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"A History of Florida, the Panhandle and Okaloosa County"

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Assignments, Lesson Plans, Activity Handouts and Quizzes.
    The booklet packet contains "A History of Florida and Okaloosa County" narrative; lessons plans, "That was Then - This is Now"  and "That was Them - This is Us" which are based on the booklet narrative.  Handouts include: blank maps, class and individual activities and pop quizzes based on the biographies and subjects which are also in the packet. For your convenience, most items have the identification number of the Sunshine Standard notated in the Teaching Tools & Lesson Plans section of the booklet.

     Booklet chapters are:
Geography, Land and Climate
Florida's Early Residents (Native Americans, Spanish, French & more)
Territorial Florida
The Area Begins to Change
The Florida Flag
The Florida State Seal
The Civil War in the Area
Industry and Agriculture in Florida (Making Cane Syrup)
Okaloosa Becomes a County
Okaloosa County Government
Okaloosa's Early Developers (Gristmills in Northwest Florida & Railroads Come to Okaloosa County)
Word War II and Beyond

Student Activities:
"Load the Train Car" - Naval Stores
"Secret Code"    - Creation of Okaloosa County
"Bi-plane to Jet" -  Concept of Change
"Jackson Trail Crossword" - Early Statehood

Naval Stores Industry in the Florida Panhandle
Sam Story, Chief of the Euchees
"This is What I Think" - Mrs. Gerlach of Camp Walton
"This is What I Think" - Mrs. Caroline Allen of Crestview
Grist Mills of  Northwest Florida - What I have Learned
Mrs. Addie R Lewis - Education Pioneer of Okaloosa County
"Maybe I'll Run for Governor When I Become an Adult - Governor Sholtz
"Quik Quiz" - Samuel H. Hayes, Crestview
"Your Thoughts" - William Lee Walton of Garniers Point and Niceville

     Items can be plugged into other lessons or used alone. Special attention is given to heritage, ethnic and cultural aspects of Florida history. Contact "Curator" of Baker Block Museum to obtain items that are not downloadable. (850) 537-5714 or "Curator" xbakerblockmuseum@aol.com  (Remember to remove the "x")

Geography, Land and Climate
Students will locate and label features on a Florida and Okaloosa County map including the capital and major cities.

    *   Blank map of Florida
    *   Blank map of Okaloosa County
    *   Blank State of Florida Seal
    *   ,a name"Vocab>Vocab Scramble

 Okaloosa County Biographies
     These topics build upon the students personal sense of change and history and encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry into history, culture and change.

    *   Agnes Gerlach (Camp Walton)
    *   W.H. Mapoles (Founder of Okaloosa County)
    *   Caroline Baker Allen (Educator; Public Figure, Crestview)
    *   Gladys Milton (Midwife)
    *   Addie R. Lewis (Educator, Valparaiso)
    *   Mayme Tyner (Pioneer Family)
    *   Samuel H. Hayes (City Council; Military; Educator)
    *   William Lee Walton (Entreprenur and Family man, Niceville)
    *   Agnes Hall (Florosa, FL)
    *   Pearl Tyner (Business woman; Philanthropist, Laurel Hill)

 Native Americans in Florida
     These biographies will extend and refine understanding of ways personal and civic responsibility are important;  provide means to develop historical inquiry and analysis; and, identify skills, abilities and aspirations of Native Americans who have influenced history in Florida. (SS.A.2.6)

    *     Sam Story, Euchee Chief
    *     Ponce De Leon
    *     Chief Osceola
    *     Micanopy
    *     The Seminole People
    *     Early Native Americans of the Florida Panhandle

Agriculture, Industry and More in Florida, the Panhandle and Okaloosa County
These topics will help the student to understand ways industrialization impacted Florida and Okaloosa County; know the effects of technological and industrial advances in  Florida; and identify the differing cultures who helped make these advances possible.

    * The Jackson Trail
    * The Keyser Mill
    * Governor Sholtz
    * Naval Stores
    * Sawmills in the Florida Panhandle
    * Syrup-making
    * Turpentine Camps in Northwest Florida
    * Gristmills in Northwest Florida
    * Stanley School
    * Oak Grove School
    * Eglin Air Force Base

Civics - Okaloosa County Government  (SS.C.1.2)

  * Okaloosa County Commissioners
* Citizenship Skills
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