The    Okaloosa    News

Vol. 2.                                           Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida, December 22, 1916                No. 12
Attempt Made To Burn Court House

Building in Milligan Used as a Court House Narrowly Escaped Conflagration--Damage Slight

   An attempt was made Monday night to destroy the temporary quarters in Milligan of the county officials by what is supposed to be the work of an incendiary.  It is stated that a quantity of straw and leaves were placed on the steps leading to the upper story, and being saturated with coal oil made the destruction of the building and county records certain had not the watchman discovered the blaze in time to extinguish the same.  No damage, it is reported, resulted to the building, and neither has any report been received that the party discovered by the vigilant watchman and fired upon was killed, wounded, or badly frightened, and all things on the banks of Yellow river are moving along serenely.
   A few weeks ago the court house was robbed of a tax book and several other articles, which proved to be worthless so far as serving the purpose which it is generally believed they were stolen for.  But it seems that it is the intent to carry out the hellish designs even though the arson route be the only means of accomplishing their cowardly and destructive methods.
   It is time that something be done to apprehend the party or parties who are having these cowardly crimes perpetrated, and Milligan, where these criminals acts have been committed, owe it to the county at large and to itself in particular to lend its assistance in ferreting out the principal scoundrels connected with these infamous crimes and placing the responsibility where it justly belongs.
   The majority of the people living in Milligan are law abiding citizens, who would not descend to so low a plane as burglary or arson in order to be avenged for an imaginary wrong or hostile feeling harbored against some particular individual, section or community, and it is to be hoped that the better element of the town will lend their assistance in fastening the noose around the necks of the Molly Maguire’s that are retarding the development of the county, defying investments and establishing for the people a reputation as brigands, murderers and incendiaries.

Hodges Begins Building

   J.A. Hodges began this week the erection of a five-room bungalow on his lots adjoining the property recently purchased from him by J. D. Cobb.  Mr. Hodges, expects to occupy his new home not later than the middle of January, 1917.

Is That Good Luck Daddy?

   The above is the appropriate wording placed on a most beautiful 1917 calendar which the Brett & Rucker Furniture and Hardware Company are distributing among their legion of friends and customers this week.

Gov. Catts’ Inaugural

   The people of Florida who have attended inaugural ceremonies at Tallahassee in the past can recall the excellency of the occasions, but unless all present signs fail, the
inauguration of Governor Sidney J. Catts will eclipse them all.
   The second meeting of the committee on arrangements was held, which was full of enthusiasm to make this an occasion long to be remembered in the memories of Florida’s citizens gathered to extend honor and best wishes to the state’s executive.
   The parade will be the largest and most gorgeous of any in the past.  And instead of carriages as used in the past, there will be in line two hundred or more automobiles.  Every county in the state will have at least one automobile in the parade, and Chairman J.S. Lewis is writing every county, inviting them to be so represented.  Many counties have already sent word that they will bring their cars from their homes, some of them stating that there would be as many as a dozen cars to come from counties as far away as Alachua.  Each county is asked to decorate its own car, or cars which can be done at a nominal cost by the special decorator in Tallahassee, or by themselves.  These cars will carry the names of their counties, and take their names in the line of parade in alphabetical order.

Eight Cents Discrepancy

   J.D. Cobb has been the L & N agent at Crestview the past nine years, and during all this time Cobb has maintained a record with the company as one of the most accurate men with his accounts in its employ.  An auditor was on hand last week to check him up and found that during the past six months a discrepancy of only 8 cents existed.

Invested In A New Ford

   Mr. and Mrs. Stokes and Miss Maggie Cobb, of near Baker, were in Crestview Wednesday afternoon visiting Hon. J.D. Cobb, brother of the two ladies.  Miss Maggie Cobb will begin on January 1st her duties as director of the Girls Canning Club of Okaloosa  County.  In order to be able to visit every section of the county easily and quickly she invested in a new Ford car while on her visit to Crestview.

Christmas Tree

   Every detail for the Christmas tree has been carefully attended to by those who have the matter in charge, and is going to be a happy affair for the children of Crestview and surrounding country.  There will be something for every little one and a few of the big ones who attends next Saturday evening.  The gifts will be distributed by Santa Claus immediately after the rendition of the play staged for the occasion.  Let everybody get young on this occasion and be present.

