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       Descendants of Francisco Malaga.
"An Early Portrait of the Rich Hispanic Diversity of Pensacola, Florida, the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Region:  The King of Pensacola."  By David Perez
One can scarcely distinguish today's descendants of the colonial Spanish settlers of the Gulf coast from the descendants of other immigrants such as the English, Irish, Scottish and Greek. The offspring of the early Spaniards have been thoroughly Americanized.  They all speak English, many are protestant, and few know Spanish or identify with Spanish culture. Most, however, are proud to be able to trace their lineage to those Spaniards who arrived on the Gulf coast during the colonial era. In particular, the name of one of those early Spanish immigrants stands out in Gulf coast history.

Many present-day residents of Pensacola and other Gulf coast cities are the direct descendants of
Francisco Moreno of Malaga, Spain. Published on the website, LatinoLA: September 27, 2008. To read the whole article, go here:

Bernardo de Gálvez.

     "Bernardo de Gálvez's Combat Diary for the Battle of Pensacola, 1781." Edited by Maury Baker and Margaret Bissler Haas. Florida Historical Quarterly, 56 (October 1977), pp. 176-199.

Contemporary Hispanic-Americans.

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