(Donated) Family Histories: 

These documents remain in the permanent reference library of the museum and may be read and studied during regular library hours.


Adams (World Book Of Adams) Vol I & Vol II
Adkinson - "Possums Run Over Their Graves"
Adkinson Family Lineage Charts
Alford Family, Walton County, Florida
Allen Family Genealogy
Allen, Caroline Baker
Alvin Austin-Jan 10, 1868 To 1915;
Ancestors of John Grimes
Anderson-Broxson Family Record, Oct 1988
Ates, La Don


Baggetts, Bunches of Baggetts. By Sandy Smith
Barnhill Family Genealogy–1797-1944
Barrow, Richard/Family 1813–1896; Martha Senterfelt 1821–1907
Bass Family Record
“Beal” Diary Camp Walton Sally Starkey
Bell, Nathan Washington
Bell/Descendants Of Jess & Winiford Bass
Blackmon, Family of
Sherman William Blackmon (The)
Blocker, Gray, & Scott Families
Blue, A.G. "Gus" Blue (Other Families Near
Pyron Chapel Church);
Boggan, Sarah C. Bryan
Booker, Family of Martha Eliza Booker (The) 
Britt/Morrison- The Descendants Of Walter Anderson Britt & Alta Vela Morrison
Brooks – Paints By Mack Brooks
Brown Family,
Milligan, FL
Brown Family,
Milligan, FL by Lila Snowden Hamilton  
Broxson Family
Broxson, Robert  1812-1888
Bryan Family History 1753-1973
Bryan Heritage Book, I & II
Buckelew (Mary’s People – The Buckelews)
Buckelew Traces, Issues: 1-18
Burlison Family - South Walton County
Bush, Hiram P.
Butler Family (The)
Bagget /Cobb/ Gartman / Travis Families

Cadenhead Family History, “So Great a Cloud of Witnesses”
Campbell – The Cambell Family, 2nd Edition
Campbell, Norman A.
Campbell/Mclean: Daniel Campbell & Effie Mclean
Carnley, Life Of Oliver Paul Carnley, Our Boy
Carnley, Life Of Oliver Paul, Oct 1910-May 1912
Carnley, Life of Oliver Paul Carnley - other Carnley Family Genealogy
Carroll Family Genealogy Information
Chalvers, Uriah R. Chalvers, Sr. & Elizabeth (Easter?) Smith
Chesshers – My Family, Farris Durant Chessher
Cobb & Baggett Families
Cobb, James M. Cobb-1899 To 1916
Cobb, Family Of William A. Cobb & Lugreteat T. Cobb
Cook, John Matthew
Cook, Joseph "Joe" Cook
Cooke, Descendents of Robert Cooke
Cooper Family, Cooper Basin
Corswell, (A Farmer’s Line) Descendants Of John Corswell
Cosson Cousins, Descendants Of William Turner Cosson & Winfred Elinder Laird
Courtney, Thames, Barbaree, Mccallum & Crews
Cowart – F.J. Cowart Family History
Curenton Family
Cutts Family given by Laurence Cutts; Chipley, FL (The)

Dannelly/James G. Dannelly Family
Davis Families Of Shelby County, Alabama
Descendants of Georgia Ann Tindell and Thomas E. Carroll 
Descendents of Delaney Boyette, James Boyette, James Henderson
Descendents of  Hamo, Pecke, John Allen, Thomas Dunn, William Spencer, Robert Hart, Jessie     
      Elsander Harrelson
Donaldson, Descendanta Of John Donaldson
Dorcas, FL Miller Family,
Dorcas School

Edge Family Records, Jesse L. Edge, B. 1807, GA
Edge, Sedges Have Edges, And So Do We
Ellis, Gillman & Smith Family Genealogy
Enzor: Doctor Olin Enzor, County Surgeon
Eric von Avelson, Laurel Hill, FL
Ewing, John 1660-1974 


Family History Of Hewell Mayo Griffith Family 1850-1950
Ferdon Family
Findley, Descendants of Magilbry C. Findley
Floyd, (Early Floyds Of
Pike County Alabama And Some Of Their Descendants)
Franklin: Descendants Of Thomas Jefferson Franklin, Sr.
Freisinger, Jacqueline Bowman-Lucas Freisinger

Garrett and Harriett
Garrett Family History
Garrett, J.T. Garrett
Garrett, William W. (Family History)
Garrett, Descendants of William W. Garrett. Complied By: Virginia Brown Wood
Garrett, William and Nancy Garrett, Okaloosa Co.
Gatewood (Family Of Vonda Estelle Cunningham Gatewood)
Gillis-Mclean Papers
Givens: The Patriarch Of The Diamond G: Life & Times Of Robert Henley Givens
Gray Family: Celegration Of
Lebanon Baptist Church
Gebauer, Mrs. Margaret Gebauer 1904-2000
Griffith, Miller, Johnson
Griffith: The Trail Of The
Griffith, Family History Of Hewell Mayo Griffith Family 1850-1950 
Griner, Spoon Griner Wise -  “Can’t Never Could” & Other Stories to Grow Up By