Another New Building

   L. (Faith)? Is having placed on the ground material for the erection of a nice residence on one of his lots on Bush Street near Savage Boulevard.  The house will be for rent, and no doubt be occupied soon as completed.  There is not a vacant house in the town for rent, and inquiries are made daily by people who desire to come here and reside.
Buy Okaloosa County Lands

Canadians Purchase Large Body of
Okaloosa County Lands Near Camp Walton--Will Raise Cattle

   The News has it on good authority that a large number of Canada’s business men have made a deal with “Uncle” Tom Brooks for several thousand acres of good land near Camp Walton, and that they are arranging to enter into the stock raising business on a large scale.
   They have already purchased several head of blooded cattle and thorough breed hogs and still buying more.
   This is the type of citizens which Okaloosa county stands in need of, the kind that know how and will work to improve the county’s natural resources, and we believe that they have entered a business which will make for them much money.
   After selling his beautiful home and fine lands to these people four miles this side of Camp Walton, Mr. Brooks has erected him a new residence and moved back to Camp Walton.

A Malicious Falsehood

   It having been reported by some unscrupulous persons that the citizens of Crestview have lined up with the citizens of Niceville in diverting or changing the road leading from this place via Johns’ still and Post Oak ford on Turkey Creek to Camp Walton, to go in by Niceville; we, the citizens of Crestview, wish to go on record as stamping such reports as malicious and libelous.  We have not “lined up” with any place or against any place.  We want roads leading through and to all sections of the county, and are, so far as we are able, willing to lend our aid in securing them.
   If the party responsible for circulating this pernicious falsehood would comply with the mandates of this honorable body in fixing the piece of road leading from Crestview to Milligan, as he was instructed to do six or eight months ago, instead of trying to hoodwink innocent people into believing that he was the only saviour through which a road could be obtained, it might do for him to attempt to deceive the people.  Again, if the public spirited (?) hypocrite is interested in having a road constructed to Camp Walton why does he not have opened up and placed in passable condition that part of the road leading from Crestview to Camp Walton, which traverses his commissioner’s district?  If he will do even this much, his deception might carry with it some force and cause the people of Camp Walton to think that he was acting in good faith and had no selfish motive in giving them a road leading from Milligan straight through to that place, but until he has done this we think the people of Howell, Camp Walton, and Mary Esther will be slow in taking hold of his inveigling court house bait.
    Bryan Sullivan the devil in chief of The News office, spent Sunday in Laurel Hill visiting friends and relatives.

Garage Robbed

   The new garage of Waldon & Edney opened up for business in the Ferdon building last Friday with a carload of automobiles and a large stock of accessories, tires, tubes, etc., but as the building which they will occupy had not been completed, the doors and windows unplaced, much of the goods were stored in the bank building, and on Monday morning it was discovered that more than $200 worth of articles had disappeared.  No clue as to who committed the robbery has been established, but a thorough investigation of the matter by the sheriff is being made and the guilty party will likely be apprehended and punished.

Star Comedians

   Every one who can should be present next Saturday evening and hear what Herod has to say to the Wise Men, a play which the best talent of Crestview will be displayed.  We vouchsafe for the play being a No. 1, for with such men as Ferdon, Webb, Cobb, Vanlandingham, Douglass, and several other stars whose talent to be appreciated must be heard and seen.  Don’t fail to be present and carry with you a bouquet.

No School Next Week

   The public schools of Crestview will give the pupils an opportunity to enjoy the Christmas holidays and no school will be held until the first week in January of the new year.  There are about one hundred pupils enrolled, and it is said that the most competent corps of instructors that ever had the direction of the tender generation is now in charge of the schools.

Dry Alabama and Georgia
    Every express train arriving in Crestview from Pensacola is loaded to the limit with fire water for the thirsty prohibitionist of Alabama and Georgia.  Extra help has been necessary at the station to transfer the “Christmas Joy” to the Yellow River division of the L & N.  Very little of the bottled in bound stuff is billed for Crestview, but there is always a thirsty looking crowd standing around when the trains arrive who would not refuse a little ‘nip’ if assured nothing would be said about it that would cause trouble in temperance societies. 

