Honoring the Strong and Sturdy Marriages

                   of our Okaloosa Pioneers


Allen photo
Brabham photo
twell photo

         Caroline & Samuel ALLEN                          Manual & Mary Ann ATWELL                                      Charles & Ida BRABHAM

Burlison photo A. Cadenhead photo
Brooks photo







            Eula & Horace BROOKS                                   James & Eileen BURLISON                           Albert & Cora CADENHEAD

M. Cadenhead
I. Cadenhead photo
P. Cadenhead

            Isaac & Eileen CADENHEAD                         Marion & Ellen CADENHEAD                       Pierce (I.P.) & Sidney CADENHEAD

p. Cadenhead T. Courtney
A. Campbell

       Savannah & Perry CADENHEAD                              Angus & Margaret CAMPBELL                                    Tommie & Rosie COURTNEY

J Edge
G Edge
L. Destin








         CAPT Leonard & Martha DESTIN                       J.W. & Martha EDGE                                            G.W. &  Malissa EDGE

T Griner
J. George
J Griner

                James L. & Irene GEORGE                      J.J. & Leah GRINER                                                    Maggie & Thomas GRINER

P Hart
A Hart
J Helms







                Allen & Lula HART                                                Pasco & Ida HART                                            James & Audra HELMS


J Henderson W Henderson







               Joseph “Luke” & Mollie HENDERSON         Wm. Preston & Virgie HENDERSON                       George H. & Arria Melissa HOBBS

J Nathey
Y McCart G Nathey









             Belle & Young McCART                                       Johnny & Cassie NATHEY                                George & Allie NATHEY


L Nathey H Nowling W Pryor








            L.J. & Leonia NATHEY                                         Vida & Howard NOWLING                                       Sarah & W.C. PRYOR

J Steele
W Steele








           Wm. Henry & Elizabeth “Eliza” STEELE                     James L. & Mamie STEELE                            John J. & Margaret SUMMERLIN


W Walton





William Lee & Annie Laura WALTON


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