The Okaloosa Leader
Vol. 1 Laurel Hill, Fla, Thursday, January 6, 1916
No. 14

*This is only a partial paper.  I will type what I have.

Echoes from the Bayous and Bay County.
   Last Friday, Christmas Eve, the patrons of the Garniers School, and a few of their friends, were invited to participate in the joyous festivities of teachers and pupils in their Christmas celebration and to say that the day was a perfect success in every way, would be the least that could be said.  The sumptuous spread, was all that could be desired in the way of good things to delight the eye as well as refresh the inner man, and all voted the dinner a perfect success. 
   After dinner was eaten and the baskets cleared away, all were delightfully entertained by a recitation from each child, and it would be hard to discriminate between them as every one showed careful preparation and all deserve praise and credit, for all the children are very small and some of them are just beginners, but we feel that special mention should be made of W. N. Hartgrove, Jr. for the excellent manner in which he delivered his piece, “The Night Before Christmas,” after which Professor Hartgrove read the sequel, “The Night After Christmas,” and both were greatly enjoyed by all.
   Last, but by no means least, came the distribution of the presents, after which all departed for their respective homes with many expressions of enjoyment and pleasant thoughts of a happily spent day long to be remembered by all who were fortunate enough to have been present.

  Christmas passed off very quietly.

  Mr. R. J. Battenfield of Bladen Point on Bay Beach, visited Mr. L. W. Winsley at the head of Don’s Bayou,  Saturday and Sunday.
  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kelley, who have been visiting Mrs. R. C. Irvine on Five Mile Bayou, expect to leave this week for Mobile, Ala., to visit Mr. Kelley’s father.

  Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wright and daughter Ella, Shafter Johnson, of Garniers, and William Wright, of Wright, Fla., were Camp Walton visitors Saturday.

  Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Guinst, of Garniers, visited Pensacola friends the first of the week.

  We hear that the Camp Walton sports claim that the fish won’t bite, lately, but we think they may either haven’t tried at the right time and place and do not go at them in the right way, as the folks around the Bayous are catching large quantities of trout. Nothing wrong with the fish, Gentlemen, it’s only the fishermen who yet have to learn some things about the habits of the fish, when they bite or strike, as the case may be.  Better send your politicians back to Tallahassee to invent a lax to make the fish bite for you.
  The roads have been pretty busy lately and we are hoping to have some good roads in this part of the county for they are badly needed.

  We are pleased to know that The Leader has changed the date of publication as we will hereafter get The Leader instead of the following Monday as heretofore, owing to our inadequate mail service.
There are many of you.
That we appreciate your patronage, your loyalty and steadfastness, fully as much as you appreciate the  help we have at times been able to furnish you, goes without saying.
HOWEVER, we want to take this public method of thanking you for past patronage and , with full confidence that this patronage will continue, we pledge you our best endeavors in the future as you have had in the past.

WISHING you an increased measure of Happiness and Prosperity for the year 1916, we are
Sincerely yours,

Climate is necessary, but alone,
Doesn’t constitute a Florida home.


Have a Home in the Heart of the Hills.
Florida in Photographs FREE.
North Marion Development Company---
McIntosh, Florida

B.F. WYNN, Laurel Hill, Fla.
Horse Shoeing, Wood Working,
Buggy and Wagon Repairing and Painting
All work guaranteed.

E. Porter Webb, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office at the Laurel Hill Pharmacy

Eric vonAxelson, M.T.D.
Graduate American College of Mechano Therapy
Laurel Hill, Florida.

Miss Lillie Gomillion
Office in Given’s Store

Stop In Here
I am here to serve the Public
With a small line of MERCHANDISE
Of different kinds at reasonable prices
I do my best to give Good Service,
If I don’t, Come and tell me,
If I do, tell your friends.
Satisfied Customers Is My Capital.

The Okaloosa Leader $1.00


  There is some sickness in this community at present.

  Mr. W. A. Jernigan and family, of Deerland, will make this place their home for a while.

  The dance given by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Green last Thursday night was greatly enjoyed by those who were present.

  Mr. James L. Clary passed through here with his Ford, en route to Milligan, last Monday.
  Mr. Charlie Clary made a business trip to Galliver last Friday.

  Dr. E. Porter Webb made several trips to Mr. Robertson’s to see his very ill child.  We hope it will soon be well again.

  Mrs. J. W. Wilks is on the sick list. 

  Garden City is on a boom.

  Mr. A. J. Powell left here Tuesday for Lockhart where he expects to work a while.

  Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Green spent the day with their daughter Mrs. Haskell last Saturday.

  Mrs. William Kilpatrick moved nearer town last Saturday and we hope she will like her new home.

  Mrs. Charlie Barks and her mother Mrs. Coppage left here Wednesday for Florala where they will spend a few days with Mrs. Coppage’s daughter, Mrs. T. A. Hall.

  Mr. C. Cleghorn, of Crestview, is visiting his cousin Mr. Willis Powell.

  Mr. J. T. Green and son Malory made a business trip to Milligan last Wednesday.

  Holiness prayer meeting next Friday night as usual.

  Messrs. N. E. Bridges and H. C. Powell made a flying trip to Milligan last Tuesday.

  Mr. John Franklin was in our burgh last week.

  There will be an all day singing at the Garden City church house next Sunday.  Come everyone that will, bring a well filled basket and your song books.

  Mr. Henry Clary made a business trip to Pensacola last Monday.

  Mr. Charlie Clary seems to be very busing filling his appointments.


  It seems as the professor has a pretty nervy backbone as he was siding one of his pupils Sunday. He is a nervy one to spoon with a girl on Sunday and teach her all week.

  Among those who attended preaching at Yellow River Sunday were Professors J. L. Jones and A. C. Steele, Miss Roseda King and several others.

  Mrs. Leila White visited Mrs. Leona Trammll Tuesday evening.

  Miss Rachel Davidson spent Sunday with Miss Arminda Smith.

  Mrs. J. G. Davidson is numbered among the sick this week.

  There are two things that Newell must do to be in style. 

1.  She must ring the wedding bells. 
2.  Get out her announcement as a candidate for the county seat.