The  Pensacola  Journal

                                             Wednesday, Feb. 04, 1908  

An Early Morning Conflagration Sunday Put Rather Severe Losses On The Post Offices And On Private Citizens.
Milligan, Feb. 3--About three O’clock Sunday morning fire was discovered in the new barber shop owned by W.A. Mitchum, and before the flames could be controlled the post office and the old building formerly used by the Milligan Herald were completely destroyed.
By the heroic work of the citizens, other buildings in close proximity were saved, among them being Lester Drug Co., and general merchandise stores owned by A.L. Garrett and W.A. Mitchum. 
The three buildings burned were valued at about three thousand dollars and are a total loss, as no insurance was carried on them.   The loss of the post office cannot now be named.
Citizens Organization to Put a Stop to Drunkenness and “Gun Toting.”

Milligan, Feb. 18 -- A big meeting was held last night for the purpose of suppressing lawlessness, especially drunkenness and carrying concealed weapons. 

At 8 o’clock the town began business with a goodly number of its best citizens presnet, and elected A.L. Garrett chairman, and J.W. Garrett Jr., secretary, and several other officers, whose duties it is to apprehend crimes as before mentioned and put them before the proper officer, who will see the laws against these evil practices are carried out to the letter.

Another meeting will be held next Friday night to further the move.  This organization fills a long felt want, as the town, since its existence, has been more less troubled with characters who drink whiskey, and carry concealed weapons.

The new post office building being constructed by the Scotch Manufacturing Company and will be occupied soon. 

The coroner’s jury returned a verdict of justifiable homicide in the killing of H. G. Livingston,  Saturday night by Thomas Merritt.  Livingston’s remains were interred in the Bethel cemetery Monday.