The    Okaloosa    News

Vol. 2.                                          Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, December 8, 1916               No. 10

Notice For Publication
U. S. Land Office, Gainesville, Florida.
November 11, 1916
  Notice is hereby given that Priscilla Davis, of Garniers, Florida, who on April 1st, 1904, made Homestead Entry No. _____ lot NW¼ of SE¼ and E½ of SW¼, Section __,  and 10 acres in Lot 2 of Section 23, described as starting from a point on the line between Section 19 & __, Tp 18, R28W, --45 chains West from the Northeast corner of Section 30, Tp 1 South, Range 23 West, thence South 10 chains; thence West 10 chains, thence North 10 chains, thence East 10 chains to starting point.  All in Township 1, Range 23 West, Tallahassee Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make Five year period to establish claim to the land above described, before Clerk Circuit Court, at Milligan, Florida, on the 29th day of December, 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses:
F. A. Moondy, W.R. Brown, and Manual Brown of Garniers, Fla. And George Wright of Wright, Florida.
Robert W. Davis, Register
Gulf  View Hotel
Camp Walton, Florida
Electric Lights and Steam Heated
Hot and cold baths.
$2.00 Per Day - $10 Per Week
Theo. Staff, Manager     (Advertisement)
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Come in and let us tell you of some of the things in store for the immediate future.
A Few of the Best Lots Still Left
Come, Look Them Over and Take Your Choice.
Crestview Land Company,
Brett Block, Crestview, Florida

Patronize those who advertise in The News, by so doing you help to build up your town and county.
Local and Personal
Hon. W.H. Spivey of Camp Walton, was here Friday.
Mrs. W.H. Parish and cousin spent a few days at Holt last week.
Hon. W.H. Jones of Laurel Hill, member of the School Board , was here Monday.
Mr. Hope Cawthon of DeFuniak was a pleasant caller that The News Office Wednesday.
Send us your job printing, we do it right at the right kind of prices.
Rev. J.E. Each of Dorcas, filled his regular appointment here at the Congregational church Sunday.
The many friends of “Uncle” George Edge, who has been quite sick, will be pleased to learn that he is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Melvin and children of Milton, motored up here Sunday morning with their new Overland and spent the day the guests of ye editor and family.
C.B. Jr., and Mayo Ferdon, who are attending school at DeFuniak, spent Saturday and Sunday here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Ferdon.
May Barrett of Greenville, Ala., who has been teaching in Florida, has returned home after staying a few days with her aunt, Mrs. J. T. Henderson, and other relatives.
Mrs. W.H. Mapoles was a visitor in Pensacola the first of the week, returning Monday night.  She was accompanied by her sister, and brother-in-law as far as Milton, in _____, on Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. E.P. Webb of Laurel Hill, were here Friday.  Mrs. Webb spent the day with Mrs. Mapoles while the Doctor was attending to his official duty inspecting the school children.
The sing given at Mrs. Henderson’s in honor of her niece was well enjoyed by all present.  Mrs. W.H. Mapoles, Mrs. Webb, Miss Ethel (N)eal, Alphis Ausley, Thelma Webb, Alma Johnson, Mr. Clyde Webb, (G)illis Jordan, Charles Ansley, Mr and Mrs. W.H. Parrish were present.
  Under and by penalty of the law you are warned not to trespass on any of my land either by cutting lightwood, oak wood, or in any other way whatsoever.
C.B. Ferdon.
A New And Complete Line
Keiffer Bros Shoes
For Men, Women and Children
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Aragon Brand Shirts
Pants, Overalls, Neckwear, Belts, Hosier, etc.
Falcon Brand, Stetson Hats
R’s Shoes
A Complete line of Dry Goods and General Merchandise
Crestview, Fla.  C.H. Griffith  Crestview, Fla.
Mrs. White a Delegate
  Mrs. W.R. White was a county delegate to the State S.S. Convention which convened at DeFuniak Springs, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week.  Mrs. White states that most of the counties were well represented and that many of the most prominent Sunday School workers of the day were present.  Amongst whom were;  John L. Alexander of Chicago, Secretary Department, International Sunday School Association, Leon C. Palmer, of Montgomery, general Secretary Alabama Sunday School Association, R. C.Weidler, of Jacksonville, general State Secretary, W. A. J. Moore of Jacksonville, Field Secretary, and many other noble workers in this great Sunday School Army.  Mrs. White was very favorably impressed with the good people of DeFuniak were taking in the Sunday School work and thinks the people of her home town could learn many valuable lessons from them along this line.
D. F. Herring,
Contractor and Builder.
Can Build Anything and Build it Right at the Right Kind of Price --Live and Let Live.
Plans and Specifications Furnished.
D.F. Herring,
Crestview, Fla.      (Advertisement)
Dies in Pensacola Hospital
  Julus L. Rhodes, know to most every citizen in Okaloosa county, died in a Pensacola hospital last Sunday night from a case of typhoid fever, which it is supposed he contracted at his home in Camp Walton some six or seven weeks ago.
  Interment was made in the Old Piran Chappel Cemetery, near where he was born and reared. 
  The deceased leaves a wife and four children, besides a mother and father and several other relatives to mourn his death.
$50.00 Reward--I will pay $50.00 reward for the return of the County Tax Books and receipt books which disappeared from my office last Sunday night.
 J. A. Richbourg, Tax Collector.
Look! Listen!
Come To The Crestview City Market,
For Your Fresh Meats.
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Located South of Depot on Main Street, opposite J. W. Bowers.
J. W. DuBose, Prop., Crestview, Florida

