more northern states at a period of the year when the greatest scarcity exists and consequently highest prices are obtainable.”

  The court of the people -- the tribunal of last resort -- reversed the Supreme Court of Florida, defeated fraud and delivered justice.

West Floridians should see to it that a special excursion train with extra low rates is run to Tallahassee on the day which Hon. Sidney J. Catts is inaugurated Governor.

  According to information sent out from headquarters of the dry forces, five states went dry on Tuesday the 7th.  The states are Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Dakota and Utah.

The Palatka News, which is edited by one of the most gifted editorial writers in the State, Bill Russell, is still sore because Catts got elected.  Take some soothing syrup old man and get right and stop your grouching.  Be a good loser.

  With a network of good roads traversing the Holt precinct from end to end and from side to side, with the beautiful little town of Holt located in the center, that section of Okaloosa County will soon begin to attract more attention than she has ever done before.
  If Floridians would, for the next six months devote as much time, money and enthusiasm to boosting the interests of their fair state as they have the past year in boosting certain candidates, then Florida will indeed enter upon an era of prosperity and development.--Palatka Times Herald.
State S.S. Convention To Meet In DeFuniak
  The Fifteenth Annual State Sunday School Convention will meet in DeFuniak Ssprings, November 20th to 23rd.  The session will be held in the First Methodist Church, the first meeting being on Monday night the 20th, and the closing session coming Thursday night when a monster mass meeting will be held.
   Never in the history of Sunday School work in this state has so much interest been displayed in an event of this nature.  DeFuniak is making large preparations.  Every church has joined heartily in the work.  Committees composed of the most prominent citizens have been appointed to look after the entertainment, reception, music, decorations, etc.  The business men of the city have taken an active part in arranging for the comfort of the delegates.  At the same time the Florida Sunday School Association has been busy arranging various details of the gathering, and the advertising, and has mailed out nearly a thousand preliminary programs.
   Some of the most prominent speakers both from away and from within the state have been secured for the program.  Mr. John L. Alexander of Chicago, who is the International Sunday School Association’s “Teen Age” specialist will be the principal speaker.  Much stress will be laid on this phase of Sunday School work, and Mr. Alexander will bring great messages to this convention.  Mr. Leon C. Palmer of Montgomery, General Secretary of the Alabama Sunday School Association will likewise be present, as will also, Mr. P.E. Green of Birmingham, a Sunday School specialist of note.  Among the prominent Florida men may be mentioned J.C. Lanier, President of the State_____  ___ Union; Marcus C. Fagg, State Superintendent of the Florida Children’s Home; O.E. Maple, State General Secretary Y.M.C.A.; Rev. W.B. Witherspoon of Kissimmee; Rev. H.T. Strout and Rev. A.T. Camp of Chipley; C.F. Zeek; J.B. Perkins an W.P. Cunningham of Pensacola and many others. Mr. Zeek is Vice President of the Florida Sunday School Association, and will preside.
  Practically all of the denominations are sending exhibits of literature and novelties to the convention, so that all delegates may become acquainted with the practical side of Sunday School work.
  Conferences, luncheons and gatherings where special features on work will be considered, are being arranged.  These gatherings will concentrate upon some one phase and those people interested in these departments will find especial information from them.
  Low rates are announced on all railroads.  Every Sunday School in the state is entitled to delegates, one for every fifty enrollment in addition to pastor and superintendent.  All official delegates will be entertained on the Harvard plan.
  Opportunities will be provided the delegates of visiting places of interest in and near DeFuniak Springs, which pleasure will act as a splendid deviation from the routine of convention work.