Application Filed

   Application was filed last Saturday by T. R. James, representing J. C. Steele of Laurel Hill for an injunction restraining the county commissioners from holding a courthouse election in Okaloosa County on March 6, 1917.  The allegations set forth that the petition was secured from a primary instead of a general election registration.  The petition has not yet been acted upon by the circuit judge.

Dance at Camp Walton

   The News is requested to announce that there will be a dance at Camp Walton on Christmas night.  Everybody is invited.  Refreshments and good music furnished.. 

Crestview is one of the best and fastest growing towns in Florida.

Bridge Collapses - Two Drowned

Mrs. Owens and Little Daughter lose Lives--Bodies Have not Been Recovered.
   The most horrible and unfortunate accident to happen in Okaloosa county or West Florida for several years occurred last night four miles northeast of Crestview, where the bridge over Shoal river collapsed with three teams on it, drowning Mrs. I.C. Owens and her little six year old daughter and two head of stock.
   Mr. Owens was moving his family from his old home on Alaqua, six miles south of DeFuniak Springs, to some place near Laurel Hill by private conveyance and had his wife and little girl and a grown son along with him, also a young man from Laurel Hill by the name of Seth Davis, driving the teams, when they, about 8 o’clock last night, came to and was in the attempt, of crossing the bridge where the terrible accident happened.
   The son of Mrs. Owens made it for Crestview the first place, and after giving the alarm, went on an auto for Laurel Hill, where he notified Dr. E. Porter Webb, a brother of the deceased lady.
   After an all day search be more than a hundred people, the bodies of the deceased were still undiscovered, and it is probable that the bodies will not be recovered for several days.
   Mrs. Owens, a sister of Dr. E. Porter Webb of Laurel Hill, and there is not a citizen in Okaloosa county whose heart does not go out to him in this, the hour of his great bereavement.
   Up to the hour of going to press (Saturday morning) the bodies of neither have been recovered, and there is still a large number of men working to find them.

School Library Bazaar

   The School Library Bazaar which was conducted here Wednesday night by Miss Carie Rice, principal of the High School, at the new Okaloosa hotel, was a success in every respect.
   Only such things as the larger school girls and mother patrons of the school could make with their own hands, were offered for sale.
   The amount raised was something better than $15.00, and this amount is to be expended in establishing a school library.  Had it not been for the fire which destroyed the school building with all its contents some two months ago, which consumed many of the beautiful handy marks of the school girls, the net amount raised for the purpose would have been much more.

Surprised at Growth

   Mr. Russ Johnson, a prominent citizen of Freeport, whom we have known for many years, was here Tuesday and Wednesday transacting business.  While here he stated that Crestview has surprised West Florida in her rapid growth.
   W.C. Cobb one of Okaloosa’s best farmers and business men is here today from near Baker.


  A.L. Hart and Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Hart were at DeFuniak on business Tuesday.
  A.W. Powell, who has been sick for the past week, is better at this writing.
  The peaceful inhabitants of our community awoke last Tuesday to learn that there had been a killing and a bloody time in this, hitherto, quiet place.  But their places of mind was restored when they learned that it was only that C.H. Powell had killed 15 hogs.  This is the biggest hog killing we have seen at this place.
  Dr. Mashburn, of Crestview, was a professional caller at Dorcas Tuesday morning.
  Noah Johnson and son, of Enterprise, Ala., came over in his car Tuesday and visited with his sister, Mrs. W.G. Miller, until Saturday.  On Wednesday, accompanied by Mrs. Miller and W.P. Miller, they went to the bay, returning Thursday morning.
  J.W. Bolton and wife returned from Bolton, Fla., Thursday where they have been spending a couple of weeks with Mr. Bolton’s parents.