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City Market
Jas. Laird, Prop.
Crestview, Florida.
Fresh Meats, Fresh Light Bread, Green Groceries, Sliced Ham, Fresh Fish Tuesdays and Fridays of each week.
I handle everything to be found in a first class market.  Satisfaction Guaranteed and Your Patronage Solicted.
Located in Woodruff old store.
Come in and see me.     (Advertisement)
Syrup Barrels and Syrup Cans
School Books and School Supplies
Coffins and Caskets
Shingles, Brick Lime and Paint
Also most anything you want in General Merchandise
L.E. Bowers, Head quarters for what you Want.  Crestview, Florida.

Thanksgiving on Bridge
  A delegation of public spirited men from Crestview and Baker met at the bridge over Yellow River Thanksgiving day and enjoyed themselves in the beneficial pastime of replacing the structure which was destroyed by a storm several months ago.  The road and bridge were constructed through private donations and naturally both towns have a personal pride in their upkeep.  The bridge has been replaced and is as substantial as can be found in any section of the county.
Can’t Get Away.
  C.E. Gallagher, who has superintended the construction of nearly all the brick buildings which have been built here during the past twelve months, says it looks to him as though he will never be able to get away from Crestview, for as fast as he completes one building there is another contract awaiting his immediate attention.  He came here to do two months work and has put in twelve.
Real Estate Moving.
  Real estate, both town and country, is moving steadily; inquiries from home-seekers and investors are received daily by dealers regarding Crestview and the surrounding country.  The extremely low value placed upon lands is appealing to the investors and the people can confidently expect to meet many strangers in our midst this winter making purchases and becoming permanent citizens.