Hall: Annie Hall Family
Hamilton, Lula Snowden Hamilton
Hart, My Family and Proud of It – Harts by Roger A. Hart
Hart, In The Beginning, History of the Hart Family
Henderson Chips
Henderson Kin: Descendant Of William Richard Henderson & Cinderella Hutto
Henderson: Ley Dee Henderson Family/Bryant & Ola Mccranie Adams Family ***
Hilton, Rosa Nelle
Hobbs Family Heritage Book
Hollingshead – Rollins Family
Holley Family Tree (The) by John Holley
Hudson, Leonard, Moore, & Hudson Family records
Hurry! Rubie! Hurry! – Local Memories 


Jackson (C. Jackson) Scrapbook
Jackson (The Trek Of The Jacksons)
Jackson Family History 1652-1983
Jacqueline Bowman-Lucas Freisinger
James M. Cobb-1899 To 1916; D.C. Taylor-June 16, 1925–January 1926;
Johnson Family History
Jefferson Journal 1857 & 1858
Jernigan Family  By: Elna Hudson
Jones (Ron Jones Newsletters) – Wards & Bakers Of The
Deep South
Jones, From the papers of George Noble Jones
Jordan: Descendants Of William Enoch Jordan
Jordan, Descendants of Charles Benjamin Jordan
Jordan: Lewin Monrow Jordan & Martha Ann Watson, Family Of

Kelly – Gavin – Garret (A Kelly-Gavin-Garrett Story)
Kelly Family Photos
Kings, Lairds, & Related Families Of Walton County
Kirkland, Garret Franklin, Jr.

Leonard, Moore, & Hudson Family records
Lineage Charts Vol 6 
Lundy: William A. Lundy Scrapbook - Descendants Of Thomas "Tom" Lunday

Maddox: Descendants Of Samuel Maddox, Sr.
Mapoles Family
Mashburns Of
Santa Rosa County
Mayo: Descendants Of James Mayo
McCart, Cumbie & Eiland Families
Mccart Family
Mccart Papers
Mccart, Cumbie & Eiland Families
Meigs: Descendants Of Vincent Meigs
Melvin: The Melvin Family
Melvin - Lest We Forget: Our Melvins & Kin, Vol 1 & 2
Dorcas, FL Miller Family, Dorcas School
Moore,  Leonard, Moore, & Hudson Family records
Morgan: The James Oliver Morgan Trail
Morris, Charles F. – (Class Of 1925)
Morrison, Maggie

Nichols Family 1770-1978: Descendants Of Conrad Gunrod Nichols

Odom Family

Parker Family
Parkers (Rachael Francis Mason)
Paulk (From The Books Of J.T. Paulks Store 1919-1920 In Galliver
Peacock, Children of Levi Peacock By:  John J. Pierce (The)
Prescott, Ephriam & John Jackson Lassiter, Sr..


Richards: Family History Of John J. Richards

Scroggins Families, Book I, II
Scroggins Kindred
Scrogin, Scroggin, Scroggins
Simon Family of Baker, FL (The)
Smith (Wilbur’s Tales)
Spoon Griner Wise “Can’t Never Could” & Other Stories to Grow Up By
Sprinkle: John Sprinkle Family (Ancestors & Descendants)
Steele (Family Tree Of The Steeles)
Steele Family
Stokes: Jack Stokes Family
Summerlin Homestead Papers
Summerlin: John Summerlin Family
Supplementary Booklet: "Scrogin, Scroggin, Scroggins"

Tales Of Grandpa & Cousin Fitzhugh
Taylor, Jesse (Descendants Of Jesse Taylor, Elizabeth Carpenter Nelson, Robert Courtney, Sr.) 
Turman: Descendants Of Edward T. Turman
Turner, Cousins, Mcintosh, Ward-Cochran, Meigs
Twenty-Two Cousins
Tyner – Faulkner – Taylor – Other Connections


Varnadore, Descentants of Matthew Varnadore

Ward Families
Ward Family – 1600 Onward
Genealogy Records of the Ward Family
Ward, Moses (Descendants Of Moses Ward, Revolutionay War Soldier)
Ward, Thomas (Descendants Of Thomas Ward, Revolutionary War Soldier)
Whites, Goodwin, Hicks and Ward Families
Wilkinson, William James Family
Wilkinson: Descendants Of John Wilkinson & Martha Mothershead 
Wingard Clan
Wise,  Spoon Griner Wise “Can’t Never Could” & Other Stories to Grow Up By
Woodward Family (History Of)