Student activities are based on these citizenship skills. 
The questions with each biography may be used 
for class discussion, written quizzes or as essay assignments.

                    One voice; be a good citizen

Citizenship Skills:

 Respect for our neighbors

Responsibility for personal actions

Individual actions to help firefighters and the police

Knowledge of our heritage

(Register and) always vote

Participate in community service projects

Learn from examples of effective citizens in
your community

Attend public events such as museums, concerts, sports events



W.D. “Cooter” Douglass, Birthday Club of the Air, Crestview, FL

1899 -1958

What did Mr. Douglass do to show respect for his neighbors?
What did he do to remind his community of its heritage?
What motivated Mr. Douglass to start his radio program?
How did he promote a sense of community in our county?


Mrs. Jessie Alma Edge, City Council of Niceville, FL.

1900 – 1998

How did the community treat Mrs. Edge when she first moved here?
What did she do to gain acceptance into the community?
In what way was Mrs. Edge’s stubbornness helpful to her when she was new to the community?
Why do you think Mrs. Edge was called a “force of nature”?
Name at least one community project she worked to achieve.


Robert Lee Fulton “Bob” Sikes

1906 - 1994

Explain Congressman Sikes’ nickname - the ‘he-coon.’
What two things did Congressman Sikes get for the local air force base?
How long did Congressman Sikes serve in Congress?
What is your opinion regarding the use of an ethics committee?
Name three locations/places named as the Congressman’s ‘namesake.’

Dr. Olin Oliver Enzor

1884 - 1964

Name three places where Dr. Olin lived an practiced medicine.
Referring to Dr. Olin, the biography says, "you couldn't put anything over on him." What do you think that means and was it a good thing or a bad thing?
It was said that Dr. Olin had a "quick wit" - explain what that means.
Name the one significant thing about the hospital he and his brother built in 1926.

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