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2017 Newsletters

January 2017
"Mr. Charles", Charles Henderson, Founding Member, Museum's Accessions Policy, The Baker Mercantile, Highlights - Our Research Library, 2017 Calendar

February 2017
Nathan Chessher: Board Member, Carver-Hill Museum, Our Research Library, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Baker Mercantile, 18 February Event "Mine Eyes Have Seen"

March 2017
March is Women's History Month: Might yours – or your daughter's - photo appear here 20 years from now?, Celebrating Citizens of Okaloosa County, "My Okaloosa Grannies", Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Baker Mercantile: Easter Specials, Okaloosa Co. Commission Status on Women, Honor Roll, "Please Tell Someone Who I Am"

April 2017
2 Special Events: Towers in the Sand and "The Escambia Farms Community: The Project and the Community", Escambia Farms: PERSONAL, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Baker Mercantile: Easter Specials, Grateful for Memorial Donations

May 2017
Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Museum's Purpose, Accession Guidelines, Escambia Farms Book Dedication, Brochures Available, Baker Mercantile: Handmade Toys & Cane Syrup

June 2017
Quick Quiz, A Sample of the Media in our Educational Services Booklet Pack, The Annual Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Wall of Honor Reception, Inductions into the Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Nomination Form, Check Us Out on Facebook

July 2017
Memories of Boggy Bayou Niceville, "We Serve" by Berton Braley, Curious Holiday Facts, Rogene Anchors Hasty, Remembering Boggy, Daily Boats, Baker Mercantile

August 2017
Museum's Purpose, Accession Guidelines, Leveraging a Pole Barn, Events, Wall Of Honor

September 2017
Back to School, Who'd Have Thought, Purpose & Resources, Our Research Library, Baker Merchantile Store, The Okaloosa New, 1916

October 2017
It's FESTIVAL time, again!, BAKER: 32531 Booklet, Purpose; Resources, Our Research Library, Baker Mercantile, Gulf South History & Humanities Conference

2016 Newsletters

January 2016
CHELCO Celebrates 75 Years, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Convention Singing, The Baker Mercantile, Teachers, HomeSchoolers, Parents, Volunteer; it'll do you good!

February 2016
Black History Month, Okaloosa's Citizens – Our Heritage of citizenship, Website and Research Library Holdings (BHM), Baker Mercantile, Wall Of Honor

March 2016
Celebrating Crestview Centennial, Women of Okaloosa County who have demonstrated admirable citizenship skills, Quilt and Needlework Show, Board Members, Baker Mercantile, Wall Of Honor

May 2016
Celebrating Crestview Centennial, Museum's Purpose, Accession Guidelines, This Place Matters, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Volunteers Needed

June 2016
Quilt and Needlepoint Show and Sale, 2016 Family Heritage Wall of Honor and Honorees bios, Quilting, Needlepoint, Crochet

July 2016
Baker Block Museum 20th Anniversary, In Memoriam: Ernestine Cutts Harvey, Photos, Quilt & Needlework Show, Ruthies Notions, Our Featured Sponsor

August 2016
Who Knew – What Are the Odds!, Baker Block Museum 20th Anniversary, Baker Mercantile, Warrior's Hall in Crestview, Use the museum's Little Free Library, and Back to School – Educational Services you can use.

September 2016
It's Hobo Festival time!, New Hometown Business: "Gator Tales", In Memoriam: Danny Hall, New Book by Brian R. Rucker, PhD, Baker Mercantile, Do you know where Noirmoutier is?, Back to School – Educational Services you can use.

October 2016
It's Baker Festival time!, Pond Creek, One Room Schools, "Pond Creek to the Moon", New Book is here!, Baker Mercantile.

November 2016
New Card-sized Booklet, Pond Creek, One More Story, Sun bonnets, Baker Mercantile, Highlights of the Annual Baker Festival.





2015 Newsletters

June 2015
New Book published by North Okaloosa Historical Association. - Can you Identify ALATEX workers in these photos? - Mr. Reeder, Blessings on your Retirement - The Martin Family Album - New "KINDRED" shop on the Baker block. 

July 2015
New Book published "Okaloosa Homefront Strong" & "Crestview Florida" - A Pictoral History of Crestview - Okaloosa Family History - The Baker Mercantile. 

August 2015
New Books published "Okaloosa Homefront Strong" & "Crestview Florida" - A Pictoral History of Crestview - Educational Services, Old Area Newspapers,
The Baker Mercantile, Back to School Assignments, Lesson Plans, Activity Handouts and Quizzes - and James (JC) Conner tribute.

September 2015
Upcoming Local Events,
The Baker Mercantile, FWB Fire Department; vintage photo, Volunteer; it'll do you good.