Catts, Leader Of A Triumphant Democracy.
  Sidney J. Catts will be the next Governor of Florida.
   He was the rightful nominee of the Democratic Party, but through fraud was forced to make a campaign for election.
   With everything against him--political machinery, whiskey interest, corporate interest, and a majority of newspapers of the State, some of them owned and some of them controlled by railroads and liquor--the “loyal and faithful sheets”--and to crown all, a decision of the Supreme Court depriving him of the nomination bearing the stamp of the party machine, yet Catts won, because--
   His cause was just, and the people refused to become accessory to the crime of political brigandage. 
  Fraud, falsehood, vilification, misrepresentation and all ring power in Florida worked unceasing- ly to accomplish his defeat, but the vote of the real and true Democrats of Florida responded with might acclamation and held their voices sealed his election as Governor.
  Catts will have a plurality of 8,000 or more when the final count is made.
  He carried 37 of the 52 counties, and in several of the others he lacked but a few votes of being the high man.
  Governor-elect Catts, in a statement to the press Wednesday afternoon said in part:
  “My policy will be broad, philanthropic, and for the best interest of all concerned.  No sumptuary or blue laws of New England will ever find a place in my administration.”  -- Zollo Springs Truth.

Local and Personal
  J.M. Boyett, who has been farming near Andalusia for the past year, has moved his family to Crestview.
Buy your building material from Fisher & Hamilton, Milton.  They carry a large stock all the time. Prices right. (Adv.)
Dr. and Mrs. E. Porter Webb of Laurel Hill were here a short while Wednesday and paid our office a pleasant call.
Mr. J.A. Vaughn of Alabama City, visited his brother, Lee C. Vaughn here yesterday.  He paid our office a pleasant call while here.

  Miss Teele who is teaching school here, spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks at Laurel Hill.
I.A. Helms of Hotl, arrived here Wednesday and expects to stay a few weeks.
L.L. Shaw is attending court at Pensacola this week.
Cane grinding will start at the Rocky Plantation this week, all that like juice come down.
J.F. Allen and C.S. Sessions made a flying trip to Milligan Wednesday.
Everybody seems to enjoy the all day sing at the Baptist Church Sunday very much.
Ena Hicks who has been Pensacola for some time has returned home we are gld to have her back.
Rev. Arnett of Crestview filled his regular appointment here Sunday.
Samuel Arnett and Osie Alford of Crestview attended the singing and preaching Sunday morning.
S.S. Spence made a business trip to DeFuniak Saturday.

  Well the election and everything of the political line is about over for two years, at least I think everyone is satisfied as to the results of the State and County election.
We have been having some very dry and warm weather for the time of year, health in community generally good.
J.J. Ellis and family motored to DeFuniak Sunday, returning Sunday night.
Jno. McDonald, motored to Ponce DeLeon Sunday with his family.
Dewey Mitchem is visiting Mrs. Jno. McDonald this week.
Ebin Burlson was a pleasant visitor at the Stewart home, last Sunday night.
W.S. Bethen, left Monday morning for Fayettville, N.C., for a few weeks visit to home folks, he will be greatly missed.
Mrs. Annie B. McDonald was called to Ponce De Leon Monday night to see her mother who is reported very sick, we hope for her a speedy recovery.
M. Moore and family motored to DeFuniak Saturday.
Mrs. P.J. Johnson who went to the hospital last week for an operation was reported improving Sunday, her many friends hope she will soon be able to be at home again.
Jessie Jordan, while helping saw logs for Devarne and Moore, a limb fell and struck him and was hurt very badly, the Doctor thinks he will soon recover.


  The sweetest time of all the year is here and syrup making is in full blast.  But the crop is short and the farmers will soon all be through.
M.P. Hart was a visitor at Milligan Monday.
The Young Peoples Bible Class of our Sunday School met at the parsonage for a candy pull, Monday night.  It was a class affair also classy and first class at least, declared by all when they departed at a late hour.
Election day passed off very quietly and Dorcas expressed its confidence in Wilson and Catts by a good majority.
E.C. Hart is moving on to the Sweeney place which he bought a short time ago.
Our enterprising merchant, J.M. Miller, is shipping eggs by Parcel Post.  They are packed in special containers so that the consumers will not be compelled to take them scrambled.
Died:  The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Waters, Saturday morning.  The baby had been sick since last May.  It was buried at Mt. Olive Saturday afternoon.
I wish to correct the figures given in last week’s item, in regard to the amount given for the American Syrian Relief Fund.  Some money was handed in after the item was written.  Instead of $10.00 the sum of $23.05 was raised.
  As far as we have seen, W.R. Brunk has the blue ribbon for sweet potatoes both in yield and size of tubers.  One weighed 5-½ pounds and three taken from the top of the pile weighed 11-1/8 pounds.

