The Jackson Trail                             By Evelyn Yow


Jackson Trail, named for Andrew Jackson, is located between Florala, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida.  Andrew Jackson was a professional engineer, which made trails easier for him to navigate.  Jackson traveled the trail in 1814, from Florala, Alabama to Pensacola, Florida in order to receive land from Spain. On the way, Jackson would often run into Creek Indians, and he would follow their trails.


Otahite was the crossroad between the Creek Indians’ migration trails and Jackson’s trail.  Jackson began the trail again on March 10, 1818, this time to secure the frontier of Georgia. Jackson was elected governor of Florida in 1821.  In 1829, he became the seventh President of the United States.


Today the Jackson Trail is located in the forest along the Blackwater River. Jackson Trail also serves as a hiking trail today. Rest areas with old fashioned hand pumps are spaced along the Jackson Trail where one may rest and get a drink of water while hiking.  However, it is recommended that you carry water with you.


 Baker Block Museum Educational Services. 2008. Baker, Florida