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Winter 2011
Remembering Okaloosa’s military
Holt, FL: A Thriving Town
“As I Remember It” Series: “The Gopher as Barter” & “Stand by for a Little Road Work”

Summer 2011
Our Heritage Day Sponsors
Baker Second Grade Field Trip
“Moonshine and Prohibition”
Old Bethel Cemetery Research

Special 2011
Baker Heritage Day Festival
Sponsor List, Stick it on the Frig
Festival Photos, Are You in Them?
“As I Rember It” Mr. Esmond Griner:
‘Yellow Heart Pine & Moonlight on the Mullet’

Fall 2011
Heritage Festival 5 Nov 2011
“As I Remember It” Series: Floridale, FL. and the Twin Towers
Local Surnames - Jernigan
Publication: “Christmas in the Florida Panhandle”

February 2012
Birthday Club of the Air: “Cooter” Douglass
Mr. Wendell Johnson, Daphne, AL
Estate Planning, R.O. Adams

Spring 2012
The Civil War Across Florida’s Panhandle
Laurel Hill, Florida
Remembering: Mabel Jean Morrison, PhD
Photo Update; Saw Crew, 1926

May 2012
SPRING FLING Baker Lion’s Club
Trade Tokens in Our Area
“As I Remember It” Series: Lakewood, FL.
Publication: “Induction BIOs of Family Heritage Wall Of Honor”

June 2012
Family Heritage Wall of Honor Induction
James R.L. Conyers, WM Lodge #364 F&AM PHA
Crestview Historic Preservation Board
Local Surnames: Mrs. Jewell Wells Golden

July 2012
American Legion Members, 1947
State of Florida, Folklife Program
Family Heritage Wall Of Honor, continued
Local Surnames: Richardson, Hinote, Meigs

August 2012
Milligan, Okaloosa’s 1st County Seat
15 August, Folklife Program at BBM
“As I Remember It” Series: Shop Milligan, FL. 1916-1917
Local Surnames: Hoskins, Barker, Garrett.