November 2015
Honoring our Military Service Members,
The Baker Mercantile, Exhibits and new books, Collecting Turpentine in North Okaloosa.

December 2015
A Self Guided Tour of Our Outdoor Exhibits, Support our new "Little Free Library", Books on Sale, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Featured items from our website, The Baker Mercantile
Teachers, HomeSchoolers, Parents, Volunteer; it'll do you good!

2014 Newsletters

January 2014
As I Remember It, NEW! Baker Mercantile Store, Heritage Books

February 2014
NEW Baker Mercantile Store, Where were you in '64?, BBM Educational Services, Heritage Books, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, 2014

March 2014
Women's History Month, Okaloosa County Women's Hall of Fame, Through the Years - Women of Okaloosa County, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, 2014

April 2014
Family Heritage Wall of Honor 2014, The Civilian Conservation Corps, Laurel Hill Festival 


2013 Newsletters

January 2013
Highlights of 2012 - People, Products, Sponsorships, Exhibits & Collections

February 2013
Annual Meeting, Olustee Battlefield Historic Site, History of Schools, Honoring Citizens of Note

March 2013
Annual Meeting, Family Heritage Wall of Honor, Ribbon Cutting "Library Spot", NOHA Membership

April 2013
Family Heritage Wall of Honor and Remembering Families

May 2013
Mount Ewell Lodge 100th - James Lewis “JC” Connor - New Book on Sale Now - NOHA Membership

June 2013
Family Heritage Wall of Honor Inductees Biographies & Photos, Book Signing, Heritage Festival Coming!

August 2013
Baker Heritage Festival, Tours Available, Local History, Research Aids

September 2013
Become a Sponsor, Celebrating 100 Years, When Was Your Last Visit?, Native Americans in Our Area

October 2013
Local Life in October, 1930, Citizenship Editorial, Building's New Outdoor Mural

November 2013
Photos, Heritage Fest of 2013
HOLIDAY SPECIAL—The Heritage of Okaloosa County in two volumes
“Lost North Okaloosa”
Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

2012 Newsletters

May 2012
SPRING FLING Baker Lion’s Club
Trade Tokens in Our Area
“As I Remember It” Series: Lakewood, FL.
Publication: “Induction Bios of Family Heritage Wall Of Honor”

June 2012
Family Heritage Wall of Honor Induction
James R.L. Conyers, WM Lodge #364 F&AM PHA, Crestview Historic Preservation Board Local Surnames: Mrs. Jewell Wells Golden

July 2012
American Legion Members, 1947
State of Florida, Folklife Program
Family Heritage Wall Of Honor, continued
Local Surnames: Richardson, Hinote, Meigs

August 2012
Milligan, Okaloosa’s 1st County Seat
15 August, Folklife Program at BBM
“As I Remember It” Series: Shop Milligan, FL. 1916-1917, Local Surnames: Hoskins, Barker, Garrett.

September 2012
Folklife Program Event, Wed. 15 August Heritage Festival Application Forms Put an Ad in the Festival Program.

October 2012
Announcing 2012 Festival Participants "Back to School" - Education Services Poley, AL "Sand Flat" & Surnames How to use FL State Archives Library.

November 2012
Heritage Festival  Festival and Family Wall of Honor.  2013 Calendar and Holiday Hours.

December 2012
Community of Harold, Florida - The "Box Supper".  Surnames: Harold, FL. Family  Heritage Wall of Honor Wall of Honor. "Tis the Season to Give"

February 2012
Birthday Club of the Air: “Cooter” Douglass
Mr. Wendell Johnson, Daphne, AL
Estate Planning, R.O. Adams

Spring 2012
The Civil War Across Florida’s Panhandle
Laurel Hill, Florida
Remembering: Mabel Jean Morrison, PhD
Photo Update; Saw Crew, 1926

2011 Newsletters

Winter 2011
Remembering Okaloosa’s military
Holt, FL: A Thriving Town
“As I Remember It” Series: “The Gopher as Barter” & “Stand by for a Little Road Work”

Summer 2011
Our Heritage Day Sponsors
Baker Second Grade Field Trip
“Moonshine and Prohibition”
Old Bethel Cemetery Research

Special 2011
Baker Heritage Day Festival
Sponsor List, Stick it on the Frig
Festival Photos, Are You in Them?
“As I Remember It” Mr. Esmond Griner: ‘Yellow Heart Pine & Moonlight on the Mullet’

Fall 2011
Heritage Festival 5 Nov 2011
“As I Remember It” Series: Floridale, FL. and the Twin Towers
Local Surnames - Jernigan
Publication: “Christmas in the Florida Panhandle”