Looking for a Location
  T. R. Higdon and W. R. Henderson, both of Florala, Ala., were in Crestview Thursday looking the town over with the view of purchasing property and locating here.  They are bottlers of Chero Cola in their home town, and would probably engage in a similar business in Crestview should they decide to locate.  They were favorably impressed and expressed surprise at the rapid growth the town has made during the past twelve months.
Shooting Doves.
  Crestview gunmen have indulged this week in the sport of shooting doves in the fields near the town, and some have displayed remarkable good marksmanship, while others kept up a terrific bombardment and never touched a feather.  The birds are plentiful this season.
New Blacksmith Shop.
  W. H. Parish, who has been in the employ of a local blacksmith for some time, will enter the business on his own account in a few days.  All the necessary tools and machinery have arrived and a building secured for the purpose.  Mr. Parrish is an adept blacksmith and will no doubt succeed in his venture.
Deerland Depot Robbed.
  Sheriff Sutton arrested on Wednesday a young man whom it is thought robbed the Deerland depot on Monday night.  The man arrested has been under suspicion of other crimes, notably, the robbery of the court house in Milligan, but nothing definite developed which warranted his incarceration and was unmolested until the robbery of the Deerland depot.  The young fellow may be able to throw some light on the whereabouts of the tax books and whiskey taken from the court house a few weeks since.
Crestview School.
  The Crestview school is being taught in the Congregational Church, since the destruction of the school building by fire last week.  The attendance is good and pupils are as comfortably situated as when attending in the old building.
Some Fine Turkeys.
  L. Bush has prepared himself against the high prices for turkeys that is sure to prevail during the holidays.  He bought last week eleven fine goblers and three hens, which he is feeding to the limit.  Turkey will not be a rarity in the Bush home here for the next few weeks.
Dies at Camp Walton.
  Word was received here Thursday that Hon. W. C. Culberson, one of Camp Walton’s best and most distinguished citizens, died very suddenly at his home Wednesday from acute indigestion.
Bridge Will be Constructed.
  Forest Supervisor Eldredge has informed us that Secretary Houston of the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved the agreement between the Forest Service and the board of county commissioners, for the construction of the bridge across Shoal river at Cox’s Crossing.
  The county commissioners have already awarded the contract to Mr. J. A. Stewart for the construction of this bridge, and Supervisor Eldredge was here on November 23 to give the final grade for the bridge, and to designate the timber to be contributed by the government.  Mr. Stewart has made arrangements for a saw-mill and now has a large crew at work on the bridge.
  Exclusive of the cost of reconstructing this span across the river, the new bridge will cost approximately $5,500.  Of this amount the forest service will contribute $2700, and $____ worth of timber.  Mr. M. H. Savage has contributed all of the pilings necessary and the county will make a cash contribution of $1,000.
  The design for the bridge was made in the engineering department of the Forest Service and received the approval of the U.S. Office of Roads and Rural Engineering.  The design embodies the latest approved ideas in highway bridge construction and when completed the bridge will be the best of its kind in the State.
    Recognizing the great importance of the automobile tourist traveling to Camp Walton, Garniers, and Niceville, local forest officers have __________ the expenditure of approximately $10,500.00 of Government funds on the road in the Florida forest between the Shoal River bridge and Camp Walton.  ___________ of this sum of money will depend upon the co-operation offered by the county.  In the consideration of this road, however, it is believed that difficulty will be met to allocating funds sufficient to meet the Government’s appropriation.
  Forest Service engineers have made a preliminary survey of the road situated in the forest and have recommended a twelve foot sand clay road from the Shoal River Bridge to Camp Walton via Niceville and Garniers Bayou, a distance of approximately twenty-five miles.  Their plans contemplate construction directly by the government under the supervision of the U.S. Office of Roads and Rural Engineering. 
  If this highway development is obtained there can be no doubt as to the future development of the southern end of Okaloosa county, a section which has long been kept in an undeveloped condition because of a lack of communication with the wider world.
County Correspondents.
  The rain Wednesday night laid the dust, and on that account was very welcome.  Father winter is still with us.
  The health of the community is reasonably good at this time.  We know of no serious illness.
  The new stock yards at J. M. Miller’s is attracting visitors.  We know of two people visiting it in one day.  He has two or three loads of mules in the pen.  We are quite sure there is at least two loads, for two of the mules would make any man a load.
  Henry Sweeney was a business visitor at Milligan Monday.
  J. A. Donaldson and family, of Elba, Ala., has moved to Dorcas, and now occupy the house just south of W. A. McCallum’s.
  Mrs. T. A. McCallum and children have been visiting with her brother at DeFuniak the last part of the week.
  T. L. Cawthon, Tom Powell, Eula Miller, Mrs. Each and your scribe attended the Sunday School convention at DeFuniak.  All report a splendid convention and royal treatment.
  Mrs. Beck Webster, of Elba, Ala., is visiting here with friends.
  Rev. W. G. Miller had an accident Friday which came near being serious.  While working on the house of Henry Sweeney, at Deerland, the scaffold gave way under him and he fell to the ground, striking on a stump and hurting his back and hip.  The injuries sustained are painful but no bones were broken.  We hope that he will soon recover.
Strayed or Stolen -- From my place at Baker, Fla., November 19, 1916, one dark bay pony mare, weight about 700 pounds; about 7 or 8 years old.  For any information of whereabouts I will pay reasonable reward.  Notify Postmaster Baker, Fla., or R.P. Brooks, Baker, Fla.  Adv.
Patronize those who advertise in The News.
  Amanda Summerlin and Percy Lee Senterfitt were the guest of Mrs. Flora Holley Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Clary were visiting her parents Sunday.
  Prof. Ernest Clark spent Saturday night and Sunday with friends at this place.
  The party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Harrison’s Saturday night was well enjoyed by all who attended.
  John and James Senterfitt were the guest of James Clary Sunday.
  Val Clark and James Rogers were visitors here Sunday.
  Johnnie Garrett and sister Sarah were the guest of David Lott and sister Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. R. Tanner were visiting friends and relatives at Bradley, the latter part of last week.
  Born to Mr. and Mrs. B. Weeks, a fine baby girl last Tuesday, mother and babe are doing nicely.
E. Porter Webb,
Physician and Surgeon.
Office in Laurel Hill Pharmacy.  All calls answered promptly--day or night, rain or shine.
Female Diseases Gives Special Attention
Phone 7   Laurel Hill, Florida
  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Marler and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Destin have returned from Pensacola, with Mr. Destin, and he is not expected to live through the day, his friends are attending him patiently. 
  Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Liarman of Shoals, Fla. was down on business Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Brooks and family accompanied by Mr. John McGinley, all from Mary Esther, also Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brooks and family of Camp Walton, all spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Marler Sunday, all enjoyed themselves well especially the three families of children we are always glad to have our friends call on us.
Notice to Correspondents.
  Please mail your items each week on Monday so the same may reach our office not later than Tuesday morning if you want your items to appear in the paper the same week.  Write all copy as plainly as possible and on one side of the paper.
  We should be glad to make all correspondents agents.  If you are interested write to us.
See L. R. DuBose
For all kinds of Building--Residents a Specialty.  First-Class Work Guaranteed.
Plans and Specifications Furnished.
Let Us Figure With You On Your Work
L. R. DuBose
Crestview, Fla.
We Have the Goods
Bought them right and can sell for less than competitors in other towns.  Buying for two large stores gives us the “inside track” and we pass the advantage on to our customers.
We Will Furnish Your Home
Complete and help you to enjoy “Home Comforts” while you live and when the “white horse” and angelic rider cometh we will bury you and your loved ones in the best way and for less money than any one else can do the same service for.
You will respect yourself more and be happier if we serve you in the sad hours than you can if you have inferior service.
A Full Line of Wagons, Farm Machinery, Wire and All Kinds of Hardware.  Come In and Examine Our Stock Whether You Buy Or Not.
Brett & Rucker,
Crestview, Fla.