Agnes Catherine Gerlach (1884-1974)






Agnes came to Fort Walton Beach, Florida  in 1913.  That is when the area was known as Camp Walton. Through the efforts of Gerlach and her family, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and School were formed.


Because of her musical talent, she assumed the responsibility for the music at the church and bought the first organ, which had to be operated with a foot pump. Her other activities included the formation of a garden club and the Camp Walton Woman’s Club, which was established to “do everything” - start a health clinic, eradicate mosquitoes, keep cattle out of the streets, found a library & bring culture to the area.


She organized health care and established a clinic in Fort Walton Beach. “Aunt D’Aggie” as she was known, founded Staff’s Restaurant with her brother-in-law and was the manager of his Gulfview Hotel for many years.