   J.R. Griffith and family are moving to the Parker place between Dorcas and Deerland. 
   Uncle Alex McCallum’s house presents a new and improved appearance.  Not only has he recovered it but he has also remodeled it. Verily Dorcas is in the van of progress.
   Born:  To Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Waters, a boy on Friday morning.  All concerned are doing well.
  Mrs. J.D. McCallum went to Milligan Sunday where she expects to visit with her mother for a few days.
  The Christmas program for the Sunday school at this place is an exceptional good one, and we hope to have all our citizens in attendance.

Financial Statement
  Made under Sec. 24 Chapter 4322, Laws of Florida, 1893, showing the amount of taxes charged to the Tax Collector of Okaloosa County, Florida, to be collected for the year 1915 and the apportionment of same to the several funds for which such taxes have been collected up to Dec. 1st, A.D. 1916.
Total uncollected    $9,768.63
  Apportionment of Funds
General Revenue Fund
   Balance uncollected     1,483.90
  Balance uncollected     2,764.55
  Balance uncollected      2,577.92
Fine and Forfeiture
  Balance uncollected     789.79
Special School Bond, Baker
  Balance uncollected     73.70
Special Road and Bridge District 1
  Balance uncollected    212.15
Special Bridge
  Balance uncollected     363.98
Outstanding Indebtedness
  Balance uncollected      1,203.93
Aggregate Sub-School Districts
  Balance uncollected    301.73
Jas. L. Clary
Clerk Board County Commissioners, Okaloosa County, Florida.

Local and Personal

  ____ Henderson is visiting his _____ in Alabama this week.

The editor was business visitor in DeFuniak Monday. 

  ___ J. Rice and B. Robinson, were ______ visitors to Florala Tuesday.

Mr and Mrs. Miles Warren were visitors here from DeFuniak Sunday.

  D.F. Sutley of Milligan was ______ Monday and paid our office a visit.

  Prof. Chas. Ansley
who is teaching at Garden City, visited home this Sunday.

  Mrs. C.B. Marshburn, visited her brother-in-law, Dr. E.R. Marshburn Sunday.
  The editor of The News was a business caller at DeFuniak the _____ of the week.
  ___ W. Brooks was here from Camp Walton Monday and paid our office a pleasant call.
  George W. Moore one of Milligan’s most reputable citizens, was here a short while Tuesday.
  Mr. And ____ C.B. Ferdon and Mrs. __ T. Henderson were Christmas shoppers in Pensacola Monday.
    Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Green passed through from Garden City en route to Pensacola yesterday morning. 

  Misses Mary Alice DeVane and Corine Miller, were two charming visitors here from Bonifay Sunday.

  Mr. G(J)im Laird, proprietor of the City Market of Crestview, was at Pensacola the first of the week on business.
J.R. Moody of Vernon, a prominent naval stores man, spent Sunday here the guest of Mr. J.W. Vanlandingham.

  L.B. Churchwell, a prominent merchant of Laurel Hill, was on our streets a short while Tuesday, with his new Ford Touring Car.
  Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Gillis, of Stapleton, Ala., are spending the holidays here visiting Mrs. Stapleton’s (I believe Stapleton is a misprint should read Gillis) parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Edge.
  The garage of Walden & Edney opened Monday and it is now one of the busiest places in town.  A car load of new Fords have just been installed.
  Regardless of the libelous attack on the town of Crestview by the “Big Three” she is progressing and growing as no other town in West Florida.
  T.F. Eldridge, and L.L. Bishop, of Pensacola, were here a short while Saturday afternoon.  They were on their return from a trip through the National Forest.
    S.E. Mount, a good farmer and a prominent citizen of near Baker, passed through here Tuesday morning en-route to Opp, Ala., where he goes to be at the bedside of his father, whom he stated was seriously ill.
  We are in receipt of a very long and interesting communication from Garniers this week, which we are forced to carry over to our next issue of the paper on account of having so much extra advertising in this issue of the paper.
  Mr. M.E. Savage informed us that Mrs. Savage and the children will come down from DeFuniak to spend the holidays with him.  He has everything in apple pie order for their enjoyment.  May their Christmas joys be such as never to be forgotten.
  W.R. Senterfitt was a business visitor here from Holt the first of the week.
    J.L. White and little grandson, J.B., arrived here from White Pine, Tenn., Wednesday morning and is spending the holidays with his son and daughter-in-law, Hon. and Mrs. W.R. White.
  B.P. Edge made a business trip to Milligan the first of the week.
  Mr. Bishop spent a few days this week transacting forest business.
   W.T. Horwell and A.L. Richardson motored to Thomasville, Ga., and Bashi, Ala., last Sunday returning Thursday, they report a fine trip.
    Bessie McGriff spent Wednesday in Pensacola. 
  Mrs. J.D. Gunter of Andalusia, Ala., arrived here Monday to spend a while with her parents, Mr and Mrs. G.W. Parrish.
  L.L. Shaw and C.S. Sessions made a business trip to Pensacola Wednesday.
  Mrs. W.C. Brown left Tuesday for Bagdad where Mr. Brown has been for several days and where they will make their home.  They have many friends here who will miss them very much.
  Robert Edge left Friday for Julia, Ga., where he expects to make his home for some time, he will be greatly missed here by his many friends.
   J.F. Eldridge was doing forest business here Thursday.
   W.T. Horwell and Vinson Edge also Mattie Horwell and Jane Edge motored to DeFuniak Saturday.

Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsen

“God Hath Numbered Thy Kingdom and Finished It--Thou Art Weighed in the Balance, Etc.”
   The writer wonders if this scriptural term is not well fitted to thy case, O, King Rozier!
   The handwriting that appears on the wall seems to mean “Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting.”  When didst thou, O, King Rozier, fall so low in the realms of corrupt political practices as shown forth in our great County Journal of last issue?
   What is the trouble with thee, Oh, Thou Politician?  When, I say, dist thou descend from the lofty place of useful statesmanship to so low a practice and false accusations?  Is this thin only and last resort?  Well do we know that the progress of Crestview--the brick buildings therein--is an awful sore in thin eyes because of the corruptness of thin heart; if thou wouldst rise above this corruption and see thyself as others see thee thou wouldst be astonished at thyself, as many of the good people of Okaloosa county are astonished at thee.
   What possessed thee, O, King Rozier, to assail the peace and quiet of the little town of Crestview as thou didst in the last issue of our County Journal!  O, King, canst thou prove the accusations therein set fourth?  O, thou politician, what, I say, possessed thee to band Crestview’s business men and citizens as grafters, thieves and robbers?  Why hast thou endeavored to class the peaceful, industrious, liberty loving citizens of Crestview with the dirty political chaff of the county?  What possessed the to only hint at the Silver Springs school matter?  Why didst thou not go into detail?  Why didst thou not tell the good people of Okaloosa county that some of thy ring falsely accused the people of Crestview asking our honorable board of public instruction for a mile of Silver Springs school district, when in reality we only asked for one-fourth mile, and why did you not tell them that the school children of Crestview were homeless, their school building having burned down, and that parents and guardians in an effort to  provide another only outlined a district to be passed upon by the honorable board, which has the welfare of our children all over Okaloosa county at heart, and who we believe would give us the proposed district, if by doing so it will not injure or confuse the affairs of our neighbors; and if they cannot give us what we need with injury to our neighbors rest assured, O, King, we will be satisfied with whatever the honorable board may see fit to give us.  And further, O, troubled heart, we want to assure you that we desire the welfare of our Silver Springs neighbors to be looked after as closely as our own, and you, Mr. Rozier, need not dabble with that affair, for our honorable board of public instruction will look after that.  Why do you, O, troubled heart, try to brand us with the stamp of thieves and grafters at this particular stage of the game?
  Thou hast assailed the big-heartedness of our most worthy tax collector, whom to know more is to love better, a man who would exert every particle of energy he has to help his fellowman, a man the writer believes to be honest, because of the many business transactions with him.  What is your motive, O, King?
   Do you not feel a remorse of conscience when you lay down to sleep at night?  Tell me
O, King, do you not?  Or, has conscience ceased to warn of the wrongdoings of its owner?

