“Early” means different things to different generations – pre WWII means ‘early’ for many of us; however, increasingly, ‘early’ means before cell phones for most folks!  Please help us as we construct collection standards to ensure we have a balanced collection of public interest to our patrons.

Peggy at the counter

There are many great items we know have value but we may presently
not have room to store them.
The umbrella you want to donate may have been precious to Aunt Jane, but
she used it in New York City not in Pyron Chapel.
You may have a vintage collection of Christmas decorations you would be
willing to loan for a window display in the museum during the month of December
– GREAT!  Call us to arrange a temporary loan!
If you have some old items from your family home and do not know if they meet museum collection needs/standards, call us, we can help you decide.

If you are a member of a service club, like the Rotary, and need a service project, phone Peggy and arrange to provide and set up a (6weeks) window display in the museum (we'll put your club sign in the window, too, as sponsor), 537-5714.

military exhibit   "The Baker Block Museum's purpose is to preserve and display artifacts and
  documents of the early development of the Florida Panhandle, particularly 
  Okaloosa County, in order to educate the public on the technology, history
  and impact of historic events including early culture of Spanish, French, Dutch
  and Native Americans, the naval stores industry, the rail transportation industry
  and military installations in the State of Florida and more specifically along the
  Yellow and Shoal Rivers, early railroad routes, timber industries, pioneer
  communities and fisheries."

  We are presently developing a more specific collections policy for artifacts and data. 
  We hope to soon have a Collections Committee which can assist us in sorting and
  improving the items we are able to accept, store and display.

Tour the Museum
Local Towns/Communities
Pioneer Homelife
Shaped Note Music 
Log Cabin
Jackson Veneer Mill
Local Military Patriots (above)
General Store
Otahite Post Office
The Jeanette and Charles Henderson Heritage Park
Why not take a mini-vacation.   Pack a picnic lunch.  Drive to Baker, FL at the corner of Route 189 and Hwy 4. Tour inside the museum then step outside to the adjacent park and have your picnic lunch.  Finish the day by going into the old Otahite Post Office exhibit,  the old Log Cabin, the Jackson Veneer Mill, and
more--all are located right in the park, itself.
(see the map in the Contact Us section)