  Everybody seems to be on the good health list at this writing.
Dotia Miller of Okaloo was visiting friends here Sunday, Miss Miller is a nice young lady, and we all would be glad for her to come often.
Okaloosa’s clerk and wife accompanied by Mrs. Weatherly of Laurel Hill, were pleasant visitors here Sunday afternoon.
The election is over, Mr. Catts elected governor, and the people here who failed to vote for him say they might as well have voted for him.
Frank Campbell and wife were visiting D.J. Lott an wife Sunday.
Johnnie Powell and family visited D.H. Howard Sunday afternoon.
M. Sanders of Laurel Hill was seeing Mr. Harrison Sunday afternoon.
Oscar Atwell was visiting friends at Laurel Hill Sunday.
J. David Lott was visiting parents Saturday and Sunday.
W.A. Campbell and wife were the guest of D.J. Lott and wife Sunday.
Johnnie Senterfitt was seen near Mr. Garrett’s Sunday about 4;30 P.M.
Neal Campbell was helping his father-in-law cut wood Saturday morning.
Mrs. T.J. Garrett was visiting at Oak Grove Wednesday.
Edgar Ceary escorted Miss Miller back to her boarding place at Okaloo Sunday afternoon.  Be careful Edgar.

In the section of the country in which William Jennings Bryan made speeches during the campaign, Wilson made his biggest gains.  Democracy again doffs its hat to the great Commoner and proclaim him a most potent factor in shaping the fight and waging the war against Republicanism.--Andalusia (Ala.) Star.
  It is said “that everything always happens for the best,” thus it may be that Tuesday’s election was a blessing in disguise in that it will teach the people of Crestview that if they ever expect to get anything they must get ready and go after it--and that with a vim to win.
  The public in general and the farmers in particular, are invited to Crestview on Saturday the 23rd day of this month (November) to finish organization of the National Farm Loan Association.  Rev. L.P. Gordon of near Laurel Hill, who is familiar with all the details, will be here to tell us all about it.  So be sure and come.
  Have you considered the organization of a rural credit association in your community?  True, it may be spring before the system is in full operation, but it will also take some time for a local association to organize and get everything in shape for getting loans.  If your community can advantageously use some cheap money for improving its farms, organization work should begin right away.--The Progressive Farmer.
It is a strange, but a most pleasing trait of human nature, that the more bitterly a man is attacked, particularly when there is strong reason to believe the attack is founded solely on malice, the more firmly do his friends stand by him, and even those who have been indifferent, line up with him. There is much alloy in human nature, but there are some veins of fine gold running through the composition.

Three States Climb on Ye Water Wagon
   New York, Nov. 9--The prohibition forces in South Dakota yesterday carried the state by 25,000, according to the latest returns received here.  A Sioux Falls dispatch stated that three-fourths of the vote on woman suffrage in South Dakota gave 1,279 votes against the proposition, and the result is still doubtful.
  Reports from Montana said that state had adopted prohibition by a substantial vote.  Nebraska went dry by at least 23,000, according to the reports received this morning, while reports last night were to the effect that Michigan had overwhelmingly voted for prohibition.
  Prohibition was apparently defeated in Missouri, the latest returns giving the wets more than 100,000 majority.  The large St. Louis precincts went heavily against prohibition.
  With half of the state reported, woman suffrage lost in West Virginia, the majority against woman suffrage being 31,856.

  Santa Rosa is the throes of a “Wet” and “Dry” election, and Okaloosa of a Court House election.  May God have mercy on us all.

  The old saying “that everybody’s business is nobody’s business,” proved true in Tuesday’s election when the Wright and Howell precincts were heard from.

  The Woodmen of the World Convention being held in DeFuniak Springs, today and tomorrow, promises to be the best meeting of its kind ever held in West Florida.