   The writer does not know who has or who has not paid their taxes; he only knows that his own taxes were paid long ago.  Thanks to God for the means with which to pay.  The writer wonders if the three parties whose names appear attached to the writer in the County Journal can all say ____?  If not, woe unto them.
   Now, Mr. Rozier, let me say to way of a finishing touch, the writer heretofore has had the profoundest respect for you, and most earnestly does he want to emphasize these terms in regard to your company, which is and has been a source of blessing to our community, furnishing employment to many needy men, putting into circulation money which has benefited all.  The writer wishes to say that Crestview needs your hand and not your foot, and therefore, if you will return to your former state of usefulness and be a man and let us have your co-operation in making our undeveloped county one of the most desirable places for home seekers.  But who would move into our midst during a dog fight? 
   What does it matter to you should never get the court house, my boy?  It certainly would not be a disgrace to the court house to be at Baker, Laurel Hill, or Crestview.  Then why stoop so low in corrupt political practices?  If Crestview has the thieves and grafters you accuse it of why don’t you get a warrant and put the culprits where they belong, and do not any more stand at such a great distance and shoot your political stench, besmattering the decency of a peaceable and quiet people.

  And so now, give God your heart and us your hand and keep your feet where they belong and let us be neighbors and friends.
L.E. Bowers.

Saved From Gallows

  Jim, Percy and Brady Roberts, of Santa Rosa County, will not be hanged by the neck until dead, as the pardon board has commuted their sentence to life imprisonment.  They were convicted of the murder of an aged couple,  Mr and Mrs. Wyman, and sentenced to be hanged, but through the efforts of influential friends were saved from the death penalty.  The three men are known by many people in Okaloosa county.

Moves Into New Quarters

  H. E(F)rater, the genial and smilling drug store clerk for Dr. W.H. DeLacy, is this week moving the drug store into the building next door to the old building, where he will be much better fitted up for business.

Deerland’s Postmaster

  J.W. Stewart, postmaster at Deerland, Okaloosa county, has resigned and the department announces the appointment of William H. McSwain to take his place.

A Christmas Present.

  A nice hat, such as you can secure at my Millinery Store very cheap, would make your mother, wife, sister or sweet heart, a most appropriate Christmas present!
Mrs. W.H. Mapoles. (Adv.)
  The old gag of wishing all of our paid up subscribers a merry Christmas is hereby extended, with the wish that all who are in arrears will start the New Year by paying their honest debts.

A Removal Sale

 On or about January 1st I will move my mercantile stock into my new brick store, and to save the expense and trouble of moving, I am offering  FOR CASH my stock of DRY GOODS, SHOES, HATS, etc., below the market price. Following are a few of the values I am offering:

Values In Cloth

10 Cent Suitings to go at this sale for  9C
12 to 20 Cent Oatings to go at this sale for 10C
12 to 20 Cent Ginghams to go at this sale for 10C
25 to 35 Cent Suitings to go at this sale for  22-1/2C
Men’s Pants
$3.50 value to go at this sale for $2.89
$2.50 value to go at this sale for $2.09
$1.50 value to go at this sale for $1.09
$1.50 Overshirts to go at this sale for $1.09
Men’s Shirts
$1.50 Dress Shirts to go at this sale for $1.09
$1.00 Dress Shirts to go at this sale for .69C
Work Shirts to go at this sale for .47C
$2.00 Wool Shirts to go at this sale for $1.69
Men’s Hats and Caps
$3.00 Hats to go at this sale for $2.49
$2.25 Hats to go at this sale for $1.69
$1.00 Caps to go at this sale for  .79C
75 Cent Caps to go at this sale for   .59C

I have a beautiful line of Alluminum Ware which I am giving away to my customers.  These gifts are very useful to all housewives.

H.E. King, Crestview, Florida  (Adv.)

Important Tax Notice

   Holders of tax receipts numbered twelve hundred to fourteen hundred (1200 to 1400) inclusive for taxes paid during the months of August and September, 1916, and for taxes of the year 1915, Okaloosa county, are requested to return the same to the tax collector,
   J.A. Richbourg, at once, in order that the taxes paid may be verified before the tax sale is advertised.  This is important to tax payers.
   Done by order of county commissioners and comptroller.
J.A. Richbourg, Tax Collector