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poem by Alabama historianWhen tracing Native American ancestors in Okaloosa County, search the counties between Mobile, AL. and the Apalachicola River, FL. During the later part of the 19th century Creeks from south Alabama and South Georgia migrated into West Florida, adding to the small Indian population already present here. Those who were removed and returned to their home area (after ca. 1859) tried to stay as close as possible to their ancestral tribal grounds. Florida Indians tended to live together in small family groups, usually in remote areas to avoid undue attention or trouble. This way they could also move quickly to another area if necessary. Creek country was from the Alabama River to the east coast of Georgia and north to the Tennessee River. After 1815,  Seminoles were generally from east of the Apalachee to St. Augustine and south into Florida, the Uchees favored Uchee Valley, DeFuniak Springs and down near Boggy Bayou

The challenges of tracing Native American ancestry can be legion and complex so pace yourself and take the long view. Tribal associations have been deeply affected by whether they were ‘removed’ or ‘unremoved’ from their native lands;  problems of suppression and records affecting their tribal status with the State and Federal governments.


A Short List of Native American descendants associated with Northwest Florida, particularly Okaloosa County. This may provide clues for you as you search for your ancestors.


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